A Garden Memory


Warm summer afternoon and I take a break from gardening – at 61 I find it better to pace myself and only do a couple of hours at a time. I drink a glass of water then pour a glass of crisp white wine, sit on the cane chair on the veranda, sink a little into the cushions. It is a cool secluded spot and I unbutton the top of my shorts to be more comfortable, undo the front of my cotton shirt to get some cool air on my sweaty skin. I sip the wine and look down, see the zip of my shorts has opened part way revealing the hem of my panties and some stray pubic hairs. I rub a couple of fingers over the soft skin there, mind going back several years to when Leo, my husband, was alive, and he’d come up from the shed one afternoon just as I was sitting here like this, sweaty from gardening, shirt and shorts unbuttonned…

‘Is that wine cold?’ he asks and takes the glass from me, standing there with his dark hair tussled, a streak of grease on one cheek, sawdust on his jeans. ‘Yeah, nice,’ he says sipping, his eyes on my front and the open shirt.

‘The wine or… me?’ I ask batting my eyes and running a finger down my bare tummy.

‘Ha ha,’ he says, eyes crinkling. ‘You up for it then?’

We smile at each other and he drops to his knees between my spread legs, tugs my shorts off then my panties, leans forward and nuzzles in my pubes.

‘Love that sweaty musk,’ he murmurs and uses his nose to part my labia, licks slowly up and down my gash then flicks over my clit.

‘Mmmm, lover,’ I murmur and put a hand in his hair, tangle fingers in his curls, lift one leg over his shoulder so my pussy splays open.

He accepts the invitation and runs a finger into my swampy vag, then a second as his tongue laps. My bud swells and I tell him it feels good, the sounds of his fingers and his licking adding to my arousal. He slides his fingers up and down my perineum and wipes them across my pucker. I lift my second leg over his shoulder and slide my butt down a little so it is on the edge of the seat.

‘Oh fuck yeah!’ I sigh as he presses a finger tip at my pucker.

What with the juices from my pussy, he penetrates me easily twisting and pushing into my rectum. I relax and in a moment he has a second finger through my ring and begins finger fucking my arse while his tongue circles my clit. I feel a tremor deep in my gut and arch my back. He responds, speeding up his fingers, putting lips Çankaya Escort over my clit and sucking lightly. I feel an orgasm building and lift my bra to free my breasts, pull at my nipples.

‘Gonna cum soon, lover,’ I say, breathing a little heavily.

He sucks at my clit then grates his teeth over it, making me lurch and groan, then goes back to flicking the tip of his tongue across it. I feel a third finger wedge against my spread anus and work inside, making me feel open and plundered, groaning again as he pushes all three inside me to the knuckle. He suddenly sucks hard at my clit and the tingle inside me intensifies, spreads…

‘Aaaahhhhh!’ I moan, hips lifting off the cushion, thighs quivering as the orgasm hits then rolls through me. ‘Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh!’

After long seconds I slump back on the cushions, take in a long breath, let it out slowly, gently push Leo’s face away from my parts. He smiles up at me, mouth glistening with my juices, eases his fingers out of my bum. I smile at him and cup a hand behind his neck draw his face to mine, lips parting.

‘Wanna fuck me?’ I ask after a long tongue swirling kiss, giving him a doe-eyed look.

He laughs and stands, pulls his t-shirt over his head, works at his belt. I admire his torso, the mat of hair across his broad chest, some of it grey now, his stomach still strong, though a bit heavy with middle age. He is soon naked and stands beside me, guides his semi-hard cock to my mouth so I can get him ready. I breathe in his scent as I suck, the sweat, his musk, hint of stale urine, all of it arousing. His cock fills my mouth as it thickens, and I use a hand to stroke him, lips washing over his knob, tongue flitting at the piss slit.

‘Christ you know how to get me hard,’ he says, a catch in his voice.

He strokes my cheek and I smell my arse on his fingers, the pong making me tingle inside again. I dip my head, take more than half his shaft in my mouth, slowly pull back until it pops out of my mouth, swaying glistening between us.

‘You wanna put that big boy where your fingers have just been?’ I ask, smiling up at him.

‘You bet,’ he says, eyes bright.

I sit back in the big cane chair and lift my legs over each arm, shuffle down so my butt hole is available to him, spit in my hand and rub it over the pulpy ring, feeling the hairs that surround Keçiören Escort it, add more spit. Leo puts a cushion on the veranda boards and kneels, dribbles spit over his shaft, adding it to mine. He wipes it in my crack then lodges the thick head against my rose bud. We both shift a little, making the angle right, and he leans forward putting pressure on my ring. I hold his upper arms and bear back, my sphincter spreading easily at first then stretching as his knob enters me.

