Subject: Wrong rest stop Coming back from golfing up north in Minnesota I was still 2 hours from home it was almost midnight saw a sign Rest Stop ahead, thought this would be a good time to stop, stretch a bit light up a joint and take a leak. Saw a few cars parked by the restrooms I drove to the end for privacy. Got out it was warm I was still in my golf shorts on took off my shirt stretching my body loosing up. Lit the joint noticed a car coming my way with no headlights only the dome light, put my shirt back on WTF I thought maybe a cop quickly put the joint out. As he got closer I could see it was a older man in the car. Relived it wasn’t a cop I kinda gave him a wave and turned away. He drove slowly past me I turned he nodded his head went past me turned around and parked by the restrooms. Strange I thought maybe he thought he knew me, lit the joint again forgetting all about that. Heading towards the restroom it seemed like every car I walked by I thought I saw quick brake lights, giggling I was pretty high and thought the street lamps were just flickering. The restroom has 3 urinals I took the middle one, pulled my shorts down and started to pee. I heard the door open, damn I thought I should of taken the end one. ” Nice quiet night haven’t seen such a young pretty boy from the cities here in a long time, do you top or bottom or just being on your knees ” WTF I thought is he talking about. Looking over I noticed it was the old man in the car that drove by me. What really caught my attention was that his pants were down and he had the biggest cock I ever saw. Way bigger than my 5″ ” I… I… I… I mean oh shit no mister I’m not like that or anything I.. I.. I have a girlfriend and I’m not a queer boy or anything I’m sorry ” I was stuttering But for some reason instead of looking at him my eyes were glued to his huge cock I couldn’t imagine how big it was and it was getting bigger. I just stared way to long. ” You fucking little cock tease I saw you in your shorts no shirt showing off your sexy little body twisting and turning your sweet ass around you even waved at me. And look at you staring at my cock with lust in your eyes and look how hard your little penis is, so cute so pretty” Confused scared nervous I seen how hard I was I kept staring at his.. What was going on what was I thinking I’m in a bathroom with a old man both of our cocks in our hands. ” Mmmm such a pretty little kocaeli escort boy look at you go ahead touch it you know you want to it’s ok nobody’s around I won’t tell look how big it’s getting just for you. I..I.. no I can’t I’m not like… I mean I. I. oh please don’t tell i just want to touch it’s so big ” Like I was hypnotized I reached over and grabbed onto it .. it was so big in my hands I slowly started rub up n down on it. ” Oooh fuck yes my little queer boy faster Ooh yes I’m gonna make you my bitch my personal faggot listen to yourself your moaning just like a girl. Now suck it suck it you little slut suck my cock with your pretty mouth your sweet little mouth is going to be a cunt for my cock ” Listening to him call me names I was so excited turned on i went to my knees looking up at him with lust in my eyes. I heard myself pleading for him not to tell my girlfriend and started to kiss lick slobber all over it like a popsicle it was the greatest feeling ever I’m on my knees ready to suck a stranger in a public place. I’m gonna suck a cock I thought and I was sooo ready Opening my mouth wide I slowly went down on him. It tasted so good now I knew what my girlfriend felt when she sucked me off. Up n down my head was bobbing I wanted more but could only get half of it in my mouth. ” Faggot cunt sissy bitch queer boy slut whore cocksucking pussyboi ” Over n over he kept calling me names it made me suck faster I was moaning loving it all not believing I was doing this. Suddenly he picked me up all 5’5″ 110lbs like I was a rag doll he was like over six feet had a beer belly abd I realized he was completely naked. I opened my mouth to say something when all of a sudden he kissed me shoving his tongue deep inside. Without thinking I started to kiss him back French kissing swapping our tongues back n forth. I could feel my penis rubbing on his belly as I started to move up n down on him I was moaning sucking on his tongue. ” Oooh god oooh fuck oooh please mister don’t tell on me I never kissed a guy before you taste so good I never been so horny so excited look at us your naked we’re in a public restroom someone could catch us ” He started to bite my neck giving me a hickey I moaned loudly as he held me up and started to suck on my nipples I almost lost it I never knew how good that felt he gently started to nibble on them.. I screamed in pleasure. ” You like that god you are so kocaeli escort bayan hot moaning like a bitch just like a girl now get down and take your daddy’s cock you