A Family That Plays Together Pt. 21



Chapter 21.

This is not a subtle story; it features SEX and not a lot else!!

This story is a fantasy….well most of it anyway!!

The following story deals with incest, straight sex, gay sex, group sex, anal sex and hopefully romance and probably a lot more so if it’s not your thing please move on, if it is your thing then ENJOY!!

Authors note: – Some parts of this story do not feature the family fucking together….just so you know.

ALL characters are over 18 years of age.


The house was surprisingly empty. Aarons Mum and Dad had gone home; well they’d gone on holiday to Spain. I think that Aaron had had enough of his Father telling him what to do and how to do it, I suppose that’s a Father and Son thing, the Father is always the boss and I wouldn’t be surprised if Aaron hadn’t paid for their holiday just to get them out of the house. Joyce had at last been well and truly fucked by Jill’s boyfriends, Pete, big cock so she went off on holiday with a big smile on her face.

Apart from my husband, son and daughter my nephew Alfie was staying, he’d fitted in well with out incestuous family and had become a close friend, work colleague and partner in crime to Jake, they were even sleeping in the same bed. Pete, my daughters boyfriend, also lived here, he was another useful big cock to join in with our fucking family.

I was getting outnumbered by all of Aarons relatives appearing, another one had appeared out of the blue, Helen, she was Alfies older brother, Andy’s, Aarons older brothers daughter. She lived in Spain and was across in the UK looking at business opportunities and just happened to track us down. I wasn’t sure about her, she seemed to be very domineering and obviously was used to getting her own way in life. The way that Jake and Alfie looked very sheepish when they were introduced to her gave me the impression that something had gone on with the three of them already.

I wondered how many more of Aaron’s relatives were going to appear. In contrast I had a very small family, just my brother and a niece and nephew, Andrew, Jessica and Henry. They’d been and stayed with us, Henry and Jessica’s IT company had installed a complete IT system for Aarons roofing business. It didn’t take long for them to join in with the family fucking.

I was on my own in the house today, my husband was at work and was going out for dinner with his niece Helen, of course I was invited but had cried off, as I said she was OK in small doses but I didn’t want to spend all evening with her.

I wasn’t sure when my son Jake and his cousin Alfie would appear, they always went to the gym after work and usually would organise their own food, I did always cook in the evenings so as long as they let me know I didn’t have a problem with them using the house more like a hotel.

Jill and her boyfriend Pete would come and go, recently they seemed to be out almost every evening. I’d noticed a change in their relationship as well. Pete was a quiet lad until he got to know you but as soon as he got his cock out, it was an impressive cock, he became quiet dominant as if his cock took over, but it seemed that my daughter Jill was now in charge. My daughter and him and recently walked in on her Dad and her brother fucking me, Pete had dropped his pants and soon had his hard cock in his hand and walked across to join in and provide a third cock for my holes. Jill just stood there and looked at Pete and said, “No.”

Pete just looked at her and struggled to tuck his hard cock back into his pants and they walked off. I wonder what was going on there; they both still seemed happy and together though.

So it was me in the house on my own and time to be the happy housewife, I was happy working around the house. Aaron worked hard to bring in the money and I worked hard to provide a home for him and my children.

I started at the top of the house where Jill and Jakes, and now Alfies bedrooms were. Jill’s bed was made and the room was tidy, her dirty laundry was in the bin and Pete’s work gear, gym gear and any other dirty gear was in his bin, I fished it all out ready to wash it. Laundry was easy, all in one of the two washing machines and then in the tumble dryer, if they wanted it ironed they could do it themselves, I wasn’t their slave. In the lads room it was tidy’ish, Alfie was a good influence on my son and had trained Jake to be tidy, the bed was made, well the duvet was on the bed and pulled up, their dirty laundry was all in the basket, it was all mixed up, Jakes and Alfies clothes were all in together but I’d noticed that they shared their clothes as they were similar sizes so I suppose it really didn’t matter. I picked up a few odd socks off the floor and a few glasses and cups.

Once back downstairs I sorted the clothes out, with four men in the house there was a big pile of socks and underwear. I picked up a pair of boxer briefs that were still damp so I Girne Escort guess that they’d been worn in the gym by either my son or my nephew, I knew that they weren’t my husbands. I looked at them and could see a few stains of dried precum and when I smelt them I could smell piss. Why do all men seem to be unable to shake or wipe their cocks after pissing? As for the precum stains do lads constantly leak?

