The sound of steel clashing against steel shattered the quiet repose surrounding Doug Sanders while he read the contents on the label. He heard her before he saw her. Her voice was soft, caressing, apologetic, but clear as a bell. She was apologizing profusely for having run her shopping cart into his. He started his long drawn out gaze at her knees, upward towards her head.

She was wearing jeans, and one of those big shirts everyone was wearing now. It was hard to tell her size underneath, but she was surely ample. He could clearly see the soft large mounds of flesh that made up her breasts. He was sure he could make out her nipples, even under that cumbersome big shirt. Her face was just short of pretty, perhaps attractive was a better word. She had large, soft lips, a straight nose with just the hint of an upturn at the end. Her eyes, well her eyes were beautiful, no denying that. They were a sea green, with tiny dark flecks in the iris. But it was her hair, that enthralled him.

It was a mixture of auburn, copper, and autumn red, a voluminous flowing mane the likes he had never seen before. He moved not a muscle, acutely aware that he was staring, but unable to do anything to stop himself. It was the touch of her beautifully manicured hand with the long red fingernails on his arm that brought him out of his momentary coma. His cock, flaccid just moments before, jumped and filled out the front of his jeans immediately. It was these times that he regretted not wearing underwear, there was sure to be a wet spot in a few heartbeats. Right now though, it didn’t matter.

“Are you sure you’re all right?” she asked again, gently squeezing his arm as she did. He almost flinched, almost feeling those beautiful fingers around his cock, then said, “Oh sure, no harm done.” “I should pay more attention to where I am walking and not watching for the sales so much I suppose, but you know, a penny saved is a penny earned.”

“I agree,” he said, his eyes still taking in the soft curls and wisps of her gorgeous flowing locks. “Again, please accept my apology, and I hope the rest of your day goes much better than this.”

He smiled thinking of the pounding cock inside his jeans and said, “Don’t worry, it’s off to a great start.”

With that, she deliberately looked down, noting his hard bulge, and said, “I think you’re right.” With that, she giggled, and pushed past him. He could smell her scent, something floral he thought, and wonderful. As she walked down the aisle, she pushed her hand into the pocket of her jeans and when she did, the big shirt lifted at one end. There was a sweet, plump, jiggling, gorgeous ass if he had ever seen one. Without touching it, he knew the wet spot on his jeans was spreading.

It had been the usual Saturday, grocery shopping, the cleaners, the mall, the video store. He was glad there was no work tomorrow, and that he could relax now with a chilled bottle of wine and a good hot movie. When he thought of grocery shopping, he thought about her, and kicked himself in the ass again for the hundredth time for not finding out her name and number.

As he began taking off his sneakers, the bell rang and he wondered who would be coming over at 9 PM on a Saturday night. All his buddies were married, and for the moment he was without a significant other. As he peered into the peep hole, all he could see was a compendium of reds. He knew immediately that it was her and her flowing mane on the other side of his door. His cock started to grow in leaps and bounds.

He opened the door, and there she stood, looking a little different this evening. Perhaps it was the makeup, but more probably it was the short tight skirt that slid up her stockinged leg as she stepped over the threshold. He knew he had been right, she was ample, but in such a great put-together way. She truly had a pair of huge breasts, they were orbs to behold, he was sure of it. Even the swell of her rounded tummy was somehow provocative to him. Her round, plump ass jiggled all the way into his living room and he didn’t take his eyes off it for a moment.

They both started to talk at the same time, but she raised that red nailed finger, and placed it over his lips to hush him for the moment. He just stared at her, he didn’t want to miss a word or gesture that she made. “I am sorry if I am disturbing you, and I apologize if I seem too bold, or forward, but I saw you in your driveway this afternoon removing the groceries from your car, so I knew where you lived. I am new in the neighborhood, and wanted to introduce myself under conditions better than those of this morning.”

He couldn’t believe his luck, she had actually found him, and went out of her way to see him. He offered her a glass of wine, which she took, and a seat on the couch. He sat on the couch, but she sat opposite him in the arm chair. She knew exactly what she was doing. He could see her plainly there, under the soft lamplight, she was radiant. That flaming hair, those beautiful green eyes. His cock was throbbing, without realizing he was eskort gaziantep doing it, he started to rub the head through his jeans, God it felt good.

