Subject: Water Polo Exhibition Even as hot and hung jocks all over the country were stripping off their uniforms and grabbing their buddies for a rough fuck, the men of the UCLA and USC water polo teams were obliviously preparing for their spring exhibition game. Their season had ended earlier in the year, with the Trojans demolishing their crosstown rivals to take the national title. Now they were getting back together for a little grudge match. Even though it had been a good couple of hours since the Florida baseball studs had discovered their new taste for cock and jock muscle, the handsome men of these two west coast teams hadn’t heard anything about it. So they changed into their suits with their usual casual laziness, allowing the slightly homoerotic towel-snapping and ass-grabbing they usually engaged in before games, but nothing that would have foreshadowed what was to come. Most of the UCLA players had lost their jeans and tight t-shirts by the time it hit their locker room. Some of them were already fully dressed out, the thin blue fabric of their speedos gleaming as they showered. Others were still pulling on their suits by the lockers, in various states of nakedness. One guy, a 20-year-old sophomore from San Diego, still had on his sagged jeans and brown leather sandals but had pulled off his form-fitting gray t-shirt to reveal a beautifully tanned and defined physique. Water polo players, unlike swimmers, required not a lean and sleek build but a solid, heavily muscular one. They were constantly swimming, treading, fighting for the ball, shooting–all of which led to upper bodies whose pecs bulged, whose delts and biceps swelled, whose hulking necks squeezed veins against tanned skin. Not to mention the legs and the ass–all solidly muscular thanks to hours spent daily in the pool. This handsome sophomore was no exception to the rule. A narcissist–but with good reason–he let his hand slide down from his neck over his left pec, lightly caressing the hard nipple, then down to his six-pack and tight obliques, finally easing to meet his cock through the loose denim of the jeans. He’d gotten hard feeling himself up, and he was about to let his fully boned 8-incher free from his tight boxer briefs when he felt a sharp twinge run through his jacked and beautiful body, starting at the roots of his dark brown hair and shooting all the way down to jolt his sizable balls. He didn’t know quite what was happening as he turned to his teammate dressing next to him. His fortunate neighbor, a 6’0″ junior who played reserve although he was actually a lot more built than some of the starters, was also just pulling off his jeans. Unable to control himself as he stared at his buddy, the sophomore put his hands to the reserve’s waist, shucking both the jeans and the boxer briefs his friend wore. Thinking he’d just been pantsed, the junior turned in mock anger to face his teammate. But instead of being met with a laughing prankster, the blond-haired junior with 15 pounds of muscle on the San Diego stud felt a strong pair of lips push against his–a strong, firm, definitely male pair of lips. The sophomore’s right hand almost immediately locked around his teammate’s exposed cock as well, softly stroking the 9-inch shaft that, for some reason, was painfully hard. Before the cut junior could even process what was happening, he felt himself kissing back, opening his mouth to his friend’s demanding tongue, felt his own hands dive down over the sophomore’s handsome six-pack to dig into his jeans and wrap around his own leaking water polo jock prick. The two Bruin studs didn’t even have time to think as they let their lips and tongues run all over each other and the sophomore who’d started it freed his cock from his jeans and boxer briefs. A moment later the two hot UCLA jocks released each other’s dicks and let their hands run free to another part of the other cockstud’s body. As the hot brown-haired sophomore gripped his buddy’s muscle ass and the reserve’s hands clenched against the sophomore’s tanned back, their two bodies came together, pecs pushed against pecs, abs against abs, burning hard and dripping cocks rubbing roughly together. But for the junior stud, who’d just been minding his own business when he was kissed, now seemed more into it than the sophomore who’d kissed him. The gorgeous blond dropped to his knees in the middle of the locker room and without an ounce of hesitation began to lick and tongue his buddy’s leaking cockhead. A few seconds