Valerie Pt. 04


Tuesday night after fucking me she goes back to her room, the roommate, Bev her roommate, was up.

Val told me this story later. Told in her words.

I left Dave’s room and headed to the elevators. My ass was sore in a good way and my pussy was still tingling. As I stepped into the elevator, thankfully empty, I could feel the cool air blowing on my naked pussy which was still wet from our session.

My roommate, Bev, was sitting up in her bed, with the sheet pulled up over her. She just had the light on next to her bed making the room dim and shadowy.

“How was your evening?,” she said smiling.

“It was very good, how was yours?”

“Mine was good too.”

As my eyes adjusted to the dim light it became apparent that she was at least topless in bed.

Smiling at her, “So what made yours good?”

Looking right at me, “Mine is probably a little tamer than yours. My fiance is here too. I appreciate that you don’t get back till later.”

“That’s convenient. Just let me know when you need privacy, would not want to walk in on you two.”

“Really? Do you think you could stay with the instructor you are fucking? I know they have their own rooms. Then Mike could stay here and not have to leave.”

“Who said I was fucking an instructor?”

“Oh come on, I heard you using his name today when you were mastubating in the shower. Did some checking, there are only two Daves here. One is a kinda nerdy guy from Baltimore, the other is an instructor. Saw him at the pool tonight, I would fuck him too,” she said smiling.

I laughed, “Yeah he saw you eying him. Said he would fuck you too.”

“You just hook up with him here or have you seen him before?”

“He was in Ft. Lauderdale at some client meetings about a year ago. There was another senior consultant that he had fucked when she was assigned to the Dallas office. I had been friends with her since before college and knew about her fucking a married boss. Got to hang out with them some and watched them fuck twice, but because he was fucking my friend I couldn’t play with him too. When I got here I saw he was here as an instructor. Found out his room and went up Sunday night and started fucking him. Plan to all week.”

Bev chuckled, “Wow, fucking a married boss, that’s hot. She okay with you fucking him now?”

“Yeah, actually called her when I found out he was here. She said have at it. When he came down before it was to see her and I did not want to interfere.”

“Naughty group down there. Need to get down to the Florida offices.”

“We do have fun.”

Bev looked up and down my body kinda leering. “Enjoyed seeing you in the shower today. Hope you were not offended.”

She let the sheet fall from covering her, her tits exposed.

“Not at all, actually was a turnon later when I thought about you being in there while I was masturbating.”

“How about a rule for the rest of the week? No clothes on when we are in the room. I am used to sleeping naked and not wearing much of anything around wherever I am.”

“Hmmm, sounds interesting. I sleep naked too and am always afraid when I am sharing a room.”

Bev continued to look at me. Making eye contact with her I pulled the straps of my sun dress off my shoulder, pulled it down past my tits then let it fall to the ground.

“Very nice. Glad we can be comfortable.”

“Me too. So what did you and the fiance do tonight?,” I asked with a grin on my face.

“Oh ok, sit down here and I’ll tell you,” she said, smiling, patting the bed next to her.

I went to sit on the bed and she slid into the middle, pushing the sheet down exposing her pussy.

“We came up after being down at the pool a bit. I had not sucked his cock in a while, so I got down on my knees and proceeded to give him a tit and blow job. Had him cum in my mouth, love to eat cum. He returned the favor and ate my pussy out till I came. We rested, got all hot and bothered again he fucked me long and hard and dumped in my pussy. He left just before you got here. How about you guys, what did you do with the married boss?”

“He gave me a key to his room so I was waiting naked in bed when he got back from drooling over you. Got him naked too and sucked him a little bit, my throat is still real sore from the throat fucking he gave me last night.”

“Oh damn, he must have really fucked your throat.”

“Yeah all the way in the whole time and came straight down my throat, none in my mouth.”

“Fuck, I am going to have to try that. Then what?”

Bev’s hand had moved to her pussy, resting on top of it.

“We were rolling around in bed a bit and he slid down licking and sucking my pussy. Made me cum so hard. Then he slid up my body to kiss me, my juices all over his face. His cock slid right in me as he did that. Was slowly fucking me. I asked what he wanted and he said he had not had my ass. I said, “Yes please.”

“Oh damn. Go on,” she said as she began to touch her pussy, one finger running up and down her slit.

“He pulled out, flipped me over and escort london started warming my ass up with his finger, When he had loosened me up he took my rabbit, slid it into my pussy and began working his lubed up cock into my ass.”