I couldn’t resist it and undid my jeans that I was wearing and stepped out of them and pulled my knickers off and dropped them on the kitchen work service. I picked up the lads underwear, sniffed them and put them on and pulled them up. They fitted really well; the lads are defined and built for speed so their waist size was similar to mine. The elasticised material slipped up between my arsecheeks and rubbed against my arsehole pucker and at the front the piss and precum stained material rubbed against my fanny lips and clit hood, it felt good and even better when I pulled up my tight jeans, I was a dirty slut.

As I carried on working around the house I could feel myself getting wet between my legs, my fanny juices soaking into the lads underwear. By the time it got to lunchtime I was very wet and needed something between my legs. I went to the TV lounge or as it had become now the sex room.

OK, it wasn’t a full on sex room like at The Club but it worked for the family. The room had a couple of low padded sex benches, all covered in wipe clean leather of course, two big leather sofas that were the perfect height for getting fucked on. In the ceiling and the floor there were shackle points that restraints could be secured to although we hadn’t really used them yet. A couple of big cupboards that all the dildos, butt plugs, strap ons, lube, crops and plenty of wet wipes and towels were stowed. There was still the huge TV screen and armchairs so we could still watch TV and the men in the family liked to watch porn in there after a few beers at the weekend, porn didn’t really do anything for me but I think that the men thought that they were learning something from the films, more instructional films than porn films!! There was quite a sophisticated camera system installed with cameras all around the room and whatever was going on could be streamed onto the big screen.

The only big change was that a big section of the carpet had been removed in the area of the sex benches and couches and replaced with a sealed wooden floor, it was easily cleaned as both Jill and I tended to piss ourselves when we climaxed if we got cock in our fanny and arseholes and Jake and Pete were into piss play, saved a lot of cleaning at the end of the session.

I had to play with myself so stripped off my jeans; the tight boxer briefs that I was wearing were wet at the crotch. I rubbed my fingers up and down my slit pushing the material of the lad’s underwear into my fanny. I slid my hand down the waistband of the pants and found my clit, it was hard and throbbing and I gently rubbed it and stimmed it. I was only wearing a tight white tee shirt and no bra and I used my other hand to rub my sticking out nipples, I pushed two fingers into my wet and open fuckhole. Time to choose a big dildo and fuck myself with it.

“No,” I thought to myself, I had things to do so stopped pleasuring myself and went back to the kitchen just wearing a white tee shirt and a pair of men’s boxer briefs. Well there was nobody else in the house and I knew that nobody would be home until the early evening.

I was standing at the kitchen work surface preparing veg for the evening meal when I heard a voice shout, “Anybody in?” and the back door opened and my brother’s son, my nephew Henry walked in.

“Hello Aunty,” said Henry.

Luckily I was standing the other side of the work surface so he couldn’t see that I was just wearing a pair of men’s underwear that was soaking wet where my fanny was still leaking with my juices. But what he could see were my hard nipples poking through my tight tee shirt, I could see that he’d already noticed them.

“Erm Henry, nice to see you but what are you doing here?” I asked.

“Didn’t Aaron tell you? I’m here to do a systems upgrade on the IT system at his business and he said that I could stay here for a few days,” Henry told me. “Is that OK?” he asked.

“Of course it is, you don’t even need to ask and no, my husband didn’t tell me,” I told him.

Henry was a good looking young man, tall, muscled, blonde hair and blue eyes and from what I could remember he had an impressive uncut cock with big low hanging balls and, of course, he loved to fuck with the family. His Father, his sister Jessica and him had all stayed here before and certainly took advantage of all the cocks and fuck holes available.

Whereas Jake and Alfie seemed to spend most of their time in work gear, gym gear or tracksuits Henry was a smart dresser, suppose due to his work, and I couldn’t help but notice his muscles bulging in his tight Magosa Escort shirt, his firm arse packed into his trousers and the outline of his big cock that was clearly visible.

“What are these?” asked Henry picking up my panties that I had on before I put on the lads underwear, I’d left them on the corner of the work surface.

I must have looked embarrassed and said, “Oh they’re mine, I forgot to put them in with the rest of the washing.”

