A Sexual Debt Pt. 01


The following is a true story.

I’m getting married in 3 months to a beautiful girl, who I love very dearly. To be honest, I have never even considered cheating, because other women simply don’t interest me or attract me as much as my fiancé, who has a pretty much perfect, feminine body. Nevertheless, something had been weighing on my mind for awhile, and that was a debt I had incurred almost 5 years ago – a sexual debt.

Let me explain. Back when I was single and in my early twenties, I was going through a bit of a dry spell. One night, I ended up in a sleeping bag on the carpet of my friend’s house, after a night of drinking, smoking and lounging in his hot tub. Another close friend, Tom, had ended up in the same position, sleeping on the floor. I was texting a girl who I wanted to sleep with, and for some reason I ended up talking to Tom about her, and from there I can only guess that the conversation then extended to my dry spell.

Let me be clear. At that point, I was completely certain in my straightness. Guys never appealed to me, and honestly I could never imagine getting intimate with one. Tom was the epitome of a straight guy as well – always making sort of weird, mildly to explicitly sexual remarks about women, and discussing his favourite porn stars openly. Kind of the prototypical bro sorting himself out in his twenties. For the sake of realism: he wasn’t any kind of Adonis either. He wasn’t unattractive, but at that time, he was a little chubby, had a somewhat round, bearded face, no discernible haircut, and eyes that seemed to press on you uncomfortably.

That was why it was so strange, when suddenly — my alcohol-clouded memory is a little foggy — Tom was cuddling me, and then our mouths turned toward each other, and we were kissing. This moment still rus escort stuns me. I thought kissing a man would be so much different than kissing a woman, but the similarity of the experience blew my straight brain. Kissing Tom felt just as romantic, as sexual, as delicious as kissing a girl. He cradled me in a way that I think still haunts me, his larger body encompassing mine and making me feel protected and wanted in a way completely different from encounters with the opposite sex.

If that moment was surprisingly romantic, the next moments were something even beyond porn. These haunt my straight brain just as much to be honest. I’d always heard all the clichés about guys giving better blowjobs, but I certainly wasn’t expecting what came next from my socially awkward and sexually inexperienced friend.

He ate my ass. Like really ate it. His tongue dug out and felt up parts of me that nobody, not even myself, knew existed. He slathered my balls in spit, drawing so much sensation from them that I almost came just from the stimulation. And when it came to my cock, he knew I didn’t want any of that normal girl bullshit of a lazy hand moving drily up and down, and a mouth dutifully bobbing on the head of my cock. He used no hands, just throat, gagging a little, but still working hard to push my cock as far into his throat as he could. At one point, I was sitting on his face, my asshole spread, his tongue fucking me, and my balls and cock splayed across his forehead. There were so many sensations going through me both physically and mentally: feelings of vulnerability with my legs spread and my most secretive and inexperienced sexual part widely available to his eager mouth, coupled with the feelings of intense pleasure this newfound vulnerability yenimahalle escort was granting. How quickly a friendship can progress!

Of course I came excessively into his mouth at the end of it, and he swallowed it, no questions asked, though some of the abundance of cum that I had squirted slipped messily down both sides of his mouth. Feeling like a completely different person, I licked the cum from his face, and we kissed again, sharing my taste between us. I remember it was an incredibly intimate feeling.

After lying there in a happy glow for a few minutes, our bodies sweating and naked and still splattered with some rogue droplets of cum, I asked him if he wanted reciprocation, but he only patted me lovingly on the forehead and gave me a kiss.

Of course in the morning, I freaked out over my behaviour a little and had a mini-existential crisis, having thought I was straight all my life. I bolted out of there as early as I could, eventually leading to confused texts from my friends, wondering where the hell I had gone at such an early hour. I wondered if the lust caused by my dry spell was changing me as a person, to someone I didn’t even know.

The only thing that really helped was the passing of time, as I eventually came to accept that I was bisexual… in a weird, unnatural way maybe… or that everyone was a little bisexual… or that I was just too horny? Maybe I’m still sorting out that night. Tom and I talked about it a couple times afterwards, but I often tried to change the subject. Perhaps that was a bit cruel, as Tom, to the best of my knowledge, hasn’t ever had much intimacy in his life. Once I met my fiancé, of course those conversations stopped.

Until the other day. Tom and I had been hiking together lately, and we had just got back from a small hike to Crystal Falls. It had been beautiful, and we had had a good talk about my upcoming wedding, how my fiancé and I were getting along, and about things like the wedding party, limos, bachelor party, etc. Returning to my house, our plan was to play a couple video games and maybe eat some lunch.

I was just finishing up from a quick shower, when I realized I hadn’t brought any new clothes into the bathroom. No big deal, I dried off, wrapped a towel around my lower body, and went out into the hallway toward my bedroom. Tom was in the hallway, though, inspecting one of my fiance’s artworks we had hung up. He turned toward me, and immediately that feeling of sudden intimacy from five years ago returned, him looking at me with just a towel covering my lower half.

Never one to dance around the subject matter, he pronounced, “Looking good. How are you so tanned already?”

I had been running a lot lately, as well as tanning naked in our backyard so I was pretty into my body at the moment. I had dropped some pounds, but winter weight still clung to my body in certain places, like my ass. I maneuvered to get past him in the hall as I informed it about my wedding exercise plan. But as I slid past him in the hall, my naked chest accidentally pushed slightly against his strong, thick, upper body, and for some reason, I trembled slightly.

I ended up in my bedroom in a sudden haze. I was looking for – I couldn’t even remember what I was looking for. Had I closed the door to change? I looked back, no, it was slightly ajar. I didn’t know if I felt anxious or relieved. I looked around my room, underwear, I needed underwear. I could feel the pull of the towel toward the ground, the loosening of the knot around my waist. I could feel the fabric ever so slightly sliding down my hips.

It was then that it happened. I turned back toward the door, to see Tom, his gaze burning into me. Simultaneously, my towel slipped to the floor, revealing my fully naked body.

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