She watched him, leaned back in the chair, and opened her legs to expose the tops of her stockings, and just the barest glimpse of bare, shaved pussy? “Do you like videos, x- rated videos that is?” she murmured. He almost choked on his wine, “Why yes I do!” “That is great ,” she purred, “I might be in a business that you might find intriguing.” She had his interest now, he said “And what might that be?” “Well, by day, I am a photographer, I take pictures of families, the kiddies, weddings, etc., but at night, well by night you need an appointment to see me. My place is over on Danforth in that little strip mall with the donut shop.”

“Oh, I know where that is. What do you do there, film dirty movies?”

“I wouldn’t be that crass sweetheart, I film special movies, just for my patrons, each one is unique and personal. Perhaps you would be interested in utilizing my services?” With that, she opened her purse and produced a lavender business card. The card itself was a magnificent work of art, simple but quite elegant. A single orchid lie across the face of the card, embossed in soft hues, the word WICKED lie centered in the middle of the card in the most beautiful script, and in the lower right hand corner were the words “Hours by appointment only.” There was no phone number, no address, only those words.

He looked at the card, and asked, “If I want to make an appointment, where would I call?”

“You must first come to the studio, she told him, “You will have to fill out some paperwork, and then I would give you an appointment. The cost, like anything else, would depend on what you want.”

He was interested to the hilt, he was aroused and more than eager and ready. “Can I sign up now?” he asked.

She laughed, “No, sorry, there are no exceptions, besides, this will give you a chance to think about what you want, what you desire, what fantasies you want to see come true.” She looked at her watch and gave a tiny gasp and said, “I have been here much too long, I only came to give you the card and introduce myself.”

He said, “Oh I am so sorry, I am Doug.”

To which she replied, “I am Wicked.” She took his hand in hers, shook it firmly but gently and hoped that he would be in to see her in the very near future. He promised her it was at the top of his list, and he meant it. He followed her to the front door, watched her get into her car and drive away. It was the second time today she had left him with a huge hard on.

Sunday proved to be a hindrance. An obstacle to get over until Monday. He woke up with the usual erection, and immediately thought of her. He jumped into the shower, taking longer than he normally would to soap himself. He started to daydream a bit and kept thinking of that beautiful head of hair lying fanned across an antique white pillowcase. His left hand rubbed his shaven balls, sliding up under them and then pulling them up to the base of his cock, over and over. His right hand slowly moved down the entire length of his hard rod and over the head where he paused to massage it in a circle and then move his hand back towards the base again.

Doug was attractive in his own way, dark hair and eyes, better than average build. He had two great features, one was his smile. The other was his cock. Hard and erect it was easily 8 inches long, but it was the girth that floored anybody who was lucky enough to see it. He chose his women carefully, and although he was highly motivated sexually, he enjoyed companionship also, a friend as well as a lover. But this woman, this Wicked woman, was turning him into one big huge walking hard on.

This was the third time he had jerked off since he met her. That wasn’t so unusual, but his thoughts while he did it, were only of her. He was already at the point where he had to have her. It didn’t matter what it took or what he had to do, he wanted her with every hot pulsing nerve in his body. The blood in his cock started to pound, the veins inside like cables being tightly squeezed by his grip. His hand moved more rapidly, the water running down his face, his chest, he started to groan and felt the cum boiling up in his balls. He thought of his face in her sweet, bare, shaven cunt and he felt that familiar churning in his sac, the fire inside his cock as his fist moved up and down the hard, swollen shaft was almost unbearable.

He gave an anguished cry as the firewall collapsed and his hot ooze shot into the stream of water, again and again. He squeezed the swollen red head in his hand, emptying himself of every drop of his hot seed. He thought of her in front of him, her face awash in his cum, smiling, asking him for more. It made him even more determined to make his dreams become a reality. He got dressed, threw a load of clothes in the washer, and grabbed the videos to take back to the store.

