A Wolf’s Rage Ch. 01



This is a work of fiction written solely to entertain.

All characters in sexual situations are 18 years or older.

The situations described in this story are for the sole purpose of entertaining the reader. Events and Characters in the story are completely fictional and any resemblance to real world persons or events are purely coincidental.


When Matt woke up on Monday, he didn’t know that that day was going to change his entire life. Like all the other Mondays, Matt dreaded the week ahead. It started like any other ordinary Monday. He came down to have breakfast with his parents. He also had an elder sister, but she was pursuing her Bachelors in a college in the nearby city.

His mother dropped him off at school. His first class was Math. Matt was very good at Math. In fact, his nickname was “Math” Matt. While he was very attentive during the class, he couldn’t help but let his eyes wander towards the Eriksen sisters.

Daniella and Joanna Eriksen were two of the hottest girls at school. They were identical twins. They were both very smart, consistently ranking near the top of the class. They were also very popular. They were part of the cheerleading team.

While Matt was very attracted to both of them, he thought he had a better chance with Daniella. They had done a project together for their Biology class last year, and since then had remained on friendly terms. Joanna, on the other hand didn’t even knew he existed.

The problem with his dreams was the fact that Daniella was already dating Chase. Chase was a bully and he used to torment Matt during middle school. While the thought of stealing his girlfriend gave Matt great pleasure, considering the consequences left him shaking in the knees. He never really understood why Daniella dated Chase. Chase was pretending to be a “good guy” in her presence, while being a complete asshole when she was not around.

After class, Daniella came up to him.

“Hey, Matt.”

“Hey, Dani. What’s up?”

“Can you help me with something?”

“Yeah, sure.”

“I have trouble solving some problems in Calculus, can you help me with them?”

“Yeah. Do you have a free period? Or we could stay back after school and meet at the library.”

“I don’t think that’s gonna work. I have cheerleading practice the whole week after school. Can you come over to my house on Sunday?”

Normally, Matt wouldn’t even consider it. Sunday was “his” day. But this was Daniella Erikson. He made an exception.

“Sure, Sunday it is.”

Chase came up behind her and gave her a kiss. The kiss was deliberate as he knew Matt had a crush on Dani.

“What up, Matt?”

“Hey, Chase.”

He pretended to be civil with Matt in front of Dani. When they left, he gave Matt a kick on he leg that Dani didn’t see. Matt limped to his next class.

After Physics class, his friend Gary, came up to him. Gary was a member of the Astronomy club and he and Matt had become friends in the freshman year.

“Hey, Matt.”

“Hey, Gary.”

“Hey, man. Can you do me a favor?”

“Yeah. Go ahead.”

“Can you work on the club project today?”

The astronomy club project was to observe the night sky and map various stars and planets. Each club member had to take shifts to observe the sky over a forty-five-day period.

“Oh, come on, Gary. That’s not fair. It’s your shift.”

“Look, man. I know. It’s just Julia’s parents are out of town today and she invited me over. Just today, man. I owe you one. I promise.”

“OK,” Matt sighed.


After school, Matt’s mother, Diana, picked him up. He told her that he’d need to come back to school at around 07: 30 PM in the night. He told her he’d be home by 11: 00 PM or 11: 30 PM at max. Diana was not happy. She didn’t like him traveling in the night.

The path between his home and school was covered by woods on both sides. Even though Matt knew these woods like the back of his hand, his mother still dreaded sending him out at night alone.

At home, Matt finished his homework. Around 06: 30 PM, he packed his bag, bid his Mom goodbye, and left for school. He reached the school at 07: 00 PM. He showed the security the note he had got from the Physics teacher and he was let in. He made his way to the classroom on the top floor where they kept the telescope.

He spent the next two hours observing the night sky. He had always admired the outer space. He loved his time spent gazing at the stars. It was a full moon day.

He packed up and left the school early at 10: 00 PM. He lived in a small town. There weren’t a lot of people who were out and about at this time. The road was pretty deserted.

While he was riding his bicycle, he felt an uneasiness in the air. Something was not right. It felt as if something was watching him. He started going faster in the hopes of reaching home soon. That’s when he heard it. A rustling travesti gaziantep in the trees on the side of the road. Despite his intentions to get home as quickly as possible, he stopped his bike. He looked at the general direction of the trees.

