Who Was She?


It was winter. We were vacationing at the Farm. It was a big farm, having many sub-farms. There were horses and cattle and fish. The farm had orchards and agricultural-fields. There was a big Farm House and out houses where farm-workers and their families live. We used to ride horses and fish. We would go to orchards to pick up fresh fruits. Young lids of farm-workers would accompany us. It was a fun to spend vacations over there. We always do that. Mom and Dad would also invite their friends to accompany us.

The Farm belongs to my father who that winter could not accompany us.

We were putting up in that big a Farmhouse. It has five bedrooms, drawing rooms and dinning hall. What the House did not have were the Bathrooms attached with bedrooms. The House, though, had three common bath rooms. A little far were the outhouses for farm-workers. On each side of the Farmhouse is verandahs and grassy lawns. In that winter when sun would shine, we would be served breakfast in the lawns.

We were then five of us. My mom, her best friend, friend’s daughter, my sister and myself. My Mom was then forty years of age, a little overweight but very pretty. Her friend must also be of her age, slim, nice body and a very lovely smile. Her daughter was a sexy-doll, about 19, medium size-breasts, firm and round buttocks. She had golden hair and green eyes. And then was my sister, equally cute and pleasant.

I was the only male member among the visitors. I was then 19, a virgin by chance and not by choice. I was tall and slim and handsome all standards. As and when I came closer to farm-girls, I would get a hard on. I also tried to seduce one or two of them. Apparently, the girls had no hesitation but we did not have privacy. While sitting with female members of my group, I would, at times, get erection.

Once my sister and I were riding one horse. I was teaching her how to ride a horse. She would often come in my arms. Our legs often got closer. Her buttocks rubbed my crotch. I had a strong erection. She felt it. She looked back at me and smiled. She perhaps wanted more. I could not give that more.

It was midnight. I got up to urinate. While I was stretching myself, I found that light of one room of the outhouses was on and some one was fucking some one. I could not recognize them because the window-pans of the outhouse was a little foggy. But I could clearly see and imagine as to what was going on. I could see her sucking him and him eating her. I could see him putting it all the way in. All this brought me a hard erection.

What izmit escort bayan to do? Masturbate? Yes. Fantasizing whom? Mom? No. Sis? No. Guests? No. They are guests and must be respected. OK. Farm girl? Yes. But first of all, I must urinate.

With my hard dick all naked, I came out of my room. And before, I could get into bathroom, she came out of bathroom. Seeing her, as if I got frozen. I tried to hide my erection but could not. She had seen every thing. She came closer to me and gave me a hug. She was smiling. She whispered. “You must not lock your door. I will come this night and every night.”

She did come every night. What did we do? I owe you details.

Yes, she saw me stroking my erect penis. I was embarrassed. She was smiling. She came closer, gave me a light hug and whispered, “Do not lock the door. I will come tonight.”

Coming back, I kept waiting. An hour must have passed like one century. She did not come. I kept waiting. There were no signs of her coming. I had hardly decided to masturbate and go to sleep, when I heard the silent-opening and locking of the door. After a few moments, she slided in my bed under blankets. There was darkness. There was silence. Then, I felt two warm breasts around my forehead and finger tips in my hair. I made a little move and took one nipple in my two lips and started sucking it. My hands were cupping the other breast. After a few minutes of my sucking her first breast, she started producing passive-voices of “see … ahhh … ohhh … seee”. I took her second nipple in my mouth to suck it deep and hard. While I kept sucking her breasts, one after the other, she kept cumming, shivering and getting my head closer and closest. She kept holding my dick in her soft palm.

After about five or six orgasms, she started kissing my lips. I wanted to reply with more passions and depth but she started sliding her lips down and kissing my neck and chest and belly, she stopped at my dick. She kissed it, took the head in her lips, half of it and then all of it. She licked it, tongued it and gave it a deep-throat suck. Soon, she made me cum. She held me closer to her mouth. I could feel that my dick has well-crossed her throat. I exploded. It was the best cum me ever had. She must have swallowed all of it. She kept the penis in for quite some time after my orgasm and after she released the limp-rod, she whispered. “How was it?”