“Yes, that is fucking hot.”

“He moved my hips up, face down in the mattress so he was basically fucking me from above. It lets him drive it deep in my ass. He was fucking me hard. Slamming deep in my ass every time. Turned the rabbit on full blast and I went off like a rocket just as he started filling my ass with cum. Filled my ass full. Couldn’t move when he finished, had to take a nap, I was wiped out. I’m sure my ass will be very sore tomorrow.”

Bev had three fingers in her pussy by now and I was getting hot watching her. Reached over and touched her tits and felt her shiver.

“Suck them,” she begged.

I leaned over her, taking a nipple in my mouth. As I sucked it, Bev moaned and with her free hand held my head. Reaching across I began to squeeze her other nipple. My head was reeling, my senses overwhelmed. Earlier in the evening I had the best ass fucking ever and returning to my room met up with a hot bisexual roommate.

Bev relaxed her grip on my head and I turned to watch her fingering herself. She had three fingers in her pussy, working them in and out. I had to have a taste of her and began to move my head towards her trimmed red haired pussy. I could hear Bev gasp as my tongue flicked across the top of her pussy and the fingers in her.

“Oh yes, suck my clit, lick my pussy,” she said, pulling her fingers out.

I dove into her pussy, she was soaking wet the fine hairs around her pussy soaked and almost invisible. She twitched when I flicked over her clit and pushed up to make contact with my tongue. Her pussy had clearly just been fucked, was still red and swollen. Her juices had a salty tang, residue of his cum I thought.

“Hmmmm, I can taste him in you,” I said into her pussy.

“Oh yes, clean up my creampied pussy.”

I slid my hips over her, my pussy now hovering in front of her face.

Bev was moaning as I sucked and licked her pussy. She was totally lost in the feeling and not really playing with my pussy that hovered over her face. I was driving my tongue into her, tasting her mixed with the fiance’s cum. Occasionally she leaned up, her tongue swiping over my pussy.

I was lost in the feeling of eating her pussy. Her juices ran down the crack of her ass as she pushed against my mouth with her pussy. Bev had her hands on my back, pushing me down to her pussy, holding me in place. Suddenly I could feel her breathing change to short gasps, her orgasm must be coming. Her legs wrapped around my head as it slammed into her.

“Oh fuck, yes, god, oh my oh fuck,” she said her entire body shaking as she squeezed my head hard against her pussy.

I struggled to lap up her juices and was having trouble breathing. My hand tapped her thigh and she relaxed her grip on my head.

Pulling my head up I gulped down air, trying to catch my breath. Bev was still trying to get her breathing under control as I rolled off of her body.

“Damn my pussy is still twitching. Where did you learn to eat pussy like that? You need to teach my fiance.”

“Just lots of practice,” I smiled as I turned and slid up her body.

I laid on top of her, our tits smashed together, my cum covered face hovering over hers. Bev lifted her head to kiss me, our lips meeting, tongues fighting as she also licked her juices from my face.

“I love tasting myself off of someone else, your face, Mike’s cock, wherever my juices are.”

She finished licking her juices off of my face and I rolled off of her, my arm draped over her.

Her fingers ran over my arm. Turning towards me she started kissing my neck, licking my ear. How she knew that drove me crazy I don’t know.

“Thank you, that was amazing. What can I do for you?”

I smiled up at her, “I think I am good. Pretty wiped out.”

Bev just purred and slid on top of me, her pussy pressing against my ass. “I want to fuck you,” she whispered into my ear.

I moaned and involuntarily pushed my ass up against her. Bev ran her hands over my upper back and neck, massaging as she went along. Even though I was exhausted, her fingers felt so good, her naked body on me felt so hot and smooth.

“You want me to fuck you?,” she whispered.

I just nodded yes. My pussy began that familiar tingle, I was still wet from all the stimulation tonight.

“Don’t move, I will be right back,” Bev said as she slid off of the bed.

I could feel the cool air of the room on my wet pussy and inner thighs. Started to roll on my back, but Bev had told me to not move. After a couple of minutes I felt Bev move back on the bed. She opened my legs and crawled between them. Then she laid down on me, a hard cock in my ass crack. Oh damn I thought, she has a strapon, I was thinking she was just getting a toy. She really does want to fuck me.

Her “cock” slid in the crack of dubai escorts my ass and I could feel her tits on my back as she laid on me.

