A Christmas to be Remembered

Big Tits

“Ho, ho, ho.”

John and Susan have no money but give one another a Christmas to be remembered.

“All I want for Christmas is a big gangbang, a big gangbang, watch a big gangbang. Gee, if I could watch you in a big gangbang, then I could wish you a Merry Christmas.”

“John, what are you singing in there?”

“Sorry, Susan,” said John with a chuckle. “I was just singing that song from my childhood, All I Want For Christmas is my Two Front Teeth.”

“Oh, I remember that song. It was funny and cute.”

“Merry Christmas, Susan,” said John stepping out of the bathroom and into the bedroom, while toweling off his naked body, after taking a hot shower. He leaned down and kissed his wife. “Merry Christmas, Honey.”

“Merry Christmas, John. You’re up early,” she said looking at the bedside clock with a yawn. Still in bed, she reclined up from a lying position to a sitting one, leaned forward, and reached beneath his towel to give his cock a playful tug.

“Did I wake you?”

“No, I’m just being lazy,” she said with a yawning stretch. “I was hoping to sleep in this morning and cuddle, but I can feel you’re wide awake, though,” she said with a laugh, while watching his erection come to life in her hand.

“It feels weird,” he said with a pensively faraway look, as if his mind was elsewhere, “doesn’t it?”

“Weird? No, not at all. It doesn’t feel weird to me. It feels wonderful,” she said staring at his nearly erect cock in her hand, before looking up at him adoringly and giving him a loving smile. “I love the feel of your cock in my hand, feeling it grow long and hard to my touch, proof of the desire you have for me,” she said giving him a few sensually seductive strokes, before leaning forward and taking him in her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the head of his cock, while looking up at him, watching him, and stroking him, before removing his cock from her mouth to speak. “Would Santa like a Christmas blowjob from Mrs. Santa in celebration of the holiday? Ho, ho, ho,” she said with a laugh.

“No, not now,” he said annoyed that she disturbed him from his thoughts, “and not that. I wasn’t talking about my cock when I said it felt weird,” he said taking a step away from her, as if insulted that she’d think he was talking about his cock. “Normally, about this time, we’d be downstairs opening Christmas presents, after having a big holiday breakfast. The holiday doesn’t feel the same without presents.”

“There’s more to our relationship than Christmas gifts, John, and we can still have a big holiday breakfast,” she said with a bit of exasperation in her voice. “I had planned on doing that, anyway,” she said rubbing the sleep from her eyes and yawning. “Besides, we’ve had plenty of Christmases where we bought great gifts for one another,” she said giving him a warm smile of affection.

“I know and I know you’re right, but I’m worried. I’m worried about losing this house and not being able to pay the car payments and credit card bills. Like everyone else in this bad economy, I’m worried that I won’t find a job for months. They continue to report that the recession is over, but where are the jobs? There are no jobs.”

“Don’t worry. Jobs are always the last thing to return after a recession. You’ll find work. We’ll both find jobs. I’m sure of it. Instead of being depressed, we should be thankful for the time we have together. We’ll celebrate Christmas after the holidays, in July even, when we have the money to splurge. For now, we have enough savings to ride it out without panicking.”

“I know. You’re right. Only, I can’t help but worry.”

“John, my Mom would never let us lose this house. She’d help us. My dad left her financially secure when he died. He really loved her. She was his one and only. I only wish I could have the happy marriage they had for thirty years. Besides,” she said giving him a warm look, “I’m just glad to be home with you,” she said stretching her body up to receive another kiss from him. Then, a serious look on her face stiffened her posture. “Only, just do me one favor. Think of it as a gift to me,” she said without evidence of a smile.

“What’s the favor? Anything for you, my beautiful and sexy wife, the love of my life. Just name it.”

“I know you’ve been depressed lately and I know the holidays are not the best times for you but, please don’t start drinking early and ruin this holiday in the way you did Thanksgiving,” she said biting her lip. “You can drink, of course, but later this evening. We’ll have a drink together,” looking at him without speaking. “Okay?”



“I promise.”

“Thank you, John.”

“Anything for you, Baby,” he said giving her another kiss. “And I’m sorry about ruining Thanksgiving. Apologize to your mother and your sister again for me, the next time you talk to them. I was just depressed, after having just been laid off. It won’t happen again.”