later, the huge jock dick was halfway down his tight throat as he sucked another guy’s cock for the first time ever. The hunk sophomore just closed his eyes and ran his hands through his buddy’s hair, feeling his hard shaft enveloped in delicious warmth. It didn’t always hit guys at exactly the same time, which made for some awkward moments. One handsome freshman with a shaved head, tanned and well-defined torso, and beautiful muscular bubble butt had just walked in late when he felt somebody grab him from behind. The 100% straight first-year player dropped his bag in surprise as the guy behind him–a hot, barely clothed frat boy who also had been entirely into girls until a few seconds earlier–wrapped his hands and arms around, pushing hard palms down on the freshman’s six-pack stomach through his tight red polo while grinding his hard and apparently very long and thick cock against his ass through his jeans. “I want your body so bad, stud,” said the junior in an erotic, guttural whisper. “I want this–” and he ran his hands up under his teammate’s shirt to grip the freshman’s solid pecs, “and this–” His hands fell again to unbuckle the jock hunk’s belt and fish into his jeans, sliding over the freshman’s cock–not hard, but still an impressive 5 inches soft. “But most of all,” the older Bruin finished, kissing and licking the 18-year-old kid’s bulging neck as he slid the unsuspecting guy’s jeans and boxers all the way down, “I want this.” And with that his hard and throbbing dick was coming in the freshman’s virgin asshole. The kid winced and groaned. While not enjoying the situation, he also wasn’t panicking–he figured it was just some kind of initiation, moving up from the lowest rung to become a real part of the team. He finally started to sense something else might be up when the junior stud, one of the teams stars and certainly not a guy who’d admit his homosexuality openly, kept kissing and said, “I love you, bro. And you got a sweet fuckin’ cock–you gotta let me suck your dick when I’m done.” He got even more of a hint when he started thinking himself about the junior’s fat cock, and how much he’d enjoy sucking it too, and how much he was enjoying it up his tight jock ass right then. Before he knew kızkalesi escort it, the hot Bruin freshman was pushing his ass back into his teammate’s pulsing cock and whispering, “Fuck me harder, dude! Fuck me!” All the awkward moments eventually turned out okay as the confused guy realized how much he actually liked getting his ass stretched out by a big jock dick, or getting his throat fucked with 7 inches of stud jock meat, or meeting lips and kissing the handsome muscle god he’d been changing next to for months. And that’s how it was with the freshman hunk, who just minutes after feeling like he was being raped, happily let his teammate cum in his ass, then turned and locked the cut junior in a deep and passionate kiss, eventually letting the other guy sink down and start sucking his cock just like he’d promised. It wasn’t long before the guys in the shower started to get in on the fun as well. Five or six of the UCLA studs were soaping themselves up or rinsing off when it hit, making their hands shake, their eyes clench briefly, and their cocks and asses start to tingle and stir beneath their tight blue speedos. Toward the back, one of the seniors, a hot Latino hukn with short black hair, deeply tanned skin, and a jacked 6’1″ physique, turned to the guy next to him and brazenly checked him out. To his surprise, the handsome Latin senior was very happy with what he saw as his teammate continued showering. The other guy was blond and nicely tanned, with a torso that nearly matched the senior god’s body. Now a sophomore, he’d clearly grown up a surfer boy on the shores of Malibu or wherever he was from, and had only picked up water polo because UCLA didn’t have a surfing team. The hung senior, whose thick 7-inch prick now bulged impressively into his blue suit, had always been into surfer girls, so it made sense that now that he was starting to dig the cock, he’d get hard for a surfer boy. It didn’t help when the hot sophomore turned, his eyes still closed as he rinsed his medium-length brown hair, and the senior caught sight of his buddy’s handsome 8-inch surfer cock. For some reason the other guy was hard too, so the beautiful, thick shaft pressed insistently against the tight fabric of the speedo. The senior stared at it for a good ten seconds, watching the outline of the broad dickhead squeeze against