A Break from the Routine


She undressed herself, as she tended to. I never understood why. I would gladly have done it for her, but she preferred to do it herself.

“Lay down on your stomach babe.”

She did, stretching out in bed and getting comfortable, while I got on top of her, straddling her butt.

I started to massage her shoulders, while kissing her neck.

Slowly kneading my way down between her shoulders, and letting my lips brush over her skin, the familiar soft sighs of satisfaction started coming.

Me and Alina might have settled into a bit of a routine. Which was all the more reason why I was set on something new happening today.

We’d been together long enough for things to have fallen into some sort of comfortable routine. But with the comfort, some of the spark went out of things. And as I kneaded and kissed my way down Alina’s back, I knew well what would be happening every step of the way from here.

Lower back, deeper moans. My lips kissing the sensitive skin where her lower back dipped, slight goosebumps on her back. If I carried on, she would eventually turn and want my mouth in between her legs instead.

But I had made other plans. Today the routine would be broken.

My mouth evoked soft, satisfied moans with my kisses. My hands were already grasping Alina’s perky buttocks, squeezing and kneading. And then I let my mouth wander further. Light kisses up the arch, until my lips were at sweet little spot right where her buttocks and lower back met. So far, still nothing I hadn’t done before. The little moans kept coming, as they always did.

And then I braced myself, and decided to see if this would play out or not.

My hands grasping firmly, in part to keep Alina from making any sudden moves, but also to part her butt-cheeks, I let my tongue wander further than she had ever gotten to experience before, slipping wetly down the crack of her ass, until I felt my tongue-tip brush over her tightly clenched hole.

“Mark!? What are yo- mmmfffhhh!”

Alina’s question was cut short, as my tongue started playing over her hole.

I could feel the tightly wrinkled skin against it. Not what I had imagined it to be like at all. Definitely not unpleasant in any way.

Alina apparently didn’t disagree to that either. There were no words, only a long, shaky inhale of breath, and she lifted her hips eagerly to meet my mouth.

I willingly gave her exactly what she wanted, and let my tongue play all over her ass.

My hand was already in between our bodies, making its way up between Alina’s legs.

“Lift your leg, babe.”

She did, and my fingers could make their way up to her pussy, only to find her entirely drenched.

“Good girl.” I mumbled, my mouth already burying itself in her ass again. Two of my fingertips made their way through the wet mess, and found a hard clit awaiting their arrival.

Alina’s moans grew deeper, hungrier. I felt my cock harden in anticipation, knowing what was to come. As my fingers teased and played, Alina’s hips gyrated back and forth.

“Mark… Fuck me. Fuck me now! I need you inside me!”

I was already making my way to my knees. Alina’s hips were shooting up.

My cock sank into her, and egged on by her eagerness I started taking her hard, fast.

And that was exactly what she wanted. Something in between moans and yelps as I began pounding away at her.

She was already clutching at the bedsheets, but I had something more planned.

Looking down, I could see her wet, freshly licked ass bobbing back and forth. I coated my thumb in spit, and slipped it in between her cheeks.

“W-what…? Ohhhhh… Oh god!”

Rubbing, probing, pressing against her hole, all while I fucked her pussy as hard as I could. The thumb might have been unexpected, but it was not unwelcome. One moment I was pushing, the Eryaman Escort next I could feel the thumb-tip slip inside.

I was sweating, still giving her every inch of my cock with each thrust, and I looked down to see more and more of my thumb slip into her. Saw how she was stretching, almost catlike under me, chest pressed down into the mattress, and body being shook every time I pounded into her.

“Aaah… Aaaah… Aaaaaaah! Fuck me Mark! Fuck me!”

The snarky piece of shit in me wanted to ask what it felt like I was doing. But I resisted.

Instead I sneered “You’re about to cum, aren’t you?”

“Fuck yes! Fill me with your goddamn cock!”

Grunting with effort, pounding away, thumb slipping rhythmically back and forth, moving a little easier, stretching Alina’s hole.


And Alina came, like I’d never felt her do before. Her yelps grew into a drawn out scream, and inside her, I felt my cock squeezed as her muscles started seizing up and shaking.

“Good… girl!” I managed to growl, and give her a few more thrusts, before that familiar warm glow spread through my body.

I pressed into her one last time, and held in place as the orgasm hit me. Alina’s convulsing insides milking my cock, as I filled her.

I held still for as long as I could. Which wasn’t long.

