White sluts first bbc’s


White sluts first bbc’sI had my first experience with black cock when I was just in 3rd year comp my friend Annie and I were given a porn DVD called Black Dicks in White Chicks ( I still have it now )We watched it loads of times and were amazed at how big the cock’s were. So, we both decided that we would like to see one in real life and see if our horny little slit’s could take one inside.Although we were young, I had been fucking for a year and Annie for two years, but neither of us had ever had a cock as big as we had seen in the film and that was what excited us, we were both wet just thinking about it.We searched the internet and found what we thought would be perfect. It was a club in an area of London, populated by blacks. On the Saturday night that we decided to go, we both made ourselves up to look older, but made sure we looked slutty. I put on a skirt that just covered my knickers, I tied a short blouse under my tits, well, I didn’t’ t actually have tits, more like little mounds, but I was sure the guys would be more interested in what was in my knickers. Annie, who was a bit younger than me, put her hair in pigtails, she liked to be fucked from behind and pulled backwards by her hair, I just like to be fucked, and I don’t care how, although doggy is nice.We got to the club and we were not asked our age, so we got straight in. There were quite a few people in, loads of black guy’s, a couple more white girls and a few black girls’. The guy’s were eyeing us up and down and they must have been thinking Escort bayan that here is some fresh white meat. We got a drink and looked at all the fit black guy’s and we wondered if they all had a big cock. We started dancing and before long, we had a few guys around us. We were grinding ourselves against them and I am sure they knew that we were up for some cock. As the night went on, both of us were surrounded and our drinks never seemed to run out, we both loved the attention and the guy’s squeezing our asses. They asked us if we would like to go somewhere a bit more private where the drinks were free, we both said, yes, anything for free drink.We were taken to an office at the back of the club; it just had a large desk and two chairs in it. There were several guys in there. One of them asked why we had gone to the club; we said that we had been told that it was a good place to go. We were handed two very large drinks, then, they asked us how old we were, so we told them the truth. They said, so you have actually come here to see some black cock haven’t you, we both sort of nodded. Well now, said one, let’s see what you think of mine. He unzipped his Jean’s and took his cock out. Fucking hell, it was huge and the guy said, you like it? We both nodded. With that all the other guy’s took their clothes off, there was some fucking big thick cock’s, hard and ready to fuck two young white slit’s.We were ordered onto our knee’s, the guy’s formed a circle around us and we started sucking, Bayan escort we went round all of them, sucking as best we could, they were so fucking thick, we had a job to get our lips around them. We both sucked cock for ages, I’m not sure how many, I was quite drunk and a bit out of it.One of the guy’s lifted Annie up, he took off her blouse and skirt, he had his hand in her knickers while he kissed her little mounds. Then he said, this little white cunt is wet enough for some cock. He pushed Annie to floor and pulled her knickers off. He looked at me and said, well you dirty white whore, you can watch me fuck your slutty white bitch friend.Annie was turned over onto her hands and knee’s; one guy got down in front of her and rubbed his big cock all over her face. Another guy got down behind her, he grabbed her ass cheeks and then just rammed his cock into her, she screamed and was told, shut the fuck up bitch. God, she was getting a hard fucking, every time he thrust in, she screamed. The guy fucked her for a while and then the next one took his turn. She was getting used to it and had stopped screaming. Four guys had fucked her and then I was told it was my turn. Even Annie shouted, yes, give her some cocks. Annie was enjoying it now, I think her slit had been stretched wide and she was more comfortable having those big cock’s inside her and she kept shouting yes, yes as they were fucking her.I was pulled up from the floor, my blouse and skirt taken off. One guy was sucking Escort my tits while another had his hand in my knickers; he had a finger in my puss and a thumb in my ass. This little white cunt is well ready, he said. He pulled my knickers down and pushed me to the floor. As he pulled my knickers off, two guy’s grabbed a leg each and pulled them right up high.One of the guy’s got down between my legs and said my little slit was going to get the hell fucked out of it. His very big cock was standing upright; the other’s were telling him to fuck the white bitch. He held his huge cock in one hand and rubbed the end of it around my puss lips. Then, in one motion, he rammed it all the way in, right up to his balls. It was sort of like a ****, it hurt like fuck and he just wanted to fuck me as hard as possible.I could see that Annie was being well used as the guy’s kept swapping over on her. I was getting used to the big cock now and starting to enjoy it, in the time he fucked me, I came twice. He came over my stomach and then it was time for a different cock. I was past caring now and just told them all to fuck my brains out.This went on all night, Annie and I being fucked by all of them and by some of them two or three times. The guy’s were all enjoying their young whore’s and they came all over us both. By the time we were all worn out, it was morning and light. We left the club about 7am we assured them all that we would be back for more cock.We went back to mine, fully satisfied and real black cock sluts. We wondered if we could find a white guy with such a big cock.Annie is married now, but every now and again gets out for some black. Me, I go to the club as often as I can, I have found a gf who I take with me. We always get a good hard fucking, just what any slut girl craves.

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