his teammate’s suit and thinking about it in his mouth. Eventually thinking wasn’t enough and the older Bruin stud knelt and pulled the sophomore’s suit down, letting the hard 8-incher slap against the blond hunk’s stomach, splashing water on the floor. “Dude, what are you–ohh, fuck…awwhh, fuck…” The hung sophomore’s objections were quickly muted as the Latin senior’s strong lips and tongue enveloped his achingly hard cock and started sucking it for all they were worth. His hands squeezed around his teammate’s wet black hair as he felt the beautiful jock–100% straight a few seconds before–trying to lick and suck the juice out of his huge Bruin prick. The senior proved to be such a good cocksucker, and so into the 19-year-old blond stud’s thick tool, that he didn’t last long at all. And when the Latin god pushed his buddy’s speedo down over his muscle ass and slipped a few fingers inside the sophomore’s untouched jock hole, the surfer boy couldn’t hold back. Not ony did the hot blond water polo player blow his load deep into his buddy’s throat, but no sooner had the handsome senior cleaned and milked his dick than he leaned forward and kissed the stacked Latino guy hard. If there was any doubt that the need for men had hit him too, it disappeared when he stared into his teammate’s eyes and breathlessly whispered, “Fuck me, dude. The fingers aren’t enough.” The senior had been eyeing the blond jock’s muscle ass too and had no problem shoving the younger Bruin stud on the floor, shucking his own dangerously stretched speedo, and with no more than a quick kiss to the sophomore’s cock, pushed his 7-inch Latin meat deep into the other athlete’s virgin jock pussy. Obviously these events were something of a surprise to the other guys in the locker room–at least at first. But in short order, as they continued watching their hot and hung teammates fuck under the shower, they began to feel themselves overcome by the same urges. A hulking junior from Phoenix was the first to look down and realize that he’d sprung a huge boner, his 7.5-inch cock pushing hard into his uniform suit. He ran his big hand through his wet, dark brown hair in confusion, then slid the other hand down from his bulging pecs over his eight-pack to grip his rock-hard shaft, feeling himself up as if he were trying to figure out what he suddenly found so attractive about hard muscle and thick cock. Before he even realized it, though, he was jacking the leaking hard-on through his suit, watching intently as his two teammates got in a rough fuck rhythm. Luckily for him, his hand didn’t have to do the work for long. He felt another hand on his own and looked over to see the smiling face of the team captain, a senior from the Bay Area with a gorgeous figure and close-cut brown hair. The stud jock was grinning as he looked into his teammate’s handsome face and started jacking the junior slowly. “Can I help you with that?” the captain asked. As the junior stuttered for an answer, the ripped senior looked over his equally muscular buddy. “Damn, you’re hot,” he said, gripping the junior’s tight muscle ass over his blue suit. “But dude…you have a girlfriend,” the Zona boy protested. “Fuck her, man,” said the short-haired jock, staring into his teammate’s eyes. “I want you.” With that he clenched his buddy’s ass with both hands and surged forward, kissing him hard on the lips. The two water polo fuckstuds, so suddenly and totally obsessed with each other, let their tongues and lips curl over and around each other for a few seconds, experiencing the unexpectedly pleasurable sensation of another guy’s wet mouth. Another hot new feeling was on the way as their cocks rubbed against each other for the first time, making both hung jocks breathe a little harder. They both pushed harder against each other as they continued kissing, and eventually both the junior’s 7.5-inch shaft and the senior captain’s monster 9-inch cock had escaped from the tight blue fabric of their speedos, the leaking heads of each thick tool peeking out above the waistband to meet the other, as if their two cocks wanted to kiss just like their owners were. “Dude,” said the breathless Arizona junior as he pulled back briefly and stared into his captain’s warm eyes. “I’m not a fag, man, but…I really want your cock in my mouth.” The senior grinned, speechless. “Now,” added his horny buddy, tarsus escort pulling down the senior’s suit and letting the huge dickhead slap against the tanned California hunk’s ripped abs for emphasis. “I’m