WOW, Where the Hell Did That Come From!!?


WOW, Where the Hell Did That Come From!!?I couldn’t sleep again this morning; about 4am as usual. I was lying there next to “the other woman” trying not to toss and turn in bed. I didn’t want to wake her. She had to get up early and needed to be fresh. Again, my thoughts were locked on you. You were there with me in my mind. It seems like that’s all the time anymore. I leaned over to kiss you as I ran my hand over my cock. But as I kissed you gently, your hand took the place of mine. Your fingertips teased the head as you gently played. We kissed more forcefully. My hand moved over your breasts. Both nipples were very hard and sensitive; almost leaning into my touch. I put my lips on one nipple. I sucked and gently bit. You moaned with approval as your hand was Escort Hikayeleri gently but with increasing speed moving up and down my cock. I was getting very hard very fast. I moved my lips to your other nipple. Your body was moving and twisting with extreme passion now. I moved my tongue down the center of you body slowly but with purpose. My mouth had one goal. I finally reach my desired place and immediately wrapped my lips around your clit with my tongue making contact as my lips closed. Your body jerked and you moaned loudly. I gently sucked on your clit as my tongue flicked back and forth over it. Your back arched and your hips moved into my face. Your hands clasped behind my head and forced my face deeper in to your Escort Pornoları pussy. As I have done so many times, I forced my tongue deep inside of you. As soon as I did you exploded. I kept my tongue inside of you as you continued to cum. I could feel your pussy squeezing my tongue. I slid on top of you and kissed you and I slowly but firmly slid my cock inside of you. You screamed out uncontrollably as you felt me move in as far and deep as I could go. I pressed my self hard against you and just held it there. You were cumming uncontrollably. Then I began to move fast inside of you. You kept cumming, over and over with a slight distinction between each orgasm. I had never seen it happen quite this way before. The look on your Escort Portalı face partly showed you wanted more and partly showed exhaustion, as if you couldn’t take much more. I was moving faster and faster toward my own explosive orgasm. I felt as though my heart and lungs would explode first. Then, both of our bodies jerked and froze as we both had a massive orgasm together. OMFG, it was truly amazing. I shot deep inside of you. I could see the pleased smile on your face when I did. I collapsed on my back on the bed. I wanted to hold you and cuddle so badly after that but as we sadly know, it is just fantasy. As I laid there on my back still immersed in deep thoughts of you, I was stunned as she said, “WOW, where the HELL did that come from!!?” I looked over and “the other woman.” had a look of amazed satisfaction and exhaustion on her face. Damn, really!!!!? There is no fucking way that just happened. It looks like our fantasies have overstepped there boundaries, lol. Don’t worry, no names were mentioned in the making of this sexual experience!!

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