Before he knew it gaziantep eskort bayan he was parked outside the photo shop. There were lavender vertical Levelor blinds in the big storefront window. Two signs were taped on the inside of the door. One had the store hours written on it, Monday through Friday 10 AM to 6 PM. The other sign read CLOSED. It might as well have said fuck you. He was hoping the store would be open so he could ask the elusive Wicked just what goodies she had to offer.

As he was getting back into his car, he realized that the car he had seen her drive away in the previous night was parked in the lot. He walked back to the door and tried to peer through the darkened glass, but could see nothing. He knew she had to be there so he knocked, and then knocked again. After what seemed like an eternity, he turned and started back to his car.

He heard a tapping on the glass, and turned quickly to see a darkened version of her face at the door, and she was pointing to the CLOSED sign. Then she shook her finger at him as if he were a naughty boy caught stealing the cookies from the cookie jar, and then she was gone. He should have known better, she had told him, no exceptions, and the store hours were clearly marked on the door. He hoped she was not angry at him, and briefly thought about waiting until she came out to apologize to her, but squashed that thought immediately. It could wait until tomorrow. He wondered how many more times he would have to jerk off until then.

Monday had just dragged. He knew it would, even though it was Monday and was busy, his nerves screamed “I gotta get outta here.” He almost vaulted over the crowd in the lobby and jogged to the lot to pick up his car. Ordinarily the drive home relaxed him even with the traffic. He just turned the radio on and tuned out the world. But today was different, he was Mario Andretti and the Terminator all rolled into one. He was ready to kill anybody who got in the way of him, the photo shop and 6:00 PM. He made it though, with 5 minutes to spare.

She was talking to a young mother with two small children when he walked in. She excused herself, and asked him to have a seat in the small office. She went back to the mother and children evidently giving them some finished photos, and then they left. His prick started to do the Wicked dance again as he anticipated what would happen after he signed up for whatever it was she was selling. Finally he heard the tumblers in the door as she locked it and turned off the main lighting in the shop.

She was standing next to him finally, her sweet scent filled the tiny room instantly and made him heady with the essence of her perfume. He wanted to climb on her, into her, be inside her, be absorbed by her. She went over to the small filing cabinet and bent over to get some papers. She had on a short black skirt with black stockings. When she bent over, the tops of her stockings showed from behind, and you could almost see her crotch, but not quite. When she stood up and turned around she was smiling. Again, she knew exactly what she was doing. Her top today, was anything but big. It hugged her voluptuous breasts, the nipples were clearly visible through the tightened material, and the scoop of the neck over her abundant cleavage was the perfect framing for it all.

“I’ll need you to read these and to follow the directions given on the instruction sheet. If you have any questions, please pick up the phone and hit the intercom button. I hope you’ll understand that what I do here is for personal use and not for sale to the general public. You will have to sign a waiver and an acknowledgment stating that you do so understand. Because of what goes on here, anonymity is mandatory. When I leave here, I will lock the door. It is for your benefit as well as my other patrons. Please feel free to take your time and make sure you have completed everything. When you are ready, please call on the intercom phone and someone will let you out. I will call you with the cost of the services you have chosen, and if you agree to that cost, I will then set up your appointment.” She smiled sweetly and asked him if he had any questions. All he could do was shake his head no. The door closed, he heard the lock catch, and he breathed out a qualified sigh of relief.

His hands were visibly shaking with anticipation as he began to read what she had left for him. Her essence had permeated his nostrils and he closed his eyes for just a moment to breath in deeply before he started to read. The first page was a list of what seemed to be rules and regulations. It stipulated no one under 21 would be allowed in the shop after hours. No one without the shop’s business card and an appointment could even get in the door after closing. No violence, drugs or excessive drinking would be tolerated and would be cause to lose the fee that had been paid along with any photos or tape that had been taken. He skimmed over the bestiality and kiddy porn stuff, and agreed with them, gaziantep eskort he had no desire to even think about that. It all seemed reasonable to him so far.

