A Night With My Lover


I sent him a message to be at my place at 10 pm sharp. The door would be unlocked.

I placed candles around my bedroom, and set the lights low. The one right by the bed got a red silk cover to give the room an even hotter glow. I positioned the big dressing mirror so that we would be able to watch ourselves mating.

I oiled my body so that I glistened in the light, and a few minutes before ten I lay back on the bed and slipped my favorite non-vibrating toy into my waiting fuckhole and slowly slid it all the into me.

Right at ten, I heard his car in my driveway. Seconds later, I heard the door and then his soft footsteps in the hallway. I rolled on to my knees so that the first thing he would see when he walked in the room was me pleasuring myself with a long, thick, fuck toy.

He stood at the doorway and gazed at me for a full minute before he moved to the edge of the bed and reached under me and caressed my hard cock and balls.

“Come to the side of the bed” I said “I want to watch you undress.”

He complied wordlessly.

He pulled off his t-shirt first, then began to undo his pants. When he slid his jeans down, his big cock sprang free. I licked my lips at the sight of it. My tongue was eager for the surge of love nectar that I would soon draw from his well of manhood. Only then would we fuck, when we could press our mouths together and share the taste of his virility.

“Do you like watching me like this” I asked.

“Oh, yeah” he whispered harshly.

“Stroke your cock for me. Make your self ready to cum. I want you to cum in my mouth before you fuck me” I cooed “Then you’ll last longer inside me”

He took some lube and lovingly poured it over his bulging cockhead. Then he gripped his shaft and began to caress it slowly but purposefully. I love watching a man make love to his own cock, and Tom did it masterfully. As I watched him, I rhythmically pistoned my dildo in and out of my own büyükesat escort love hole.

“Are you hungry for my cum?” he asked, with a hint of challenge in his voice.

“Yes!” I hissed “I want to feel it squirt on my tongue!”

He came up on the bed and brought his raging manhood to my mouth, letting me suck on the head while he continued to stroke.

“Cum for me baby!” I urged, and then he gasped and the first hot spurt erupted in my mouth. The second spurt was even more powerful and jetted all the way into my throat, forcing me to swallow his hot love seed. I pulled back so that the rest of his climax could simply squirt into my open mouth. I also knew that he, like me, liked to see himself cum. We both cried out with pleasure, and after a few more seconds, my face and mouth was slathered with warm man milk.

I let go of my dildo and grabbed his cock with both hands so that I could focus on licking and sucking the last drops of his essence from him.

He reached down and drew one of my hands to his scrotum and guided a finger to his own smooth asshole. He smiled down at me when I slipped my index finger into him and buried it deep.

“I like to get fucked, too” he said “we’re going to have a good night.”

He shifted position, and pulled me up so that we could kiss. I straddled him and he pulled the toy from my hole. I gripped his fuck tool and moved until I felt it at my opening, and then impaled myself on him. We both gasped as he plunged into me. My hole stretched around his girth and he filled me with a satisfying pressure and warmth.

Our fuck was nice and slow. I wanted to make it last all night, but it was barely ten-thirty. When ever I felt my climax approaching, I just stopped moving and held him deep inside me. When I did, I could feel his pulse inside my fuckhole. Several times I had to pull his hand from my oil slicked cock so that cebeci escort I didn’t go over the edge while our tongues intertwined in hot, loving kisses.

Finally I knew I couldn’t hold back.

“I’m gonna cum soon” I gasped “Are you ready? I want you to cum too”

“Let it cum” he said “Watching you squirt will make me cum. Do you want me to jack you off?

“Just a bit more. When I tell you to stop, just let me go and I’ll cum that way. I just want to feel your cock inside me when I cum”

I moved my ass up and down his shaft, feeling every vein and muscle in his manhood as I did. Our foreheads were pressed together, both of us gazing at my cock, waiting for the erotic thrill that comes with watching a man spill his love seed.

“Stop stroking me” I ordered “I’m ready”

He grabbed me by my ribs and I slowly pulled up until I felt him almost pop out of my hole and then when the first wave of climax began to wash over me, I slipped back down around him, feeling him bottom out inside me as my first gusher of jism burst forth from the purple head of my manhood and on to his belly.

Again we both cried out with pleasure as the spasms of my stretched sphincter brought him to climax a moment after me. Our mouths came together once more as we thrusted our pelvises together in mutual climax. Silky warmth filled my asshole as the fruit of his orgasm spewed into me.

Our bodies jerked as our tongues twisted together, and then we simply lay still as the wave of pleasure passed.

We held each other, gasping. I lifted up and slipped him out of me. A warm dollop of jizz dribbled out of my hole and ran down my balls. He slipped a finger into my hole and then offered it to me. I sucked the cum-slicked digit greedily and then licked up all of my cum from his belly.

We kissed some more, enjoying the sticky treat.

He pushed me off of him.

“Go kolej escort on your belly. I want to lick your ass” he commanded.

I rolled on to my belly and lifted my ass in the air. His tongue felt like magic! He would run it lovingly around my hole, and then force it into me, then suck at my balls and then back to my fuckhole again. I squeezed my ass muscles and pushed some of his warm cum back out and he licked at me with even greater passion. It was incredible, and soon I was ready to cum again!

I rolled over. I wanted to see his face and I wanted a taste of the jism he was getting. I pulled him to me and when we kissed, he whisperingly begged me to fuck him.

I pulled his legs up over my shoulders. His cock was rock hard once more, and his love opening was slick and inviting. I now yearned to feel the warm embrace of his anal ring on my own love shaft. I pressed against his pucker and felt his flesh yield to my urgent cock.

His eyes opened with pleasure as I penetrated him.

“Yes! Yes! Give me your cock! Yes! Oh god yes fuck me!” he cried as I began to thrust inside him.

Once again we were one. Te center of our joined being was where the flesh of my fuck shaft met the flesh of his love hole. Our cum had mingled in our mouths, and our sweat had mingled on our bodies. His seed had burst forth inside me, and now mine would anoint his inner sanctum.

We fucked as if we hadn’t fucked for weeks. He was passionate beneath me and finally his passion ove3rcame me and I thrust hard and deep and let my love nectar burst deep inside his hole. He grabbed my face and pulled me to him so that we could kiss as I came, and as we kissed, he jerked off to a final climax of the night.

When I felt the contractions of his ring, I looked down and watched as he coaxed a few more droplets of precious seed from his drained balls, and then we fell apart exhausted.

We slept deeply, our dreams filled with the erotic images of manfuck.

We awoke with raging hard-ons, and soon we were crying out with pleasure as our spunk exploded in each other’s mouths.

Out tryst lasted the weekend. We never dressed until he left me on Sunday evening. By that time the appetites of our cocks, our mouths, and our assholes were completely and utterly satiated.

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