A Text Book Seduction (Part 2)


PREFACE:It was well over two years since my divorce. It was over three years since I’d been fucked, and it was over four years since I’d been fucked willingly. I was in need of cock. I’d been getting sex from my girlfriends. Now I needed a male. But, and it was a huge but, I had to be in control. Control of every second, of every movement. I knew that was the only way I’d overcome my ‘man phobia.’John presented the ideal candidate to fill the vacancy and my hole.PART 1It had been a strange week, a week where my sexual temperature hadn’t dropped below boiling. Where I hadn’t, for the first time in months, had any physical sex (with a woman). Where I’d done one of my most outrageous displays in public. Where I’d set up a scenario where I could seduce a nineteen-year-old boy. A boy who, from his mother’s description, was probably a virgin.He was due shortly. I was dressed and ready. A number of friends had asked how I was proposing to dress. Well, not in fishnets and basque! His mother had described a timid, nerdish, boy and I didn’t want him to think I was enacting Halloween a few days late.I had decided on a schoolma’am look. A wide knee-length skirt and a blouse. The blouse, unbuttoned, revealed cleavage. Under the skirt would be my signature stockings and suspenders of course, and knickers. I debated with myself about the knickers, but decided to go with them. If he was as innocent as I thought, flashing a naked pussy might be too much. I didn’t want him coming in his trousers!A bra too. One that threatened to peek out of my blouse.I was ready. I’d suggested 3.00 pm.For those of you wondering why he was coming, the story is too involved to tell here.3.00 pm arrived. He didn’t.3.10 pm arrived and left. God, was I going to be stood up? I’m not sure my libido could cope with another disappointment this week.At 3.15 pm my phone pinged. His mother.Sorry running late. Be with you in 5.This was good and bad news. It meant he was coming. But his mother bringing him was a disaster. They only lived a street away, an easy walk, certainly for a nineteen-year-old. If he decided to take the books I’d promised him, I’d said I’d run him back.There was nothing I could do about it, though. No halfway sensible excuse I could think of to stop his mother from coming in. “Sorry I can’t let you in. I’m planning to seduce your son.” Didn’t quite work.Three minutes later (I was clock-watching. My need was in the desperate to life-threatening zone) the bell rang. I opened the door, wondering what awaited. A blind date!I’ve quite a good reputation for summing people up at first sight but rarely get it right when I’m imagining them before a meeting. brazzers John I’d imagined as a tall, gangly boy, awkward in his movements, round John Lennon glasses, a stammer, and shy in the extreme. But there he stood.For once in my life, I’d got it right. Even down to the glasses. What I’ve just described stood on my doorstep: hands in pockets, looking at his feet, mumbling something that sounded like. “Hi. I’m John. I’ve come to collect some books. Sorry I’m late.”I couldn’t be sure that’s what he’d said, as his lips didn’t appear to move. Perhaps he was an apprentice ventriloquist.The plus was – no sign of his mother, just a car disappearing up the road. So my seduction was on.I’d never done this before, not really. This was a silly place to start. A subject that at first glance was not of the everyday world. I should have found a local youth wandering around the town centre to practice on. (Now there’s a thought!)I invited him in. He stepped over the threshold, but nothing vocal.“I’ve put some of the books in the lounge. If you’re interested, I’ll get the others out, but didn’t want to bother if they are of no use to you.”“Yeah.” Mm. I had casually thought that if my seduction fell on stony ground, it might be interesting chatting with a current student doing this subject. Given his response, I might get more out of the hedgehog that inhabited my garden.I’d put three books on the coffee table in front of the sofa, and directed him to it. I sat in an armchair opposite.I had planned to commence the seduction there, letting my legs drift apart, but decided to postpone it. I needed him to loosen up. I got the impression that if I’d stripped naked in front of him at that moment, I’d have failed to get a reaction. He looked at the books. I saw a glimmer of interest in his eyes. He checked the edition, the year of publication, and read the opening page of the first. I knew the book by heart, even twenty-odd years after having closed it for the last time. It was the bible on the subject. Written eons ago, but still relevant.A spark of life emanated from the sofa opposite. “That’s cool. My tutor’s been banging on about this. It’s been out of print since the dark ages and I couldn’t find a copy anywhere. Thanks.”The dark ages! I bought that new!“That’s good, you’re welcome to it. It was our bible. I’m surprised it’s out of print.”“it’s still available in revised editions but he reckons it’s been rewritten and not so clear in its theory on…”I won’t bore you with the next ten minutes. He clearly felt on safe ground talking technicalities, and I talked to him as an equal. That’s not strictly correct, as he was cuckold porno clearly a lot more intelligent and on top of this subject than I was. Anyway, back to…“Did you know there was a secondary volume?” I asked. “Goes into one or two ideas in more depth.”