Wine Stained Blouse


Right out of college, I had got a job at this startup tech company. After a couple of years on the sales team there, I had really made a name for myself.With a lot of hard hours, and a little bit of luck, I was able to rise to the top on my team. I was a top producer and was given the responsibilities of helping train up newbies that came in and “mentor them” as they learned the company and the markets we worked in. I even got to interview some of the candidates early in their application process.And then she came in for an interview. I should have paid more attention to the name on her resume or else I wouldn’t have been thrown off when she walked in. You see, her last name was Ton, and I have a huge thing for Asians (more on that to come).The second she came in the room; it took every ounce of professionalism in me to not gawk at her like a schoolyard boy. She walked in with an air of confidence and elegance wearing a perfectly fitted blazer and skirt combo that hugged her ass just right. Her straight black hair was in perfect contrast to her white blouse that had one extra button undone.“You must be my 9 am interview,” I said trying to not show how tight my pants had gotten. ”That’s me! My name is Katryna,” as we shook hands. “Pleasure to meet you Katryna, I’m Spencer.”I won’t bore you with the details of the interview, but she was certainly qualified (yes, I was able to put away my male instincts and be a true professional). Much to my delight, she impressed the managers, and she was hired a couple of weeks later.As much as it was part of my “extra duties” to mentor her as a new hire, my cock and wanton lust towards her Asian beauty were the true reason I wanted to work with güvenilir bahis her. Over the next six months of mentoring, I had plenty of instances in her cubicle where I could sneak peeks down her shirt or see the subtle outline of her panties; making me wonder if they matched the color of the lacy bra. To top it all off, casual Fridays always consisted of yoga pants that left the viewer only wondering if she was completely shaven or just trimmed short.I was never one to shy away from making a move on a girl. But there was something different about this girl. Of course, dipping your pen in the company ink is always a hard line to walk, and to top it all off, I was somewhat her ’superior’ and was vying for a promotion.This left me on the outside looking in as all the other guys (and a couple of girls) tried to get into Katryna’s pants. Her ability to flip back and forth between her professionalism and a flirty college sorority girl was flawless and made her have so many people wrapped around her fingers. Periodically, I would throw a line out and try to see if anyone was able to close the deal.“So, how did drinks with everyone go last night? I’m bummed I wasn’t able to make it.”“Oh, we had lots of fun. You know Michelle? Well, we always like to see how many free drinks we can get the boys to buy us,” she said while fidgeting with her top button. “So, I presume you drank for free? I bet that wasn’t the only fun you had that night.”“Well, Michelle and I certainly ended up having some fun, but none of these boys really do it for me.” Then with a devilish grin, she said, “What did you end up doing last night that was more important than spending time with your favorite mentee?”“Some güvenilir bahis siteleri college buddy tried setting me up with his cousin. She was cute and all, but she wasn’t really my type.”“Oh? I bet I can figure out your type.” As soon as she said that, we got interrupted by our boss complaining about something dumb marketing had done. ~~~~ A couple of weeks later, the sales quarter finished, and as tradition holds, the VP of Sales always takes the staff out to a bar and leaves his company credit card for all to enjoy. It was during this night that the conversation picked back up.“So, let me guess, your type is someone with blonde hair, blue eyes, and huge tits; kinda like Nancy over there,” she said gesturing towards a standard blonde bimbo. “Well, sure, Nancy is hot and all, but she’s just like everything else out there. I like things that are a little more unique; and if I’m being blunt, I prefer things more petite.” Making intense eye contact with her.“Oh, well it looks like your options tonight are rather slim,” playfully moving the straw in her drink around.“I like my chances,” I said as I clinked her drink.Later that night, some random drunk dude at the bar was sloppily trying to put the moves on Katryna. Now even though she is a black belt and could knock his ass out before the guy knew what was happening (one of the many reasons her body is sculpted and toned in all the right ways), she instead decided to use the “here’s my boyfriend” move with me to get the guy to stop bothering her.In her signature skinny black pants and white silky blouse (that always had one extra button undone), all professionalism between us had been lost. With a couple of shots sprinkled iddaa siteleri in between some playful dancing, the night was coming to an end.“Oh shit!” Katryna yelled as her half glass of wine was spilled over her blouse and the lap of my pants. She quickly grabbed a napkin, but instead of going for her blouse, she started to dry my pants. As cliche as it was, most of the wine was on my groin. After a couple of dabs, she could feel what was growing in my pants. Our eyes locked as she left her hand firmly on my lap. “Well, here’s to hoping you didn’t stain my pants,” as I finished my drink.“My apartment is only a block away. Let me get it out for you there,” she said under a soft breath with no reference to the stain. Quickly leaving, we moved in silence towards her apartment.“Take a seat over there, I’ll go get the supplies,” tossing her purse onto a couch. Her apartment was just what I thought it would be. Elegantly decorated to match her personal style.As Katryna walked out of her back room, she said, “So is this more your type?” wearing only her wine-stained blouse and matching black bra and pantie set.  Finally seeing the perfectly toned body I’d been trying to image for months, there was nothing more I wanted than to ravage her body.She quickly straddled my lap as we began to take each other in. With my hands exploring all the surfaces of her body, my longing over the last six months of trying to figure out what was under all the blouses and sweaters was finally fulfilled.With a conveniently front clasped bra (something only women with smaller attributes can comfortably wear), I had immediate access to her perfect A cups. With nipples that did not disappoint, I lunged at them with fever.After a handful of minutes of taking in her chest, she went to release the tension in my pants. “My god. I can’t believe this is happening. I’ve been wanting to fuck since your first day at work,” I said as she undid my belt.

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