Henry looked straight at me and lifted them up to his nose and look a deep breath smelling them, “they smell good, I can smell your fanny and arsehole on them Aunty,” he said as he dropped them on the table and smiled.

He knew that he didn’t have to call me “Aunty” but by doing that he seemed to be playing the young innocent lad role.

He walked across to me and stopped when he saw what I was wearing and asked, “What are those?”

I said quietly, “They’re a pair of Jakes or Alfies underwear, I like the smell of them, I like the smell of young man.”

“Oh Aunty Anne, you’re a dirty bitch,” Henry said smiling at me.

He stood behind me and pushed his bulge into my arse and ran a hand round to my fanny.

“You’re soaking wet Aunty, you’ve been playing with yourself, you really do need some cock don’t you?” Henry said pushing his hard cock bulge against my arsecheeks.

I nodded as he turned me around pulled my tee shirt off over my head before pushing me down to my knees. I was level with the outline of his hard cock in his trousers. He held my head and moved the bulge of his cock against my open mouth, I stuck my tongue out and left a wet trail of my saliva over his trousers.

“Undo my trousers Aunty,” he told me and at the same time reached down and squeezed my hard nipples.

I did as I was told and undid his trousers and pulled them over his firm arse and down over his thick muscled legs to his knees.

Henry pushed my face into his cock bulge and underwear, I could see that his cock was leaking already and a wet patch had leaked through his tight boxer briefs the material of which were straining to contain his hard cock.

“Smell my musty balls Aunty, they’ve been trapped in these tight pants all day, must be sweaty by now,” he told me.

I could smell the sweat of a man on his balls and licked them through his underwear. He pushed my head along the shaft of his cock.

“Can you smell my cock Aunty, smell the piss stains and the fresh precum?” Henry asked.

I could and I moaned at the thought of my nephew’s big cock fucking me, well I hoped that he would.

“Pull my underwear down Aunty, let my cock free,” Henry said.

I grabbed hold of the waistband of his briefs and worked his underwear over his firm arse and pulled it down. His big wet cock sprung free, rock hard and a drip of precum dripped from the end of his foreskin. A good ten inches of rock hard veiny cock, big hanging foreskin, shaved pubes and waxed low hanging balls.

“All yours Aunty, get my cock ready for fucking,” Henry instructed.

I did as he asked and held his cock and ran my clenched fist up and down the shaft of his cock, I stuck my tongue out and used the tip to probe into his big foreskin tasting his precum before pulling his foreskin back to expose his purple cockhead and his slash of a piss slit that was leaking and glistening, I licked all over his cockhead and he pushed the purple head into my mouth, just the head in and I grunted and sucked. Henry smiled down at me on my knees servicing his thick cock and then pushed his cock further into my mouth and down my throat. It stretched me and although I loved big thick cocks in my mouth I didn’t like it when it made me gag but I could still take a lot of cock down my throat but my nephews cock defeated me and I coughed and spluttered.

“OK Aunty, take it easy on my cock,” Henry said and pulled his cock out a few inches and let me catch my breath before face fucking me but not going in deep enough to make me gag. I loved his cock, his smell and the way he held my head firmly so I couldn’t pull off of his dick.

He finished my face fucking with one hard deep thrust and pulled his spit coated cock out of my mouth and said, “If you like the smell of lad so much then you can rim my arsehole out, go on Aunty get in there,” and he turned around so his arse was in my face and he pulled his arsecheeks open.

I hesitated but Henry let go of one of his arsecheeks and pulled my head into his crack, “do it Aunty, lick my arsehole,” I didn’t have a lot of choice.

I took a deep breathe, my nephews arsehole smelt sweaty, musty but clean, of course, so I pulled his arsecheeks further apart and looked at his tight pink ringpiece and used my tongue to lick up from his balls to his pucker and then spat on it and pushed my tongue into it, Henry relaxed his ringpiece and I pushed in. I could hear Henry moaning.

I worked on his musty ringpiece till it was wet and open and I used my finger Kıbrıs Escort to tap it lightly before running my finger around it and pushing the tip in through his arsehole pucker and I heard him moan but he didn’t resist of pull away from my finger.

I worked on his hole until my finger was all the way in; he took it easily after the initial hesitation and moaning. I finger fucked my nephews arsehole.