“Yeah, well, my sister was a bit stunned when you burst in on her, while she was in the bathroom peeing and you stuck your cock in her mouth.”

Suddenly, the thought escort of Susan’s sister, Diane, taking him in her mouth and blowing him, while he played with her tits and fingered her nipples, filled his mind with lust for his sister-in-law, again. Younger than Susan, she was just as pretty and just as hot. She had Susan’s amazing breasts, a naturally inherited gift from their mother. Women would pay a plastic surgeon thousands of dollars for the breasts those three women had.

He remembered Diane teasing him by leaning over him with her blouse unbuttoned and opened just enough for him to see down her bra and he’d always forget what he was about to say losing his thoughts in her deep cleavage. She knew he was a breast man and, while looking up at him, watching him looking down her shirt and knowing he was enjoying the view, she acted as if she didn’t know her blouse was unbuttoned. She was such a cock tease and he was such a sucker for her womanly charms.

The sight of her bra and cleavage and the imagined thoughts of what her tits looked like and her nipples felt like in his mouth, kept him aroused all evening long. If that wasn’t enough to drive him wild with desire for his sexy sister-in-law, he revisited the vision of her sitting across from him in the living room constantly and continually crossing and uncrossing her legs and flashing him her pink, cotton, bikini panties every time she did and pretending she didn’t realizing she was showing. The sexy sight of her underwear and the flashing appearance of her camel toe made him want her even more. He’d love to part her knees and stick his head between her shapely thighs, while licking and fingering her pussy.

“That’s not what happened,” he said in a feeble attempt of defending a defenseless argument of being guilty of having sex with his wife’s sister. Either way, he was guilty of getting a blowjob from his sister-in-law. At this point in time, it didn’t matter who seduced whom, he was guilty of cheating on his wife with her sister, of all women, and the blame was squarely on his shoulders.

“Oh, please, John. How could you cheat on me with my own sister?”

“That’s how she told you the story, but that’s not how I remember the story and that’s not how it really happened. I remember her coming on the me all evening long, teasing me and flaunting her body at me with her unbuttoned blouse and her short skirt. She didn’t keep her knees closed the entire evening. After hours of her flashing me her bra and panty, I was aroused. I’m a guy. I’m guilty of being attracted to someone who looks exactly like you, especially since we haven’t been intimate in a while. She made me horny. Besides, I was so very drunk. We both were. Let’s not go over all this again. What’s done is done. It’s over and it will never happen again.”

“You weren’t that drunk that you couldn’t get it up, John,” she said still showing signs of seething anger over what happened last month.

“Gees, Susan, I told you. She was in the bathroom in the dark. I was drunk. I thought she was you. I was horny. You do look a lot alike. You could have been twins, instead of just sisters.”

“Oh, cut the crap. Four excuses rolled into one, it was dark, you were drunk, you were horny, and you mistook my sister for me. Bullshit! You’re such an asshole,” she said shooting him a hateful look.

“I didn’t know you were still down in the kitchen and with the bathroom door open, I thought she was you,” he said knowing better and unable to sell it, even he didn’t believe it.

“Knock it off with that shit that you thought she was me. I don’t believe that for a minute. You were just angry over some of the things she said during dinner combined with the lust you confessed you’ve always had for my sister. What you did in forcing my baby sister to do to you was just nasty, inexcusable, and unforgivable.”

“Yeah, well, your baby sister is no baby. She’s a sexy and conniving woman. She knew exactly what she was doing and she did say some mean and nasty things to me. Besides, all guys want to do their hot sister-in-laws.”

“You think my sister is hot?” Susan flashed her husband an angry look, before looking down at her body and looking back up at him. “Hotter than me?”

“No one is hotter than you, Susan,” John said leaning in to kiss her on the forehead, while stealing a feel of her breast.

“Well, just keep it in your pants for today. It’s Christmas and I don’t want that holiday ruined, too. My mom and sister will be stopping by just to drop off some food and gifts that they have for us and will return later this evening for dinner. So, please be on your best behavior.”

“Yeah, well, maybe, had your sister kept her mouth closed, instead of yapping at me all through dinner about me being out of a job, insinuating that it was my fault that I lost my job. Then, she couldn’t drop it there, and had she not gone on and on about how there are no jobs, until after the holiday, I may not have felt the need to fill her pie hole with my cock.”

“Just ignore her please. You two are like oil and water.”

