A Husband’s Secret


Mary and Jack were both thirty years old and had been happily married for five years, enjoying a great sex life. Neither wanted children and Jack had a well-paid job that meant they had no problems with money. Mary also liked the fact that she didn’t need to work.Jack had a best friend from way back and when Dan said he was moving into town, he was invited to stay until he found a suitable place of his own.Mary liked having Dan around. He was someone Jack could go out and do things with but he also helped out with yard work and other little jobs that her husband never seemed to have the time to tackle.One day, while Mary was in the kitchen fixing dinner, the guys were in the garage tinkering with a motorcycle that Jack had bought. When the meal was virtually ready, Mary intended to yell for the guys to come in and clean up but, instead, she decided to pop into the garage.As she opened the connecting door between the house and garage, Mary stopped in her tracks. She heard Dan saying, “ Hmm, yes, that’s it, baby. Swallow my whole cock.”Mary was stunned — then furious. Her immediate thoughts were that they were having sex with a woman but, after a few seconds, she reasoned that couldn’t be possible. To her knowledge, Jack had never cheated on her and, besides, it was highly unlikely he would risk entertaining a woman in their garage. So, what was happening?Taking a deep breath, Mary walked slowly and silently… until she couldn’t believe her eyes. Right there, on his knees, her husband was sucking Dan’s cock. Jack, hands behind his back, slowly took Dan’s cock balls deep over and over again.Standing in the shadows, where they couldn’t see her, she thought about how long she’d wanted to see a guy — any guy — sucking cock. It was a hot fantasy of hers but she’d never discussed the subject with Jack: she didn’t know how he’d react.At this moment, Jack was sucking faster and faster, his head bobbing up and down in a steady rhythm — and Dan was soon grunting and shaking on trembling legs. It was obvious to Mary that Dan was coming down her husband’s throat.Dan then gasped, “Stand up and kiss me.”Mary watched the men lock lips and she was so excited watching them she felt herself getting wet. Thinking Ümraniye Escort she’d best return quietly to the kitchen, Mary heard Dan say, “Let me return the favor, baby.”She watched Jack give him a quick kiss then heard, “As much as I would love to feel your lips around my hard cock, we haven’t got time. Mary will be calling us for dinner soon.”Dan started to protest but Jack put a finger on his friend’s lips. “Wait until Mary goes to sleep tonight and I will come to your room. That’s a promise. Then, as long as we’re quiet…”Mary saw Dan smile and nod. “Okay,” he said and she quickly retreated into the house.After a few moments, Mary again opened the connecting door and called out that dinner was ready. “We’re on our way, honey,” Jack answered, and put Dan’s cock back into his pants and zipped him up.After dinner and the usual small talk, Mary said she and Jack would wash the dishes and Dan should simply relax. But Dan said he had work to do on his laptop and it would take him a few hours.After they finished the dishes, Jack and Mary watched a movie. When it was over, Mary said she was tired and asked Jack if he’d mind skipping sex that night. He said he wasn’t really in the mood either.Mary always slept naked, Jack in a pair of boxers, and after switching off the light she pushed back into him and was ‘asleep’ in no time. Jack waited a while before he carefully got out of bed and slowly opened the bedroom door. After closing the door, he waited and listened for a few moments. Satisfied that he hadn’t disturbed Mary, he set off towards Dan’s room. But he heard noises coming from the kitchen. It must be Dan, he thought and headed for the kitchen.At the sink, Dan wore only a pair of boxers and Jack silently approached and wrapped him in his arms before kissing the nape of Dan’s neck and shoulders. He then pinched Dan’s nipples, whispering in his ear, “Hi baby.” Dan groaned.Mary waited a couple of minutes before following Jack out of the bedroom. Seeing a light coming from the kitchen and hearing low voices, Mary stealthily made her way into the dark front room and stood by the sofa. The guys couldn’t see her — but she had a great view of them.Asked if Ümraniye Escort Bayan he was ready to suck Jack’s cock, Dan turned and smiled. “You know I am, baby.”Jack put his hands on Dan’s shoulders and his friend willingly dropped to his knees. Dan looked up and said, “Maybe we should go to my room so Mary doesn’t hear us.”Jack shook his head. “No, it’s okay,” he said, “Mary’s a sound sleeper.”Hooking his thumbs in the waistband of Jack’s boxers, Dan pulled them down until Jack stepped out of them, his ten-incher bobbing in front of Dan’s face. A big smile lit up Jack’s face when Dan wrapped a hand around his cock and slowly stroked the firm shaft. Jack released a low moan; he loved having someone else jack his cock.