I pulled out, with a miffed little sound coming from Alina, and collapsed on the bed.

She eventually managed to move, and snuggled up to me. Burning hot shoulders and back, pressing into my sweaty chest. I wrapped and arm around her, and took a little longer to catch my breath.

“Goddamn… Mark.”

“Yeah babe. Goddamn indeed.”

“But, I mean… Wow.”

Alina fell quiet, and just spent time trying to remember how to breathe like a normal human.

I smiled.

A few minutes passed, and Alina eventually unsteadily got out of bed and made her way to the bathroom, after telling me I was going nowhere.

I dozed on the bed, while I heard the shower run.

A little later, an ice cold leg nudged me awake.

“Hit the shower, champ. Then get back here again.”

Definitely a good idea. A film of sweat was still drying on my body. And my cock was a wet mess.

There was still enough warm water left for me to get a good few minutes to sort myself out. I then wrapped a towel around my waist, and made my way back to the bathroom, to find Alina in bed waiting for me.

She looked me up and down, made a face at the sight of the towel, and sighed.

“No no no. That just wont do.”

She turned, laid down facing me, and tugged at the towel, letting it fall to the floor.

Part of me wanted to point out the unfairness, as she wrapped herself in a blanket while I was left standing naked on the floor. But I had no reason to complain as Alina’s hands grabbed my hips and pulled me closer to bed, and her lips planted a kiss on my cock.

Her dainty little hands caressed it, while her lips wrapped themselves around it. I had been limp and hanging as she pulled my towel off, but it was coming to life again in her mouth. Growing thicker, harder, as her tongue played back and forth, and the insides of her cheeks brushed lightly against the sides each time she sucked .

“God I love to feel that.” Alina smiled as my cock plopped out of her mouth. She gave it two or three strokes while looking at it, and then her lips were slipping over it again, deeper down the shaft this time, as her head bobbed back and forth.

“Mmmmmhhh… I take it you’re eager for a round two? Or is this some kind of performance bonus?”

I had no objection to either. Alina definitely knew how to use her mouth. And she knew she was good at it. And she sometimes truly enjoyed showing off her skills.

“Actually, Sincan Escort I was thinking…” Alina said, lifting my cock, and inching forwards in bed “…that you did very, very well just now.” her tongue darted out, and lapped gently at my balls, sending shiver through my entire body.

She paused, and looked up at me.

“And after what you just did, I kind of want to try something.” she looked me dead in the eye, while her hand squeezed and stroked the root of my cock.

“Mark… I want you to try to fuck my ass.”

She smiled, as she felt how my cock hardened slightly in her hand.

“Oh. You like that idea, do you?”

She gave the head a quick lick.

“You really want to stick you cock in my ass, baby?”

Again, no lie-detector in the world could have been as accurate as the reaction she got.

“No thing in the world I’d want more.”

“Just try to go slow. At least at first.”

I did.

I’d done a bit of reading to prepare, in case this would happen to be the outcome.

Alina was handily laying down on her stomach already. I started out with more of what it had all started with, slowly and softly eating her ass.

She took well to it, enjoying it as my tongue played with her, moaning softly and eagerly pushing it up into my face.

I grabbed her hips, wrapped my arms around them, and held her firmly in place, dug my tongue-tip down into the wrinkly hole, and pressed until I felt it slip inside.

“Oh god Mark! OH!”

I literally tongue-fucked her ass, while Alina moaned happily. This was a trick I was going to have fun with in the future I realized, based on how much she enjoyed it.

But not right now. I had more interesting things to bring to the table yet.

I scrambled over to the night stand, and fumbled around until I found the bottle of lube.

Alina jumped, as I let it drip generously over her ass. I realized why as I applied it to one of my fingers. A tad on the cold side.

But Alina warmed as my fingertip found her hole, teasing around in little circles, narrowing more and more, until I finally, gently pressing its way inside. I felt how Alina instinctively fought the intrusion, and then relaxed. As she did, I ever so gently worked it a little deeper. And then out again. And in. Slow and steady.

Alina started to accept it, managed to relax more and more, craned her neck.

“Are you okay, babe?”

“Mmmyes. Just easy, okay?”

I bent down and playfully nibbled her left buttock.

“Of course, babe.”

“Mmm… Ass is not for eating.”

“That’s where you’re wrong.”

I bent down again, kissing and nibbling her skin, while my finger played. I let the tip of another finger rest at her hole, and felt another slight clench of anticipation.

