A week in Mexico Part 1


A week in Mexico Part 1A vacation was just the thing for our couples since they had first gotten together a few months ago. Maurice and Sandra fit so well with James and Tiffany, it seemed like fate. Many sexual adventures had been explored, lesbian sex, swapping, and even mutual masterbating for the guys. Now the chance had come for hunting new ground for sexual partners for one night stands in an exotic locale. So they booked flights to Mexico for a weeks stay in Acapulco.The flight down was enjoyable as they became members of the Mile High club. James and Maurice each had their wives with the agreement that they would switch on the return trip. They took seperate cabs after arriving and got a short tour of the city. They arrived at the hotel and checked in and were shown to their rooms. A suite was booked, a large common room with a kitchenette and two bedrooms, each with a private bath with hot tub. As it was already late afternoon on Thursday, they went for an early dinner then a walk on the beach to check things out for the fun to start tomorrow. All four wanted to be ready for the next day, so it was a quick trip to the hot tub and then to bed. It had been talked over that whatever sexual contact they had would be discussed first. All wanted this to be a vacation that they would never forget.Friday dawned bright, it having rained some overnight. It was not anything that would dampen the excitement they all felt. A quick breakfast was made in the room, then it was out to the beach. James and Maurice had on new black Speedos that showed off their package very well, while the girls had on white bikinis, Sandra being taller, almost 6′ and Tiffany a petite 5′ 1″. Both looked spectacular as the suits showed off their breasts well. The women were opposites standing there, tall and slender with perky B cups and short and somewhat rounder having D cups that hung down. They made their way to the beach and found four chairs at the edge of the sand not far from the bar hut.Settling the girls in the outside chairs, the guys went to the bar for drinks, Margarita’s for Tiff and Sandy, Dos Equis for them. The girls had already started to gather onlookers by the time they got back as men were staring at them as they walked by, stopping shortly to get a good look. The shoreline was full of bronze colored and dark skinned men. Maurice and James were not left out either as a plethira of hot sun-soaked women paraded past them in every hair color 1xbet yeni giriş and body shape. It was turning into a target-rich environment for all.After about a hour, James was thinking that he and Maurice were cramping the girls style, so they told their wives that they were taking off for a walk to scope out the babes and told them to have fun as they were sure that men would flock to them as soon as they left. Giving each of them a nice kiss, the men left for the bar to pick up a new beer and then took off down the beach leaving the girls on their own.It was only a few minutes until two tall black men came up to Sandra and Tiffany. They said they had been watching them from down the beach and wondered why the two men they were with had left. They introduced themselves as Jake and Terrell. The girls looked them up and down, both in body-builder shape and bulging at the crotch. Telling the two that their hubbies had taken off for the day to explore the city, the girls ask these very hot studs to set with them and talk for awhile. Jake sat next to Sandra and that left Tiffany to get to know Terrell. The two men were locals that came to the beach often to check out the tourists. Being intrigued by this, Tiffany asked if they had seen any tourist that they were interested in yet today, all the while rubbing her hand up and down her upper leg. Terrell said that up until now the day had been a bust but it was looking better all the time. Tiff smiled at him and said it was looking good for her also and asked if he would like to go back to their room for some real fun. Sandy was all for that too and taking Jake’s hand lead the way off the beach with Tiff and Terrell close behind. The heavy petting started in the elevator and continued down the hall to the door. After putting the Do Not Disturb sign on the door for their husbands to see, Sandra took everyone to her room and closed the door. As she and Tiff walked to the bed, they untied their tops and let them fall to the floor. They lay on the bed and said,” We are all yours boys, come take us”. Not wanting to waste any time the men were on them. Jake started at Sandra’s feet and worked his way up her legs while Terrell began at Tiffany’s mouth and moved slowly downward. Jake reached Sandra’s bottoms quickly and pulled them aside to start his onslaught on her pussy lips and clit. His toungue moved quickly over her moist slit to find he nub waiting inside it’s hood. Terrell 1xbet giriş was taking his time with Tiff as he lingered at her ample breasts, sucking her hard nipples as