503 IAN THE HOLIDAY Part 7503 IAN THE HOLIDAY Part 7Their attention turned to the video, May, selecting a few which she put in order playing the first marked February 2015 May explained that it was a friend, a big black, and that this first one was with a hand held camera and she nodded at Ian, “he wanked and got it into a shake”The scene opened with the door opening and Lenny entering. He turned to May, pointed at her then to the bed, which she quickly got on flat on her back, her legs wide open, he nodded, then he climbed on and without foreplay he slipped himself into her, not far it is true but it was still a huge tool, Wendy gasping as the thing slid into her friends body with hardly a cry.May watching it again and giving comments like, “Bloody hell I`ve never felt so stretched”, and, “that was good,” the black hand was now the manipulating her breasts, she saying, “God that was painful I think he instinctively knew I wanted some pain, and it hurt like hell, I was bruised, but it all added to the wonder of this first adventure!” The shaky video finished, Jim asking if, “that big black figured in anymore!” Ian while changing the tape said, “yes but luckily only a few, it was just so she could live out her fantasy, he lives in Spain or somewhere now!” May had the remote, and before beginning said, “by this film we had a tripod, Ian was tied in his chair so he couldn’t stop what Lenny had requested would happen in the first part of this film, he, Lenny had made me agree to him having me anally, something I had never done with anything so big, it was a test of my willpower, for me to kneel for him and let him violate me …!” Jim looked eager and Wendy`s jaw dropped though she managed to say, “and you did it for him?”May just pressed the remote, there were silent pieces of cctv cut in to make this film more complete, and it began with Ian sitting in the chair, with Lenny binding him as she had said, so he could not interfere. May, looking scared knelt on the bed only perhaps 6 feet away and facing Ian. Lenny knelt behind her, moving till his stiff black weapon just touching the ring of nerves around her hardly used anal ring. He whispered, “Ready?” her eyes were fixed on her husband and his on hers, the camera could pick out she was near to tears, but determined as ever her head made a barely perceptible nodIn a single thrust the black hips rammed themselves forward, cramming the big tool deep into her. As the anal muscles were forced wide open in one swift and savage thrust her face crumpled, and a single piercing scream echoed round that room, a scream of shear agony, followed by loud sobs. On Lenny`s face a sardonic smile, his hips held forward, his throbbing dick fully engaged. The cctv showed Ian`s face, a mask of mixed emotions, his penis stiff as a ramrod, precum showing at the tip.Those big black hands moved and held her shoulders, tears were falling. May saying to Wendy that, “that pain was like nothing she had ever endured before, her back entry was like fire!” Chuckling at her situation Lenny began slowly to withdraw, and knowing what was to happen, she awaited the second wave of pain that she now knew to expect. It was not long coming, a scream of pain burst from her lip to the obvious joy of her master and the twitching of her husband`s cock spitting its seed. Lenny seeing that, soon pumped his own hot seed deep into her bowel crying out, “YES, OH YES!” as she slumped forward, in a daze tearing herself free as she did so.Lenny now turned to his tearful victim making her turn to present her ravaged rosebud to Ian, ensuring that every tiny detail was embedded in his brain. After a short break they came to the scene of the choking, his hand, his big black gorilla like hand encircling her throat, and choking her as once more he took her, in the missionary position, as the film ended she explained, “It had been her idea, to restrict her breath just as the man in her father`s film had!” The effect she said, “had her adrenaline coursing through her veins my heart increased its rate, my blood rushed and clattered in my ears and the effects of his fucking kaçak iddaa increased till I thought I would pass out but boy what a climax… it was amazing,!” A third film, Ian said, the second last of the series was fed in, and while rewinding, May again went over her desire to bear pain just as it had been all those years ago on her dads film, and now forever in her fantasies. Wendy was by now sat spellbound, she asked, “if this had been all at one sitting?” Her sons fingers by now embedded in her sex, twitched as did her hand on his stiffness, as May replied, “well… over a single weekend!” Ian having seen these films before was sitting his tool stiff and his face red, he explained, “God help him, he wanted to watch this black giant hurting her, by then had wanted so much to hear May screaming, and he not be capable of interfering,” he couldn’t explain it but it was how it was, she wanted it and he had promised…! May consoled him, “look it was my fantasy, and they say be careful what you wish for, so it was my fault, not yours, and that you enjoyed it so much, well, that’s was a big bonus!” she clicked the remote, again the cctv was cut in and Lenny appeared to secure Ian silently tying him to a chair!Turning to May spread-eagled on their bed, he produced a pack of medical needles all new in a sterile package. She asked, “Where, oh, where are you going to put those ….” He grinned, then hissed “why into your tits my dear, right…into… your… tits …” his finger tapping her breasts to emphasize his words, her eyes fixed on his hands, were like saucers, he sighed, “I will come to an agreement missy, “the pain will go on till he come`s…fair enough?” Ian, horrified, nodding, I shall put in …say two…then in goes the gag…ok” She was mesmerised, as Lenny broke out of its packing a long steel needle, raised her breast in his left hand and fixing her with a long stare, slowly forced the thing up through the tender breast meat. Her cry of shear pain echoed around the room. He turned to Ian and saw the stiffness of the man`s tool saying, “enjoy that did you?” he broke out another, dropping the first breast, and taking up the second, looked deep into her terrified eyes and whispered, “this one`s going to really hurt you missy so take a deep breath!” with that he struck the point up under her breast and diagonally out through the nipple. Her cry was louder and more urgent than before, so loud, and so long that he actually looked through the window to see if anyone outside had heard. He snatched up the gag, but she would not open her mouth for him, so he tapped the last needle and as she screamed once more, in went the ball which he swiftly strapped into place. Tears ran down her cheeks now, and he added another series of shorter needle`s as muffled shrieks rattled around the room.One after another in a relentless chain of spikes in and around each alternate areola. Each needle proceeded by yet another glance at Ian to see if he had emitted his seed yet. Finally, the deed was done, the supply of needles finished. Still Ian had not emptied his balls. Her breasts like pincushions now, blue plastic couplings where each of the needles stuck out from each of her sizeable tits, two of them having pierced her tender nipples, the points directly into the teats. Her face pale from the pain, tears running freely, her mouth still full of the red rubber ball held between her teeth by the straps round her head, drool dripping from her lips. Lenny explained “she was to blame her man here, had he come I would have stopped immediately, as it is, we shall have to go onwards missy!” Again, he rummaged, this time producing a lighter and a couple of candles one red, one green. Again, her eyes widened, he lit the red one and as he did, so he said, “the same rules still apply, you come Ian, and I stop, it`s up to you!” Ian watched as the first drip fell splashing on her right nipple and bringing a muffled squark from behind the gag, time after time those hot drips descended, a zippp sort of sound as each drip left the candle and descended to splash and harden on the pale pierced skin, every drop kaçak bahis hitting to the sound of another muffled cry. Ian by now was desperately trying to come and save his lady from more pain, Lenny lit the green candle, snuffing the first and turning to Ian saying, “ well if you are not getting stimulus enough from her cries, let`s see if you would like to experience some of it just to see how you like it. With that, he dripped some of the hot wax onto the tip of Ian`s tool… the effect was a wide-eyed cry of pain and there was a look of understanding the desire to be totally subservient.Lenny turned himself back to his real victim, who had noted her husband`s, reaction. He began dripping green wax into her pubic hair, saying, you miss will remember me when you try and get this lot out! May, assuring them all that, “he was not wrong about that!” He gently opened her sex lips, they could instantly see she knew where the next drip would fall and that she was scared, zippp… splash… a drip fell, the pain sudden but quickly gone, centred on her left labia, zippp… splash he had adjusted his aim to the other lip, she knew where the next would land as he carefully pealed back her hood, wide eyed with terror now she bit into her ball shaking her head wildly screeching “No!”. every one of them knew his target as slowly he tipped the candle just a little more and the molten wax began its journey. Zippp, splash…despite the gag with a scream her hips instantly rose, as that boiling wax hit.That combination of his thoughts and her scream on the screen, had Ian`s stiff tool splashing seed and blowing away the wax cap as it erupted from him. Lenny, instantly snuffing the candle, as the film ran out.Wendy muttering “thank god for that, I felt that wax, it was awesome!” May replying “we should try that here and adding that; this next film was fun too and we should try both while we are here!” When it started it was softer, more loving, and gentle, a complete contrast to the other games of that weekend. They on the screen, were just three lovers, they kissed, they cuddled, they suckled, and they fingered till finally Lenny lay on his back, his errection like a black tower. May lowered herself onto him and once impaled, they kissed one another, as Ian gently and with a well lubricated tool slid himself into her still bruised back passage. Gently they began their ride, each man independently moving as the pace slowly increased, each of the three building slowly to a mutual crescendo… Suddenly they were all there, high as sexual kites, climaxing, seed hot and copious spilling into her from back and front, unseen but obviously happening, her nipples rigid as could be, though still, tender and sore from the pain of the day. It was beyond anything she had enjoyed before, that was obvious as they fell apart, three well satisfied folk, each now intent on sleep. the film finished, May, changing it and