‘Oh fuck!’ I gasp as it stretches me the last little bit before sliding a couple of inches into my rectum, my fingers digging into his biceps.

‘OK love?’ he asks, not really concerned – after all we have anal sex more often than anything else so that it has got to the point that the only lube we need is saliva, despite his size.

‘Yeah,’ I pant. ‘Just give me a second.’

He dribbles more spit on his shaft and gently bucks his thighs, working his cock back and forth just an inch or so, loosening my ring, then leans his weight forward, both of us groaning as he slides deep into my rectum. Another pause then a couple of gentle pushes and he is all the way in, hairy groin pressed against my buttocks. He leans down and we kiss hotly, his hips bucking a little as our tongues swirl. My tummy is all in rolls and his chest flattens my breasts, and with that cock right up under my ribs I have to gasp for breath. We break the kiss and he goes upright, the intensity easing, begins to fuck me. I massage my breasts and occasionally rub my pussy, enjoying his cock in my arse, the smells and sounds.

‘Babe, maybe you should have gone to the toilet first,’ he says and pulls all the way out, his cock streaked with yellow and flecks of brown around his knob.

We both chuckle and he lines it back up with my balloon knot, pushes me wide again, both of us groaning as it sinks deep in my shitter. He fucks a little faster, sweat beading on his brow and I stroke his chest, twist each of his nipples making him grunt. I rub my pussy sensuously.

‘Reckon we need a bit more lubrication,’ says Leo and pulls out again, stands and comes around so his stained cock is pulsing by my face, the strong smells of anal sex making my nostrils flare. ‘Aaaahhhh, that’s it, babe,’ he says when I take it by the base and guide it between my lips, suck on the muddy knob, wiping my tongue Etimesgut Escort back and forth.

We’ve been doing this for years now and I’ve come to love it, the taste of my own bottom making me tingle deep in my parts. Leo’s cock pulses in response and I slide my lips down the streaked shaft, suck and wash, slowly pull back. He’s not totally clean, some of the poo is thick and stubborn, but he is impatient and is quickly back between my spread thighs, pushes at my pucker again, plunges back up my pooper. His fucking is more determined now and I rub my parts, tug at my nipples, wanting to cum again before he does.

‘You’ve got a bit of shit on your lips,’ he says, panting a little, and leans down, kisses me hard, squashing my tits again, still thrusting deep in my gut.

I feel my orgasm build as our tongues swirl and as soon as he is upright again I fap faster, finger slipping back and forth on my clit. He grabs one of my breasts, squeezes, slaps.

‘Cum for me, slut,’ he hisses and slaps again making it jiggle, takes the nipple and pinches hard.

‘Yuurrrggghhh!’ I groan, the intensity even greater than before, my entire lower body tightening and spasming. ‘Yyuuuurrrggghhh!’

He releases my breast and concentrates on fucking, his cock going deep in me throughout my orgasm, even though I am trying to hold him still. I give up, flop about a little as the orgasm finally eases, rock back and forth from his thrusts. I feel totally open as if my lower body is powerless, my anus barely gripping Leo’s cock any longer. He positions me a little higher on the chair and speeds up his thrusting, sweat now dripping from his chin, his chest hairs damp.

‘Aw fuck, gonna cum soon babe,’ he pants, cock arrowing up me, making me grunt each time it lunges forward.

After another thirty seconds or so he pulls abruptly out, stands and comes to my side again, wipes his dirty throbbing cock across my lips. I suck him in, swirl my tongue over the stained flesh, and he begins to fuck my mouth, shallow fast thrusts, leaving a yellow-brown froth at the corners of my mouth.

‘Oh fuck!’ he says, straining and pushing his cock deeper. ‘FUCK!’

Semen splashes the back of my throat, the roof of my mouth, coats my teeth. He thrusts a last time, semen dribbling along my tongue then slumps back, his cock already softening and sliding from my mouth. I suck it back in, making him shiver, gently clean him, get the last drops of his semen before he pulls away again and sits heavily on the veranda step, wipes his sweaty face, rests his hand on my foot.

It’s an intense memory, the scent of the summer garden bringing back some of the details. I am rubbing my pussy lightly, hand bunched in my panties, tears on my cheeks…

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