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A FATHERS FANTASYI am a single father raising two daughters and a son. My oldest daughter, Becki is still living at home as she commutes to collage. She is very beautiful, 5’4″, long dark red-brown hair, about 100 lbs. and she has big tits. I know I shouldn’t notice that about my own daughter but it is hard not to notice. I try to be a cool dad, open minded as well as I try to give her as much privacy as possible. I wouldn’t say she is slutty but she does seem to go through a good number of guys; but with her looks I know she can have any guy she wants. I am pretty sure that when she has guys over she is up to something in her room, the music goes on and I just have that thought that she is having sex. For some reason this began to get on my mind and the more I thought about it, the more I began to wonder what she was doing in her room. One day I decided to set up a small camera in her room when I knew she was having a guy over. I felt so bad, so guilty doing it; I still don’t know why I did it. I don’t know if it was curiosity or an i****tuous desire I did not recognize at the time. Anyway, I set up in a place where I could get the best view of her room. I was oddly anxious to look at what I had caught on film and I was pacing around waiting for my daughter and her guy to leave the house. When they finally left, I took the camera into my home office and hooked it up to my computer to download it. I had to make sure my other k**s weren’t around. It was pretty boring stuff and I had almost stopped watching it, I figured that after watching so much of them doing nothing that nothing must have gone on. I was wrong, I watched on my computer monitor as my daughter had her guy lay down on the bed and then she undid his pants. Then I watched my own daughter, daddy’s girl, give the guy a blow job! I should have turned it off right then and there and I should have erased the video; I don’t know why I didn’t. I watched the entire thing, I watched as Becki gave him, what I thought deep down, was an incredible blow job. I found myself starting to wonder if my daughter would let him cum in her mouth or if she would just jack him off. Then I realized what I was thinking of my own daughter and I tried to put that thought of my mind. However it kept creeping back into my thoughts. I watched and listened as this guy reached his peak and blew his wad into Becki’s mouth, my daughter let him! Then I could see she was swallowing! I could not believe it, my daughter swallowed cum! I felt my cock stiffening in my pants and I felt so dirty. Luckily she did not fuck him. Now every time I looked at my daughter, I kept picturing her with a cock in her mouth spewing cum into it. That was when my i****tuous desires slowly began to take over. I didn’t stop there with sneaking a camera into her room once. I did it every time I knew she was having a guy over. Also, I did not erase any of these videos; I began to make a collection of my daughters blow jobs on my own DVD. I finally acknowledged my i****tuous lustful desires for my daughter when one night while watching my compilation of Becki’s blow jobs, I began to jack off. As I jacked off, I was thinking that it was my cock she was sucking! I felt so dirty for doing that but it was the best and largest cum load I ever had! Now that my lust was out in the open, I took it one step further. Now I found a place to put the camera in her bathroom facing the shower. I had to see her naked, I had this burning desire to see my daughter naked since she never fucked any of the guys she brought home; she just gave them great blow jobs. That video I was even more anxious to watch. I gave all the k**s money to go out so I could quickly download and watch that one. I of course sat at my desk naked; my cock was fully erect even before I started to watch it. I watched with such burning i****tuous lust as my daughter walked into her bath room. My heart was racing as I watched her undress. I nearly blew my load at what I saw! Her tits were even bigger than I thought, somewhere in the D range. She had such a hot body, a great ass, a shaved pussy. I watched her tits bounce around as she got in the shower and then wildly stroked my cock as I watched her drying herself off. Then to my shock and delight I watched as my daughter finger fucked herself! Needless to say I jacked off while watching my naked daughter playing with herself. Then I re-watched my secret, i****tuous video and jacked off again. This went on for a couple of weeks sometimes my daughter would finger herself, sometimes she didn’t. Twice she did bring a dildo with her into the shower and bathroom and I watched her fucking her pussy with it. Oh yes my thoughts did go right to wishing the dildo was my own cock! She even fucked her ass with the dildo. My daughter seemed to be into everything and was blowing the best cum loads of my life watching my secret videos of her. One day I knew she was having one of her guys over; I knew of course she was going to give him a blow job. I waited a while until I had a good feeling she was sucking cock. I don’t know why I did what I did, well I guess I did know, I wanted my cocked sucked by my daughter. I went up to Becki’s room and opened the door. I caught her with the guys cock in her mouth. The guy freaked out. I had never seen a guy move that fast to get dressed and run out of the house. My daughter on the other hand did not seem at all bothered. “Good job dad. Why didn’t you knock?” my daughter said sarcastically to me. “I didn’t think I would find you giving head.” “Yeah right dad.” I gave my daughter an odd look. “Well dad, what did you want? You didn’t come in here for nothing.” I hadn’t thought that far ahead, “Oh it can wait Becki.” Then I started to leave, I hoped my daughter didn’t see my raging hard on. “Now wait a fucking minute dad! You come in here, invade my privacy and then you don’t want anything; bullshit.” I turned around facing my daughter as she walked up close to me. “I know what you fucking wanted.” She paused and then said, “You wanted a fucking blow job! You were hoping your own daughter would suck your cock, you i****tuous pervert.” I turned white and the blood rushed out of my face, I didn’t know what to say. Then my daughter went over to where I hid the camera. She grabbed and handed it to me. “What the fuck did you think? Did you think I would find it or the one you have in my bathroom.” I was so embarrassed, my daughter caught me. “How…how did you know? How long?” “I have known for a long time!” Then Becki grabbed me by the hand and pulled me out of her room, down the hall to my office. She went right to where I hid the DVD’s I was burning of her blow jobs and bathroom antics. She threw at me and said, “I guess you didn’t think I would fucking find these either? Have you been jacking off to them? Have you been watching me naked or sucking a guy’s cock and jacking off here at your desk?” I was speechless which only made my daughter angrier. “Fucking tell me the truth dad!” “Yes Becki, I have.” She pushed me into my chair and before I knew it she dropped down onto her knees between my legs. She quickly pulled my sweat pants down, my cock was still hard and it popped right up. Becki grabbed my shaft and looked up at me. “At first it really pissed me off and thought about reporting you. But then I thought about you sitting here, jacking off and it was so dirty, so wrong, it turned me on. Are you ready to have your cock sucked by your daughter?” “Oh yes Becki!” Then she let go of my cock, “Dad you are such pervert.” Then she smiled and said, “I think you would rather I gave you a blow job topless.” My daughter stood up and took her shirt off; I hadn’t noticed that she had no bra on! Her tits bounced around a bit and fuck did they look great up close! “Shit Becki! What size are your tits?” My daughter smiled as she grabbed her tits and squeezed them. “They are 38D, maybe just a bit larger. Do you like big tits dad?” “I love your big tits Becki.” My daughter slid herself slowly down my body as she went back down on her knees. She purposely slid my cock between her tits, oh what a fucking great feeling! As I looked down I could not believe I was watching my hard cock sliding between my own daughters tits! My daughter grabbed my throbbing, pre cum oozing cock and gave it a few long, slow licks. I felt like I was going to blow my wad right then and there! “Daddy, you can cum as quickly as you want. But when you are ready to cum, tell me. I want to watch you jack off into my mouth. Is that ok?” I just nodded yes, all I knew was I was about to live out an i****tuous