12 Toes 13 Stories Pt. 11


May 2020

Karen was wandering through Stacy’s party. Chad had met her at the door, swept her off her feet and then ran off to play beer pong or something.

She started swaying to the beat and walked off in search of a little fun. She and Chad had fucked a couple of times before but he started to “forget” to bring a condom, hoping to get her to cave and ride him without. This time Chad showed her the condom he brought, Karen wasn’t going to wait for him to get bored with beer pong. She was going to have some fun.

The party was intense. There were couples making out in all sorts of random places. Chairs and sofas of course, and every closet seemed to have at least one couple grinding away inside of it. An unlikely freshman handed her a glass of punch. He was cute in a puppy dog sort of way but not really fuckable. Maybe in a few year she thought. She thanked him for the drink and wandered into the back yard. She sniffed the cup and realized it was mostly alcohol and that even if it didn’t have a roofie or GHB or a a ground up Xanax or God only knew what else that if she drank it she would be face down ass up for every swinging dick, sheathed in rubber or not, at the party. She staggered a bit to disguise sloshing the cup almost empty.

The music was moving Karen’s hips as she she moved her mid heeled pumps over the decking. Her head was on a swivel, taking in all the little details while it simply looked like dancing to the music.

The music was intense, some EDM that beat in time with her heart. Another guy came up to her and swapped her almost empty cup for a full one. She smiled and made a grope at his crotch and used the move to disguise dumping the drink over him. He backed away as she giggled, “I am sooooo sorry.” She had gotten a good grip on him and was surprised at how well endowed he was. Part of her wondered if he had a sock stuffed in there. The way he squawked and ran away told her It didn’t matter, even if he was hung, he wasn’t man enough.

As she watched him run back towards the house she saw a dim red ring of lights and realized it was a security camera. Karen began to wonder how many others Stacy’s parents had placed around the property. She kept walking with a special eye out for the cameras.

The focal point of the deck and in fact of the entire back yard was a large tub that was currently occupied by half a dozen mostly or perhaps entirely naked teenage girls and one young man. Fortune does indeed favor the bold since he seemed to have his choice of women and activities. Karen saw at least three cameras with clear line of sight to the hot tub.

She was getting horny and was wondering where Chad was. All of this sex going on around her, she was needing a dick and wondering where she could get it. She found a lounge chair that was in the shadows and sat down.

She looked escort tanıtımları around for the telltale red lights of the security cameras and other prying eyes in the shadows and eased her skirt up a bit. She was astonished at the amount of sexual activity going on around her. This was the first of Stacy’s parties that she had been to and Chad was right. Everyone was getting laid.

The naked girls sitting in the hot tub gave a siren call of blowjobs for any man who came close enough to reach. Karen was settled into to shadows when she saw a man a a bit closer to the light than she was stroking an erection to erotic display going on around them. As her eyes adjusted to the darkness she saw it wan Tran, Stacy’s 25 year old brother who had a rather unsavory reputation about hitting on far younger girls. Karen watched as he stroked his slightly smaller than average sized cock. She smiled thinking that was the reason he seemed to favor younger women. She slid aside her panties and stated to rub at her clit. It was starting to peek out in anticipation.

Karen wondered what advantage she could take of this situation as she slid a finger into her decidedly wet pussy. Tran’s cock wasn’t bad. It was a bit on the small side though and she wanted to feel properly stretched. She could have some fun though.

Karen stood up and moved as silently as she could behind him and the suddenly reached in front and grabbed his hard cock. She felt it go limp the moment she touched him. “Not so fast short eyes. You’re going to cum for me or everyone will know that you perv on your sister’s parties.” She whispered in his ear.

“You like them you young don’t you?” She felt him nod as she tightened grip and stroked him. Her other hand circled in front and pulled his balls out of he jeans. “Look over there” she said pointing his dick at a girl who had graduated a couple of years earlier. “She looks so young and tiny. She looks like Stacy did before she had her boobs done.”

Tran’s cock gave a mighty twitch and Karen squeezed tightly. “You want to fuck your little sister don’t you?” She held his cock tight keeping him from cumming as she massage his balls.

Karen was feeling so turned on right now she wondered if she might spontaneously cum. She loved having control like this. “You are a pervert who likes to fuck flat chested little girls.” Tran nodded. Karen squeezed his testicles. “Say it.”

“I’m a pervert who likes to fuck flat chested little girls.”

She stroked his failing erection. “Good boy. She is cute isn’t she?” Karen asked as the girl in question removed her bathing suit revealing the slightest hint of breasts and a pussy so smooth it must have been waxed.

“She is cute.” He said Involuntarily.

“You want to stick this dick in her hairless cunt.” gaziantep escort tanıtımları Karen said speeding up the stroking.

“I want to stick this dick in her hairless cunt.”

“You’re a pedophile.” She said turned off at the idea but loving the control. She sped up her hand across his dick. “Say it.”