not stopping you, stud,” said the older UCLA jock. “Fact, I’m kinda looking forward to breeding this hot little mouth.” He slipped a finger through the junior’s lips and let him suck it for a second, but the other guy quickly got impatient and dropped down, taking the senior’s large, rock-hard dick into his mouth, enjoying the feeling of an enormous prick filling up his mouth and throat. He’d been amazed when the senior hit on him, but he was just as amazed at himself–he’d never had a gay thought in his life, loved pussy and tits and…ok, who was he kidding? He had a mouthful of one of his teammates’ meat and was really enjoying it, actually hoping he could go long enough for his buddy to– “Awwhh, fuck…” groaned the senior as his balls tightened and his 9-incher shot a huge load of thick Bruin cum down his straight teammate’s throat. The junior drank it happily, tasting another guy’s juice for the first–but he hoped not the last–time. He milked the senior jock’s bulging prick, not letting it out of his mouth till every last delicious drop was down his throat. Finally he pulled off and rose again, kissing the senior and running his hands over the captain’s solid pecs and tight obliques. “You ever suck cock before?” panted the hot senior. “Naw, dude,” he replied. “Me either–but that was fuckin’ great, you gotta let me try.” And without warning, the still-breathless senior dipped, shucking his teammate’s suit and engulfing the beautiful junior’s cock into his own hot, wet mouth. As they got into a nice rhythm, the last few guys in the showers had also begun to fuck. At first, all three of them had been staring in shock and disgust at the guys they’d assumed–no, known to be straight getting down and sucking each other’s dicks. But as the minutes wore on and they still hadn’t looked away, and as they started to feel their own sweet jock holes loosening and thick Bruin cocks hardening, it didn’t seem so weird and disgusting after all. “Shit, man,” said one of them, a 6’2″ senior with bleached blond hair and a thick, muscular trunk of a torso. “I hate to say it but…this shit is startin’ to turn me on.” He looked down to see his 7-inch dick swell and press into his suit like the others. “Startin’ to, fuck,” whispered his teammate, a shorter freshman with shaggy brown hair. “I’m about to blow my load.” The other two looked to see the 18-year-old stud had shed his suit and was freely jacking his impressive 8-inch jock meat, drops of precum spilling from the slit. “Well, don’t waste it, stud,” said the senior without even realizing it. And just like that he was on his knees with one of his teammates’ cocks planted deep in his mouth. The third guy was the last to break. He was a sophomore and one of those hyper-masculine guys who liked to preen shirtless for the ladies, showing off bulging pecs, rippling abs, swollen biceps. He was a cocky stud, but not without cause–the tanned and muscular Angeleno had soft brown hair and bright blue eyes that justifiably made his female admirers swoon. But he’d forgotten all about them as he watched his teammates taste each other, and slowly got caught up in the ass of the young freshman getting his dick sucked. It was a perfect muscular bubble butt, freed from the confines of its tight blue speedo. And it made the cocky sophomore forget about any other pussy he’d ever seen. He dove into the freshman’s ass like it was birthday cake, smelling the clean, wet and distinctly male scent at the center of the young stud’s hole. The kid gasped as he felt his teammate start to tongue him deeply–it wasn’t every day he had two of his hot jock teammates strip him in the shower and eat his cock and ass. Out in the locker room, the rest of the team was either still deep in the swing of a hot fuck or cooling off after one. All over the place, hot southern California jocks lay naked, rubbing, caressing, licking and sucking each other’s hard, powerful bodies. Soon people were going to start wondering what had happened to them. For the moment, though, the crowd waiting for the match to begin suspected nothing, never imagining that their friends, sons, boyfriends, and frat brothers were fucking, kissing, and sucking each other’s cocks in the locker room. They watched as the USC team, apparently unaffected, began to emerge from their side of the aquatic center. The Trojan boys were every bit as good-looking as their rivals, each one seemingly bigger, tanned, more cut than the last. A few of them started stretching by the side of the