he squeezed them. Both girls were wildly tuned on as they were teased and fondled. Tiff looked over at Sandy and saw her eyes were rolled back in her head in ecstasy. She told Jake to get his cock inside Sandy and make her cum. Sandra’s bottoms were on the floor in a flash as Jake lined his member up to enter her wet gash, he stood there with 11 inches and rubbed it’s huge head around her lips. “Fuck me you stud” Sandy screamed wanting him inside her. Jake’s cock entered her with a full firm stroke until it stopped at his balls. Then he began to pump her with full deep strokes, feeling the wetness of her insides cover his rod. Sandra could not take much of that as she told him she was going to cum and to pull out when she told him to. A few fast jabs and Sandy said “Pull out now”, and as he did hot streams of cum erupted from her pussy and covered Jake’s stomach and cock. As soon as her orgasm was finished, Jake entered Sandy again to continue fucking her.As this was going on, Terrell had reached Tiff’s pussy and was eating it like a starving dog. The next best thing to make Tiff hot after sucking her tits was being eaten, so she was in heaven as his tongue found all of the right spots to lick. As he sucked on her clit, Terrell reach up and fondled both tits. This sent Tiff into a full body orgasm that shook the bed and filled his mouth with hot juice. “Take me from behind”, Tiff said as she rolled over and presented her ass to Terrel for entry. Terrell’s cock was no smaller than Jake’s but a bit thicker. He guided into her easily and began to pump her deep and hard. Both women were cumming hard as they were pummeled by these two huge cocks that filled them and seemed to need no rest. After a few minutes, Sandra wanted to change partners. So as the men got up and watched, Sandy lay across the bed and told Tiff to get on her 69 and start licking her clit. Tiff mounted her, letting her round tits hang down, and sucked her pussy into her mouth. With Tiff’s pussy hovering close to her face, Sandra told the guys to fuck them as they ate each other. Jake mounted Tiff doggie as Terrell took Sandra. Both girls were soaked by now and took the cocks greedily. Both men pumped long and hard as Sandy would lick Terrell’s balls for a few strokes and Tiff ran her tongue 1xbet güvenilirmi along the top of Jake’s shaft. Tiffany told them that they wanted them to cum inside them this way and to try to cum at the same time. The men quickened their strokes and pounded the girls for all they were worth. Both men became super hard and the girls knew they were close. Then a gush of sperm filled them, first Tiff then Sandra right after, and it was met by a wash of pussy juice as the girls came again on those huge dicks. Their pussies were filled to overflowing as the jism flowed around the massive poles stuck inside them and began to run out. Jake and Terrell pulled out with cocks that were still standing straight out wanting more cunt. The girls eagerly licked at each others cunts, wanting to taste every drop of that sweet cum. “Fuck us in the ass as we eat your cum” Sandy told them. The girls continued to lick as they were entered by those swollen cocks, their assholes giving way to them easily. “Fuck us hard til you cum again please” they both said over and over as they were rammed deeply. Both women had very tight asses, even though they were used often, and Terrell and Jake were soon at the brink of squirting again. They pushed hard and deep as the sperm exploded from them and both girls let loose a flow of cum spraying into the others waiting mouth. Jake and Terrell withdrew and sat on the floor breathing hard as they watched the girls clean one another off. Cum still dripping from their pussies mingled with the flow from out of their assholes. Finishing finally, Tiffany and Sandy asked if the guys had had enough for now. Both said they had but would not mind coming back for another go. “That sound great”, Sandra said, “Maybe next time you can DP both of us, would you like that”? “Hell yes” both said. Tiff then showed them to the door and told them how great they were. “We will see you on the beach again soon I’m sure”, she told them as they left down the hallway. James and Maurice must have walked right past the two spent studs as they appeared around the corner of the hallway. Seeing Tiff at the door, James asked if she had any luck, knowing it would be the only reason she was in the room to start with. “We both just got our brains fucked out and loved it” was all she had to say as the two husbands walked into the room and then saw Sandy standing there. Then realizing both girls were covered with sweat and with cum dripping down their legs, both knew their women had enjoyed the afternoon. “I hope you guys didn’t get left out today” Sandra asked. “Oh no, we didn’t” said Maurice, and we will tell you all about it after you clean up and fill us in on how your day went.To be continued:

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