He saw a pair of glowing red eyes. Just looking at those eyes made him almost shit his pants. Every cell in his body screamed at him to get out of there as soon as possible. Just when he was about to leave, a wolf jumped out of the trees. Matt had never seen a wolf like this before. The woods near his town did not have any wolves. The most predatory animal he had seen in the woods had been a fox. Hell, he had never seen a wolf like that even on the internet.

On its four legs, the wolf was taller than him. It was growling. Saliva dripping from its jaws. It pounced on him. Before he knew he was on the ground. Its paws were on his shoulders pinning him down. It went for his neck. He raised his hand. It bit his hand. Suddenly, it stopped. It sniffed him. Then, it jumped into the woods and disappeared into the darkness.

Matt was in shock, but he managed to pull himself together. He got on his bike and raced home.


When Matt entered his home, his parents were in the living room watching TV. His mother was the first to notice his bleeding hand.

“Oh, my god. Matt! What happened?”

Hearing the panic in his wife’s voice, Matt’s father Thomas turned around. His eyes went wide seeing the blood drip from his son’s arm.

“It was a wolf, Mom! Bigger than any I’ve seen. It had me on the ground and bit me. For some reason, it just left.”

Diana’s eyes widened.

“I’ll get the car. We need to first get you to a hospital,” Thomas said.

Soon the entire family was in Thomas’ car. Thomas was in the front driving, while Diana was in the back, tending to her son’s arm, which was now bandaged with a white cloth. It was almost midnight when they reached the hospital.

The doctor admitted him and started him on a course of antibiotics. She told Diana that they had contacted a doctor who specialized in animal attacks and they were on the way.

Soon, the specialist arrived and asked the staff to perform a few tests on Matt. He told Diana and Thomas that they should keep Matt under observation till the test results were available.

With all the chaos happening around him, somehow Matt fell asleep.


Matt spent the next couple of days in hospital. He was given his own room. The doctor assigned to him was named Dr. Kaitlyn Jones. She was an older woman, probably nearing forty five. She had long raven hair and large breasts. Despite her age, she was very attractive and Matt was attracted to her.

He noticed some changes in her behavior. She was very flirty with him, touching him and smiling at him. Matt thought she was just being nice and decided to ignore it. The next day Kaitlyn asked him to come with her. He followed her. She led him to an empty room. It only had a couple of beds in it.

“Dr. Jones, why are we here?”

“Nothing, Matt. You’re being discharged today. The test results came back. There’s nothing unusual about your wound. I just have to do one last test before letting you go.”

“What test is it, Dr. Jones?”

“Sometimes, toxins from wolf bites can lead to patients having problems with getting erections. I just want to check if everything is working fine “down there.””

Matt was in his hospital gown.

“Why don’t you lie down on the bed?”

Matt couldn’t believe what was going on. Was this real? Or was she making it all up? He did as she said and lied down on the bed.

“You can take that off,” Kaitlyn said, pointing to his hospital gown. Matt obeyed her and took it off. Now he was completely naked.

Kaitlyn took his cock in her hands and slowly started stroking it. She grabbed his dick with both her hands and slowly moved her hands up and down his shaft. Soon, Matt got very hard. His cock was much bigger that what it was before the wolf bite.

Kaitlyn looked at him and cast him a naughty smile. She slowly bent down and took his cock in her mouth and slowly moved her head up and down his shaft.

She was wearing her white coat over a red shirt that really showed off her figure. This gave Matt the suspicion that she had planned to do this today. Her black hair fell all over her face as she tried to take the entirety of his cock into her mouth.

She pulled her red shirt down to expose one of her breasts. She was wearing a blue bra and as she pulled it down one of her magnificent breasts came into view. As she sucked him off, she slowly massaged his balls. Her nipples were hard from arousal. Her hair stuck to her face due to sweat.

“That’s the best cock I’ve sucked in my life.”

“You’re so good at this Dr. Jones.”

“Lots and lots of practice.”

She gagged on his gaziantep travesti cock. She took the cock out and took a few moments to catch her breath. She looked at him with nothing but lust in her eyes.

“This is gonna feel great in my pussy.”

