A Camera Voyage

Big Tits

He was middle-aged — if the mid-fifties could be considered middle-aged. He wasn’t six foot four, but he was a tall man. He wasn’t wiry, anymore, but he managed his weight well. He had the typical gray fringes that a man sometimes gains, but he still had most of his hair. Admittedly it had gotten a bit sparser, but it was still there. Ladies had described him as ruggedly handsome, but he thought of himself as anything but handsome. He drove a late model traditionally vanilla car and dressed conservatively. He had been Technical Director at a high-tech company and he supposed that he might be considered mildly successful.

He was single and lived alone for the most part. He had several lady friends and a few were quite open with him. He met ladies in many places and many were magnets for far younger men. They were, by and large, ladies with active careers that were also single. There were a couple who were mildly unhappy with their spouse, but he tried to stay away from these. A couple of the ladies were salespeople and he’d noticed that the prettier the women were who entered sales the more successful they became. No matter how many companies disclaimed beauty as a key to success it was all bull. Anywhere you look the beautiful people rule the world.

Although ladies were not really a problem and all of those he knew respected him, he was still missing something. Pussy? It was everywhere so that wasn’t it. Boobs? Anything more than a handful was a waste anyway. Ass? It helped the package, but still wasn’t the whole enchilada. Legs? He enjoyed long legs wrapped comfortably around his waist or his face, but that still didn’t send him over the edge. Facial beauty? It was never a necessity anymore. It didn’t mean that he didn’t appreciate a pretty face; merely that too many women had only that — nothing else in the package. Brains? Now there was a fair turn-on. He enjoyed talking with an intelligent woman.

A few years ago he’d bought a camera. He liked recording memories and enjoyed what came out of a good photo. He liked to capture special moments that most people and situations would miss. Beautiful women, flowers, trees, sunsets, cloud formations were all favorite targets. He enjoyed trying to capture the essence of a moment. His latest pride was a high-pixel digital camera, and he’d used it to satisfaction with more than one lady. He enjoyed presenting a good shot to a subject, but kept them all private for his own personal enjoyment. He’d never disclose a photo to another person without their knowledge and written approval.

It was mere happenstance that he’d come across a lady that peaked his interest. He’d been surfing the net and came across a site that offered many things to a true voyeur. Is a camera buff a voyeur? Certainly. After visiting and exploring the site he found that he enjoyed it. People were more honest in their anonymity. They didn’t mind discussing their sexuality, strengths, proclivities, and interests. He even found the site was founded on publishing principals. He read and devoured a good story, and it was inevitable that he would find the time to explore writing, too.

He’d published several stories at the site and had a bursa escort fair number of successes. Some of the published photos were really quite good and a few of the ladies beautiful. It seemed that many ladies were, or had been, unsure of their sexual appeal and found it amazing that a man would look at them twice and enjoy their body. Personally he found every woman beautiful and each had her own compliment of attributes enhancing that beauty. And so, beautiful ladies were not a scarce commodity on the site.

What was scarce was a good-looking, intelligent woman of his age. A woman that not only had sexual appeal and beauty, but intelligence and modesty of her own appearance was rare. A woman that was beautiful, but was still unsure of it seemed to offer a stronger than normal attraction. He had begun to long for such a woman. A Hot Lady, that was an eye-catching promise, would it bare fruit? He clicked the mouse and opened a picture. She indeed had the attributes of beauty and the maturity he desired. Was she too shy, too reserved, too confident or too demanding?

Weeks had passed and he’d long ago gone completely through her developing thread of photos. She was indeed beautiful and well proportioned. Her breasts, her thighs, her legs and even a few of her pussy nagged at his own sexuality. He hated to ‘post’ because most posters were scant of mind and too focused on immediate gratification. But tonight he sent off a personal message and she’d responded. She did appear intelligent and indeed was open about her sexuality. He started sending PM’s every now and then. He even modified a couple of her posted photos to give some animation to them and sent them off trying to intrigue her. She was reserved and already had a boyfriend.

So what? He’d thought — he himself had girlfriends. He pursued the contact although it appeared that she was not interested in changing partners. He wrote a few short stories to try and entice her and possibly get her turned on. She said that she liked them, especially when they included her. One night things changed in a positive direction.

He was in the middle of receiving of all things a blowjob from one of his favorite ladies while sitting at the computer. It had happened many times before and that night he wasn’t really that much into it. It had no reflection on her ability, she was excellent and he usually enjoyed it. It was just one of those times when it seemed more a chore than a joy. He reached over to the computer without his ‘friend’ knowing it and clicked on her thread — the lady on the web. She had just posted a new photo of her breasts, and it wasn’t unusual for her because she posted tit-pics all the time. But this time his erection surged and his ‘friend’ sensed it.