fantasy that many fathers have about their hot daughters. Becki went right to work sliding my cock into her mouth. I let out a loud, lustful moan of approval. My daughter moved her mouth quickly up and down my shaft, sucking hard as she went. The slurping noises were so loud and my daughters’ mouth was so wet. As my cock was in her mouth, she snaked her tongue all over my throbbing shaft and really worked the sensitive area just under my piss slit. “Oh fuck Becki! You give the best head ever!” She let my cock slide out of her mouth, a long string of pre cum and saliva went from my prick head to her lips. “Thanks dad. I love giving head so I get a lot of practice.” “So you love sucking cock, I would never have thought that of my daughter.” She flicked her tongue rapidly on the underside of my prick head. “But what I love the most is the taste of cum. I love how if feels in my mouth, on my tongue, going down my throat or just on my body.” Then she went right back to sucking my cock like a pro. I placed my hand on her head as it bobbed up and down on my shaft. “Oh yes Becki. Suck it! Suck your fathers cock. Make your dad cum in your mouth. Oooh yeah Becki…suck it good.” I will freely admit that I did not last long, maybe a couple of minutes before I had to cum. I know it was a combination of my daughter being so good at giving a blow job and the fact it was my daughter! “Becki, I’m close to cumming!” She kept sucking my cock harder and working it in and out of her mouth even faster. “Becki…I’m not k**ding…you are going to make me cum! Ooh yes…fuck…get my cock out of your mouth…I’m gonna fuck’n cum now!” My daughter massaged my balls and gave my cock a few more sucks before she let it out of her mouth. I quickly grabbed my prick and began to stroke it. It blew my mind looking down at my daughter with her mouth wide open, her tongue sticking out, waiting for me to cum in it! It took maybe three of four strokes on my prick before my cock erupted like a volcano spewing my hot, sticky cum all over my daughters’ face. I took my free hand and placed it on my daughters head, tilting it back a bit. “Wider Becki! Oh fuck…get ready…I’m cumming!” I let out a loud grunt and my first spurt of cum blew out of my piss slit right across my daughters face! It felt great and looking even better splattering across her face! I aimed my prick a bit lower as the next surge of cum erupted and shot into my daughters’ mouth. I watched it land on her tongue and splatter in the back of her throat. I could not believe how much more I kept cumming! Spurt of after spurt blew out of my cock and I enjoying coating my daughters mouth, tongue, lips and chin with my hot, sticky wad. When I was done my daughter took a big swallow of all the cum I gave her. Then she went wild sucking my prick dry of the remaining cum. When she was done sucking my cock, she it pop out of her mouth. “That was fucking hot dad! I never had a guy cum that much!” She licked her lips clean and then wiped her chin off with two fingers. She took her cum covered fingers and sucked the cum off of them. I was beyond horny now. I had such deep seething; dark i****tuous lustful thoughts that I was going to live them all out right then and there. I stood up and pulled my daughter up with me. She still had the cum across her face as I bent down, grabbed her massive tits and I began to wildly lick and suck on her tits! She let out a loud moan, “Oh yes daddy! Suck my tits!” As I sucked on my daughters tits, she wiped the rest of my cum off of her face and swallowed it all. That only made me suck her tits harder! She moaned like a little slut! Her tits felt so good in my hands and her nipples were even better in mouth! I had sucked so many tits but there was no comparison in pure lust and pleasure that I felt while sucking on my daughters’ tits. While licking and sucking on my daughters huge tits I began to maneuver her towards my desk, as soon as I got her ass touching my desk I gently pushed her down onto the table. Before Becki really knew what was going I had her lying on her back, and I yanked her shorts right off. I quickly sat down in my chair and rolled up between her legs. I dove head first into her pussy with my tongue leading the way. My daughters’ pussy tasted so good, so sweet. I licked her pussy lips up and down before flicking my tongue across her nice hard clit. My daughter was wiggling all around, moaning and groaning as loud as she could. I looked up from between her legs to watch her. Becki was rubbing her tits, pulling on her nipples and then holding them up to her mouth, sucking on her own nipples as well as licking them! “Oooh yes daddy! Lick my pussy! Dig your tongue into me daddy!” I lapped at my daughters sweet, forbidden honey hole. I drove my tongue in as far as I could get it. Then I used my thumbs to pull apart her pink, wet pussy lips as I ran my tongue all over her pussy. She moaned louder, rising up on her elbows every once in awhile to get a better look at her me, her father, going down on her like a pro. “Becki, you taste so good! I have never tasted a better pussy than yours!” “Don’t talk daddy!…make me cum with your tongue.” I decided to try something out with my daughter. First I inserted a finger into her pussy, hitting her G-spot almost instantly. My daughter screamed out with i****tuous delight. Then I bent another finger around and stuck it up her tight asshole. My daughter went wild! She screamed out to finger fuck her and lick her pussy. I worked my fingers in and out of her tight asshole and pussy as I kept licking her sweet pussy. My daughter wildly writhed around on my desk screaming so loud with pleasure I thought the neighbors would hear her. Beads of sweat were forming all over her body as I worked her into a frenzy. Her breathing got louder and heavier, she arched her back and her tits freely bounced around as she climaxed all over my fingers and tongue. Her flow of honey sweet pussy juice was great, as great as watching and listening to my daughter orgasm due to me. She screamed and moaned with delight for a minute or two before her orgasm finally subsided. My cock was throbbing, bright red and drooling pre cum. My carnal lust was in over drive and I didn’t care anymore, I wanted more of my daughters’ pussy and I was going to get it. I stood up, grabbing my erect shaft in one hand. I looked down at my sweaty, gorgeous daughters’ body. I slapped my prick on her clit several times, getting pre cum all over it. My daughter looked up at me, “Daddy, are you going to fuck me? You are going to fuck your own daughter?” she said to me in her little girl voice. I responded, “I’m gonna give you the best fuck ever! A fuck you deserve!” Then I pressed my cock between her wet pussy lips, watching them part as my piece of meat pressed inward. My daughter watched my cock going into her pussy, she moaned as my prick entered her, inch after inch of my eight and half inch cock. I buried my cock all the way into her tight, hot, wet pussy all the way up to my ball sac. I had to moan as well, as to the fact this was the best pussy I ever had my cock in! My daughter was so tight and wet, I wanted to fuck her and never stop. “Oh yeah Becki! Your pussy is so tight. I’m gonna love fucking you!” “Come on daddy…fuck me hard! I’ve been a bad girl and you need to punish me by fucking me hard.” Well, my daughter asked for it so I began to pound my cock into her pussy like a jack hammer. My balls slapped against her, making a nice erotic slapping noise. I watched with uncontrollable lust as my daughters 38D tits bounced around. I had never experienced such deep, uncontrollable lust as I was experiencing while fucking my daughter. She squirmed around, moaning for me to keep fucking her harder. “Oh yes daddy…your cock is so fucking big! I want more of your cock daddy…bury it into me…fuck my pussy…fuck me daddy!” The more my daughter told me to fuck her, the more delight I took in my i****tuous thoughts and feelings. “Yeah take it Becki!! Take my fucking cock! Do you want to be my fuck toy? Huh? Do you want to be your daddy’s fuck toy?” “Oh yes…oh yes daddy…fuck me…I will be your fuck toy!” I thought to myself about how many fathers would love to be me, fucking their hot daughters’. I thought about all my friends whom I noticed would eye my daughter. I fucked my daughter with such pure lust; I never thought that i****tuous lust would be so pleasurable and make me hammer my daughter like I had never fucked any other woman. I could feel a nice cum load building up in my prick. My cock began to swell, thickening as my i****tuous fuck was bringing me closer and closer to shooting tempobet yeni giriş