A Wife A Little To Understanding

Big Dicks

Present day:

We arrived at the ‘Sissy Salon’ which was a covert sex club for downlow gay wealthy men and lesbians. As his agent and pimp I collected all his performance fees. I walked into the ‘Sissy Salon’ to make sure that everything was in place so my sissy husband could perform. Then I went to his dressing room to make sure everything I requested for me was in place.

After a few minutes my sissified spouse minced in wearing 6-inch heels into his dressing room carrying several boxes with big pink bows on them. He was carrying some new items from Lee’s Mardi Gras Boutique with the costumes that I had ordered for him.

He replied, “yes….. and then he asked me respectfully, “May I see them now?”

I replied “yes you may” I was anxious to see the look of joy that would come over his face. I knew his permanent tattooed makeup would always make him look like a wanton slut. He opened the first box and pulled out a pink thong bikini and in the second box there was a pair of pink 5-inch platform soles with clear heels 11-inch that were covered with shimmering rhinestones that made my husband gushed.

I told him to go and change while I found some suitable songs for him to dance to tonight. His long flowing black wig made a nice contrast to the pink thong bikini and his ample brown breasts pushed upwards creating gorgeous cleavage. The thong bikini bottoms split his round brown ass cheeks and the heels made his legs look so long and beautiful.

The thong fit fine because it just went up the crack of his ass and it was held up by a Velcro strap around his waist leaving his buttocks exposed, but ‘ricki’s breasts kept spilling out of the top. There was a big bulge of breast flesh on either side and a lot of underboob as well. He had to be careful how he moved because if he turned too abruptly, a sweet chocolate nipple might pop out to soon.

I went to my reserved table and soon he walked out as steadily as he could on the heels placing one foot in front of the other with his hormone enhanced ass switching from side to side teetering out and walking on the stage into the spot light to the cheering and hooting of the crowd throwing dollar bills. He held on the pole for balance and dramatic effect for a minute just as I had instructed him to. The deejay started playing ‘Sissy that walk’ a RuPaul tune all my husband had to do was sway to the music and look sexy.

Arching his back, pushing his hormone enhanced ass out when bending over to twerk giving a performance that I approved of. With each twerk his booty clapped together which pleased the crowd and the flow of dollars filled the air. He did this for about 5 minutes getting the crowd stimulated.

“Take your bra off,” I yelled.

His mouth opened wide.

You need to take that top off so they can see your big beautiful tits, after all they came to see you naked, make them titties bounce boy!” I taunted with the support of the crowd who figured that I was just one of the lesbians looking to do her thing.

My embarrassed husband continued dancing, sliding his back down the pole, squatting facing me and he slid the straps off his shoulders as I requested and ran his hand up his back and undid the clasp. The bra slid to the floor revealing his perky ’38’ D breast implants. “Good girl” I yelled “Keep on dancing sissy shake that ass.”

His hands gliding over the pole as the music faded into ‘Cream’ by Prince he started to dance faster, his bare firm breasts bounced as he moved wilder.

If you want to earn good tips you need to dance naked,” I yelled from the side of the stage, “Lose the panties bitch show all the guys what you ain’t got!”

He struggled with this idea, he didn’t feel comfortable being completely naked in front of a club full of lecherous strangers showing them that he was wearing a tiny shiny stainless-steel chastity cage.

As I sat there I fondly thought back to the first time I made my husband display himself naked locked in his cute little chastity cage. That was my conquest after all my hard work to teach him a lesson. I knew that he was so embarrassed at being exposed to the world as a sissy with his transformed body. It was all out there for the world to see, his shrunken nearly invisible dick and tiny balls, now a source of ridicule and embarrassment. Breast and hip implants had transformed him into a real site when he was uncorseted and uncaged he had a 38-24-38-1-inch shape. The 1-inch was the length of his dick shrunken from 10-inches by the 24/7 wearing of a chastity cage.

I became aware when he slowly had his complete defeat dawn on him that with his exposure this way, he could never recover he could never function as a man again. He’d never be able to ask another man much less a woman out or even be expected to breed with anyone because what could he do with his minuscule shrunken nub.

Rick held back his tears and took hold of the bronze pole he jiggled around to the music and slid his pink thong down edirne escort his long legs stepping out one foot at a time.

