A midsummer’s eve walk


A midsummer’s eve walkDoes anyone else enjoy walking around naked outdoors?This is a true story and all the disclaimers apply.Let me start out by describing myself now: early 30’s with short blondishhair, a 6 1/2 in cut cock that, when hard, has a downward curve. I weigharound 155 and am slim. I look, so I’ve been told, around 25. Ok, nowthat that’s outta the way on with my recent adventures.Summer in the North East can be warm. I sat in my place wanting to jerkoff, looked through some porn sites and thought about the times that Ihave gone around the area and jacked off outside.I got into a loose fitting pair of shorts, no underwear and a darkoversized t shirt. I put on a pair of flip flops and started out on footfrom my place. I walked down the street to a dark tree filled area thatwas quiet. I could feel my cock moving in the soft shorts material. Itook off my shirt and tucked it into my waistband. Going into the woodson a path the branches slapped my chest and stomach.It was very dark with patches of light streaming onto the ground and mychest from the full moon.I was about 15 minutes into my walk when I felt the urge to remove myshorts. My semi erect cock began to grow and I felt that old familiarfeeling of nervousness and excitement. I pulled my shorts down and mycock swung freely between my legs. My shorts were now at my knees and Icould feel a soft warm night beylikdüzü escort breeze on my balls. I stepped slightlyforward and my shorts felt away to the ground. I bent over, my assholetouching a branch from a tree. I moved from side to side as the leavesand branches rubbed my asshole. I retrieved my shorts and walked fartherin on the path. I came to the edge of a small river/pond and decided tohide my clothing. I stepped out of my flip flops and pushed my clothinginto the dark underbrush.Now fully erect my cock swung from side to side with every step away frommy clothing. I was bathed in the pale moonlight. My skin was not tannedon my torso so my body was well lit with the current conditions. I felt aslight wetness at the tip of my rock hard cock. I placed the tip of myfinger to the head of my cock and swept up my pre-come and brought itquickly up to my lips. I lapped up the good sized shiny drop from myfinger with an eagerness that I had not felt in some time. I saw a rockoff to the side of the waters edge and I sat down.Slowly I stroked my rod, running my fingers under my sensitive cock headand up and down my soft skinned shaft. I edged to where I was moaningsoftly felling my cock start to twitch and my balls draw up. I pulledlightly at my sack and stood up trying to bring myself down from myeuphoric stroking.I walked a bit further and found a bench. Apparently avcılar escort I had found a smallpark. The excitement of almost being caught was making my cock strain andtwitch again. I sat on the cool painted bench, spread my ass cheeks so Icould feel the coolness of the bench against my asshole. I spread my legswide apart and leaned back against the backrest. My still rock hard cockbegged for my attention again. I squeezed my shaft and brought up a hugegob of pre-come. I quickly slurped it up, swirling it around my mouth andtasting the salty goodness. I stroked slowly at first, circling my cockhead with my forefinger and thumb. Rubbing up and down, I began to strokefaster, using all my fingers now, squeezing at the base of my cock. Myfingers sliding dryly over my rock hard cock skin. I could hear skinagainst skin.I groaned and felt a squirt of more pre-come coat the head of my cock. Itflew from my cock head onto my legs and stomach. The thrill of begincaught at any moment began to take it’s toll, I had been edging up to amassive orgasm for about fifteen minutes now. My balls drew up and I feltthe familiar tingle that ment I was about to shoot my jizz oll over thebench, me and the ground. I lifted a foot onto the bench as I shot myfirst blast of jizz out and up. It landed with a slap on the bench infront of me, then torrents of cum flew out of my cock, falling onto esenyurt escort mylegs, my foot and the bench. I slid forward, my ass touching the whitehot mess on the bench. Still I came, shooting so much cum I surprisedmyself. As the waves of my orgasm subsided and I let go of my cock I feltsatisfied as my cock bobbed up and down with the remains of my orgasm.I sat there in my mess for a few minutes reveling in the feeling ofrelief. I opened my eyes as my softening cock touched the bench betweenmy spread legs.After a few minutes i gathered myself together and began the wet and warmwalk back to my clothing and home.About a minute into the walk I remembered I had drunk a large glass ofwater and now had to piss like a racehorse. I didn’t feel like stoppingso as I walked, my soft cock swinging to and fro, I began to piss. Warmliquid flowed out and onto the ground in front of me. The stream wasstrong and began to splash against my legs. It felt incredible, walkingas I pissed freely. If ever you have the chance, I highly recommend it.As I finished I squeezed the last drops out while walking and neared theedge of the path. I gathered my clothing and continued to walk nakedthrough the woods. I could see traffic on the street as I neared mystarting point. I got out of the woods and stood in the shadows. Two carspassed and I strode out onto the street, my feet slapping against thewarm pavement. I got to another dark corner and put my shorts back on somy neighbors couldn’t tell what I was up to, not even thinking any ofthem could have been out for a walk also and had seen my performance.

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