my wad. I thought for a moment if I should cum in my daughters’ pussy or not. Part of me wanted to fill my daughters’ pussy with my hot cum. Another part of me wanted to pull my cock out of her and spew my cum all over her body! “Oh yeah Becki…your pussy is so good, you are gonna make your daddy cum!” “Come on daddy…cum…I want you to cum!” I grabbed my daughter at the waist as I felt my cum building up in my cock, suddenly I felt a surge as my cock unleashed a huge spurt of cum deep into my daughters pussy. I let out a loud grunt, “Yeah! Fucking take it Becki! I’m cumming!” Then I thrust my cock back into my daughters’ pussy again, sending another surge of cum deep into her hot pussy. She let out a loud moan as she had an intense orgasm. It felt like her pussy was sucking my cock! Sucking out another spurt of cum. I grabbed the base of my prick and held it tight preventing anymore cum from spurting out. I pulled my cock out of her hot, tight, wet pussy and held it over my daughters’ body. I stroked my prick, letting spurt after spurt of cum erupt out of it and splatter all over my daughters sweaty body. Cum landed on her stomach, I got some in her belly button, some cum made it to her tits! I milked out as much cum as I could, taking great delight in seeing it all over my daughter. As soon as I stopped cumming my daughter pushed me back several steps with her feet. “I can’t believe you just came in my pussy! Then you shot your cum all over me! You think I am some slut? I’m gonna show you what I think of about that!” I didn’t know what my daughter meant but I quickly found out. She dropped to her knees grabbing my cock and began to suck on it like a baby sucking on a bottle. She rubbed my cum into her body with her free hand as she used her other hand to hold my prick. “You want to treat me like your fuck toy, your little slut! Well daddy I am going to show you how slutty your daughter is!” She kept working my cock with her lips and she was able to keep me hard and incredibly horny! Then she grabbed her tits and ate my cum right off of them! I watched her with i****tuous, lustful delight. “Did you like that daddy? Did you like watching your own daughter lick and swallow your cum?” “Yeah Becki I did.” Becki then stood up as she was satisfied that my cock was hard enough. She spun around and bent over my desk, sticking her ass out at me. “Come on dad, I want it up my ass! I am a naughty daughter who needs to get fucked up the ass to teach her a lesson.” I held my cock out and to my surprise, my daughter backed her ass right up on my throbbing shaft, taking it all into her very tight asshole. I began to ram my cock in and out of her tight asshole, she responded by fucking my cock even harder with her ass. I soon stopped and just stood there letting my daughter work her own ass up and down my prick.My daughter moaned with incredible lustful, wildness as she continued to impale her tight ass on my throbbing cock. She slowed down her pace and looked at me over her shoulder. “Are you enjoying this dad? Is this everything your dirty fantasies were?” “Becki, this is so much better than I ever pictured in my head when I was jacking off. I have never cum this much for anyone else! Do you know how many dads would love to have their daughters suck their cocks, let alone fuck their daughter?” Becki gave me a wicked smile, “I bet a lot of dads jack off thinking about their daughters.” My daughter increased her pace again for a minute or two, moaning as loudly as she could before she slowed down again and looked back at me one more time. “Dad…do all guys your age cum as much as you do?” I thought for a moment before I responded, “If they were getting to fuck a young, incredibly hot woman like you they would!” Then my daughter said, “Really? I love cum so much, maybe I need to fuck and suck older guys. What do you think about that daddy?” I didn’t know what to say, I didn’t know where my daughter was going. I got a bit jealous; I wanted to be the only older guy to fuck my daughter. “I don’t know what to think Becki….why?” She moaned a bit as she worked my prick in and out of her ass a few more times. “Cause I would love to get gang banged. I would love to have a whole bunch of guys fucking me at the same time, making me suck their cocks as they blew their cum all over me. I thought next time you have your friends over for poker; I could get fucked by all of them. What do you think dad? Would they want to fuck me? Would they want me sucking their cocks?” I was shocked by what my daughter just said, but then I felt my cock slid into her ass again and that shock went away. I thought for a moment, and then I responded. “Yes Becki; they would all fuck the hell out of you! Some of them have daughters’ your age, so it would be like fucking their own daughters!” “Would you like to watch daddy? Would you like to watch all your friends fucking your own daughter? Would you like to watch me sucking their cocks?” “I would love it Becki! As long as I was getting to fuck you too! I would love to see you be my slutty daughter!” Now my daughter worked my cock faster, as if she was giving me her approval and delight in what I just said. Now I started to moan louder as my lust was peeking and I was getting closer to cumming again. My daughter and I were moaning, wallowing in our i****tuous delight as my cum load began to build in my cock. “So you love cum! You want cum Becki?” “Oh…yes…daddy…I love cum!” With that I pushed my daughter off of my prick, I spun her around and pushed my daughter down onto her knees. I grabbed her hair pulling her head back as I stroked my cock with my other hand. “Open your mouth! Be a good daughter, open your mouth and stick that tongue out. Your father has plenty of cum for you!” My daughter opened her mouth just as my cock erupted with hot, sticky jizm. I took such delight in treating my daughter like a little slut. I loved watching the cum spew out of my cock and splatter into my daughters mouth. I aimed my cock to blow a huge spurt of my cum across her face, then I pushed her backwards a bit so I could blow cum spurts all over my daughters tits. Then I grabbed her head and pushed my cock into her mouth as I sent the remaining amount of cum into her mouth and down her throat. “Suck it Becki! Oh fuck yeah! That’s it Becki, swallow your fathers cum!” Once my daughter drained my prick of all my cum, I pulled her up to her feet and held her cum covered tits up to her mouth. “Go on Becki, clean all of my cum off of them!” I watched my daughter lick her tits clean of my cum as I fondled her tits at the same time. Then she wiped the cum off of her face, licking her fingers clean. From that day on, my daughter would wake me up every morning by giving me a blow job. That was the least of what she did for me and I made plans to let her have her fantasy of getting gang fucked by my friends and I. A week went by, a week of having the hottest, nastiest sex with my daughter Becki. I told her at one point I understood why i****t is taboo, it can be so wild and intense. I thanked her for her willing participation, she responded by saying she felt bad that I was not dating and getting it from anyone so she was happy with being my sexual outlet. She hinted around about the up and coming poker night I would be having at my home. I told her a bored tone that I knew it was coming up, ignoring her little fantasy about getting gang banged by all the guys coming over; all of whom were old enough to be her dad too. I did make sure that the guys coming over would be ‘ok’ with fucking my daughter and ‘ok’ with watching me fuck her too. That wasn’t too difficult, as a guy I knew they would always check out Becki and even my younger daughter. I had a feeling that the guys I had over would be very happy to take a turn with my Becki, who wouldn’t, she was hot. Plus I knew if they saw her naked, her petite hot body with her 38D tits, they would probably blow their loads in their pants.I made sure the day of the poker night I avoided Becki as much as I could as well as I made sure not to even jerk off, I wanted to save all of my cum for later that night. I gave my son money to go out with his friends as well as I told him he could stay over at his friends’ house, I did the same with my younger daughter as too. This was a bit out of the norm however they both were happy with this odd freedom. I could tell Becki knew then I was going to go ahead with her fantasy. That evening Becki wore a very hot outfit, short jean skirt and a tight low cut top. When she bent down you could clearly see down her top and see she was wearing a very sexy lace bra, it gave me an erection and I knew it would have the same effect on the guys. There ended up being six of us that evening, a perfect number of middle aged, horny guys. Becki pretty much left us alone for the first hour or so. Then she started to me in check up on us to see if we needed more beer. She was very helpful, bringing us beer, snacks and of course bending over quite a lot, giving a great show to all the guys. I could tell they noticed and were enjoying her show. I just acted like I either didn’t notice my daughter’s nice cleavage or I didn’t care that they were checking her out. I figured that once my daughter started spending more time helping us and putting on her show she was letting me know that she was ready to go forward with her slutty fantasy. Becki did a round of shots with us, I knew then she must be warming herself up for what was to come. I really didn’t know how to go about making this happen but I had a thought my take charge daughter already had that figured out since it was her dirty fantasy. When she came back with the next round of beers she commented on how much fun it looked. One of my buddies said she could join in. Becki responded by saying she wished she could but she didn’t have any money to bet with. She gave me a nervous look then a small, almost evil smirk.