fucking cock slut your sweet mouth is just a cunt for my cock suck me and drink my cum” ” Oooh god yes oooh yes I want your cum fill my belly oooh daddy oooh please I want you oooh yes fuck my mouth like a girl my cunt my mouth is yours oooh fuck yes oooh daddy just don’t tell on me ” I sucked and sucked making love to it I wanted all but he was to big. Daddy grabbed my head shoving it down further than I ever thought it would go, I felt his cum in mouth it tasted sweet I pulled away to look and he started to cum on my face. I quickly went down on him his cum filling my mouth not swallowing I was savoring the taste the feel of hot sweet cum. Daddy kept going in n out of my mouth his cum splashing on my face I swallowed he kept cumming his cum was dripping out my mouth. I started to cum all over my belly on the floor. I was shaking panting like a bitch in heat. ” Smile boy smile into the camera tell everyone how much you loved sucking on your new Daddies cock look at you on your knees cum all over you smiling like a pussycat ” I looked over and saw 3 guys naked playing with each other one guy had his phone filming me. I looked back at my new Daddy ?. He smiled On my hands and knees looking at the camera going over to those 3 guys. ” Look at me I’m a queer faggot boy from the cities I never knew how good it felt so satisfying to suck cocks this guy my daddy showed me the way.. I love it I love cum please oooh please fuck my mouth just like it’s a girls cunt Ooh god yes fuck my mouth like I’m a girl I’m a slut a whore for your hot cocks ” One after another two cocks in my hands one in my mouth over and over I kept begging moaning pleading I felt my shirt being ripped off my shorts to my ankles. Naked with 3 naked guys in a public place. My belly full of cum.. cum dripping out my mouth on my body. I looked over at my daddy he was dressed and also videotaping me. He picked me up licking cum off my body my face and kissed me swapping tongues. He grabbed my penis and started to walk out the door. I followed in a daze not realizing what was going on. The cool night air slapping against my naked body I slowly realized that I was being paraded around the parking lot like a prize. A old man a young boy (18) naked my penis in izmit escort his hand following like a lost puppy dog. Smiling licking my lips I knew my life was gonna change forever. Daddy brought me to his van opened the side doors pulled out a mattress told me to kneel. When I looked behind me I saw like 7 guys following us. Back n forth so many cocks I kept sucking, strangers jacking off on me so much cum all over my naked body filling my belly. I must of passed out I found myself in my car my shorts covered in cum next to me the car running heat on windows down. Felling sick ashamed confused driving home no shirt only my shorts on cum all over me. I couldn’t believe what just happened I swore this was a big mistake and I’d never ever tell anyone what happened. And I’d never do anything like this again. If I was more alert I would of noticed the headlights following me all the way home It wasn’t until i pulled into my mom’s driveway when I saw them. Now what I thought as I looked at the clock it was 3am . I looked it was that old man in his van. I remembered calling him daddy I felt sick ashamed. ” Look I’m sorry what happened I never should of did what I did so please just go leave me alone please mister” I whispered to him at his door ” It’s ok boy I told you I wouldn’t tell your girl or mom it’ll be our secret anyway I just want to show you something and I have a gift for you, come see and then I’ll leave ” I looked into his window on his iPad was me naked begging moaning calling myself a slut a Faggotboi telling everyone to fill my belly to fuck my mouth like a girl. Daddy opened his door got out he was naked in my mom’s driveway. ” No oh no not here we can’t do this here in the driveway somebody will see us I can’t get caught this is wrong.. oooh god yes ooooh daddy yes I need your cock in my mouth oooh hurry before someone sees us please don’t tell our secret yes oooh yes my daddy fuck your little boy’s mouth use me like a girl seed my belly take me ” Holding me tight fucking my mouth daddy told me he was going to make me his little girl so pretty I was, just like a girl. Over n over he kept saying I’m gonna be his girlfriend his little boy his cocksucking cumloving faggot. I only moaned louder as his hot sweet cum was filling my belly. On my knees in the driveway panting I came in my shorts as he drove away leaving a package next to me. Inside was a pair of panties pink nylons a small training bra and pink lipstick and nail polish and a pink short sundress. A note: Cum back next Friday night at the rest stop our secret unless you want me to tell. Smiling licking my lips I staggered into my room.

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