She thought perhaps that there was something unusual about what she’d done or perhaps a small spot that she’d accidentally discovered. She glanced up to see him staring at the computer monitor. Curious and puzzled, she crawled sideways and rotated him in the chair so that she could get a better look without breaking the rhythm. He was harder and more interested than he’d been in awhile and it was turning her on, too. When she could bursa üniversiteli escort see the screen she found him looking a pair of tits. Well she too, had great tits so what was the attraction? She was now obviously curious but she was also into his cock and enjoying the new surge of interest. His urgency manifest itself through the burgeoning rock hardness in her mouth, but also by the urgency of his thrusts. It was only a moment and he’d sighed, tensed and blown his wad. The amount he discharged was greater than she ever received from him and she knew that she had to find out.

She felt the delicious response to pleasing him and slowly cleaned him. when she was finished she sat back and smiled before asking what had turned him on so. He was just opening his eyes and pointed at the screen. Now she got up and looked — it was still just another pair of tits to her.

He explained that it wasn’t this photo but a developing interest that it peaked in him. He slowly took her back through the screen ladies photo and showed a few of her responses. His ‘friend’ started to see the attraction and actually felt her own increasing interest, too. They talked about her and his friend had decided that this monitor had to be on any time she was with him from now on, and it had to be tuned to this same channel. She didn’t plan to miss this excitement from him again.

They continued their computer relationship for a few weeks and one day he’d asked her if she might give him a private show — if she had a web camera. Trepidation followed until she responded from work that she sometimes did give shows on the web, and that she’d enjoy a private one some day if he found her when her camera was online.

He suffered through most of a week before Messenger informed him that she was online with her video camera. He had watched her posting ‘stills’ earlier and his interest was still high and hard. He sent her a message requesting permission to watch her show and she instantly responded ‘sure’. and allowed him access. As the camera came on she was sitting in a bra and handling her breasts with both hands. He sent off an appreciation and she shushed him and told him to watch, because others were online watching also.

Slowly she extracted one breast from the bra and he was hard. He slid his casuals down and sat with his cock in one hand as he watched. Soon she recaptured the right breast in the bra and repeated the procedure with the left breast. Her nipples made him hungry and when she pinched one and the camera closeup showed it he stroked and typed out a thank you with one hand. When it looked like she might be finishing with that luscious left tit he asked if she would show both. She did and now it was only a matter of time before he unloaded. He asked to see her face because it had been over a week since she’d actually allowed him to see it. She quickly panned up and he only caught a glimpse before she lowered the camera again. She typed that she didn’t want the other guys to see her face.

He asked for her to remove the bra and she said that she wanted to get rid of the other guys first. His picture went karacabey escort black and his cock was confused, but he waited. In a moment a message came up telling him that she’d turned the camera back on and he clicked the mouse again and she was back. He repeated his request for complete removal of the bra. She commented that was there was too much sag. “There was NOT!” he’d replied. Slowly she unclasped the bra and removed it. Her breasts were magnificent and live in the monitor. She again handled and presented those wonderful tits to the camera and his cock was proud and demanding! He asked her to stand up and let him see more of her. Suddenly she said that somehow another guy had come on unexpectedly.

She wanted to give him a show before turning his show off again. He endured and enjoyed the show for the new viewer. Finally the screen went black again. He waited. It came back on and he clicked the mouse again. She was back, bare breasted and magnificent. He asked again for her to stand and she did and stood back from the camera. His breath was suffering as he saw her gorgeous long legs, the curve of an appealing ass, bounteous breasts and wonderfully beautiful face. She was wearing only a black, high-hipped panty and she modeled for him. His cock was hard in his hand and urgent in his mind. He toyed unknowingly with the head and circled its ridge. One hand went to his balls and he felt the urgency there also.

He talked to her about lowering the panties but she replied that she was fat. He should ever be so lucky he thought. She isn’t fat; she’s perfect in the image of the old Masters who painted real women. Cezanne, DaVinci — these were painters that knew the beauty of Woman. He asked her to lower the panty and she did. They only went down not off, but his cock went up not off also. He could see the outline of her lips at the juncture of her thighs. She slowly turned and he saw the fullness in her cheeks the gentle roundness of her ass and he felt that it invited him in. She was every bit as wonderful in person as she was in his mind.

Her legs as she turned seemed to flex and draw his focus. It was difficult to pull his eyes from her ass, but he continued watching as she modeled her body. She was facing the camera again and reached down to rub her mound gently. His eyes followed and his mouth watered as he watched. She was so beautifully full-bodied and sexy and she’d just given him the best show he’d had on the computer. He was stroking in appreciation of what she was and what she’d done for him as he climaxed. He hurriedly reached for a tissue as he felt the need of discharge. He felt it rising and squeezed tightly to prevent release until he’d had the tissue. The pain was excruciating and demanding as he filled. He brought the tissue over and filled it. The relief was almost overwhelming.

She was saying something about having to go when he finally tore his eyes away and tried to read the message on the monitor. He was breathing hard and appreciatively when he finally acknowledged and thanked her. She now asked if he’d write about what he’d seen. This story is his feeble attempt at payment. He wants to please her and hopes she understands what she’s done for him. His last view after she pulled back up her panties was a lovely areoled nipple sitting on a magnificent breast as she leaned forward and clicked the camera off.

He slept well last night and woke up to hard morning wood and thoughts of her. I hope we can do this again I typed.

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