A Strip-Poker Night That Becomes A Lot More


This is my final true story about one of the girls in my past life. The events I write about here, are about my very first girlfriend, the beautiful ‘June.’Those of you familiar with her from my first story about her, will of course know, just how beautiful she was at eighteen years old, but I have included a photo above, taken above on the day of this story.For those interested in photography, I took the photo on my Olympus OM1, using a Zuiko 75mm lens, wide open, and on Kodakchrome 64 film, later transferred to colour negative.This was during the spring of 1981, the year after that incredible summer day we spent up in Yorkshire together.June and I had been socialising with my best friend, Tim, and his lovely girlfriend Tracy. We had all been out for a meal, followed by some drinks in a local bar. We all then decided to end the night back at Tim’s place for more drinks and to listen to some music. Tim, was a little older than me at twenty-two, but we had been close friends for a long time.This day, June had decided to wear this incredible pair of black shiny satin trousers. They were skin-tight and fitted her gorgeous little body like a second skin. Indeed they were so tight, that she couldn’t wear anything under them due to the thin nature of the shiny fabric. With the shiny trousers she wore a beautiful white silky blouse, that was loose-fitting and quite low-cut. A trademark pair of high heels in grey, complimented her sexy look that day.By this point, June had grown her beautiful blonde hair somewhat longer than the summer before, it fell gracefully over her shoulders, and with her expert way of applying her makeup, she looked incredibly sexy. She had made up her eyes a little heavier, with smokey eye shadow, mascara and dark red lipstick, she looked beautiful.After our meal out, by the time we ended up back at Tim’s parents’ house, https://escortium.org who were away on holiday, his partner Tracy said she was feeling unwell, she looked off-colour, and she asked Tim if he could drive her home. We both wished her well, and she made her apologies, as Tim took her downstairs to his waiting car.He told June and me, to make ourselves at home and that he would return within half an hour or so.So we made ourselves very much at home, with the bottle of Rum we had picked up, on the way to Tim’s house.By the time he returned, June and I were fairly drunk, Tim suggested we should stay the night, so the three of us carried on drinking.Tim, put some dance music on his Stereo system, and June and I began dancing and enjoying ourselves. Tim sat on the sofa watching us with a smile on his face.I imagined he was enjoying the wonderful sight of June’s ass in her tight satin trousers as she really started getting into the music.After a time, the three of us all sat and talked about life, the universe, and everything in between, but like a lot of youth of the day, we soon turned to the subject of sex. Tim confessed that he was having problems with Tracy, who he explained had an aversion to sex. Despite being a similar age to June, he said she refused to suck his cock, only wanted ‘vanilla’ sex, and liked it to be over quickly. He went on to say this left him highly frustrated as he cared for her a lot. Tracy was also a very pretty girl, with a great little body.Tim’s confession was most surprising to both June, and me at the time.A little while later, Tim asked us about our long weekend in Yorkshire, the previous summer, as we hadn’t seen too much of him since then.June and I looked at each other, and I began by telling him how much we enjoyed the Dales, the area where June’s brother lived, and of course our visit to the famous ‘Tavern Inn.’I then looked at June and said, ‘Do you want to tell, Tim what happened that afternoon, babe, or shall I?’‘I think you should tell him, Mark,’ she replied.So over the next ten minutes, I told Tim everything that happened that day in the pub. Steve and June at the bar, the other guys, Steves offer, the whole story. Tim sat wide-eyed as he listened intently to our story.I even told him about June and my conversation in my car, on the way back to London, and her regret at turning down Steve and the three guys’ offer.He was silent for a while, then he said, ‘That’s possibly the horniest story I have ever heard!’ adding, ‘You two are really something you know.’‘Thanks, Tim,’ I said, ’It was a very erotic encounter, I have to admit.’‘I so wish I could have been with you, Mark, watching Steve and June at the bar.’I said, ‘I wish you could have been there too, Tim.’‘You are so lucky, mate, June is so damn gorgeous,’ he added.He looked at June, then said, ‘I can’t say I blame Steve and his mates, Mark.’He thought for a moment, then said, ‘I really think you made a mistake that day, June.’‘How do you mean, Tim?’ she asked.‘You should definitely have taken up Steve’s offer that night.’ he said, ‘I think Steve’s idea is fantastic, and the sexiest thing I have ever heard of.’June blushed, then said, her eyes lowered, ‘Yes, I know I should have said yes to Steve, I have thought about it many times since that day, Tim.’‘If it is not for you, then you have nothing to lose, June, however, you will never know unless you try it,’ said Tim.He then said, ‘Mark, do you still have Steve’s number?’‘Yes, I do, Tim,’ I replied.‘You should call him up and maybe both go back up there this summer.’‘We plan to do that, Tim, yes,’ I said.‘And will you be accepting Steve’s suggestion this time, June?’ he asked her.‘Yes I would like to, Tim,’ she replied,’ Very much.’‘I think you should babe if it’s what you would like to experience,’ he said.‘Oh, I do, Tim, very much so,’ added June.‘Personally, I think you would be perfect in a gang-bang, June, especially with experienced older guys like them,’ added Tim.‘As Steve and his friends said, you are the perfect age to experience what they wanted, do it now while you are still so young, June.’June said, ’Thanks so much, Tim.’We poured ourselves some more drinks, and Tim put another dance track on the music system, then June began dancing again.I could see Tim, deep in thought, no doubt he was thinking about our encounter that day with Steve, and his friends.After a while, I badly needed the toilet, so I left June, dancing on her own, and dashed upstairs to use Tim’s bathroom.Upon returning to the lounge, I found June now dancing with Tim, he had put on a slow number and they were embraced together in a slow dance to the song playing.I sat down, with my drink and watched them both dancing slowly, Tim had his arms around June’s waist, and his face was very close to hers.After a time, he slowly slid his hands down her back and onto her bum, caressing her ass through her satin trousers.They began kissing at that point, softly at first, then more deeply. June responded to his kisses eagerly as he continued feeling her wonderful ass with his hands.I continued watching, as Tim now had one hand on the front of June’s silk blouse, he was gently feeling her tits through the thin silky material and I could see she was enjoying herself. Gingerly, he tried his luck with the buttons on the front of the blouse. One by one, he opened them, then parted the front section, exposing her beautiful small breasts.June did nothing to stop him, so he bent down and kissed, and licked each of her tits, using his hand to place each nipple into his mouth.June, had her eyes closed and her head back, clearly enjoying what he was doing to her.

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