Watching wife fuck strangers


Watching wife fuck strangersOver the years my wife has developed a liking for youngerguys, she’s 43. She had been chatting with this 24 year oldfor a couple of weeks and decided she wanted to meet him,we made a plan to meet at a bar for a few drinks. When Bill arrivedhe had a friend with him, which surprised us because we thoughthe would be alone. We introduced each other, his friendwas named Tony, later found out he was 23. We ordered somedrinks and talked for awhile found out they were roommates.After a couple of hours they invited us to their place toplay some pool and drink some more. When we arrived Tony& I went to the pool table and left Bill with my wife inthe living room which I had a clear view of. Both Tony &I would look over at them while we were playing, for awhilethey just talk but soon started kissing. The next time Ilooked over his hand was up her shirt and she was unzippinghis pants. They kissed and played with each other for aboutan hour, during that time he removed her shirt leaving hertopless, her pants were unzipped and open, her hand wasin his Escort Bayan pants stroking his very nice sized cock. At this pointthey walked over to us and watch us for a few minutes, Billwas standing behind her, his arms around her massagingher tits. I then heard my wife say to Bill “do you want to fucknow”? With that he smiled, took her hand and led her downthe hallway. Tony took his next shot and we tried to finishour game. We played for about 10 minutes before we heardher moans coming from one of the bedrooms. That did it forus, we stopped and headed for the bedroom, we turned thecorner and there was my wife naked in the middle of the bed,legs wide open and Bill on top of her slowly moving his cockin & out of her. He was fucking her nice & slow, hermoans got louder and louder until I could tell she was goingto cum. Bill pushed himself all the way in her and stayedthere, allowing her to cum all over his cock & balls!We walked over to the bed, one of us on each side. Bill juststayed put, letting her enjoy her orgasm, when she openedher Bayan escort eyes I bent down and gave her a very deep kiss of approval.Once I stood back up Tony did the same, kissing her longerthan I did, during this time Bill began to slowly move hiships causing her to break the kiss with Tony. Bill beganfucking her again, this time moving a little faster thanbefore, Tony & I each began sucking her tits, Tony wouldoccasionally move up for a kiss then move back to her tit.Bill was also kissing her while he was fucking her, slowlyincreasing the speed of his movements. Before long herlegs her up spread wide around Bill’s arms and he was poundingher, her moans turned into commands to Bill telling himto “fuck me harder Bill oh god yes yes” that’s when he archedhis back, closed his eyes and let out a loud moan of his own!At that point he was dumping his load in her and she was cumingall over his cock and balls again! Tony & I had long stoppedsucking her tits by this time & when they came I lookedover at Tony, he had pulled out his Escort cock and was stoking itwith a big grin on his face. It took my wife and Bill a few minutesto catch their breaths before he pulled his cock out of her.When he did, my wife reached over and began rubbing Tony’scock, she looked up at him and said “you want some?” He said“hell ya”, took his pants the rest of the way off and climbedon the bed, positioning himself right between my wife’slegs and then pushed his cock balls deep all in one movement.My wife immediately began to cum again, shaking uncontrollablyunder Tony. He held himself still until she stopped shakingthen began fucking her in long deep thrusts. He fucked herfor almost an hour, losing count how many times he got heroff. For the next 3 hours I watched these guys fuck my wifeover and over. Getting her off numerous times as they fuckedher in different positions, at times she was sucking onecock will fucking the other. By the time they were finishedwith her they had dumped two loads each in her. We all helpedher get up, the guys took her in to the very large shower theyhad and cleaned her up, dried her off and helped her get dressed.It was 8 in the morning by this time I got her home. She waspretty spent, when I tried to help her into to bed, she saton the edge and gave me one of the best blow jobs of our marriage.

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