We then rested for a minute or two when I felt her heavenly cave right on my lips. A nice feeling and smell were all spread around. I took all of it in my mouth, izmit eve gelen escort yes, all of it. I sucked it, I ate it. She was making small moves, to and fro, on my mouth. I then sucked her pussy-lips and then her clit. My tongue would move up and down, down and up, in her depth. My tongue would stop at her hole and her clit. She kept on oozing juices which I kept drinking. I ate her, I drank her.

She had by then noticed that I was fully erect again. So she again whispered. “I am getting doggie. Come from behind. Do you know, how?”

“Yes.” I whispered back.

“Good. Ride me hard.” she again whispered.

Feeling her in darkness, I found her to be on knees and hands. I went to her back and she helped my dick to target her pussy but I had some thing else in mind. I also lubricated her ass as well as her pussy with her wetness. Before she could know as to what was going to happen to her, the shaft of my dick had gone in her ass. I waited for a while. I heard a sigh. Then a little silence. Then I heard her saying, “Good, keep it up.”

These words gave me a new strength. I got busy in fucking her ass. She was enjoying it too, enjoying and cumming. I fucked her ass for nearly quarter of an hour when I had withdrawn from her ass and put it in her pussy. The moment it all went in, I heard another sigh, the sigh of little pain and greater pleasure. Her pussy muscles contracting and expanding, pushing closer and pulling away as I go all in and come out.

“How is it?” I now silently whispered.

“Just the best”, she whispered back.

“Any thing more?”

“Yes. Make it hard, deep and fast,” she answered.

So I fucked her harder, deeper and faster, making her to cum several times before I could offload all of my cum in her. When I was cumming, she became very violent and wild. After that, she fell down on bed fully exhausted but satisfied as were told by her finger tips to my hair.

After about 15 minutes, she got up, found out her nightie, kissed my cheeks with utmost love promising she would come again.

Who was she? I told you. We were five there staying in the Farm House, myself, Mom, Mom’s friend, Friend’s daughter and my Sister. Who was she? among them? Guess about it and let me know.

This was second night. I waited long. She did not come. I masturbated fantasizing her and sleep over powered me. Then I perhaps dreamed of her. Or perhaps she was in my arms, snoring and sleeping. Yes, she was. She must have come while I was sleeping. She must have izmit otele gelen escort put her nightie off and slided in my bed and slept.

Once I got up and found her warm body, I felt like burying my face deep inside her pussy. My tongue, hot and quick, was soon working its way from deep inside her pussy to her clit. She kept closing her eyes,

I took my tongue out of her heavenly cave and climbed up on her body, placing my mouth instead on her breasts. This made her breasts firm and her nipples hard and pointed. I flicked my tongue out at one of her nipples. I licked that nipple again and again. Then I took it in my mouth and began to suck on it. My hand came up and tweaked her other nipple. I took turns on one nipple than the other, one breast and the other. Her breath became short.

Then my hands and mouth left her nipples. My hand now cupped her pussy, two of my fingers finding their way through her hot pussy lips and to her clit. My fingers continued delicately rubbing her clit. Then once again, my other hand kept teasing her nipples and breasts. My fingers continued dancing on her clit. Then suddenly my fingers slid down from her clit and entered her.

She was still pretending to be asleep while I was crudely shoving inside her.

Sleeping or no sleeping, she must have felt my weight against her body. I was playing with her pussy again. I was sucking her, slow at first, then harder. I would spread her pussy lips with my lips and would wrap my lips around her clit. And when my tongue would push into the opening of her hole, I could feel her legs tightening against my head.

Her body slowly relaxing, I felt her moving closer to me. I felt her rubbing her crotch against my thigh. I rubbed my cock, hard as rock as it easy. It was just an inch below her pussy. I soon positioned it against the opening. I once again parted her pussy lips with my fingers and put the cock in. The head got in, another push and half of it, a harder push this time and all of it went in. Her arms now flew around my shoulders. She dug her finger-nails into my back.

Now both of us were perhaps feeling as some thing was building up. This time, we waited for it. It would be as amazing as it was last night, may be more. I doubled my efforts inside her pussy, thrusting harder and faster. She also arched back as much as she could and ground her pussy to my cock as hard as she could. I remember feeling some thing hot flooding out of us as I put my cock deeper and her grip tightened when both of us collapsed.

We must have slept in each others arms for a few more minutes or may be for a few more ages, when I felt her lips on mine. Then I heard a whisper.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.” I said when she had crossed the door of my room.

Next day, we came back from the Farm.

Who was she?

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