pool, a couple others were talking. Some eventually climbed in the pool and swam a few laps to warm up. “Hey dude, where the fuck are those UCLA fags?” said one of the USC jocks who had gotten in the water, his handsome face taking on a confused expression as one of his buddies swam up. “Probably giving each other head,” the other guy replied jokingly. They laughed, unaware that several of the hot Bruin jocks were engaged in exactly that. Then the second guy swam away, continuing his warm-up. But as he did, the first Trojan, a tan, brown-haired senior from Orange County, found himself unavoidably interested in his buddy’s form. The other guy, a hot junior with shaved blond hair and a tight, beautiful body, lifted his arms in and out of the water with an efficiency that had the senior pressing into his uniform suit in seconds. “Wow,” he whispered, appreciating the male beauty that surrounded him for the first time. He watched in awe as the junior stud got out of the pool, each gorgeous part of him bulging, bending, squeezing into his skin as he hoisted himself onto the deck. The senior had never noticed his teammate’s ass before, though he’d seen it hundreds of times with little or no covering. Now, however, he was transfixed by it, staring in lustful amazement at the twin bulges of muscle pushing so temptingly out into the dark red suit, water dripping over it. “What a hot fuckin’ ass,” he heard himself whisper. Then the junior turned around, and it was as if the ass had never existed. Because now the suddenly horny Trojan jock had seen his teammate’s enormous cock, pushing powerfully against the suit, standing hard at its full 8 inches though there was no real reason for the junior to be aroused. He licked his lips unconsciously, imagining the thick shaft he was ogling deep inside his mouth, stretching out his throat, unloading its hot jock seed into him. The handsome senior closed his eyes and slowly let his hand fall to begin stroking his own achingly hard anamur escort 7-inch dick through his suit. Before long, the burgundy suit was at his knees under the water and he was openly jacking his big jock tool at the thought of sucking his friend’s prick. He didn’t even realize that the hot junior had gotten back in and swam over to him until he felt a warm hand wrap around his cock, stopping his jerking only to begin its own. The senior opened his eyes in alarm but was relieved to see the very object of his fantasy just inches from him, a smile on his face that made the senior’s cock swell in his teammate’s hand. “You need some help with this?” the junior said huskily, running the other hand up through his buddy’s wet brown hair. “Fuck, dude…” breathed the O.C. stud. “Take that as a yes,” said the hung Trojan junior, grinning. He took a deep breath, then sank under the water. A second later, the senior felt his friend’s powerful lips wrap around his hard cock and begin to suck it hard. “Oh my God,” whispered the senior. He’d never gotten a blowjob in the pool before, and definitely never from one of his teammates. But the power of the lips and tongue enveloping his dick and easing it 2 inches, 4 inches, all the way down his throat made him wonder why the hell he hadn’t done this before. His hands were clenched around his buddy’s shaved head, feeling it bob up and down on his hard Trojan cock under the water. The junior slipped his fingers around, gripping the older jock’s tight ass before pushing a couple inside his untouched hole. “Awwwhh…” groaned the first hunk, his entire body squeezing tight, abs crunching, pecs flexing, asshole closing tight around his teammate’s fingers as his 7-inch cock exploded in his fellow water polo jock’s mouth. Up in the stands, two 20-year-old USC juniors watched their team prepping for the game. The two good-looking young men, both from the suburbs of San Francisco, both good friends with a lot of guys on the team, hadn’t noticed that two of their buddies were giving each other head in the pool. They didn’t see either as other little signs started to appear that the Trojan jocks were starting to feel something more about their hot teammates too–a hand running along the waistline of a buddy’s dark red speedo, an extended meeting of glances between two pairs of hot blue eyes, a hot blond freshman helping his senior teammate stretch leaning over to run his fingers over the grinning stud’s suddenly strained suit. The two USC studs in the stands didn’t see any of this, but they did start to appreciate the physical