A Surprise Evening Ch. 1


My God, I felt so horny that evening. James was away on a management seminar and I was left alone. We did not live together, although James often stayed over, so I was not unaccustomed to being on my own at the flat. It was just that when James had phoned me earlier he had said the most sexy things to me, telling me what he would like to do to me when he returned from his seminar at the end of the week.

I sat in front of the TV with the images moving anonymously on the screen. I could see that the TV was on but my mind was filled with the delicious images that James had conjured up in it. He loved me dressing up for him and he had described how he would like me to dress on a date with him. I had a wardrobe full of sexy clothes and we would play games, pretending we were in a public place with everyone staring at me in my most revealing dresses. He loved to stare at me as though we were strangers then he would gradually seduce me with his hands and mouth until I was unable to resist the urge to throw my clothes off and climb onto his magnificent body.

That’s how I wanted to be that evening: dressed to kill with James being his sexiest. Instead I was sitting in front of the TV wearing my little woolen pyjamas.

I don’t know why I suddenly did it, but I found myself making my way to my bedroom and opening my clothes cupboard. I slipped my pyjamas off and spent the next half hour trying on various outfits. James always loved me in the black lace cat suit. My little pink nipples always seemed to find a way to poke through a hole in the lace as they swelled up to prominent erection. Nothing was left to the imagination with my cat suit, especially when I left off any trace of underwear beneath it, which was just how James loved me to be.

Another outfit I tried on was the tiny micro mini-dress. When I wrapped my arms around James’ neck the short hem would raise to expose just a trace of the roundness of my bottom cheeks. He would place me with my back to my full length mirror so that he could look at my reflection before cupping my bottom in his hand and letting his middle finger sneak between my thighs and lie lazily against the lips of my pussy. I would make his finger very wet very quickly.

Then there was the black slinky number. It was made of a very stretchy material that clung to my body like a second skin. The top was high with just a small hole for my neck but it left my shoulders completely bare as the sides opened to form wide arm holes. The material clung to my breasts to do nothing to hide their shape and allow them to swell sideways to spill their roundness out of the wide arm openings. The skirt stretched down to my ankles and it would have been impossible to walk in it but for the button-up split that went from the hem right up to a couple of inches above my hip. I left the buttons open to half way up my thigh and stepped into a pair of black stiletto heeled sandals.

I checked myself in the mirror. I grinned to myself as I remembered James’ face the first time I wore it for him. He said that the line of my panties spoiled the effect so I quickly slipped them off, and that is just how I was as I regarded myself that lonely evening. The fullness of my creamy breasts contrasted nicely with the black of the dress as they swelled out of the sides. I brought my knee forward to slip through the side split. I picked up another mirror to turn my back on my full length reflection and check it out as we girls like to do. The rounded cheeks of my bottom were clearly outlined by the hug of the clingy material. James was right; panties would spoil the smooth lines of the dress.

I went to my bedroom window, still dressed in my sexy dress and after opening it wide, leaned on the ledge and breathed in the air on that warm balmy evening. I stayed there for a while watching the customers going in and out of the pub just across the road. It was a nice pub. James and I often used it for a quick drink. There was a pool table and constant music. It was frequented by mainly young people so there was always quite a buzz in there. Whenever we went in there there was always someone we knew to chat with so we kind of regarded it as our local. I wondered who would be there this particular evening.

I don’t know what made me do it, but suddenly I was crossing the street just outside the pub. My heart was pounding. I had only worn the dress in private with James before and here I was out in the busy evening street making my way towards a pub that I knew would be full of randy young men. I entered the pub and felt all male heads turn to face me. I made my way towards the bar and Mike the barman came over to me, a wide grin across his face.

‘Hi Tonya. No James this evening?’

‘No Mike. doktor porno He’s away on business.’

‘May I say how sexy you look this evening?’

‘Thanks Mike.’ I smiled sweetly.