“Well I could bet my clothes if that is ok with all of you? I have played strip poker before.” The room went dead silent as all eyes fell on my daughters’ hot body then they all turned to me, including Becki’s. My cock was rock hard now. I looked at everyone with a bored look.“Why is everyone looking at me? Becki is 19; she is old enough to make her own choices. If she wants to play with her clothes that is her call.” One of my buddies, Mike, stuttering said, “But…she’s your daughter. You wouldn’t care if we saw her, um, naked.” I shrugged my shoulders. “Oh shit guys. Let’s be a little honest here. I have seen how you all have been checking out my daughter; even I have taken a glance. Anyone who really wouldn’t want to see her strip for us can leave.” Nobody moved. “It’s your call Becki.”My daughter smiled at me and sat down at the table, ready play and ready to loose. I knew her and I knew no matter how good my buddies played, she would make sure she lost and ended up naked for us. As the next hand was dealt I wondered how good my daughter was going to play. I wondered if she would loose quickly or if she would try to drag it out making all of us suffer with our raging hard-on’s. Becki won the first hand, much to all of disappointment but next hand she lost. I wondered, as I knew everyone else did what she would remove first if she actually would. Becki stood up, blushing just a bit and asked us what item of clothing we wanted her to remove first, her mini jean skirt or her top. Everyone took a moment before voting, all of my buddies said her top. Becki looked at me.”Well daddy, are you sure you don’t mind?” I just shook my head no, trying hard not to look as excited and turned on as I felt. She asked me what my vote was and I said her top was fine with me. We all watched intently as my daughter slipped her top off, leaving her in her jean skirt and very sexy lace bra. Her areola were pretty visible through the fabric of the bra. As she slipped the top over her head, her 38D tits jiggled just a bit, a fantastic thing to see. She sat back down in her chair as if this was an everyday thing. I gave all of my buddies a look and found all of their eyes glued to my daughters’ tits. Sam blurted out, “Holy shit Becki! Your tits are huge! How big are those?” She smiled, blushing slightly before answering his question. “I’m an all natural 38D. Do you guys like big tits on teenage girl?”Everyone responded, including myself, with ‘fuck yes.’ My daughter won the next several hands as everyone’s attention was more focused on her tits then on the game. Becki noticed it too and commented that at this rate she would have all of our money and she wouldn’t loose any more clothes. That snapped all of us back into reality and back into playing to win to see my daughter naked. Soon, with her help I figured, Becki was losing again. She lost her jeans and finally she lost her thong. That was the best part when she lost her finally article of clothing she stood up on a chair facing with her ass to us. She slowly pulled her thong down over her fantastic ass, when the thin piece of fabric hit the underside of her ass cheeks she let go and it fell to her ankles. My cock was straining against the fabric of my pants as I glanced around at my buddies I could tell they had the same problem; I saw them subtly adjusting the bulges in their pants. “I suppose you guys want me to turn around?” Becki said as she looked over her shoulder at us. Mike said yes. Then Becki turned around just enough so we got a great side view of her huge tits then she stopped. “You all realize that I am young enough to be anyone’s daughter. Dad you really don’t mind if I do this?”Everybody looked at me. “Nope, it’s your choice. If I had a problem with it I would have said or left the room.” With that she grinned at me and turned the rest of the way around. My buddies let out gasp as they took in Becki’s hot naked body. Her shaved pussy and nice pussy lips were the source of several comments along with her tits too. She stood there for a minute or two letting everyone lustful fantasies to run wild before she jumped off the chair which only made her big tits bounce. My daughter’s nipples were erect, either from the cool air on them or because she was turned on, I didn’t know and I didn’t care. Now I wondered how Becki was going to turn this into a gangbang.She sat back down much to the dismay of everyone there. She played with her cards for a few moments, I had a thought she was thinking about what to do next. Then my bright, hot and horny daughter came up with an offer that blew everyone away.“How would you guys like to play one more hand?”Andy answered with what we were all thinking. “Sure Becki. What are we betting this time?”“Well I will play one hand against on of you. If I win, I get everyone’s money. A college girl needs to earn her money in some way.”She did not say what we would win if she lost so Andy spoke up once again. “And what do we win if you loose?”“Hmm…well how about I will give each of you a blow job?”Jaws hit the floor as our cocks now tried to burst out of our pants. Everyone looked at me then the guys asked if I cared. I said no, smiling on the inside, I knew Becki would loose no matter what. I said again that Becki was adult and she could make any choice about her body she wanted. Then Andy asked my daughter if she was serious and she nodded yes.“Well yeah I’m serious. I know you guys are rock hard, even you dad. I’ve seen how you have been trying to adjust your cocks in your pants without me seeing. That’s the bet, are you in or not?” Of course we were in, the guys nervously picked one person to play her, still afraid I would step in and stop this but I didn’t. As the cards were dealt Mike shouted out, “Oh fuck! We didn’t say she had to swallow.”As Becki looked at her hand, she glanced up at Mike. “Oh come on that doesn’t even have to be said. Of course I will swallow, it’s not a great blow job unless it is finished with cum swallowing but you have to win.”Needless to say Becki lost! The guys all got evil, sex filled grins on their faces when Becki laid down her loosing hand. Then they fell quiet not knowing if she would really give everyone head. My daughterBecki stood up in front of our poker table, the light made her naked body look incredible. She smiled at us, giving a quizzical look. Nobody said anything, I think my buddies were not sure what to do now, after all this was my daughter and I was sure they still didn’t think I would be ok with her giving everyone head.Then in a very easy going, lighthearted voice Becki said, “Ok guys, a bet is bet; who should be first?” Still silence fell across the room but I knew my daughter wouldn’t let that last. “I’m serious guys. I made a bet, I lost so now I have to pay up; blow jobs for everyone. And nobody better tell me that I don’t have to or they expect me to go through with it…Dad.” Becki looked right at me. She moved to with a few steps of us, all my buddies had stood up and were standing next to me. She got a huge wicked grin on her face as her eyes locked onto mine.”If you guys to mind I think my dad should be first since he has been so understanding with this and treating me like an adult; allowing me to tempobet giriş make my choice.” She stepped closer to me and grabbed my belt buckle. My cock was aching it was so hard. She looked up into my eyes as she pressed her huge tits against my chest.”Daddy are you ready for me to give you a great blow job?” That was all my daughter said and all she needed to say to ensure I was rock hard. The way she said it was so hot, seductive and naughty I thought I would blow my load right then and there. Becki then dropped down onto her knees right in front of me and began to undo my belt; as she did the guys let out gasp’s and I heard one of them under his breathe say, ‘Oh fuck she’s going to do it! She’s going to suck her dad off!’ Once she had my belt undone, my daughter then pulled my pants down at which moment my hard cock popped straight out at her dripping pre cumI smiled at Becki once she had my belt undone. I held my rock hard cock in my hand, gently shaking it up and down in front of my daughter. “Go ahead Becki, suck my cock if you want. You have made me so hard I need to blow my load.” My daughter grabbed my hard shaft and held it in her hand just inches away from her wet lips. Then my daughter did one of the most taboo, forbidden things in society eyes; Becki gave me a smile and very slowly slid my prick into her mouth. The sight of my cock disappearing into her mouth felt almost as good as the feeling of cock sliding between her lips, along her tongue and part way down her throat. Becki ran her tongue all over my cock as she slow slid it back out. I kept looking straight down at my daughter as she slid my prick out of her mouth. The slurping noise she was making was louder than moan of approval I was making. When my cock head popped out of her mouth, I saw that she had covered it with her saliva. Everybody saw the saliva strands were attached from my purple-red cock head to her lips. I don’t know what dropped the quickest with my buddies, their jaws or their pants. I have never seen guys get out of their pants as quickly as my buddies did when they knew for sure they were all going to get head from my daughter. Now they stood next to me on either side forming a semi circle of naked guys all with rock hard erections. All of my buddies were slowly stroking their hard pricks as Becki ran her tongue in circles around my prick head. “Mmm your pre cum tastes really good daddy. I can’t wait to find out how good your cum tastes.” She began bobbing her head up and down on my cock, just taking my cock head into her mouth. She let my prick pop out of her mouth again and then she ran her lips up and down my entire shaft. “Mmm Becki you are really good at this. If you keep that up you will find out really quick what my spunk tastes like.” At that point the other guys were giving out comments about how they couldn’t believe she was giving her dad a blowjob; I was letting her and enjoying it! I heard one of them say that I was one lucky dad to have my hot daughter willingly give me head. Over all I tuned out as much as I could as my daughter’s cock sucking skills had my attention. I didn’t notice that two of my buddies didn’t seem fazed at all by this i****tuous moment, later I would find out that is because they are fucking their daughter’s, Megan and Tiffany. I didn’t know I had joined the dirty dad/slutty daughter club.I rested one hand on my daughters head as she really went to work on giving me head. Her head moved up and down on my shaft as fast she could go, slurping all the way. I caught myself smiling away from the intense pleasure Becki was giving to me in front of my buddies. I just moaned under my breath as I found myself wallowing in this dirty delight. Then I noticed my hand was no longer resting on my daughters head, I had u*********sly grabbed her head and was helping push and pull it up and down on my cock. After just a few minutes I could feel my load building up quickly. It was incredible; nobody had ever gotten me to blow my wad this quickly. “Oh yes Becki that’s it. Keep it up. Make daddy cum. You’re going to make me cum Becki.” Then I felt my loins tense up and I knew in just a few more seconds I was going to cum. My cock stiffened up even more as my balls hit her chin. My poker buddies began to say, ‘do it. Cum in her mouth. Shoot your wad into your daughter’s mouth and down her throat. Make her pay off her bet.’“Oh yes…oh fuck yes Becki I’m gonna cum!” I hissed at my daughter as my eyes and whole body seemed to glaze over. Now I had only one thought in my mind, cumming in my daughters’ mouth. Becki worked my cock even faster with her mouth and with great timing just a second or two before I blew my load she let my cock slid out of her mouth. I grabbed it just as my cock head popped out from between her lips. With no words needing to be spoken Becki opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out while she began to massage her big tits. I heard one of my buddies yell ‘DO IT!’I laid my prick head on the tip of her tongue, aiming for her wide-open mouth and with just two strokes on my cock; I exploded into my daughter’s mouth. All the guys cheered as they watched spurt after spurt of jizz shoot out of my prick and into Becki’s mouth. My first spurt was a nice one, thick, white warm jizz sliding right across her wet tongue right down Becki’s throat. She quickly swallowed as I jerked another spurt of my spunk into her mouth. A was able to get a couple more spurts of my seed out of my cock and into her mouth. The last one didn’t make it all the way it just rested on her tongue. Becki pulled her cum covered tongue into her mouth, closed her lips and swallowed making an ‘mmm’ noise as she did. Then she grabbed my prick and sucked it dry. She smiled at me, “How was that dad? Was that a good blow job?” All I could do was nod my head yes as I was still trying to catch my breath. Still on her knees and holding my cock, she glanced to either side of me looking at my buddies. “See I told you I would swallow. I just love the salty taste of spunk.”Then she let go of my cock and stared at everyone for a moment. “Who should I give head to next?” She tapped her finger on her chin for a moment while every guy stood there jerking off a little bit quicker. “Hey! You guys had better stop that! I don’t want you to cum before I have had my chance to keep my bet.” Then she looked at Mike.“Now if I remember you were the one who said that you should have added to the bet that I needed swallow. I think you will be next.” My daughter then moved over in front of him, still on her knees, yanked his prick out of his hand and instantly slid it into her mouth. I happily watched my daughter suck away on Mike’s cock while the other guys watched and waited their turns. I gave Becki and Mike a few minutes before I decided to interrupt with only fatherly concern on my mind.“Hey Becki, Mike stop for minute.” Becki let his prick pop out of her mouth as she turned to me with a disappointed look on pretty face. “Why did you tell us to stop?” Mike asked sounding almost frantic. “This is going to be hard on my daughter’s knees sucking everyone off. I think it would be better for Becki if we let her sit down on the couch. I’m sure nobody will mind standing on the couch and letting Becki suck them off that way.” I smiled at Becki and she smiled back. She got up and hopped her way over the couch, doing that on purpose so we could watch her huge tits bounce up and down. She sat down on the couch; spread her legs wide so we could all get a great look at her wet pussy. She patted the couch seat next to her.“Come on Mike get up here so I can finish sucking you off. I have to honor my bet.” She gave him a wicked smile. It seemed like Mike leapt up onto the couch and pushed his cock back into my daughters waiting mouth. We watched him now slowly fuck Becki’s mouth groaning with a lustful sound as he did. I heard one of the other guys’ say, ‘fuck would you look at her tits. I would love to suck on them.’ The response I heard was, ‘shit I wouldn’t mind fucking them too!’ I spun around and looked at them.“Well go on, suck on her tits. I don’t care and doubt Becki will mind having her tits sucked.” Then I turned around to see Mike with his prick all way in her mouth. “Becki, you don’t mind if the guys take turns sucking on your tits?” I saw her eyes look at me and she shook her head no while her mouth was filled with hard cock. Then she pulled her head back off of Mike’s cock. “But only if someone goes down on me. I am so wet I need to get off too!” Tiffany’s dad pushed me on the back.