“That’s better baby” I said and smiled. “The faggots love you, now start acting sluttier, bend over and show them your ass and the base of the butt plug,” ‘ricki’ did as I asked, swaying his butt from side to side in time to the music. “Now squat down and face me, that’s it, good, spread your legs for the guys.”

Rick could feel the eyes all over him, lingering over his breasts and tiny chastised nub. The crowd went wild and started to rain money towards the stage, so much that it was a blinding blizzard for a few moments as they decided how much they were going to bid to have him riding on their dick at the end of the night.

The music thumped a grinding beat as I watched my husband approach the pole again. His hands slid up the smooth metal as his leg wrapped around it. He bent forward and in one fluid motion, he stood and arched his back. His long dark wig swept back. Then as his arms embraced the pole his leg swung him around and his wig fell in his face. I watched with pride as my feminized chastised husband undulated and twirled himself around the stage causing the patrons to deal out 1-dollar bills from the top of their stacks making it rain. Very soon the stage was covered with more and more dollars the more sensually he moved.

He moved his body closer to the metal pole and bent his knees, straddling it. His hands went back to caressing the hard stainless-steel of his chastity cage and he slowly, gently, rocked his thighs astride the bronze shaft. His hips rubbed against the unyielding metal. Again, cradling it in his hand, he beckoned it with the red fingertips of his other hand. His legs entwined around the pole and it seemed to come alive with his touch as he spun in a frenzied circle to the floor.

He even hung upside down on the pole, just hanging on with his legs. I was afraid he was going to fall and break his neck, but he was well trained. My fear for his safety was soon replaced with pride for my creation.

As the thumping erotic beat stimulated the crowd, the sight of him stretched back, his butt teasing the pole in arousing movements stimulated my dirty mind. His body ground against the pole as his hands slid up and massaged it. Then his chastity cage teased the pole between his thighs.

The sensuality of his dance was amazing, but the excitement of watching him was amusing me. Just as I was about to turn around, ‘ricki’ pulled himself up on the pole, holding it between his long legs, then dramatically letting go and his back slowly arched. I swear I felt my heart stop as his long dark wig flung back and touched the floor, I was so proud of my little sissy.

At that point nothing existed but the music, ‘ricki’, and the pole. His body melted into the tall metal mast. I was completely amazed by his talent and sheer strength he used to hang on by just his legs. He was a physical masterpiece in every move he made, so precise and clean just a pure work of art. He had so much passion in every extension in his body. It took true strength mentally and physically along with a lot of hard work to get those moves down I surmised. I continued to film the video as I watched ‘ricki’ hoist himself up and do another inverted move on that shiny pole. The world and the room around me faded away and I was absorbed in the warmth of the surreal experience.

Then suddenly the music climaxed and ‘ricki’ dismounted into a full split in front of the pole and he looked right into my camera. He got up walked slowly toward me, obviously breathing hard, reeling with is legs and the skin showing the glittering beads of perspiration.

“Do you like the life as an outted slutty crossdresser baby?” I whispered.

Rick forced a smile, he was actually starting to get in to it now, it was kind of empowering seeing all the gay men getting so turned on by his feminized body. “Yes…yes, I think so,” he replied hesitantly wondering who his wife would pimp him out to after the show.

The VIP Room:

Darnell walked into the ‘Sissy Salon’ VIP room drawing the attention of his many downlow admirers who could only be themselves in this exclusive invitation only private setting. All that I could think was how sexy he was, Darnell was a famous superstar pro basketball player who was on the downlow. He was very handsome 6′ 6″ and all solid sweet chocolate muscle. He was wearing a long flowing red satin robe with black trim and nothing else. As he boldly strode into the room his 10-inch dick bounce wildly. Darnell’s dick stirred under his robe and my husband got up, and slinked over to him to fulfill his programed thirst for cum.

But I thought to myself why such a fine specimen of masculinity was on the downlow and strictly gay. Damn the hell at least he could have been bi what a fucking waste I thought as I forced myself to avert my eyes from something I definitely wanted but knew I would elazığ escort never have. Envying my sissy husband for the gift that he was about to receive.

My husband was a feminine sight to behold with his soft smooth skin ’38’ D breast implants, with his slimmed down shoulders from weight lost and no more lifting weights at the gym, he now has thin arms where muscles used to be and he had a tiny waist. His body was oiled completely glistening under the low lights and he was smooth and hairless from the electrolysis, from the hygiene regiment I had him on.