Henry, with a big low moan, pulled off of my finger and turned around, his hard cock slapping me in the face. He leant down and grabbed hold of my nipples, squeezed them and used them to pull me up into a standing position. Face to face he kissed me hard and said, “Lets get those lads pants off you Aunty” and he touched the front of the boxer briefs and used his finger to push some of the fanny juice soaked material into my hole, “you’re soaking wet, your going to take my cock in there easily.”

He lifted me onto the work surface and pulled the lads boxer briefs off, I lifted my arse up to make it easier, he held the pants in his hand and bought them up to his nose and sniffed them before throwing them onto the kitchen table. Henry pushed my legs apart and I leant back so my wet cunt lips opened up.

Henry looked at my open fuckhole, took a step forward and pushed his hard wet cock into me; one long hard thrust and I took it all easily.

“Great to fuck you again Aunty,” Henry grunted as he pounded my fanny hard pulling back till just the head of his cock was in before pushing the full thick length all the way back in again, I grunted with each thrust.

After some hard fucking Henry leant forward and pulled me up into a sitting position, I wiggled my arse so reposition his cock in my fanny. Henry put his hands under my arsecheeks and lifted me up and I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist and I relaxed and embedded his cock deep into my hole.

“Lets go through to the fuck room,” Henry said. He could easily support my weight and walked across the kitchen to the TV room bouncing me up and down on his cock sending waves of pleasure through my wet cunt.

He lowered me onto one of the waist height fuck benches and grabbed my ankles and lifted my legs up into the air and spread them open, he pulled his juice covered cock right out of my fanny, smiled at me and plunged his cock all the way back in, I tried to pull away but he was holding me too tightly and I grunted, “Fuck me, fuck your Aunt hard Henry.” He did, very hard.

The smell and sounds of sex filled the room, Henry was grunting as he pushed his cock right into my cunt and with each thrust he’d push me up the bench before he pulled my back down into position as he withdrew his cock to thrust into me again.

I heard a voice, “Sorry to interrupt.” It was my other nephew Alfie, what was he doing back from work so early?

Henry pulled his cock out of me, let go of my legs and turned around. Henry with his hard wet cock sticking out in front of him looked at Alfie and said, “Hey there, I’m Henry, I’m Anne’s nephew,” and extended his hand to Alfie to shake.

Alfie looked him up and down, looking at Henry’s still hard cock and shook his hand saying, “Nice to meet you, I’m Alfie, I’m Anne’s nephew as well.”

Well that was the introductions out of the way.

Alfie held up the pair of wet boxer briefs and asked, “What are a pair of my pants soaked in fanny juice doing in the kitchen? Nice cock by the way mate.”

“Thanks. Aunty was wearing them, she likes the smell of a lad, sweat, piss and spunk,” Henry told Alfie.

So the underwear was Alfies.

“Well you’re going to love the pair I’m wearing today then, been wearing them all day at work and I didn’t have a shower before I went to work this morning,” Alfie laughed.

Henry lifted me up off the fuck bench and said, “You better get on your knees and see what you think Aunty,” and he pushed me onto my knees in front of my other nephew.

I watched as Alfie unbuckled his work trousers and they fell to the floor and I could see his cock bulge and I could see stains on his work underwear and I could certainly smell them, piss, sweat and cum, a lot of cum, had he wanked off in them?

Before I asked Alfie said, “I had a wank last night before going to bed and spunked over these and then used them to clean off my cock so they’re covered in dried spunk.”

“Smell them Aunty,” said Henry and pushed my face into Alfies crotch. It was ripe, a real lad smell.

“Pull my ball bags down Aunty, let my cock out,” Alfie told me, I did as I was told, I pulled his pants down to his knees and his cock sprung free and I watched fascinated as his semi hard cock pumped up to a full hard on. I could smell his cock.

“Hey there Alfie, your cock is nearly as big as mine,” laughed Henry.

“Yea right mate, think mines bigger,” Alfie replied.

“Lets see shall we?” Henry responded and moved around to stand in front of me, the two lads with their cocks on show, my mouth was watering.

Henry stood in front of Alfie and laid his cock alongside Alfies and gripped the shafts of both cocks, Henrys cock head pushed into Alfies six-pack, Henrys cock ended about an inch short of Henrys abs.

“See, told you that I was bigger, laughed Henry, “by the way mate your cock stinks.”

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