a night of fun


a night of funas we lay on the bed within each others arms and kiss softly, my hands roam your body touching your soft skin. i lay you on your back and slowly kiss down your neck to your chest down to your stomach then on your thighs. i feel you twitch as i kiss your thighs, i then softly start licking your clit and down to your hole. i slide my tongue in and out of your pussy as i can feel your cum on my tongue. you then throw me on my back and ride my face hard and fast as you cum over and over again all over my face then you stop as you start pissing in şişli travesti my mouth. we then kiss as you guide my cock into your pussy and start bouncing up and down on it and grinding it deep within you. i then throw you onto your hands and knees and shove my tongue deep into your tight asshole and fuck it with my tongue. you start begging me to eat your ass cuz it feels so good. you start screaming and moaning as you cum all over the place and fart in my mouth. i get up and slide my cock into your cummy pussy and sart pounding you hard beylikdüzü travesti and deep. pulling your hair as you beg me to fuck you harder. you scream out my name everytime my cock goes deep inside you. i slap your ass so hard it leaves my hand prints on your cheeks. you start begging for my cum after fucking your pussy for a hour and making you cum and squirt multiple times. i tell you that i will cum deep in your ass and tell you to beg for it. you beg and plee for me to fuck your tight little asshole and fill it with cum. i lick your anadolu yakası travesti ass again before i ram my cock deep in that tight hole. i slide every inch of my cock in your ass as you gasp for you never had anything this big in there before and you beg me to stop. i tell you i am your master and you dont tell me to stop. i fuck your ass as deep as i can and i hear you moaning and screaming and begging for my cum. as i ram my cock in your hole one last time i unload my cum deep in your ass as i pull your hair hard. i tell you to stay on all fours as i take a pic of it then i start to lick your ass as you fart and all my cum goes over my face. you say that you are sorry and i tell you that since you did that you lick my face clean. you do then we kiss as i hold you and fall asleep and rest til we start round two.

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