“That sounds like a job for her dad. Go on eat her out. If that was my daughter I would have my face buried between her thighs.” All of us moved as one, I dropped down and buried my face into my daughter’s pussy. Two of the other guys grabbed her big tits and began to suck away on them. My daughter gave a muffled moan and her body twitched from the pleasure we started to give to her. Mike was now increasing his pace fucking her mouth as the guys took turns sucking on her tits, fondling them and pinching her erect nipples. I glanced up to see Mike getting a glazed, intense look on his face. I could see his cock harden and I knew that he was about to blow his wad down my daughter’s throat. With a couple more strokes he yelled out, ‘oh fuck yes!’ All of us could tell he was blowing his load as his body jerked with spasm after spasm he was unloading his salty jizz into her mouth. I saw Becki swallowing away trying to moan but there was no way she could as her throat was filling with cum. Then Mike suddenly pulled his cock out of her mouth bringing with it a small spurt of his spunk, which landed on her chin. My daughter wiped it off with her fingers, licked her fingers with her cum covered tongue as now she screamed with delight. Between my tongue-lashing and the guys sucking on her tits she got off in my face. Her sweetness coated my tongue as I lapped away at my daughter’s pussy. She wiggled all over the couch as I kept lapping up her juices. The other guys held her tits in place as much in place as they could by clamping their hands down on her tits as they kept sucking on them. Megan’s dad didn’t give her a moment to rest as she laid back trying recover from her orgasm he got up on the couch holding his pre cum dripping cock in his hand. He bent down, bringing his cock to within an inch of her mouth. “Come on Becki, suck it! Pay off your bet and suck my cock!” I actually enjoyed listening to him talk to her like that; he had that ‘dad authoritative’ tone in his voice. My daughter responded by grabbing his cock and pulling it into her mouth. I decided to let the guys enjoy Becki’s body for a while. I got up and looked at the other guys. “Her pussy is all yours. She tastes great, nice and sweet.” I walked off to the poker table, grabbed one of the chairs and sat down to watch my buddies pleasure my daughter’s tits and pussy as she kept giving blowjobs to everyone. Watching actually was a huge turn on as my cock got hard again. I enjoyed watching my daughter sucking a cock while these guys took turns sucking on her 38D tits and took turns licking her sweet wet pussy. I found it interesting to watch how each of my buddies got off in my daughter’s mouth. Mike who was the second guy after me to get his blow job from Becki had his style. He fucked my daughters’ mouth all the way through to his climax. I would have thought that he would pull out at the last second and jerk off into her open mouth but nope. He kept pumping his hard cock in and out of her mouth until he blew his load down her throat as if he was fucking her tight pussy. He did take a very aggressive tone of voice ordering Becki to swallow and to keep swallowing his cum. As soon as he was done he pulled out and took his turn eating her out as now Megan’s dad got up to take his turn getting head from my daughter.Megan’s dad let Becki do all the work as he just watched and ran his fingers through her long red-brown hair. The other guys loved sucking on her tits and making Becki moan like an ‘A’ list porn star. I know Mike got her off again judging by her mewing and squirming around on the couch while she kept sucking on the prick, she had in her mouth. He turned and looked at me as Becki ran her tongue up and down his hard cock. “Your daughter is great at giving head.” He gave her then me a wicked grin. “There is only one person I know who gives a blow job that is just a bit better but I’m biased towards her.” He left it at that without saying whom he was talking about. I just figured he was talking about his ex wife or whomever he was dating at the moment. Becki licked and sucked her way to getting him off next. When he was ready to let his spunk fly he told Becki to tilt her head back, open her mouth and stick her tongue out. Then he held his cock a couple of inches away from her mouth as he jerked off. He had great aim as most of his jizz landed on her tongue or in her mouth. Only a small amount of his cum landed on her chin but Becki quickly cleaned that up. She waited until he was done blowing his wad into her mouth by which time there was a good amount of spunk on her tongue. Megan’s dad used his cock head to push his jizz along her tongue, into her mouth and finally down her throat. He groaned with approval as she swallowed his was first then I could see her sucking the remaining drops of cum out of his cock before letting him go so she could work on the next hard prick. That next cock was Tiffany’s dad. He was a mix of Megan’s dad and Mike in the way he had Becki give him a blowjob. He let her do most of the work only occasionally fucking her mouth. I think he just wanted to see and feel his balls slapping against her chin. I was enjoying watching my buddies not giving my daughter a moments rest with either her giving head or their sucking on her tits. I did notice that when Megan’s dad took over on her pussy he finger fucked her while he licked her clit. He of course told the other guys how tight my daughter’s pussy is and aside from Tiffany’s dad was getting sucked off; the other guys took turns fingering her pussy. Needless to say Becki got off again once they found her G-spot. It was great watching that! As soon Megan’s dad found it with his fingers, he taunted my daughter by fingering her until she was nearly screaming with pleasure barely able to continue giving Tiffany’s dad head the he would stop. Finally, she begged him to let her cum which is what he wanted to hear so he finger fucked her to another screaming climax.Tiffany’s dad did the same thing that Megan’s dad when he was ready to cum. The only difference was he told Becki to jerk him off into her mouth. He kept an evil grin on his face as my daughter yanked on his cock milking out spurt after spurt of cum into her mouth as well as onto her nose and chin. The spunk that didn’t go into her mouth seemed to make him happier. I was very impressed with the skills my daughter had and the fact that she was enjoying making all these guys who were old enough to be her father get off in her mouth. I never would have dreamed my oldest daughter was such a cum lover. The last of my poker buddies had his own unique style. As Becki was sucking him off, he kept rubbing his fingers over her face saying how pretty of face she had and how hot she looked with spunk on her nose.When he got closer to blowing his wad, he turned to me. “Do you mind if I cum all over your daughters beautiful face?” By this time my cock was rock hard as well as I was hornier than hell. I gave him a small grin.“That’s up to Becki. Why don’t you ask her?”He pulled his wet hard prick out of Becki’s mouth. He began to jerk off, looking down at my daughter. “I want to cum all over your face. Do you care?” She smiled at him, “I love having guys jerk off all over me. I love feeling hot sticky cum splatter all over my body. Do it as long as you give me some in my mouth.” She tilted her head way back, opened her mouth wide, stuck her tongue out again and closed her eyes. The other guys got up to watch. They all began to say, ‘do it. Cum all over her face.’ Well he did not disappoint any of our lustful thoughts. He exploded with numerous spurts of thick white cum all over Beck’s face. I had to admit it was a hot sight watching someone else jerk off all over her, seeing his spunk land on her nose, forehead, chin, cheeks, her closed eyes, in her hair, on her tongue and in her mouth. I could see my daughter smiling as she felt each spurt of cum hit her face. Then I noticed that I wasn’t the only one who was rock hard again, Mike and Megan’s dad were sporting erections too. I quietly left the room to let the guys enjoy watching Becki clean up the jizz mess on her face as well as suck the last bits out of his prick. I had a thought in mind on how to take care of my erection. When I came back into the room I saw my buddy who just blew his wad all over Becki’s face lying down on the floor. Becki was straddling his and grinding her pussy into his face while Megan and Tiffany’s dads were kneeling on either side of her fondling and sucking on her tits. She had her head turned to the side as Mike was now feeding her his hard cock. Apparently, nobody wanted the poker game to end just then; which was ok with me. Mike looked tempobet güvenilirmi at me, “We wondered where you went. Your daughter said she enjoyed getting us off and didn’t mind if we had a bit more fun with her.” He saw I had my hand behind my back and then asked what was I hiding. I acted as if it was nothing special as I pulled my hand out from behind me and tossed several condoms down on the floor in front of the guys. Immediately they all stopped and looked at them then up at me as I was putting one on my cock.