“Yeah, but can’t find that either.”“Look no further, I’m sure I’ve got a copy.”“Yeah? Cool.” His face was animated. Behind the geekiness, behind the John Lennon glasses, with the smile on his face, he was reasonably good-looking. Not the first you’d pick in those ‘number them in order’ photos, but certainly not the last.Time to move to more pressing matters. Satisfying my urges.“I’ve a suitcase full of textbooks in the attic. It’s awkward to get down on my own. Perhaps you’d give me a hand.” (With me guys?)“Yeah, sure.”I now at least had a live specimen to deal with. I realised his animation was triggered by the books, but he was showing a spark of being human. How human I was about to find out. I’d done a test run on my own, and was fairly confident the next five minutes would set the agenda for the rest of the afternoon. The anticipation caused me damp knickers.He followed me up the stairs. Given my skirt length, I doubted I was revealing anything except perhaps a brief glimpse of stocking top.I glanced back. His head was down. I couldn’t think of anything half sensible to say, ‘Look up John. You’ll see up my skirt.’ Nah. So I kept quiet.We arrived on the landing, and I used the pole to open the hatch and pull the ladder down.“I’ll have to go up to find the case. Can you hold the ladder? It’s rickety and I’m not good with heights.” He coughed and mumbled, “Yeah.” That cough! An embarrassed cough, I was sure. He knew what might be in front of his eyes! My leak intensified. I stepped on the ladder, playing the vertigo-suffering, useless woman. I’d gone up three steps. “Could you hold it now?” He held one side of the ladder, standing next to it, facing away. Oh. He was being a gentleman!“No, please could you hold both sides? It’s so wobbly.”He didn’t say anything, but did as I’d asked.I climbed up until my head was in the attic and looked down. As I suspected, his eyes were fixed on his feet. Not good.“Are you okay? Please hold tight, I’m going to step off.” I’d stepped to the top of the ladder and put one foot on the rim of the hatch while keeping an eye on John. As I’d hoped, my comment prompted him to look up. “Yeah, I’m fi…”His words stopped. His mouth remained open, the final syllable lost. Perfect. The interesting thing was that he didn’t look away. His eyes were locked on me. On my knickers. I stayed there as long as I felt czech porno sensible. I didn’t want him to think I was doing it deliberately.I stepped into the attic and moved a few things around for effect. The case I’d filled the day before was sitting ready to be handed down, but I made a pretence of looking for it.“I’ve got it, John. Could you come up and take it from me?”I squatted down at the edge of the hatch, my knees slightly over the edge, about six inches apart. I’d hitched my skirt to just above my knees. Nothing outrageous, just careless! John was concentrating on the ladder. He looked as nervous as I’d pretended to be. Whether that was my lurid description suggesting the imminent collapse of the ladder, actual nerves of heights, or anticipatory thoughts of what might be awaiting him, I didn’t know.His head came through the hatch and turned in my direction, a foot from my parted knees. No attempt to look away. His eyes said it all.I didn’t say anything. I didn’t move. Apart from letting my legs part slightly more. He was mesmerised. My mind went back to the man in the coffee shop earlier in the week. A wonderful week for hypnotising the male of the species.I was sure he was mine now, but I’d wait until we were back down the ladder before moving on. After all, I didn’t want him falling off.I pretended not to have noticed his stare, slightly shifted the suitcase towards him, and said in what I hoped was a natural voice, “Here John, be careful. You’ll need to let it slide down the ladder as you go down.”He came out of his trance, pink in the face, but again did as asked.I let him get to the bottom. “Can you hold it for me again?”No reply, but he did. This time he was looking up. I slowly stepped onto the ladder. Perhaps I shouldn’t have worn knickers.I contrived to get my body in a U shape, getting my hands a rung closer to my feet than usual, making my bum stick out, opening the view up my legs.A surreptitious glance confirmed he was admiring the view.In my planning, I had thought it might be possible to descend and get his head going up my skirt, but I could see that wouldn’t work, so just made my descent as slow as possible.“Oh, don’t let go yet!” I implored him, as my legs got level with his face and he went to step back. “Wait till I’m down.” It meant me descending into a space bordered by his arms and body. I contrived to brush one leg against an arm and my bum touched his chest and was moving down his body, but it was too much for him. He let go of the ladder, and stepped back, just before my bum would have rubbed over his cock. Bugger.I had planned to give him a bit more of a show before I tried anything further, but decided he was probably getting horny already so I’d risk it. I turned from the ladder to face him, putting a smile on my face.“Thank you. You’ve been most helpful. We can sort through the books later if there’s something you’d rather do.”

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