“I have been thinking of doing this all day, ever since I saw you in the shower. When you told me about the ass fucking I knew you would need this,” she said softly into my ear.

She rose up off of me and I looked over my shoulder. Bev had a double penetration strapon dildo attached to her harness. The bottom one was about 7″ and a little fat, sort of like Dave’s cock. The top one was a little shorter and not as fat.

Bev was smiling down at me as I looked back at her.

“You been dp’ed before?”

I nodded my head yes, “A couple of times.”

Bev moved back on her knees, between my legs. Pulling up on my hips she said, “Get up on your knees.”

I pushed myself up on all fours. Bev ran her hand over my ass and purred. She pushed my head down, raising my ass up to her.

“What a fuckable ass,” Bev whispered.

Imagining what she was about to do was turning me on, I could feel my pussy getting wetter. Bev’s fingers ran down the crack of my ass, over my asshole settling over my pussy. She began to rub my pussy slowly inserting one, two then three fingers.

“Oh someone is very excited, you are so wet.”

I moaned as she continued to finger me. Her other hand ran over my ass as she purred. I felt her finger touch my asshole and tried to push back against her.

Laughing she pulled her finger away. “He really fucked your ass good, all red and swollen. I think there is cum still leaking out of your ass.”

“Probably, he was pretty deep in my ass when he came.”

Bev shifted on the bed as she pulled her fingers from my pussy. I moaned at not feeling her anymore, but knew something was about to take their place. Cool gel hitting my ass made me jump as she lubed up one of the dildoes and rubbed it over my asshole teasing me. Her finger slid into my ass ever so slightly, just barely fucking me with it.

I was trying to push back against her finger but she held her position in my ass.

“Somebody is very anxious to get fucked,” she laughed.

Looking back up at her with pleading eyes I nodded my head yes. “Yes, please fuck me.”

Bev smiled at me and placed the head of the larger dildo against my pussy. I felt the head slide in. She then lined the smaller one up with my ass and began to slip it into my ass, driving the bigger one further into me. I gasped as she pushed them both all the way in me. My ass took the dildo easily since Dave had already stretched it out.

Bev did not move for a moment, her cocks shoved deep into me. I was so full, being dp’ed for the second time that night was driving my senses into overload. Wanting more I began to rock on the dildoes in me while Bev stayed still, fucking myself on her toys. While I had been with women before I had never been fucked with a strapon like this.

“You like being fucked like this, don’t you?,” Bev said. I think she was sensing I was feeling kinda sub at the moment.

“Yes, I feel so full like this. Two cocks in me, it’s so naughty.”

“You want Bev to fuck you? Fuck you hard?”

“Oh god yes please fuck my holes, fuck me hard.”

Bev pushed my head down like Dave had, grabbed my hips and began to pound both my holes. Every downstroke going as deep as she could, ever upstroke leaving just the tip of the dildoes in both holes. I was reaching under me with one hand to finger my hard clit.

I could hear Bev grunt every time she slammed into me. Already knew my ass would be sore in the morning from my first ass fucking, now I would be sore in both holes from the pounding she was giving me.

Her fucking me deep and my touching my clit was starting to drive me over the edge.

“Like my cocks in you?”

“Oh fuck yes, I’m so close, fuck me fuck me.”

Bev increased her tempo, slamming deep into me everytime. I could feel her hand digging into my hips, pulling her to me.

My breaths were coming faster together, as the orgasm built up deep in my pussy. Suddenly my body went stiff as the orgasm shot through me. Bev was deep in me and held on like that as my body shook, my pussy and ass clenching the dildoes that impaled them. When my body finally stopped shaking I collapsed forward onto the bed, Bev falling forward with me, her cocks sliding out of me.

“Holy shit, that was amazing watching you cum like that. I could feel you cuming through the harness.”

I just nodded my head, I couldn’t speak yet.

Bev rolled off of me and was laying beside me rubbing my back. After a couple of minutes I turned to face her.

“That was incredible, one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had. Between you and Dave tonight, I’m not sure I will be able to walk tomorrow.”

Bev laughed, leaned forward and kissed me softly on the lips. “It was very intense for me too. I feel so powerful when someone comes on my cock like that.”

I smiled at her, “Thank you.”

Bev got up from the bed and went into the bathroom. I laid Escort Dubai there, my head spinning. It was unbelievable, I was having some of the best sex of my life at training for my job and it was only Tuesday.

