A Night at Darrell’s

Horny Milf

Sitting on the floor, nestled between his strong legs, she can’t help but smile as his long fingers toy with her hair pulled back into a loose bun. Blue eyes try to focus on the stupid video game going on before her being played by two of his three roommates but she can’t get into it like they do. She can hear Darrell sitting behind her, absently playing with her hair as he sips on ice-cold beer, an occasional burst of laughter making her almost wince as he laughs at the antics on the T.V. screen in front of them. Men!

She toys with his long legs, fingers sliding up the inside of one cuff, rubbing in tiny circles and hears a soft groan as he leans down and nibbles on her ear, his hand sliding over one of her shoulders to cup a full breast through the 70’s style shirt she sports. Her gaze drifts over to his roommates who are oblivious to anything but that stupid game and then tilts her head, gazing up into his dark eyes now filled with unbridled lust. Just the smallest of things always set him off …

As his gaze penetrates hers, his strong hand wraps around her bun, strongly pulling her head back even more and then his lips cover hers in a searing kiss. Her soft moan is lost in the deep recesses of his mouth as his tongue darts out, toying with her, driving her to a frenzy as she tries desperately to suck it in deeper, one hand sliding up to toy in his hair. She can feel him push his hips forward, a tell-tale sign of his arousal as the bleeping and star-shooting sounds from the T.V. continue.

She can feel his hand slipping into her blouse, his long fingers finding a hardened nipple, twisting it and toying with it until she can feel her clit begin to throb, as if a long electric wire connected the two. He pulls back from the kiss and she can clearly see his intent as he gazes down at her and then smiles, almost leering as he pulls her up between his legs and into his lap. With a soft purr, she settles back, wiggling into just the right place as she settles onto his throbbing cock still captured in the tightness of his jeans, hearing him groan as her ass pushes back against his hips. She can’t help but grin wickedly, knowing how much he loves to take her in the ass and settles back against his chest, feeling his hips slowly begin to rise and fall, pushing him against her.

She adjusts some so that her puckered tight hole, still safely guarded by her tight low-rise pants, is just where his cock would be stabbing if they were naked and she can hear his breath become a bit ragged as she feigns watching the dual of his roommates and that raucous video game. Gazing over at them as they are so absorbed in the video game, she can feel Darrell’s lips and teeth close over her left ear, a deep growl erupted as his hands slide to her hips, pushing against her again and again, so slowly that no one really notices. Long eyelashes flutter downwards, unable to stop the trembling as she imagines him pushing into that secret Demetevler Escort little hole that aches for him, feeling her pussy begin to drool even as his fingers slide off her hip and between her legs.

One strong finger pushes against the material of her crotch as her legs spread reflexively wider on his lap, each leg straddled over his as her bared feet curl around his calves for support. She leans back against his strong chest as he sucks on her earlobe, his tongue pushing within as he growls just loud enough for her to hear, “You’re wet, slut, aren’t you?” All she can do is nod in return, her own hips thrusting up a bit as his finger continues to stab at her soaked hole protected by the material of her pants. The back of her head lays to his shoulder and she turns her head a bit to see him gaze over to his roommates as his other hand drifts up into her loose shirt and beneath her bra, pinching and twisting her aching nipple until she is thrashing on his lap, desperate for more.

She can feel him shift beneath her and knows it is coming before he pushes her off him, standing to crush the beer can and send it flying towards the trash can. She can barely stand as her legs are now jelly and she can feel the redness in her cheeks from the intense longing she has inside. Almost shyly gazing at his roommates, wondering if they know or even give a fuck, she can feel Darrell’s fingers curl around hers and with a quick jerk, she is practically dragged down the hall, small feet racing to keep up with his long strides. Before she can catch her breath, they are in the bathroom with the door locked, Darrell’s face serious and hard as he unbuttons his pants and withdraws his long, thick, gorgeous cock; completely smooth and hairless. God, what a turn on!

And before he can command it, she is on her knees willingly, one hand wrapping around its base, fingers stroking those hairless balls that swell at her touch, her tongue darting out to lap hungrily at the precum oozing deliciously from the small slit atop the purple mushroom head. She can hear him groan as his hand reaches down to pull her hair free of the bindings that held it away from her face, long fingers sweeping it aside so that he can watch the way her mouth looks as he pushes his hips forward, burying his cock deep into that sweet, hot mouth. Her eyes lift, locking with his and sees that grin of his that is almost leering but oh, so damned erotic. She can feel his hand slide back, taking her hair with it until he grabs a handful and pushes her mouth further down on him, slowly fucking her face, reveling in the sight of those berry-stained lips forming a tight ring around his girth. He can feel her tongue pressing against the underside of his throbbing cock, emitting a low moan from his throat.