As Mike went to get my drink I glanced into the wide mirror across the back of the bar. All eyes were on me. I think it was my bottom that was the centre of attention. I felt hot inside. My body was shaking nervously. I took a deep breath to steady me. Why was I doing this? I asked myself. I couldn’t think of anything more dangerous than flaunting myself in front of all these young men. From the looks in their eyes there was only one thing that they were thinking of. I was at that moment a sex object of their fantasies. Somewhere nice and soft to park their cocks when they felt randy.

I felt a sudden wave of heat flow through me as I imagined James nude and erect. He had the most beautiful cock imaginable and I loved the feeling of it sliding slowly into me. All of a sudden I had disturbed the peace of the pub with my presence and all these guys wanted to be James.

I picked up my drink and felt the icy liquid cool my insides for a moment. I emptied the glass quickly and became aware of a rather dishy guy moving towards me.

‘Can I get you a drink?’

I looked into his cold grey eyes and smiled. ‘Thank you.’

‘My name’s Rod.’

‘Hello Rod. I’m Tonya.’

‘A pretty name. It suits you.’

‘Thanks.’ I smiled again.

Mike brought my drink over and Rod paid him.

‘Why don’t you come over and join us. We could do with a fourth person to make up two teams.’

I followed him over to the pool table. Rod introduced me two his two friends, Larry and Joe. Rod decided that I was to partner him and soon the game was under way. I’m not the most competent of pool players, but Rod didn’t seem to mind and often whispered tips in my ear to help me. I found myself enjoying the closeness of his body as he put his mouth to my ear and suddenly jumped as I felt his hand lightly resting on my bottom when I bent over the table to take my shot.

My interest in the game had allowed me to forget the way I was dressed but Rod’s touch soon brought me back to reality.

I turned to face him and reprimand him but I was unable to stop the cheeky grin on my face as I said the words. He grinned back and left his hand where it was. I chose to ignore his touch and took my shot. As I stood up I just managed to catch Rod winking to his friends. Larry stood there with a stupid look on his face as I urged him to take his shot.

My poor skills at Pool allowed Larry and Joe to win the game. As we lay our cues onto the table to allow another couple to take over the game, Rod suggested that we all go to a table for another drink. Rod led me to a vacant table, his hand resting on my hip as we walked. I suddenly didn’t mind his familiarity. Joe went over to buy a round of drinks as the rest of us chatted freely.

After two or three more drinks Rod suggested that we all go to his home for a little privacy. I could see them waiting eagerly for my acceptance. I pretended to hesitate but maybe it was the drinks, my mood or just that these three good looking guys seem so nice. Or maybe it was a combination of all three, but suddenly I accepted and we were making our way to his car.

It was one of those lovely big saloons cars: all shiny and powerful. Rod opened the passenger door for me and waited while I slipped into the seat before making his way around and climbing into the driver’s seat beside me. The other two guys piled into the rear passenger seats. He slipped the gear shift into drive and suddenly we were cruising along the main road, the engine purring sexily. Rod let his hand wander off the gear shift and lazily rest onto my thigh. I just leaned back into the luxurious seat and soaked up the sensuality of the moment.

Minutes later we were pulling up into the drive in front of a large house. Rod slipped out of the car and like a perfect gentleman opened my door for me. I eased myself to my feet and he suddenly slipped his arm around my waist and pulled me to him. I stood there, gazing into his eyes, waiting for the inevitable pass. It came quickly as he lowered his mouth down onto mine and kissed me, gently at first, then increasing in passion as our tongues met inside my hot mouth. His hands moved from my waist onto my bottom, cupping my cheeks at first then moving sensuously over them.

I felt my excitement growing as I imagined his imagination seeking out my panties until he realised that there was nothing under that thin clinging dress but Tonya’s naked flesh. He eventually pulled his mouth from mine, his face dark and lecherous. I looked into his ensest porno eyes as they burned with lust for me. Then he tossed the door key across to Joe while he just stood gazing at me with his hands resting on my hips.