Matt was shocked to hear those words. He was a virgin. The thought of losing his virginity to one of the sexiest women he had seen was unbelievable. Kaitlyn started sucking his cock again. After she sucked his cock for a few minutes, she took it out of her mouth and continued stroking it with her hand.

She got up to Matt’s face and kissed him. Matt responded to the kiss. It felt so natural. She stopped the kiss and tried to pull away. Matt grabbed the back of her head and kissed her neck. Kaitlyn was swimming in pleasure.

She pulled down her shirt and exposed both her breasts to him. She took off her white coat. Matt got behind her and kissed her neck again. He took her shirt off. He turned her around and made her sit on the bed. She started sucking his cock again.

Something stirred inside Matt, a wild instinct. He grabbed her hair and started ramming his cock into her throat until it went all the way in. Kaitlyn gagged and sputtered until she finally got used to it. She took a hand down and started rubbing her clit through her panties.

Matt pushed her down on the bed and spread her legs. She pulled her panties to the side and exposed her pussy to him. She looked at him with a wild hunger. Matt rammed his cock into her pussy. Her face betrayed a painful expression. Matt kept thrusting his monster in and out of her cunt. Soon, the expression on Kaitlyn’s face turned from one of pain to one of pleasure. She slowly started rubbing her clit with her hand. Matt squeezed one of her tits.


Her bra was making it difficult for Matt to properly enjoy her breasts.

“Let’s get this out of the way,” Matt said.

Kaitlyn took her bra off. She squeezed her breasts and jiggled them for Matt.

“Yeah! Yeah! Just like that! OHH! FUCK! YES!”

Kaitlyn took her skirt off. She was only wearing her panties now and even they were pulled aside to give Matt’s cock access to her pussy. Matt kissed Kaitlyn.

“OHH! FUCK ME DEEPER! Just like that!”

As he fucked her, Matt reached down with his hand and rubbed her clit. Her breasts juggled as he pounded her cunt.


As he plunged his cock deeper and deeper into her pussy, it reached depths that had never been reached before.

“Fuck me like the dirty slut that I am. Make me feel like a dirty slut. It feels soo fucking good! Soo good!”

Matt increased his pace and started fucking her roughly. Kaitlyn’s eyes shot wide open, her mouth was in an “O” shape. She was screaming so loudly that Matt was a little bit concerned. Her jiggling breasts enticed him. He bent down and started sucking them.

“OHH! FFUUUCKKKK! Make me cum all over that big dick.”

Matt started fucking her like a madman and soon Kaitlyn experienced the best orgasm of her life. After her orgasm subsided, she signaled Matt to stop. After Matt stopped she told him to pull his dick out. Matt did. She pointed at her pussy. It was wet.

“Look at how wet you’ve made me. Come taste it.”

Matt knelt down and licked her cunt and tasted her pussy juice. He then started licking clit. Kaitlyn threw her head back and lost herself in pleasure. He caught her clit between his lips and sucked on it. Kaitlyn bit her lower lip.

“You’re soo good at this!”

She looked into Matt’s eyes.

“You know what I want?”

“What do you want?”

“I want you to put your big cock in my pussy and destroy it.”

As Matt lined up his cock to put it in her pussy, they heard footsteps. Kaitlyn quickly pulled the screen that divided between the two beds.

Two men entered the room. They were doctors, talking about a patient.

“Dr. Jones. What should I do about the patient with the breast cancer?”

Matt froze when he heard the word “Dr. Jones”. He immediately looked at Kaitlyn’s hand. There was a ring sparkling in her ring finger. He looked at her. Her face showed a mix of emotions, guilt and shame. He surmised that he man must be her husband. The man he was talking to must be his colleague.

“Schedule her surgery for Tuesday.”

Kaitlyn slowly started thrusting so that Matt’s cock went in and out of her pussy. The fact that her husband was standing five feet away from her did not deter her. Her shame and guilt did not stop her. All she wanted was Matt’s cock. All she wanted was to feel good.

Matt started pounding her pussy as her husband was a few feet from them. Kaitlyn bit her lips to stop herself from making any sound. She rubbed her clit as Matt fucked her to oblivion. The lovers looked deeply into each other’s eyes and found nothing but animalistic lust there.