“I’m a pedophile.” He choked out.

“Louder!” She hissed in his ear one hand nigh on crushing his testicles the other a blur or his penis.

The words rang out in the backyard barely drowned out by the blaring techno music. His cock jerked in her hand and his white jizz landed on the lawn in front of them. She tucked his balls and back into his pants holding on to the loose skin of the underside of his penis. She slowly raised his zipper with her other hand. “When I let go you are going to leave the party out the back gate and not come back until dawn. I don’t care where you go, as long as it isn’t here.” She raised the zipper until it caught the bottom of his dick then lowered it and tucked him in and zipper it up. She wiped her hands on his pants and hissed in his ear “Run!” And he dashed out of the back yard mostly keeping to the shadows.

Karen chuckled and eased back into the lawn chair. She looked over at the hot tub and saw her brother getting a rather enthusiastic blowjob from Steffie. She was always bragging on her talents. For her brother’s sake she hoped the girl wasn’t just bragging. Karen wandered back inside to see if she could find Chad and get some proper fulfillment.

On her way inside she was met by multiple guys offering her drinks but she swaggered and held her full cup in front of her. She walked through the kitchen where some slut had a dozen full condoms tucked Into her thong and was demanding that a guy rubber up because she wanted a trophy.

Back in the foyer she saw Chad talking with Stacy. “That blue wig is just so sexy. Don’t you think so baby?” Chad said turning to Karen.

Stacy twirled a finger coquettishly and smiled. “I know it turns me on just wearing it. You want to try it? It’s like you become a whole other person and for the guy it’s like fucking a stranger, all the thrills of cheating without actually cheating.”

Stacy nodded and looked at Chad, “Are you prepared?”

He reached into the watch pocket of his jeans and pulled out a condom. “I have to pee real quick. I’ll see you in a couple of minutes.” He gave her a kiss on the cheek and dashed off.

Stacy handed the wig to Karen who walked upstairs to Stacy’s bedroom. She looked at her over overpriced knickknacks and made sure that Stacy’s computer’s webcam was covered. Karen assumed that if the house had that many security cameras outside that Stacy’s webcam would be recording everything.

She spied a teddy bear on the gaziantep escort bayan tanıtımları dresser and smiled and gave it a kiss on the forehead. “I guess you can watch.”

Karen slid on the wig and thought that Stacy was right. She did feel like a completely different person. She spread the wig over her back and on a whim pulled off her panties exposing her soaking wet cunt. She took a sniff of them and wondered if they would ever come clean. She balled them up in her fist and went face down, ass up on the bed, presenting herself to Chad. She wanted to be fucked hard and rough. It was fun being in control with Tran but she needed to come and nothing quite did it for her like being controlled. The one problem with the wig was that Chad couldn’t pull her hair. She wasn’t sure why but the thought of that little bit of pain was driving her wild.

She saw a figure enter behind her and grab her hips. She quickly checked to make sure that Chad was indeed good to his word and wearing the rubber. At this point she was so tired of him trying to skirt the rubber she was going to rip his testicles off if he didn’t have one. She felt latex on his skin and pushed back hard on him. Chad delivered and deserved to be rewarded. The two of them quickly came together with a loud squish.

Chad fucked her harder than ever before. He grabbed her hips and rode her like a man possessed. He hadn’t been her first lover and up to now hadn’t been her best but there was something different. A different motion or a different fit. He seemed to be hitting all the right places inside of her and when his hand reached around and pinched her clit she almost passed out from joy. This was the best fucking she had ever had. She sped up the pace slamming back against him hard. Karen almost called out Chad but didn’t because she didn’t want to break the illusion that he was fucking Stacy.

“Fuck fuck fuck” she thought to herself. “I have to get myself one of these blue wigs.”

Chad grabbed her hips and pulled her in close. She came again as she felt his cock throbbing. She had heard it was better for guys to cum inside a woman. She felt ultimately connected with him for what seemed like and eternity and the he pulled out and walked away. She looked down on the bed beside her and saw a shredded condom.

Karen didn’t know what to think. She dashed to the bathroom and tried to wipe herself out but Sex Ed had told it probably didn’t matter. She walked downstairs and saw her brother pretending not to be drunk holding up a wall. “Did you get laid Bro? Do you have a story?”

Kevin gave a stupid grin, “Two vaginas and a mouf” he slurred. “How about you? Did Chad remember his raincoat? Or do I get more sex I can never talk about?”

Karen looked at her brother. “He remembered. Best sex ever actually.”

Kevin smiled. “I’m glad he’s good for that at least. Let’s get home you’re drunk.”

Karen stared at her brother and wondered just what he meant by more sex he couldn’t talk about. Who exactly had been his first. She looked at him,”No, you’re drunk.”

“Same difference. It’s what I said.”

The two of them walked home and Karen guided her twin brother into bed wondering if he would remember what happened.

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