Soon enough, Alina relaxed. Two fingers, slipping in and out of her ass, while she started to relax and get stretched more and more.

And moan more and more.

“You starting to feel good, babe?”

“Mmmmhhmmmm… Mark, you’re gonna have to finger-fuck my ass more often.”

I slapped her ass.

“Work work work.”

“Shut up, and stick your cock in my ass already, you jerk.”

I could literally feel the blood flowing into my cock at her words. Yes. Yes indeed I would.

But I wanted to see her face. So got Alina to turn over on her back, right at the edge of bed. I lifted her legs, pushed them up, firmly folding her nearly in half, and made her hold them for me. She watched me with eager, hungry and slightly nervous eyes, while I rubbed my cock with lube until it glistened.

That seemed to be advice again and again. If you think you’ve used enough lube, then you have almost used enough lube.

It might have been easier to have her bent over, Etlik Escort and stick it in from behind. But I really wanted to see how I did, how she felt.

It was awkward, having to bend my knees to get low enough. But I made do, the head of my cock ended up rubbing back and forth in the mess of lube a few times, before I finally got it right, and started to gently apply pressure. Alina was looking at me, biting her lip, as my cock finally entered her, and I felt the warmth of her insides. It was an inch or two of incredible tightness, and then I was in her ass.

“That’s so much bigger than two fingers!” Alina mewled.

“Isn’t that part of the reason you love me?”

“Not right now! OW!”

My cock slid a little deeper, and I stopped. I could feel her squeezing, pinching. I held still for a little, letting Alina have a chance to relax, get used to it. As soon as I felt the squeeze ease up, I pulled out a little, and gently, slowly pressed back in.

Soft, slow, short strokes, patiently working my cock in, slowly getting a little deeper. I looked down, to see half the glistening shaft of my cock already gone.

“Fuuuck… That looks so hot.”

“Mmm. Keep it up babe.”

“You sure you okay?”

“Yeah.” she reassured me “It feels good, babe. But damn you feel big in my ass!”

Slowly, steadily I started thrusting again.

Alina was starting to fuss a lot less, and moan a little more. At one point, her jaw hung open, and she stared at me, frozen, moaning loudly. I’d hit some sort of spot, so I tried my best to hit it again.

“YES! Just like that, babe!”

The good thing about Alina, was that she had what I teasingly called cock-induced Tourette’s. Whenever something was good for her, she made it very clear.

Her hands had at some point let go of her legs, and her arms were now spread, starting to clutch at the mattress.

I reached down, grabbed one of her wrists, and pulled her hand down between her legs.

“Play with yourself for me!”

I forcefully held her wrist in place, while Alina’s fingers started moving, rubbing her clit.

Her eyes were locked with mine, although hazy, glazed over, half closed. Her moans growing deeper.

She was rocking against me, he ass welcoming my cock.

“You like my cock like this? You like having your ass fucked, baby?”

“Yes! Yes! Yes! God! I love your huge cock in my ass, Mark. Fuck it harder!”

The sight of her fingers playing, my cock in her ass now working in and out of her like a piston. It looked so goddamn good. It felt so goddamn good as well.

“Uuunnngh… Mark! Don’t stop! Harder! FUCK MY ASS HARDER!”

I let go of Alina’s wrist, grabbing her legs, leaning on them, as I tried.

Her ass felt amazingly tight. Her spintcher clenching.


Her eyes rolled back in her head, only showing the whites. Her toes were curling, and she was arching, tossing, as she came violently.

I slowed my pace slightly, while Alina whimpered. Legs shaking. I steadily kept grinding my cock in and out of her ass, while she moaned and squirmed under me.

Finally she fell more or less still.

I pulled out her, grabbed the towel of the floor, and wiped the worst of the lube and the mess from my cock. Then I climbed on top of her in bed, straddling her belly. I caught her arms to her sides, holding them in with my knees.

Straddling Alina, stroking my own cock, I smiled mischievously, looking down on her. Her eyes looked up at, me barely able to stay open, struggling to focus.

She still managed to open her mouth, and stick her tongue out just in time.

With a satisfied grunt and through hazy eyes, I watched how my cum shot out over her face.

Alina might have moaned as the warm load landed on her skin, I don’t know. I finished, squeezing out the last few drops, letting them splatter on her neck and the top of her chest, and exhausted I let myself fall sideways into the bed. I didn’t even admire it as I normally would have. But Alina loved for me to “sign a masterpiece” as she called it.

And this break from our routine had been just that.

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