“You like that, don’t you, baby?”“Hmmm, yes,” Jack muttered, his eyes closed.Dan licked up the oozing pre-cum before taking the head of Jack’s cock into his mouth, raking his teeth across the tip and sucking.Jack loved having Dan suck his cock. He did it better than Mary even though, in all their late-teen years, he’d never been able to deep-throat him. It hadn’t been a problem for Jack — after all, not many could swallow him up to his balls. Now Dan slowly stroked while sucking up and down about half of Jack’s impressive length.After a couple of minutes, Jack told Dan to stop and to look up at him. They smiled at each other and Jack said, “I want you to deep-throat me all the way.”The smile left Dan’s face. I’ll never be able to take all of this monster, he thought, and began to stand while saying, “You know I’ve never been able to— ““I know,” Jack cut in, pressing down on Dan’s shoulders. “But I will help you. Okay?”Feeling the pressure from Jack’s hands, Dan stopped trying to get up. He’d discovered long ago that he couldn’t refuse Jack anything. Also, he wasn’t afraid because he knew that Jack would never hurt him.“Put your hands behind your back like a good boy,” Jack said.Mary, hardly able to believe what she was witnessing, fingered her wet pussy and bit down on a sofa cushion to muffle her excited cries.Dan obediently clasped his hands behind his back and Jack said, “Open wide for me.”Jack’s cock was not only long, but it was Escort Ümraniye also very thick and Dan’s jaw always ached after sucking it. But he opened wide and then felt Jack holding the back of his head and gradually guiding his mouth along the vast erection.With about six inches inserted, Dan gagged and choked. That had always been the limit and Jack stopped, giving his friend a breather. He waited for some ten seconds or so then resumed easing more of his mammoth cock down Dan’s throat.Another inch and Dan was gagging even more. He desperately wanted to push Jack away but this is what his friend wanted and he needed to please him. So his hands remained behind his back even as another two inches entered his throat. Dan struggled to breathe and he was sure he would soon throw up but Jack kept going until all ten inches were in and Dan’s nose was buried in wiry pubic hairs.Jack remembered how he’d relaxed his throat to aid his breathing whenever he’d sucked a big cock. He hadn’t sucked a cock during the five years of marriage, but between graduation and getting married, he’d sucked many cocks and some had been large.“My god, you’re so fucking tight,“ Jack said and told Dan to try relaxing his throat. “It’ll help you breathe easier,” he said and Mary watched her husband hold Dan’s head in both hands and slowly fuck his mouth.Mary had longed for many years to see something like this and now she was transfixed as Jack pulled back but didn’t take his cock completely out. He left the head inside before feeding his entire length back into Dan’s mouth and throat.At balls deep, Dan gagged every time and Mary smiled. I love it when he does that to me, she thought and watched Jack speed up until his cock was almost a blur. Dan spluttered and gasped without once putting up any kind of resistance. He simply remained on his knees and let Jack do as he pleased.Suddenly, Mary saw a stream of cum shoot out of Dan’s nose and Jack stopped fucking. But he kept his cock buried in Dan’s throat and held it there until he stopped coming. Dan thought he was going to vomit but, when Jack stopped coming he let his cock slide out of Dan’s mouth.Dan coughed and coughed while Jack told him to go back to his room and they would continue tomorrow night after Mary had gone to sleep. That was Mary’s cue to return swiftly to her bedroom.She was back in bed, her breathing under control, when she heard the bedroom door open. By then, she was already wondering what kind of show she’d be watching the following night.

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