The second page contained a multiple choice questionnaire. It had all sorts of sexual questions itemized. What type of sex did he find most exciting? Did he enjoy watching? If he did, what would he most like to watch? Did he like to be teased? What parts of his body were most susceptible to sexual arousal? He liked this part of the application, and thoughtfully circled each answer that appealed to him and if none did, he wrote his answer in under “other.”

The third page was where the meat was, what was being offered, and how much it cost. There were four packages being presented. Each could be done in the following various ways: The personnel could pick and choose the positions and activities being photographed or taped. The customer could direct the photographer to take what ever photos or tape he wanted to be taken. A combination of both rounded out the choices.

The customer could choose to participate in the actual photos/taping or not. There was only one appointment per customer, and if the appointment were missed, no rain check would be given for another. Package One was 10 8×10 photos of one person of his choice for $250.00. Package Two was 10 8×10 photos of two people of his choice $500.00. Package Three was 1 hour of video tape with one person of his choice. $750.00. Package Four was 2 hours of video tape with two people of his choice. $1,000.00.

Page four had four photographs. One was of Wicked. There was one of another woman, blonde, smaller, a pretty face. The other two were pictures of men. One was older, maybe 40 or so, the other younger in his 20’s. Well, now he had to make a choice. Obviously he wanted to participate, he wanted Wicked. But there was always that fantasy of having two women at the same time. He liked the idea, especially of having it on film to relive over and over again. It didn’t take him long to decide. It would be Package Four, with the two women, and a combination of him and the girls calling the shots.

He liked the idea of being surprised. He didn’t want to know everything that was going to happen. Page five requested his signature that he read and understood and would comply with pages one through four and that he would not copy or copy with intent to distribute and sell any of the photos or tapes that he was purchasing. Payment was required to be paid in cash and would be collected immediately prior to the session. The fee was non refundable. As far as he was concerned, a chance like this only came once in a lifetime, he was gonna grab it while the grabbing was good. He picked up the phone and hit the intercom button.

Her voice flowed like honey out of the receiver, “Is there something I can help you with?” she questioned. “There sure is,” he answered. “I’ll be right there,” and then the phone clicked silent. He sat quietly for a moment and while he did he thought he heard some muffled noises through the wall. He got up and moved closer to it, leaning over the cabinet to see if he could hear what was going on. He could hear a little clearer, they were definitely sexual sounds. Groaning, moaning, something thumping. At that moment the door unlocked and there she stood, so gorgeous he could go down on her right there, and actually thought about going for it.

She laughed when she saw him leaning over the cabinet listening at the wall. ” I guess you are curious, aren’t you? ” she asked. “I can’t let you see, but I can let you listen a bit.” And with that, she hit the intercom button twice, and placed the phone back on the hook, but the speaker remained on. He could hear somebody pleading, almost crying, begging for forgiveness. He heard a woman’s voice saying “You were a very very bad boy!” and more muffled sobs. “You know what you have to do when you are a bad boy, don’t you?” A small male voice said “Oh yes Mistress, please give me my punishment, please! I do so deserve to be punished!”

He waited to hear what would happen next when that red nailed finger cut off the speaker, and tapped the edge of his paper. “Have you decided what you want to do? Will you be utilizing our services?” she queried. Damn but she could tease him, it was frustrating, but he liked it all the same.

“Yes, I have decided to go with Package Four.”

“And who will be your choice of personnel?”, Wicked asked. “Why, you of course and the other woman in the photographs.”

“Her name is Wild, together we’re Wild and Wicked ,” she smiled, “will you be participating?”

He nodded yes, “I wouldn’t miss this opportunity for the world. You are indeed a very sexy woman,” he declared.

“Thank you,” was her reply. She leaned over the desk and pressed her soft, sexy lips on his for just a moment. The very sweetest of kisses, but the body language was pure raw sex. As she leaned over the scooped neck opened and he could see the upper half of her glorious tits. He wanted to scoop them out with his hands and nuzzle them until he couldn’t breath. It was as if she could read his mind, and she probably could, because at that moment she picked up his application, made sure he had signed on the dotted line, and informed him that she would be calling him in a day or so with his appointment. She took him by the arm and escorted him to the door.

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