Xdresser Housewife Roxys daily chores while wife i


Xdresser Housewife Roxys daily chores while wife iWell i must be the luckiest guy in the world ,my wife earns all the money so I stay at home to do all the house work and cooking .Now I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be a girl because women to me are so powerful when they are hot and sexy ,a women can get what she wants when she wants without even speaking as long as she has a sexy pair of platform heels on with a tight micro mini and a great set of tits that’s enough to get anything from anyone ,if that isn’t power what is ?So this brings me to what I’ve been doing at home while my wife is at work .It all started one day when I was folding my wife’s clothes ,I picked up this short mini dress it is polyester so it’s a bit stretchy I decided to put it on but it didn’t have the effect I thought it would something was missing ,anyway a week goes by and I’m still getting these urges to get dressed up as a girl but didn’t know really what I wanted so I looked up a mistress escort and explained to her that I was curios to know what I look like as a girl.She asked if I have clothes or a wig ,I said no so she that’s fine and we booked an appointment for the next day .Mistress x arrives at my place with a suit case full of clothes and heels ,wigs everything I need to look like a girl .We sit down for a drink so she can ask me some questions about what type Escort of look I wanted .I have not thought about what type of look mistressOk well I’m going to start by naming you Roxy so from now on you will answer to Roxy .Roxy I have several looks for you to try on ,first we will start with a pair of tights short sleeve top and heels ,then I have a tight short dress with a pair of strappy platforms ,then I have a sexy corset suspenders and stockings with a pair of knee high platform leather boots.Mistress x proceeds to do my make up hair and dress me ,Wow I know what was missing the first time because with every item of clothing I relised how sexy it feels to look sexy and when mistress was finished I stood in front of our mirrors that took up the entire wall and could not believe it was me standing there .It took a little while for me to get over the shock but I knew instantly this would not be the last time ill look like this.Wow Roxy you really are sexy for a guy and it’s only your first time ,you will look better and better every time .After 10 min my cock would not go down it was rock hard from looking at myself walking around ,but the thing that got me really horny was how it felt to walk in a pair of heels ,the feeling of the stockings on my legs ,the feeling of my long hair flowing around .Wow I have never felt so good just by wearing Escort Bayan clothes ,I’m instantly jealous of women as they get to dress up all the time ,I wish I was born a girl from this day on I am a male to female Xdresser called Roxy .Roxy what do you like sexually Well mistress up until today I only ever had sex with women Ok Roxy I’m going to show you some porn with xdressers having sex with men ,women ,transexuals and couples to see what one turns you on the most.Yes mistress ok After watching and learning about all the different types of sexual feelings ,ive decided that Im not into guys sucking my cock and I don’t get turned on by fucking guys ,but I’m curious to try everything else Over the next 6 months mistress x would come over twice a week to teach me everything about being a women ,how to do my make up ,what heels go with what outfits, how to walk really sexy ,she also trained me in the fine art of cock sucking ,taking a cock up my arse ,absolutely made sure that when I’m dressed like a lady to act like a lady ,when I’m dressed like a slut I have be able to get fucked like a slut .She basically turned me into two people and I love every minute of it .Ok Roxy I think there is only one thing left for us to do ,I know your wife is away for the weekend so we are going to have a girly weekend to celebrate all your hard work ,time to Bayan Escort have Roxy ,Wow I could not wait for today mistress thank you so much for your help now let’s go party .Roxy first thing to do is buy you a new wardrobe of clothes so Friday is shopping for Roxys clothes .Let’s just say I’m in love with my new clothes I have every type of outfit from mild to wild mmm So anyway that is how I got to where I am now and that’s the real storie here .When I’m Roxy I’m a submissive slut ,I love to talk dirty to guys ,however I’ve realized I am obsessed with big black cock I love it when I’m dominated by a nasty black man with a huge cock ,This is where the fun begins now I know what I like and what I want I’m using the power of knowing what type of outfit to wear to get what I want ,there is nothing better than being in control to get a guy in bed then being totally dominated by the guy I love it The most fun I have is when I have to get a tradesman in to fix something in the house ,I always look around until I find a black guy to come and fix what’s broken,let me tell you I have never had a guy knock me back even when they know I’m a guy ,Im a pro at it I have the sexiest sluttiest outfits and I know how to get what I want ,so many guys are surprised by how horny they get by fucking a sexy xdresser .the best part is nearly 100% of the time they only like fucking me and having me suck their cocks .Now I’ve had quite a few guys and the biggest cock I’ve had was 9 1/2 inches and it was amazing I loved it .I want to tell you all about the best fuck I’ve had if you are interests please go to part two

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