“I don’t know about you guys but I’m gonna fuck my horny, cock sucking daughter. I’m going to give her the kind of fuck that only a dad can give his hot daughter.” In a flash Mike pulled his cock out of her mouth as Megan and Tiffany’s dad’s released her tits and quickly grabbed a condom wrapper each. Becki gave me the most seductive look I had ever seen from any woman. She kept grinding her pussy on the tongue that was eating her out. She began to squeeze her tits then held them up to her mouth where she gave each of her hard nipples a flick with her tongue.“You’re going to fuck me daddy? You want to fuck your own daughter in front of your buddies? My cock sucking wasn’t enough for you now you want to fuck me then watch your buddies fuck me too?” I pulled her up onto her feet. I gave her an intense look as I grabbed her right tit. I bent my head down and sucked on it for a moment.“That’s right Becki. I’m gonna fuck you and then let my poker buddies take their turn fucking your hot body.” Before my daughter could say a word I pushed backwards towards the poker table. As soon as her hot ass touched the table I pushed her down onto her back onto it. Becki spread her legs without me having to say a word. As guided my cock towards her wet pussy lips she looked up at me.“Fuck me daddy. Come on and fuck me good.” She rubbed her tits and licked her lips as I slowly pressed my hard cock against her pussy lips. I gave her a wicked grin as I steadily pushed my shaft into her tight wet pussy. Becki moaned ‘oh god yes’ as I buried my cock all the way into her. I grabbed her by the hips and started to give her one hell of a pounding. The other guys gathered around the table standing watching and waiting their turn. All of them were jerking on their hard cocks enjoying the sights and sounds of my daughter. As I fucked Becki she played the role of horny teenage girl to a tee. She squirmed all over our poker table, moaning away as she massaged her tits with one hand and rubbed on her clit with the other. As Mike was stroking his cock, he kept saying, ‘yeah that’s it, fuck her! Fuck your daughter good.’ Andy then added, ‘Fuck would you look at her tits bouncing all over! Shit, I have got to fuck those tits!’ As worked my cock faster and faster in and out of Becki she went wild groaning, rubbing her tits as well as holding them up to her mouth licking and sucking on her own nipples. Then she grabbed some of the poker chips we were using, dropped them all over her tits, and then rubbed two of them all over her tits. She pointed out that they were as large as her areola. I couldn’t hold back much longer, I was hitting her pussy harder than I had the first time I fucked my daughter. I gasped, ‘I’m gonna cum! Your fucking tight pussy is gonna make me cum!’ Becki reached behind her head to grab the glass she had been drinking out of. She rose up onto her elbows looking at me then looking down at my cock moving in and out of her wet pussy. The other guys were just saying ‘fuck her, fuck her’ as if it was some mantra. She held the glass in one hand moaning away.“Oh yes daddy that’s it. Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Faster daddy, faster! Oh god your cock feels so good inside of my pussy.” I could feel my cock begin to grow thicker as well as stiffen. Becki sensed it, “Daddy I want you to cum in this glass. Don’t waste your tasty spunk in the condom.” I was almost completely out of it, lost in my lust but just I felt my wad building I pulled my cock out of my daughters’ pussy. I practically ripped the condom off of my hard shaft. As I did Becki sat up, grabbed my uncovered cock with one hand, holding the glass just under my cock head with her other hand. I stood up tall, looking down at my naked daughter as she jerked me off. She stroked my prick like a pro and as it only took a few jerks of her soft petite hand on my prick to make me unleash my cum load. All I said was, ‘Oh yeah here it comes Becki!’ My cock exploded with a thick stream of hot white spunk jetting into the glass. Becki yelled out, ‘yeah daddy, that’s it. Cum for me. Keep cumming for me.’ I unleashed several more spurts of my seed into the glass thanks to her skillful hand job. As soon as I stopped cumming Becki put the glass down next to her and slid my prick into her mouth to suck it dry. Mike couldn’t contain his a****listic lust any longer. He moved next to me, pushed me away from Becki. “My turn to fuck your daughter!” was all he said. As I stepped out of the way he pulled Becki to her feet spun her around then pushed her over positioning himself right behind her. She placed her hands on the table to brace herself for the fucking he was about to lay on her. Mike rammed his cock into her pussy not wasting a moment. “Oh yeah this is pussy is fantastic!” He slammed his cock into her repeatedly. My daughters’ tits were bouncing all over the place with each thrust of his cock. “You guys are going to love fucking Becki. Her pussy is the tightest! Is there anything better than fucking a teenage pussy, I don’t think so. He held her by her ass cheeks, fingering her asshole just a bit as he fucked her hard. Then he suddenly stopped, he reached up and grabbed a fistful of her long silky hair and pulled her head back. She arched her back as far backwards as she could. Mike went back to fucking her with slow steady strokes as he held her head back. Her tits looked so good moving in response to each inward thrust of his cock into her. “Becki, this is the best poker game we have ever had! Too bad your dad didn’t have you join us long ago, just think of all the fucking we could have been enjoying.” Then he pulled her back away from the table, as he did he let go of her hair. Now he slipped his arms under her under arms pulling her back up again as he kept fucking her. He looked at me grinning ear to ear, “Why don’t you come over here and suck on your daughters’ nice big tits while I fuck her?” The guys all agreed and began to say repeatedly, ‘Go on, suck her tits. Suck your daughters’ tits.’ I didn’t need to be told to do that as I moved over in front of her. I grabbed Becki’s tits and planted my mouth right on her nipple. I went to town fondling her tits and going back and forth between her huge melons sucking on them. She closed her eyes and just moaned softly as Mike fucked her and I pleasured her tits. She looked like a rag doll, a nice hot sexy rag doll there for our sexual enjoyment. Soon I heard Mike say, “Get the cum glass; your daughter is going to make me blow my wad.” I pulled myself away from her tits, turning to get the glass; luckily, Andy was right there holding it in one hand while he was jerking on his cock with the other. I turned around with the glass just as Mike was pulling his prick out of her pussy, pulling off his condom and tossing it to the floor. He pushed my daughter down onto her knees, snatched the glass out of my hand and handed it to Becki. “Put it between your tits!” Becki smiled and wedged the glass between her tits. It fit nicely and she didn’t even have to hold it there. She looked up at Mike as the rest of us gathered around. He had a wicked grin on his face as he jerked himself off, aiming his spunk for the glass. Cum suddenly shot out of hard cock landing right into glass. His next spurt missed landing on her right tit. She smiled and said, ‘you missed the glass.’ Mike fired off a couple smaller spurts of spunk getting the rest into the glass by way of cumming on her tits just above the lip of the glass. Becki used her finger to push it down into the glass. She then scooped up the jizz off of her right tit and wiped it into the glass. She handed me the glass and cleaned off the rest with her tongue. While still on her knees, she said aloud, ‘who’s next?’ Megan’s dad was sitting on the sofa stroking his hard cock. ‘I’m next.’ Was all he said.We helped my daughter up to her feet; she then skipped over to the sofa, climbed up on the cushions straddling his body then lowered herself down onto his prick. He held it straight up to guide his cock right into her tight pussy. She was facing him so he could get his oral enjoyment with her tits while she rode up and down on his cock, fucking him like a good horny teenage girl. I smiled to myself knowing how much Becki was enjoying servicing all of us older, father like guys, catering to our sexual desires. As Becki rode up and down his prick, he had his hands all over tits fondling them as well as sucking away on them.They kept up this hot scene for several minutes all the rest of us did was stand there and enjoy watching them fuck. Then it looked like he was whispering into my daughters’ ear. She said, ‘Oh really? Wow! I’ll bet you are happy.’ I made a mental note to ask Becki afterwards what that was all about. Then she stopped riding his prick, she looked over her shoulder at us.“Oh I’m sorry. You guys are really getting to see me getting fucked.” She grinned. “I’ll have to fix that.” She spun around to face us, making sure his prick never popped out of her pussy. Megan’s dad let loose a loud moan. We heard him say, ‘shit that was great! I’ll have to remember that move.’ Now she was facing us, her legs d****d over his and spread wide. All of us now had a great view of her shaved pussy with a cock in it. She leaned back against his chest, placed her hand on his prick as she rode up and down on it; this was her way to make sure it didn’t pop out before she was done with him. She rode his cock like bronco rider he held her in place by holding onto her tits the entire time. She suddenly looked at me, gave me an odd, wicked, dirty smile. “Do you like this daddy? Do you like watching me being fucked? Do you like it as much as you like fucking me?” I shook my head and smiled back at her.“You know Becki; I love every moment of this; more than what my buddies are. You are such a great daughter, sucking us off and letting us fuck you.” She smiled back and turned her head a bit back over her shoulder.“Are you ready to cum yet?” We heard him say, ‘hell yes.’Becki allowed his cock to slide out of her pussy. She pulled the condom off. Andy asked if she wanted the cum glass, Becki shook her head no. She grabbed Megan’s’ dad cock and proceeded to give him a hand job. She worked his cock with her hand bending it backwards aimed for her stomach. Spunk began to spurt out making a huge sticky mess. He got his jizz all over her stomach, her hand and arm not to mention his prick looked like a sloppy mess. When she had jerked him clean she then asked for the glass, scooped up what she could of his spunk then licked the spunk off of her hand and arm. Tiffany’s dad was extremely horny and impatient. He walked over to Becki, grabbed her by the arm and pulled her up. Then he ordered her to get down on her hands and knees. She did as she was told and he got down on his knees behind her and started to give it to Becki doggie style.She glanced over to the sofa and told him to come over and kneel down in front of her so she could clean his prick off. Megan’s dad jumped up and was down in front of my daughter in flash to get his prick cleaned off by her tongue. She looked like snake the way her tongue darted all over his prick cleaning off every bit of cum. I was feeling horny still so I got down on the floor, lying down on my back. I told Andy to join me under my daughter. We wormed our way under her body getting our heads right under her swaying tits. I didn’t have to Andy what to do. We played with her fun bags while she getting a great fuck. I loved sticking my tongue out and just letting her hard nipple brush across it with each swaying motion her whole body made with each thrust of the cock into her pussy. At one point Tiffany’s dad stopped fucking Becki for a moment, I heard Becki say, ‘NO SHIT! Both of you?’ Then he went back to pounding the fuck out of her pussy; my daughter moaning all the way. I heard him say in a panic tone, ‘I’m gonna cum Becki, I’m gonna cum!’ Andy and I pulled out from underneath her to watch. He pulled out of her pussy, yanked the condom off and jerked off all over her hot ass and the small of her back. Becki started shouting ‘oh yes cum all over me, cum all over my ass! I love it! Oh yes it feels so hot and sticky!’ He emptied himself quickly, looking at her ass and back with a satisfied look. I handed him the glass and we scooped up as much of his spunk as we could. The entire time Becki kept telling us how much she loved having guys cum on her body and how great it felt to have hot sticky jizz on her. Andy now told us all to get out of the way. He rolled my daughter over onto her back; he quickly got between her legs and went at her like a wild a****l. As I got up, I patted him on the shoulder. “Give my daughter a good fuck.” She laid there just letting Andy go wild fucking her. She kept giving him a silly smile as she rubbed her tits. Suddenly Andy stopped his jack hammering on her pussy.“What the fuck is funny?”“Oh nothing…it’s just you seem to be enjoying fucking my pussy but I thought you were the one who said several times that you wanted to fuck my big tits.” It was like a light bulb going off over his head and began to grin too. “Yeah, you’re right. I do want to fuck your tits.” He pulled his cock out of her pussy, quickly straddling her body placing his prick between her tits. Becki pulled the condom off his prick and tossed it away. She pressed her tits together making a nice tight fit for his cock.“You better cum all over my tits. I’ll be mad if you don’t.” she said to Andy. Happily, Andy worked his hard shaft between her large mounds, pinching her nipples as he fucked Becki’s tits. We stood there watching him pleasure her tits; I decided to give Andy some fatherly approval. “That’s it Andy fuck my daughter’s tits. Give them a good fuck. When you are ready blow your spunk all over them. I want to see my daughter’s tits with jizz all over them.” He responded back with ‘don’t worry; I’ll give these big tits the fuck they deserve.’ The minutes ticked by as we waited for Andy to reach his climax, I held the glass with cum in it wondering what Becki had in mind with our spunk. Then Andy pulled his prick out from between her tits, he squatted above Becki stroking his cock. Then we watched him jack off all over her mounds. As the spunk shot out of his cock and landed on her tits, my daughter held them in her hands yelling ‘more cum, more cum! Oh god that feels so good, I love cum on tits!’ She then snapped at me, “Daddy, get the glass. Pour it all over me! Pour the cum all over my face and tits!” I did what any good father would have done in that position. I stood over her and tilted the glass towards her body. Andy’s cock ceased spurting jizz and he quickly moved out of the way. Becki got onto her knees while still holding her tits. She leaned her head back, opened her mouth wide and closed her eyes. “Do it daddy! Do it now!” I slowly poured the cum out of the glass, letting it fall out onto her face, into her mouth, onto her tongue, onto her throat and finally onto her tits. She looked so hot as well as looked like a slut with cum all over her like that. I told her I was all done and she let her eyes pop open. She let go of her tits and stood up. “Do you guys like seeing your spunk all over me like this?” We all gave her a resounding yes. First, she licked her tits clean, and then she cleaned out the glass all the time leaving the jizz on her face. Mike looked at the clock, ‘oh shit! My wife is going to be wondering where the hell I am.’ Andy agreed that he would be in trouble too if he didn’t get out of there.I said it was late and time to call it a night. The guys got dressed, thanking my daughter the entire time. Andy then said, ‘We need to do this again. Becki would you play poker with us again?’ She smiled and said sure, if I didn’t mind. I said I didn’t mind at all. After the guys left, I turned to Becki who was wiping off her face. “Thank you daddy.” She rushed over, put me in a bear hug and planted a kiss on me. “That was so cool of you to let me have all that fun with your buddies. Older guys do fuck better; especially when they are old enough to be my dad.” I smiled and said I am glad she had fun, as I had fun too.“Oh by the way, what did Megan and Tiffany’s dad’s say to you?”She grinned, “Well they didn’t say I could tell you. Tiffany’s dad is fucking her. Megan is getting fucked by her whole family. Dad, brother, uncles, aunt and cousins.” Now it made sense why they didn’t seem phased at all when this whole thing started. My daughter went up stairs to take a shower and then go to bed. As she was upstairs and I was cleaning up the mess I suddenly thought. ‘Hmm, Megan is getting fuck by her brother. I wonder if my son would like to fuck his sister? I will have to think about that more. I wouldn’t want to deprive my son of a great fuck; especially if it was from his sister.’ Then I thought about my other daughter, wondering if we could make this a family four-some. Then I pictured in my head my son fucking one of his sisters while I fuck my other daughter.

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