2 Bottoms and Only 1 Top


This is the story of how I had my first 3 way…totally by accident!

It was in 1972. I was out at the local gay bar, looking for sex. The night didn’t seem too promising and I was sitting at a table nursing a beer. There was a new bus boy working there and he came over to clear the table beside me. He was about 5’6″, very slim with dirty blonde hair and a really tight, cute little body. He had his back to me and I couldn’t help staring at his ass as he bent over. Perfectly shaped, his cheeks filled out the seat of his Wranglers so that the seam nestled in his crack and the fabric pulled taut over the perfect melon shapes.

“Damn!” I said. “You can keep that ass in my face all night!”

He looked over his shoulder grinning and said, “Oh, you like that view?” and I replied, “If it feels half as good as it looks, I’m in love!”

“Why don’t you find out?” he said and arched his back so his ass was poked out and spread in my face. I reached up and ran my hands over his cheeks, which were hard with muscle, and let the fingers of one hand trail down his warm crack.

“Now I know I’m in love!” I said.

“Hang around till we close up and you can show me how much you love it.”

When closing time rolled around, he told me to meet him out front, but when he came out of the bar he had 2 other guys with him. One was a young preppy looking guy; the other was a sort of nondescript, slightly pudgy guy with glasses.

“This is my lover Harley.” he said, introducing me to the pudgy guy. “I forgot I already had a date set up tonight but Harley’s free if you want to trick with him.”

I was feeling really pissed off at that point but I figured, what the hell, it’s either fuck Harley or beat it myself. Plus, I didn’t want my almost trick to think he was too hot to be replaced.

“Sure!” I said. “Harley looks like a hot fuck. Let’s go, Harley.”

When we got in my car, Harley apologized and said that his lover, Jimmy, pulled that all the time on people. I told him not to worry about it, that he seemed like a nice guy and we’d have a good time.

“Then eryaman escort hurry.” he said. “We’ll beat them home and get the bed so they’ll get stuck with the couch!”

As we drove along, Harley reached over and started massaging my dick, so I reached my hand over and slid my hand between his legs to feel his ass. It was like an electric shock went through him, he arched up, opened his pants and peeled them down so that I could finger his bare hole. “Fuck!” he said. “I need this bad! I haven’t been fucked in over a month!”…and I knew I was in for a good time. He said that Jimmy had decided that he himself was strictly a bottom and neither one of them could get it up to fuck the other.

When we got to their townhouse, the two of us literally ran upstairs and stripped to lay claim to the bed. I was lying back with Harley sucking my cock and licking my balls when we heard the other two arrive downstairs. Like I said, Harley was kind of pudgy, but not fat and he gave some of the best head I’d ever gotten. His cock was about 5 inches long, hard as a steel bar and standing straight up. He truly loved dick and took his time, using his tongue on my cock and balls to make me hungry to fuck his ass. I was busy fingering his hole while he sucked me. He had a nice plush ass, soft full cheeks with just a little bit of hair in the crack. When I would finger his hole, it would contract and almost suck my finger inside.

“You about ready to fuck my ass?” he asked, laying belly down and spreading his legs so I could have a clear shot.

I swung around behind him and lubed up my cock and put it between his cheeks. When my cock head started sinking into his ass, he was panting like a dog in heat and pressing his ass back against me to get it inside faster. My dick sank all the way into his tight hole so that my balls were banging against his and he was squirming and making little noises like he was already in heaven. I started out slow fucking him to get him used to being stretched open but he kept telling me to fuck him sincan escort harder, fuck him faster, ram it into him. As I’ve said before, it takes me a long time to cum, particularly when fucking an ass so I spent a pretty good time plowing his juicy hole. I had slowed down and was looking down my body, watching my cock slide in and out of his ass when Harley asked, “What do you want?”

I looked up and Jimmy was standing in the doorway nude. He had a really hot body, tightly muscled with almost no body hair at all and a big, thick cock hanging half hard in front of him.

“Where’s your trick?” Harley asked and Jimmy replied, “He came as soon as I started sucking him, so he left. “

“Too bad!” Harley said. “I’ve been getting my hole worn out.” Jimmy came over and stood by the bed and watched my cock slowly sliding in and out of his lover’s hole. Harley reached over and started rubbing Jimmy’s leg, so I reached a hand over and reached behind to finger his ass.

“Can I play, too? Jimmy asked and Harley replied, “I guess so.”

“Sure.” I said. “Climb up here and spread those cheeks so that I can eat out your ass while I fuck your buddy’s hole.”

He smiled and climbed on the bed so that he straddled Harley’s upper body and spread his ass open to me. His hard cheeks lost none of their fullness for all that and his wide spread crack was perfectly smooth, without a hair. His hole was a tight pink pucker that looked so tiny you’d never believe a cock would fit in it. I kept plugging away at Harley’s hole while I licked and then tongue fucked Jimmy’s tight butt. He was gasping and moaning every time I sank my tongue into his hole, pushing his ass back against my face and reaching back to pull his ass cheeks wider.

“I need to get fuuuuuuccccked!” he groaned. “Ask Harley.” I replied. “I don’t mind” was all Harley had to say.

I told Jimmy to lay face down on the bed with his feet at Harley’s head, then pulled my wet cock out of Harley’s well fucked ass. The position they were both laying in made it etlik escort possible for Harley to reach over and spread his lover’s ass for me and to get a close up view as I sank my dick into Jimmy’s hole. Sliding into that tight ass and knowing his lover was watching fired me up again and I banged away in Jimmy’s hole, much to his delight . I plowed his ass for awhile, then Harley said that he wanted to get fucked again. I had them lay side by side, face down and for the next 15 minutes or so I alternated, spending a few minutes fucking one ass, then pulling out and sinking into the other guy’s hole. They were kissing the whole time, with their arm around each other and I was in 7th heaven, having 2 hot holes to fuck at the same time.

But even I get tired out after awhile. Finally, I pulled out and lay down on my back to rest. Jimmy got up and straddled me and sat on my dick, letting it sink all the way into his ass. His hard cock was glued to his belly and was pretty impressive, about 7 inches long and fat as a beer can. Harley started sucking that big dick while Jimmy rode my piece and in a few short minutes, Jimmy lost control and shot a load of cum down his lover’s throat. Almost as soon as he came, he pulled his hole off of my dick and Harley took his place, sliding up and down on my cock while Jimmy sucked on Harley’s hard cock. Once again, in a few short minutes, Harley blew a load that Jimmy gulped to swallow.

Believe it or not, I still hadn’t cum and I was so turned on, I was still hard. Harley went into the bathroom and got a washcloth and cleaned the combined ass juices of the two off of my cock and balls, then they lay down on either side of me. We rested that way for a few minutes, both of them fingering my dick. Finally, they both slid down on the bed and got between my legs. The two of them took turns sucking my cock and licking my balls, sometimes both of their hot mouths on my dick, sometimes each of them sucking one of my balls into their mouth at the same time. All the attention proved too much and when I told them that I was getting ready to cum, Harley buried my cock in his throat to the hilt and sucked my load. After I came, he pulled his mouth up onto my cock head and Jimmy put his mouth on the other side, so that he could share my juice.

I fucked both of them a couple of times after that night but it was always 1 on 1, I never did get to have the both of them together again.

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