A Different Sort of Cramming


Textbooks and study notes showered down from the bouncing mattress of a venerable four-poster bed as a long, thick, column of rigid flesh kept up a steady rhythm of lust and need, surging back and forth past stretched, slightly irritated pussy lips that clutch tightly around the unyielding shaft relentlessly cramming its engorged cock head into the inner most depths of a wet, stuffed and throbbing vagina. As the man continued to plunge his thick cock into the woman’s beleaguered body, she shivered with rus escort both pleasure and a touch of pain. Lynn didn’t know how long Bob had been slamming his hard meat into her like this, and she didn’t really care. Maybe it had been minutes, maybe hours. It didn’t matter. This wasn’t the first time they had made love that day. Of that, she was certain. And while sure they had done it before, she couldn’t remember if this was the second or third or maybe yenimahalle escort even the fourth time. That didn’t matter, either. At that moment, Lynn couldn’t even remember how many days they had been married, or how long they had been staying in this furnished, attic apartment while she crammed for her nursing boards, the gruelling, day-long test that would, if she passed, make her a registered nurse. Since moving in, Lynn’s time had been divided between trying to review what she had studied for the last four years, visiting and being visited by friends and family and making love with her new husband. With her mind in a fog of lovemaking, the only thing she could now be certain of was that Bob’s unending assault had once again begun rekindling the passion within her aching body. Lynn’s pussy had become almost numb. Her labia, her entire body for that matter, felt the effects of the weeks of constant love making that had followed their wedding. While she still loved being able to bring pleasure to her man, the overriding physical sensation she had begun to feel was not lust, but soreness. This latest chapter in their ongoing saga of sexual excess began with Bob stepping out of the shower.

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