He carefully placed a manicured hand on Darnell’s shoulder, feeling the bulge of his muscular deltoid. He eyed Darnell with a come-hither homosexual lust which said he was sexually available that had developed in him. He snickered conveying that he was open to the idea of doing things with another man.

Darnell’s lower abs were perfectly chiseled, his upper abs were equally beautiful, which was no surprise. The guy had an 8-pack revealing his broad chest with two massive muscular pectoral muscles. His nipples were tiny and perky there was a defined boundary. There was a giant bulge in his groin showing that he was very excited by my sissy husband. My husband’s eyes slowly drifted down to Darnell’s lower body, resting on his muscled tree-trunk legs.

I saw it! my husband was enjoying Darnell preening for him. Darnell was an exhibitionist and my husband was a voyeur. It all worked out. Darnell’s fingers stayed frozen in place. His caged cock getting worked up. Reaching out both trembling hands, and Darnell’s hard dick stood up. It was so long that it nearly hit my sissy husband in the face. Not that he would have ever complained. ‘ricki’ was transfixed with his lascivious awe at Darnell’s enormous manhood. The uncut thing was at least ten inches long his entire shaft was nice and hard. His balls hung, almost all the way down to the floor.

My husband was pleased that Darnell’s dick was already so hard. Horny as hell now, ‘ricki’ reached out and grabbed Darnell’s cock.

“Rick, your cock is adorable and tiny in your shiny chastity cage,” he said. “I paid a lot to be with a sissy like you with that tiny all most non-existent1-inch nub who would suck my dick and let me fuck him like a little….. BITCH!” Darnell said.

I could see my husband’s breathing increasing, ‘ricki’ wrapped his hand around Darnell’s thick sausage and began stroking it. Darnell’s eyes rolled back. He must have really enjoyed it.

Rick began to moan, “Oh yes, Darnell, oh yes!”

Rick felt the heat in his confined genitals straining, steaming things up between them. Darnell turned him around, and slapped his ass cheeks. My husband did lot of squats under my supervision so that his cheeks were like buns of steel. I had always hoped that one day his ass would make me a lot of money. Darnell clasped ‘ricki’s bare ass cheeks with both of his big hands, squeezing the heavy muscles in my husband’s ass. My husband’s only reaction was to shudder with pleasure.

In no time Darnell was rock hard and needed immediate sexual release. He turned my husband back around who gawked as his tiny chastised cock strained to no avail in his cage, ‘ricki’ just smiled. He had been well trained to obey every order of any man who paid for his sexual services.” ‘ricki’ got down on his hands and knees while Darnell put both arms behind his neck, just relaxing ‘ricki’ hovered near Darnell’s crotch and he leaned down, and Darnell’s dick hit him in the eye.

“Owww,” he said, covering his eye with one hand.

“Just suck it!” Darnell commanded.

‘ricki’ bent down again, and opened wide. His wet mouth clamped down hard on Darnell’s shaft. Immediately, he was filled with sexual chemicals, endorphins or serotonin, or whatever it was. His tongue flickered all over Darnell’s hard cock, just lapping at the foreskin.

Darnell groaned, “it feels so good, oh yeah” he moaned. “Suck my cock, suck my hard cock!”

Rick’s talented tongue massaged the foreskin of Darnell’s cock head and then travelled down to the crown and licked it gently. Darnell shook in response my husband was so good at giving head even after all his practice on the dildo’s I never suspected that he would learn how to give such a great blowjob because a good one takes technique plus total enthusiasm by the cock sucker, but his tongue was heavenly.

Then, ‘ricki’ took a deep breath and sucked Darnell like a vacuum cleaner. Darnell felt as if his dick was being sucked off, as if it would reach his stomach soon enough and be digested. My husband never lost suction. Pretty soon my husband was lapping up all of Darnell’s cum, and he was very eager to swallow. When ‘ricki’ looked up, a trail of his creamy cum was dripping down the corner of my husband’s mouth.

Although Darnell had just had a mind-blowing blowjob, Darnell would soon be ready for more. Sweat dripping down his face, Darnell grinned. “Rick how would you erzincan escort like to be part of my orgy tonight?” A lustful smile came across my husband’s face telling me all I needed to know.