I was sitting on the edge of the bed when Bev walked back in with a wet washcloth for me to clean up with.

“You okay,” she asked as she handed me the washcloth.

“Yeah, just wiped out. Thank you for this, I can feel the lube squishing around in my ass crack.”

Bev leaned forward and hugged me, our naked breast squeezing against each other. “You need something? Can I help you?”

“No, I got it,” I said as I stood up and made my way to the bathroom.

When I came back Bev was back sitting up in bed. I looked at the other bed and then back at her.

She patted the bed, “Want to join me for the night?”

Smiling, I pulled back the covers and slid into bed with her. We held each other in our arms and fell to sleep.

I awoke to whispers coming from the area by the front door.

“Shhh, she is still asleep,” Bev said.

“I was hoping she was gone.”

“Stop it.”

“Why are you naked?,” I heard, I assumed her fiance said.

“I always sleep naked.”

“With a roommate you don’t know?”

“Found out she likes to sleep naked too.”


“Don’t go in there,” Bev said not whispering.

I was laying on my stomach, the sheet about 1/2 way down my body just covering my ass and legs.

It was not completely dark in the room. When he stepped into the room he could see that one of the beds had not been slept in.

“Damn, you guys slept together last night? After we had fucked?”

“Shh, come back here.”

“It’s okay, I’m awake,” I said as I turned over to face them.

Her fiance just stared for a few seconds.

“”Hi, I’m Val,” I said, smiling at him and reaching over to turn on the light. Bev looked stunned, not quite sure what to do.

My ass flashed him when I reached to turn the light on.

“Hi, I’m Mike.”

I just smiled at him. “Come by for a quickie this morning? Don’t let me get in the way.”

Bev grabbed his arm trying to move him to the door. “No he was just leaving.”

“Why don’t I give you guys a minute,” I said as I got out of the bed and headed towards the bathroom.

Mike was watching me hungrily, an evil grin on his face. I moved to where they were standing, cutting between them,

“Excuse me,” I said as I stepped between them, my ass brushing against Mike.

Stopping between them I turned to Bev, smiled at her and kissed her, my tits pressing against hers. I could feel Mike’s hands on my hips as he pushed against me.

Reaching back I could feel his hard cock in his pants.

“Easy there big boy, Bev is going to have to take care of that for you.”

I slid past them and went into the bathroom, closing the door about 1/2 way.

Sitting down on the toilet I heard them move to the bed, it creaked as they got on it. As I woke up more I could feel that my ass was sore from the pounding I had gotten last night and my pussy was still swollen a bit. Finishing I gently cleaned myself up.

“OH God, yes,” I heard Mike say.

I was torn about what to do. Not sure how Bev would feel about me interfering, but really wanted to see what they were doing. Turning the light off I opened the door and stepped into the passage to the room. I peered around the corner, Mike was laying back on the end of the bed, his pants around his ankles. Bev was on her knees taking his cock into her mouth with one hand stroking him as she sucked him. Watching them was starting to turn me on a bit, but I could not really see Bev’s mouth working on Mike’s cock.

As I moved a little further into the room by the side of the bed Mike noticed me standing there. He had been so focused on Bev he had not noticed me. Sensing my presence, Bev glanced up at me and then took all of Mike’s cock into her mouth causing him to groan and fall back on the bed.

Mike was slowly humping Bev’s face. She slowly pulled her head up from his cock, her hand wrapping back around it. I could see his cock now, about 6″ but fat with a big head. I was impressed that she had gotten that thing into her throat.

She looked up at me as she stroked him.

Smiling, she asked, “You want a taste?”

Mike’s head rose up at that comment. He looked at me with pleading eyes. Bev nodded her head as if saying it’s okay. I nodded back and moved to get on the bed with Mike. Leaning forward I took the head of his cock in my mouth while looking at Bev. She smiled as the head popped in my mouth and she slowly stroked him.

Mike reached out to caress my back and his hand moved down to my tit.

“You can’t touch her. Let her play with you.”

Mike groaned as his hand moved off of me. Bev removed her hand from his cock and slid down taking his balls in her mouth.

“OH FUCK, Yeah just like that,” Mike gasped.

I began working more of his cock into my mouth. Was not sure if I could deep throat around his big cock head but was going to try, I mean, Bev had done it. Mike was trying to hump my face, push his cock deeper into my throat. Bev had released his balls and was watching me suck her fiance, slowly easing his fat cock into my mouth.

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