assets of their team in a way the two straight studs never had before. The first junior, a tanned hunk with chiseled cheeks, a square jaw and gelled brown hair, was palming his left pec through his tight yellow and red USC t-shirt. It was a gesture of nervousness as he stared at the hot and hung jocks and wondered why his thick 9-inch cock was suddenly bulging hard into the crotch of his jeans. The other stud was even hotter than his friend–taller, more muscular. He had shaggy brown hair, piercing green eyes, a cut jawline highlighting his handsome face, totally ripped torso pressing hard into a form-fitting light blue polo, muscular neck bulging out against a hemp necklace. The polo hung over his burgundy mesh shorts, imprinted with the Trojans’ logo, and already straining with the swollen mass of his own 8.5-inch Southern Cal fuckpole. A dark spot had formed on the front where his large dickhead leaked freely, thanks to the soft strokes of his hand through the mesh fabric. “I don’t want to sound weird, dude,” said the short-haired junior, “but those guys look damn good right now.” The shaggy-haired study’s lips formed into a handsome smile as he looked over the cut and dripping wet bodies of two of his best friends on the team, who were now overtly kissing, their hands grabbing abs, pecs, ass, hair, cock, anything they could find as they explored another jock’s cut body as never before. “Damn good,” the second guy agreed. He looked down in the stands to see that other hunks from both schools were not being shy about their new feelings either. Two built freshmen from UCLA who had come with their girlfriends but sat next to each other were now ignoring the girls and discreetly kissing each other’s lips, necks, and solid cheeks. A couple rows down, a cute 23-year-old USC fan with curly brown hair had let a cut sophomore from Southern Cal, just 19 years old but with an obviously powerful libido, slide down his jeans and boxers just enough to push his rock-hard 7-incher balls deep into the other guy’s tight muscle ass. Down on the pool deck, the fucking had gotten more intense. One USC player had his teammate bent over the side of the pool, both of them half-in, half-out of the water, their red speedos shucked to their knees. The bottom stud moaned in pleasure as he felt his buddy ream his virgin hole. At the same time, the UCLA guys were starting to emerge from their locker room, each of them looking like they’d just had the time of their lives. Wearing speedos, warm-up shorts, boxer briefs, or nothing at all, the hot Bruins sauntered out with that post-hot-sex swagger, their bulky arms draped around each other, their hair, faces and bodies slick with water, sweat and hot jock seed. Finally the cut spike-haired USC junior in the stands turned to his buddy and looked over his handsome body under the blue polo and red mesh, his eyes eventually settling on his friend’s still aching cockhead bulging impressively into the shorts. “Dude, I gotta get a taste of that,” he muttered. The other guy looked at his buddy. His expression was first confused but suddenly changed to a determined smile. He took his buddy’s head in his hands and looked straight into his gaze, the beautiful green eyes melting whatever inhibitions might have remained. With an undeniable force, the two USC hunks kissed passionately, their hands all over each other. The shaggy-haired Trojan pushed down under his friend’s jeans to wrap around his hot 9-inch meat while the other guy’s own exploring hands reached up under his buddy’s polo to grab his pecs, squeezing the muscle hard as he felt his straight-arrow pal’s tongue lock with his own. By now the UCLA jocks had revved up for more and were mixing in with the jacked Trojan studs. The Latin hunk from the showers gladly bent over and pulled down his blue suit to take a USC senior’s leaking prick into his tight ass, while the first hot Trojan couple from the pool allowed one of the Bruins between them, feeding the handsome and muscular blond freshman the senior’s cock while the other USC jock slid through his assring slowly but without hesitation. If any of them had taken a break from fucking, sucking and kissing long enough to look around, they would have seen that hardly a hot, hung young man in the building was not engaged with a teammate, a buddy, or just the closest stud with a cut body and a hard cock. And somehow, none of it ever seemed the slightest bit out of the ordinary.

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