In a half an hour, ‘ricki’ was standing in front of three naked young men. They were all kneeling in front of Darnell, their faces down. ‘ricki’ was overcome with intense lust for because I had slipped Viagra and poppers in his drinks earlier. He wanted to come so badly but his cage prevented it but his body over rode his chastity cage and his nub began to ooze thin watery cum out of the head of his flat cage. He knew he was expected to be an eager giving participant in the orgy that I had committed him to participate in that I already got paid for.

For a few minutes I just watched on the camera in the viewing room the amazing sight of ‘ricki’ sucking Darnell’s incredible tool. What a sight that was! Darnell was rock hard and so fucking thick, and ‘ricki’ had become so turned on and hungry for that big black hunk of beautiful male meat, engulfing it with his juicy lips, taking more and more into his mouth and down his throat. I could hardly believe I was staring at Darnell a NBA superstar, with that massive black dick that he was sucked by my gorgeous feminized cock-craving queer sissy husband who was wearing only a tiny chastity cage.

Then my husband was mesmerized as Darnell’s dick and to offered his ass up to Darnell to fuck it. Soon the tip of Darnell’s stiff rod returned to ‘ricki’s hole. He pushed in and out many times, still with just the tip, but with larger and larger portions of it, slowly widening the hole. Darnell held my spouse by his slim waist, he was in complete control of him, as his rock-hard dick began supplementary penetration. He was getting so turned on. ‘ricki’ moaned and moaned, louder and louder, absolutely loving it. His entire body collapsed with his hands sprawled out, as Darnell held him firmly and entered his ass. ‘ricki’ eventually got the entire head of his dick in, and at that point he stopped for a minute.

He paused and then plunged into my husband as he laid helpless beneath Darnell. It was only then that ‘ricki’ turned around, looking over his shoulder back at him. He had no words, but he didn’t have to say anything. Seeing his face told me that my husband loved being fucked by his idol. For a few minutes he had gotten lost in the pleasure of the sex, almost forgetting who he was with.

Now I saw ‘ricki’s face peering back at Darnell in a state of bliss, knowing that he was unquestioningly on end of the dick of the man that a few years ago that he cheer for. It almost looked like he was asking if they were just friends or now lovers.

“Get ready,” Darnell warned, putting his hands on my husband’s narrow waist.

Darnell slowly pushed his dick in, a fraction of an inch at a time, occasionally backing out a bit before returning to plunge a bit deeper. ‘ricki’ cried out from the start, in pain and ecstasy, and never stopped. He kept methodically penetrating deeper and deeper. It was a fantastic fuck for both of them Darnell’s dick seemed to be getting even bigger as he got more excited, and my sissy husband was a bitch in heat, absolutely lost in the moment and totally into it. “Oh!… Oh!… OH!” he cried out repeatedly, in between loud moaning that seemed to find new octaves.

Finally, after some time, Darnell was all the way in. Darnell was behind him with his entire length of his ebony shaft, right up to the base, buried deep in my husband’s sexy ass. His upper body his butt was angled up to accommodate Darnell, and his feet were wide apart on the floor. As ‘ricki’ lay there I couldn’t see his face, but I could hear him sobbing lightly from the viewing room.

Darnell gave his hips a gentle shake, and when he did his manhood, burrowed deep inside him, moved his entire pelvis.

Darnell held his hips and began, starting with slow and small movements. As soon as he started, he began a constant moan that halted only for an occasional scream. He sped up the pace and increased the lengths of his thrusts, until eventually he was pounding against his ass and drilling him mercilessly. He plunged his dick into my husband repeatedly, feeling the tightness of his asshole all the way up and down his shaft, over and over. ‘ricki’ was crying out in pleasure uncontrollably as Darnell’s dick pierced him like a lance. It was absolute insanity as they lost themselves. Darnell totally owned him and his asshole.

Darnell entered him again, found a good rhythm, and he could feel his climax getting closer. His dick was absolutely throbbing and ready to explode knowing the load would be huge. He pulled out just to the head and tickled ‘ricki’s cored-out asshole, until the surge became irreversible. He plunged back in deep in several times and ‘ricki’ and Darnell were both screaming climaxing in spectacular orgasm as one.

How Rick became ‘ricki’:

My husband had been cheating on me for years, I found out for sure when found a kinky negligée that his sidepiece accidently left in the bathroom after she washed it out after he came on it. The reality of the situation I threaten her scrawny ass and told her what to do if she knew what was good for her.

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