The door opened and the lights went on inside the house. Rod slipped his arm around my waist and led me inside, quietly closing the door behind us. We made our way into the large living room and Larry went straight to the stereo system and the room was filled with a throbbing rock ballad. I was pulled back into Rod’s arms and we swayed together, our bodies pressing together, looking deep into each other’s eyes. My heart was pounding. The atmosphere was burning with eroticism and I should have been planning my escape, but my instincts were all urging me to stay and play this game out to the full. We kissed again and once again, Rod’s hands explored my bottom then ventured up to cup the swell of my panting breasts.

When our lips finally parted he ran his tongue around the edge of my ear and I could feel his hot breath brushing me.

‘God, you’re a fucking sexy woman.’ He panted.

‘Thank you.’ I smiled.

‘I would love to fuck you here and now.’ He growled.

‘What? In front of your friends?’ I teased.

‘Shall I get rid of them?’ He asked thickly.

‘That’s up to you.’ I whispered, trying to steady my voice. ‘It’s your home.’

‘Do you mean you would let me fuck you in front of them?’ He panted hungrily.

‘I don’t remember saying that I wanted you to fuck me at all.’ I said quietly.

‘You didn’t say that you didn’t either.’ He grinned lustily.

‘That’s true.’ I said, fighting with my excitement as I allowed my parted lips to move close to his.

We kissed again and while our mouths mashed together I felt his eager hands start to ease the skirt of my dress slowly upwards. I knew that Larry and Joe were sitting watching us, but suddenly I wanted this to go on to its natural conclusion. It was only moments before my dress was hoisted up to my waist. As we kissed Rod’s exploring hand moved around to my front and was suddenly cupping my mound.

He tore his mouth from mine and stared into my eyes, panting like a wild thing.

‘Fuck it.’ He gasped. ‘You’ve shaved it.’

‘Mmm.’ I purred. ‘Isn’t that how you men like us – smooth and wet?’

He started to fumble with the front of his trousers but I stopped him.

‘Let me.’ I whispered.

As I slowly unfastened his belt and eased the zipper down, Rod cupped my naked bottom, pulling me close as his other hand filled itself with my soft willing mound, his middle finger dipping into the slit between my pussy lips and making my juices leak out over it.

I slowly peeled the front of his trousers open and let my fingers snake beneath the elasticised top of his shorts. My body stiffened for a moment when my fingers found their objective. It was like a great eel, trapped in his pants by its sheer volume. My legs were already weakening by his slow insistent attention to my most delicate place, but when I tried in vain to encircle the girth of his huge member with one hand, I was unable to support myself and fell against his strong body.

He leaned back against the table and cupped my bottom in his hands to steady me, and then as I pushed his pants down to fall around his ankles, he guided the great monster of his penis between my thighs and let it rest against the lips of my pussy.

I squeezed my thighs together to press the thick shaft against me, sending sparks of desire all over my body. He felt huge: Long and thick; hard and eager.

Without any warning he went down to kneel in front of me and eased my thighs apart. I gripped his hair and felt his mouth moving over the smooth softness of my mound. I was starting to lose control and I moved around to lift my bottom onto the edge of the table so that he could access me between my open thighs.

He knew exactly where to go and while I luxuriated in the divine attention I was suffering I was able to watch the hungry stare of Joe and Larry, their eyes wide with disbelief. It was amazing. I had never had sex in front of an audience before and the hungry looks in their eyes as they unsuccessfully attempted to disguise the prominent bulges in their laps sent my senses to an even higher level of ecstasy. I felt so wicked and depraved. I had only met these guys a short time earlier and now I was sharing my most intimate emotions with them – not to mention my most secret places. But I didn’t care. I was so turned on by the situation that I was prepared to offer them any lascivious pleasure that they desired of me.

Rod’s tongue was working expertly against me. My clit felt as though erotik porno it was about to burst with intensity. I lay back onto the top of the table and pushed my hips up into his face. Suddenly the most powerful orgasm swept over me. I heard myself crying out as Rod wriggled his tongue in and out of my streaming pussy, drawing more and more powerful spasms as my climax seemed to go on and on. I eventually collapsed on the table, giggling uncontrollably. Rod lifted his face to look at me and his mouth and chin was glistening with my juices. I gripped his muscular arm to bring myself upright and then as I wrapped my arm around his neck, we kissed deeply. I could taste my juices in his mouth as his tongue slithered about inside my own mouth.