“Then just tell her to keep her blouse izmit escort bayan buttoned and her legs closed and not flashed me her bra and panties all evening long, then maybe I could have resisted her. Your sister is a cock tease and a bitch, just like your mother, you know, and then, when she finally gets a cock, she cries foul. She wanted to blow me, just as much as I wanted her to blow me.”

John wished he could have taken that back. He just admitted that he wanted Diane to blow him. There was no escaping this now. He was in it neck deep.

“John, you yanked her hair and when she screamed you stuck your cock in her mouth and put a hand to the back of her head forcing her to blow you. You ejaculated in my sister’s mouth, you pig,” said Susan shooting her husband an angry look. “Do you remember that? Do you remember cumming off in my sister’s mouth? You’re lucky she didn’t report you to the police. You’re lucky she wasn’t still married to Michael. Michael would have beat the shit out of you for what you did to her.”

“So your sister blew me. So what? And Michael is no saint either. He’s done worse. I’ve been with Michael at some of the strip clubs he dragged me to see and seen some of the strippers he bragged about having done. Besides, I don’t remember any of that, forcing your sister to blow me. I remember her coming on to me and not resisting me when I returned her attention. She was the one who left the bathroom door wide open, while she was sitting on the toilet and she was the one who invited me inside. She unzipped me, pulled out my cock, and sucked me off. We both had too much to drink.”

“Okay, enough, John. I really don’t want to hear the sordid, incestuous details of you having sex with my baby sister. All I know is that, while I was downstairs cleaning up the kitchen, you were upstairs having sex with my sister.” She flashed him a look of anger. “And what about my Mom? Do you remember my Mom catching you with my sister in the bedroom, later?”

“Yeah, well, I was still very drunk. We both were. Even your mother was.”

“John, when my Mom pulled you away from my sister, you bent my mom over the bed, pulled her skirt up over her back and her panties down to her ankles and fucked her like a dog. You were out of control. Do you remember tearing her blouse wide open and lifting her bra over her breasts? My mom was crying,” said Susan with tears suddenly appearing in her eyes. “My mom told me you forced her. She was so distraught. My dad was the only man my mom had ever known and was ever with and you defiled that sacred union by fucking my mom,” she said wiping the tears away with her hand that ran down her cheeks.

Suddenly, the image of Susan’s mom bent over the bed and moaning, while his cock slid deeper in her pussy filled his mind with lustful desire for his mother-in-law. He remembered she had big, firm tits, a D cup, where Susan and Diane both have C cups. He remembered fingering Mommy’s big nipples, while he fucked her from behind, doggie style, and as soon as he touched her nipples, she was wild with desire for him. She wasn’t crying then, when his cock was buried deep inside her, in and out. She was having a fucking good time is how he remembered, while returning the rhythm of his humps with hers. Bark like a dog, he said to her, as he slapped her ass and she did.

“Woof! Woof! Woof!”

It’s funny, he remembered thinking, how people bark like the dog that they own. Big dog owners bark in a deeper voice and small dog owners bark in a higher pitched voice. It’s weird.

“No. I don’t remember that,” he said lying through his teeth. “I don’t remember anything. We’ve already been over this again and again, a thousand times. I told you, I was drunk and depressed. I told you, I wasn’t myself. I told you and I told your sister and your mother that I’m sorry.”

“You weren’t so drunk and depressed that you couldn’t get it up to force my sister to blow you and my mom to fuck you like an animal.”

“I’m sorry. Okay? I’m sorry. How many times can I say I’m sorry? Can we just drop it?” He looked at his wife wondering if he should burst her bubble of the image she had of her oh so self-righteous mother and decided he should. “And your mother is no innocent virgin. I didn’t hear her screaming rape. I remember her moaning. I remember her enjoying it. I remember her returning my humps and taking my cock in deeper, while your sister watched me fucking her mother. Mommy took all that I had to give her. Maybe I was the first man who had his cock in her pussy, since your Dad died, and maybe I was only the second man she ever experienced sexually, but she was hungry for it.”

“That’s quite enough, John! Stop! I don’t want to hear anymore,” she said putting her hands over her ears. “Don’t you ever talk about my mother like that, again,” she said pointing a stiff index finger at him. “My mom is a saint, virtuous, religious, and was devoted to my dad. My dad was the only man she had been intimate with and for you to take that away from her is unforgivable.”