saying, “you see Lenny could be tender!”Wendy said she, “wanted to try that sandwich effect,” and Ian said it was terrific and that, “she will love it” May nodding as she placed the last film in place, then saying, “Jim, will you have me during this last of these films please, it was my fantasy and I want to enjoy it`s memories with another dick in me!” Wendy stood then they sat on the men`s laps fully impaled. Once both couples were comfortable, May, said, “please don’t blame Lenny for what you will see, it was done exactly to my own specific menu!” She then pressed the start button. All eyes centred on that screen, Cctv film showing their Kitchen, Ian again setting up the tripod, then adding ropes to the table, Lenny appearing, and calling her in, the cuffs already in place.From the bag he rummaged and found a very wide studded collar, and she stood patiently for him to fit it tightening it till it just fitted her, restricting her breathing just a little and holding her head from looking down wards. Her face by now set in fear and trembling knowing, exactly what he was about to do to her.He helped her lay back on the big solid table. Next came securing the woman, the loops of rope soon illegal bahis connecting the four table legs to ankles and wrist cuffs, Lenny then tying Ian`s hands behind him before allowing him to kiss his wife!Ian then stood, to allowed Lenny to secure him by a rope noose led up over the pantry door top. Then he fetched a soft leather whip, he said to them both “25” She nodded, then the soft leather strands, each an inch wide and a foot and a half long, sang through the air and with a sharp slap, they arrived at May`s upper thigh, her body jerked to Lenny`s cry of “one, “ a moment later savagely the leather again struck, this time higher on the other thigh, Lenny called two, there followed “three, four, and five,” all on those legs. The beating stopped, Lenny moved then after a second came the next five, again hard but evenly spaced, across her soft belly. All counted off, as she cried out, this time with every stroke. Ian silently watching, very erect, but resigned to watching his wife getting just what she had ordered and knowing it was just the beginning. Another five sizzled across her breasts, each stroke caused a louder scream, her body jerking involuntarily upwards to the extent of the cords then dropping back after every swipe, as if to say Next, I am ready, red lines marking her soft skin.He asked her something in a whisper, the camera couldn’t pick up and she glared at him, so the next ten strokes followed , harder and without a break, working from her head end alternately down over either breast, belly and to her legs, all causing her very obvious pain. By the eighth stroke she was becoming very noisy, the ninth and tenth particularly were particularly hard and deep into her cleft. That phase over he threw the whip to one side. on the film Ian thinking it was over, smiled as, By now Wendy was writhing on her man`s tool, and the lad was stirring beneath May, believing too that would be it as they watched Lenny rapidly released her bindings, But to their amazement, with her body striped and obviously stinging, her face streaked with tears, she stood, and to their amazement turned, her face wearing that fixed determined look of hers, as submissively bent over the table end, waiting for Lenny to re-secure her!” As if in a trance they watched Lenny tighten that awful collar yet another notch, then fetch a long school cane from the bag, and mesmerised they all watched the thing swing back, and with a crack like doom, it struck both cheeks near the base of her spine. Her scream of shear agony, assaulting their ears, both women twitching involuntarily as that cane struck home, but they knew it was not over, the cane lifted once more and again descended, and once more a bright line appeared, each stroke had the same effect, the damaged body raised itself screaming once again, tears flowing, head tilted back, obviously in severe pain. each mark an inch apart and perfectly parallel!At the sight of each stroke both the watching women twitched and squeezed on their respective shafts. They watched that cane put to one side, the victims tear-filled eyes fixed on her husband, while that collar was tightened just one more hole, her teeth bighting at her own lips, and her breathing now laboured as Lenny, picked up the cane once more and in no time two more stripes had appeared, again parallel and neat the original two by now swelling to welts, again the cane was put down, and again, he tightened that choking collar once more, her face already red, he added another hole, the sound of her already laboured breathing near stopped her face reddening.Up came that cane once more and two more stripes appeared rapidly, he then threw down the cane and bolted round the table to release Ian`s roped wrists and noose, in seconds the two men bolted to her body, laying red of face and now completely u*********s, Ian releasing the collar as fast as he possibly could. Quickly the damaged woman returned, to this world, tears still falling, as the men undid the ropes. They all knew it was over this time. breathing in Wales resumed four spectators releasing pent up breaths and both watching women pumping on the excited shafts fast and furiously, the four so intensely climaxing simultaneously that they missed Lenny carrying his victim away from the table and up to her bedroom to recover.

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