When our mouths finally parted he pulled away slightly and I noticed him grip the shaft of his cock. I looked down and gave a little gasp of pleasure. The shaft, so long and thick curved upwards. The head was swollen and deep in colour. A tear of precum oozed out of the tip and hung like a fine thread of silk as it gradually lengthened and broke, disappearing into the deep pile carpet below.

‘Tonya, I’m going to fuck you rigid.’ He panted.

‘Oh yesss!’ I heard myself groan as I leaned back against the edge of the table and parted my thighs, lifting my knees to present him with my wet, aching pussy.

I couldn’t stop myself crying out as I felt the leathery tip of his cock press gently against the pouting lips of my moist opening. Slowly he slipped into me. My nerves were alive as I felt the wide ridge around the swollen head caressing the walls of my insides. The thickness of the shaft stretched me wide as the distended veins drew even more erotic sensations from my gushing cavity.

His balls eventually pressed against me and my pussy stretched to accommodate the enormous serpent filling it. My body was shaking as he slowly withdrew then thrust hard into me. I heard my scream of delight somewhere at the edge of my senses and he repeated the diving movement – over and over, sending me into a quivering mass. I clung to him, trying to match his exquisite thrusts. I could feel my juices flooding over the table beneath me and soaking the cheeks of my bottom.

I don’t know how long it was but I was suddenly coming again. Through my half-closed eyes I noticed that Larry and Joe stripped off and were advancing towards us, stroking their erect cocks as they moved. Suddenly hands were all over my body. Mouths were licking and sucking me everywhere. I was vaguely aware of being carried to the soft sofa and sitting astride Rod’s thighs as he continued to pound into me.

I felt a moist finger playing with the little opening of my ass. Sparks shot through me as the finger tip just entered my forbidden place. I cried out. I wanted to stop the wild sensations shuddering through me, but my body was now out of control.

I glanced back over my shoulder. Joe was standing there, smoothing some oily cream over his throbbing cock. I watched fascinated as he approached me and positioned himself behind me. I felt the tip of his cock touch the entrance to my ass. My body stiffened for a moment. I had taken a man that way before, but never while another was already inside me. Rod must have sensed my reluctance because he kissed my ear as his hands moved over my aching breasts, pinching my erect nipples deliciously.

A deep thrust of his cock took me by surprise and I felt myself starting to surrender to yet another orgasm. Joe noticed the sudden distraction and in the back of my mind I was conscious of his cock sliding into my ass. I couldn’t believe the sensations that shuddered through me. I felt as though my whole body was filled with cock.

‘Oh yes, Joe!’ Rod groaned. ‘I can feel you sliding in.’

‘I know.’ Joe responded. ‘I can feel you moving too.’

‘Oh yes.’ I gasped. ‘I can feel you both moving inside me.’

‘Like it?’ Rod grinned as he moved slowly and continuously.

‘Yessss!’ I panted. ‘I’ve never felt anything like it before.’

I looked across at Larry, standing there stroking his cock expectantly.

‘Come here Larry.’ I gasped as I moved against the slow thrusts of the other two.

He came close and I reached out to hold his hard cock, pulling it to me. Mmm, he tasted lovely. His long cock filled my mouth as Rod and Joe continued to thrust deeply into me. Joe came first and after lubricating my insides with his hot, slippery cum, his cock was replaced by Larry’s.

By now I was in heaven. I don’t know how long those two magnificent cocks pumped into me as I was lost in my own ecstasy. My head span and my body shook as wave after wave of delicious spasms swept over me.

When I finally returned to full awareness all four of us were lying on the carpet, gasping and sighing with satisfaction.

It was not long before we all wanted more of the same and for the next few hours I was fucked until my pussy ached. But I finally was returned to my flat, exhausted but satisfied.

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