“I’m sorry, Susan. I really am. I promise not izmit sınırsız escort to drink today, not a drop. And somehow, I’ll make it up to your mother. I will. I’ll go over to her house, clean her pool, clear her gutters, mow her lawn, rake her leaves, and shovel her snow, until the day I die. “

“Okay, let’s just forget it ever happened. We were all very drunk that day, too drunk. My sister admitted that she was horny and my Mom admitted that she was lonely. They both understand you were drunk and depressed and that it will never, ever happen again. It was the perfect storm for something like that to have happened, I understand that now and I apologize again for hitting you over the head with a vodka bottle. They forgave you. I forgive you and when you woke up in the hospital, you forgave me. It happened. It’s history. It’s over and it’s done.”

John looked at his wife. She was so very beautiful. With her long, dark hair serving as a lush backdrop against her bright, green eyes, making her look like what he imagined a forest nymph or a sexy sea siren beckoning sailors from the shore would resemble, he always thought how lucky he was to get someone who looked like her. From the first day he met her a dozen years ago, at 5’9″ inches tall and with the long legged body of a Goddess, she reminded him of Lynda Carter, of Miss America and Wonder Woman fame. They could have been sisters, that is, when Lynda Carter was younger, her age, 32, and in her prime. Now, Lynda has more than 20 years seniority on Susan.

Only, she hurt him. He found out recently that Susan had been having an affair with her boss, before her boss was fired and she let go. She had lied to him about the affair, about being unfaithful, and about being fired. She said she was laid-off. Now, he wondered, if she lied about all of that, what else had she lied to him about?

Maybe she was lying about loving him. Maybe her boss hadn’t been the first one. Maybe there were more men in her life that she was doing on the side and behind his back. All he knew was he couldn’t trust her anymore and he was heartbroken. He felt betrayed. He was angry. He wanted revenge.

He couldn’t help but feel used and abused and it all came to a head after the Thanksgiving day dinner. He reacted in a drunken rage to all the mean and nasty things Diane had said and forced her sister to blow him, before forcing himself on her big mouth, interfering bitch of a mother. Yeah, sure, her more than willing sister and accommodating mother were hardly victims. They enjoyed him as much as he enjoyed them. In his twisted mind, having her sister blow him and her mother fuck him was his convoluted way of getting back at his wife for what she did to him by cheating on him with her boss.

Yeah, sure, he had sex with her sister and her mother, but when he thought more about what he had done in the clarity of sobriety, what did having Susan’s sister blow him and her mother fuck him have anything to do with Susan having an affair with her boss? Nothing. He had skirted the issue and Susan had gotten away with doing her boss without punishment and without having to suffer the consequences of her actions with befitting repercussions. She didn’t even have to admit and apologize to him for what she had done. She’s the one who started all of this by having the affair and, now, she’s playing the hurt victim.

He wanted to put her over his knee and spank her. Just the imagined thought of him grabbing her by her wrist, pulling her forward and forcing her down over his knee, gave him an erection. He imagined lifting her skirt and pulling down her panties, as all his friends watched him discipline his unfaithful slut of a wife.

Maybe, he’d do it in the backyard, while she was prancing around in her bikini and after she’s had a few drinks. Boy, that would shock the shit out of her and embarrass her by exposing her round, white ass to all his friends, while he spanked her ass raw red. The imagined feel of his hand hitting her round firm buttocks again and again made him want to arrange that kind of public display of humiliation as his payback for how she hurt him by having sex with her boss. Much like the scarlet woman that she was, he wanted to strip her naked and exposed her to everyone. He wanted to take her somewhere and strip her in public. More than embarrassing her, he wanted to humiliate her, as much as she had humiliated him. The thought of her being embarrassed, humiliated, and mortified, the thought of her showing her body to other men, men they both knew and men who were strangers, filled him with a twisted lust to want to go ahead and give his wife a good public spanking.

Because she was so beautiful and had him twisted around her finger, he had avoided confronting his wife with all that he knew about her sordid affair. Just looking at her melted his heart and made him her subservient puppet. Tired of her controlling him by using his lust for her against him with her beauty and body, he needed to do something more, something that would affect her personally. He needed to do something that would awaken her to his feelings, as to how she hurt him by being with another man. He needed to teach her a lesson and give her a lasting memory. He needed to give her something she’d never forget and that would make her think twice about cheating on him or on anyone ever again.

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