Grasping her loose hair, Darrell pulls her mouth off him, grinning once more as she moans piteously Otele gelen escort as if she can’t get enough of his long, smooth cock. Pulling her to his feet, he growls low to her, “Take them off.” She knows, without any other word, what he means, trembling fingers moving to the buttons on her shorts and with a soft moan, pushes them to the floor, watching his face as he drinks in her every movement. His brown eyes darken even more as she slides her forefingers into the edge of her panties and pulls them down, revealing a shaven cunt swollen with her apparent arousal, wetness glistening on exposed lips of her labia. He pulls her close, hungry lips devouring hers, stabbing tongue exploring the sweet recesses of her mouth. She arches into him, feeling the intensity of their matched need and the unspoken rush to get off before interruption by his roommates.

With a low growl to her ear, he turns her almost roughly where she is starting right into the mirror over the sink, seeing his leering smirk as he stands behind her, his dark eyes locking with hers in the mirror. She trembles as Darrell’s smooth hands run down her bared ass, his fingers pulling her ass cheeks apart as his other hand firmly pushes in the middle of her back, causing her to bend over the sink. She can feel her cunt twitch and drool even more as he leans to the side, his hungered gaze glancing at her quivering puckered hole, lewdly inviting him to take her. She can’t help but look at her own reflection in the mirror … the flush of her cheeks, wild tendrils of loose copper falling around her shoulders, the rise and fall of her breasts beneath the loose top that still holds them captive.

Arching her back, eyes closing tight, she can feel his tongue explore the musky outer rim of her quivering hole, the soft hum of his moan against soft fleshy cheeks. She shudders helplessly as his hand pushes her thighs wider, opening herself, his fingers finding her clit, toying with it … twisting and pinching. She bites down on her lip to keep from crying out as there is an audience in the next room, feeling her juices start to flow. She gazes into the mirror again, watching as her mouth falls open, feeling so fucking sexy to watch her own face as his fingers slide into her depths … first one, then two … fucking her slowly, looking into her face with a grin. And then she can feel his fingers slide out and back to her tight little hole, shivering as he uses her own juices to lubricate the opening, pushing one finger in, working it slowly as he groans, feeling her muscles clench around him tightly. “God damn, you’re tight,” is all he can say.

And then she can feel one hand slide to her hip as he positions himself behind her, his other hand guiding his cock to her tight entrance. She can’t help but tighten in anticipation, knowing how big he is but then closes her eyes, trying to get her body to relax knowing Balgat Escort that it will be more uncomfortable if she doesn’t. She can feel the initial tightness as his cockhead pushes past her tight rose-hued rim with a small pop and she breathes deep, trying to relax as her fingers curl into the rim around the sink, head falling as hair spills over into the porcelain basin. Deep breaths are heard as Darrell allows her to adjust to his size but not much before he pushed it deeper, eliciting a deep moan from her lips, eyes glancing up to see hers gazed over with lust back at him through the mirror. She could feel herself beginning to relax around him as he slowly pulled back and then in again, slow, short thrusts as her muscles clenched and expanded around him. His fingers clenched into her rounded hips, pulling her back until he was completely embedded in her succulent ass.

Glancing up into the mirror, Darrell’s eyes captured hers once more, a groan piercing the air at the sight of her bent over the sink like that and with a short succession of her head bobbing in a sign that she was ready, a growl erupted from his throat as his movements became more forceful. Each thrust building with the frenzy that she knew was coming, crying out as his hand reached beneath her to her dripping cunt, fingers sliding easily between her folds to her throbbing clit. As she tossed her head back as he knew she would, his teeth sank into her shoulder, pulling on her clit as his cock slammed deep into her tight ass, growling as the pressure on his throbbing meat began to grow. He pulled back a bit to look down, groaning appreciatively at the sight of his fuck pole stabbing into that lewd rosebud time and time again, his large hand suddenly pulling back to slam down on her quivering ass. Her cry of surprise intermingled with a moan brought a smile to Darrell’s face as he fucked her unmercifully in her quivering asshole. He glanced up, seeing her open mouth in the mirror, knowing she was about to cum and slammed two of his fingers up into her dripping cunt as his middle finger pressed hard to her clit and with a howl, buried himself to the hilt against her soft cheeks, his mind blank as that delicious cock exploded, spewing thick hot ropes of pearly cum into her bowels. She writhed beneath him as his fingers dug in, pulling back only to slam home once again releasing yet another yet of sticky cream into her hole. Darrell could feel her stiffen and buck against him, her ass thrusting back as if asking for more. Her head couldn’t remain still, hair flying around her shoulders and spilling over into the sink as her whole body shook with the undeniable orgasm. They bucked together in a wild, uncontrollably frenzy as Darrell’s fingers continued to pull at her clit, loving the way her cum drooled back over his balls.

Slowly, as the tremors subsided, Darrell slowly pulled out of her until a soft pop could be heard and she shuddered, feeling his cum begin to ooze out of her tight hole. She couldn’t help but scream out as he bent and his tongue laved over her sensitive stretched rosebud that puckered slowly back to it’s tiny size. With a grin, he straightened, looking right into her eyes in the mirror as his hand slapped her bared ass once again. “You really should come over more often,” he laughed.

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