Even though Kaitlyn tried to keep herself quiet, the pleasure was just too overwhelming. She lost control gaziantep travestileri and was about to scream when Matt bent down and kissed her. Keeping her silent by closing her mouth with his.

Matt pounded her cunt relentlessly. The fact that her husband was a few feet away from them excited him very much. He fucked her like a madman. Kaitlyn was thrashing around like a woman possessed. Matt rubbed one of his fingers in the moistness of her pussy and put it in her mouth. Kaitlyn sucked on the finger and tasted her own juice.

The bed was beginning to shake because of the force of their fucking. Matt picked her up. Kaitlyn crossed her legs around his hip and started jumping on his dick. Matt also thrust his dick into her cunt and they established a rhythm. They started fucking standing up, without any worries that the bed might make some noise to tip off Kaitlyn’s husband. Kaitlyn’s hair flew wildly in all directions as she jumped on his dick.

Matt was nearing his climax. He tried to warn Kaitlyn but it was too late. He pumped her pussy full of seed. The moment his seed touched the inside of her cunt, Kaitlyn felt like she was being electrocuted, but it was a more pleasurable electrocution. She had never felt pleasure like that before in her life. Her body started thrashing around uncontrollably. She opened her mouth to scream, but Matt shut her up by kissing her. She spent the next few minutes sinking in silence in pleasure. Both the lovers were so lost in their own orgasms that they failed to even notice that Kaitlyn’s husband had left the room. After their orgasm subsided, Kaitlyn cautiously looked behind the screen to see that her husband had left.

She turned around to Matt, her face furious.

“You tell anyone about this, and I will kill you.”

She dressed in a hurry and stormed off. Matt was confused. She was the one who had seduced him, why was she acting like this was his fault? Matt got dressed and went back to his ward. The next day another doctor came to Matt’s ward to give him his discharge papers. He asked her where Kaitlyn was. She told him that Kaitlyn was on leave because she wasn’t feeling well. Matt had a suspicion that this had something to do with what had happened the day before. He left the hospital confused.


In the few days that followed after Matt returned home, he noticed his mother acting in a strange manner around him. Whenever they were in the same room, he felt that she was looking at him. Matt saw fear and apprehension in her eyes whenever he looked at them. Not only his mother, even his father tried his best not to be in the same room as him.

This behavior was not present only at home, but also wherever he went. Men and women seemed to fear him at first sight.

He also noticed some changes in himself. Nowadays, he was very quick to anger. He lashed out at people for the smallest of disagreements and this in turn caused them to distance themselves further away from him.

Matt had also developed a vociferous appetite. He ate twice or thrice the amount he used to. He had also developed a new taste for meat. Matt had never been a foodie, food for him had always been about sustenance. But after the wolf had bit him, he had developed a taste for meat.

His physical self was also changing. He was losing a lot of his belly fat but was gaining a lot of muscle. He went through another growth spurt and grew a couple of inches in a week. He also started excelling in athletics. He was stronger and faster than before.


Across town, Kaitlyn was also going through the same changes that Matt was going through. Her belly fat had somehow transferred to her breasts and her ass. She even developed some muscle. It had been like this ever since she had slept with that Matt kid.

To this day, she didn’t understand why she slept with him. She was not in control when she did that.

Even her husband noticed her increased breast size. She just chalked it up to hormones and he bought it. One day, her husband was moving a closet from one room to another. He planned on calling the neighbor to help him with it. Kaitlyn offered to help. He sheepishly told her that the closet was too heavy for even two men. She insisted. He relented. When they actually moved the closet, she found the task to be so much easier than he did. He puffed and huffed and took multiple breaks just to move the closet, while she hardly broke a sweat. When they were done, he looked at her suspiciously. From that day, she made an excuse to work out five days a week to explain her increased strength.

She couldn’t stop thinking about Matt. Whenever she thought about him, she got horny. Being horny led her to be irritated, which burst forth as short temper. Whenever she masturbated, she was thinking about Matt. Whenever she had a sexual dream, it was about Matt. She missed him so much.

Another odd change was that she had developed a very short temper. She chewed out people for no fault. It all started from when she had sex with that Matt kid.


Matt woke up and quickly brushed his teeth and took a bath. He dressed and made his way down. His mother, sister and father were already having their breakfast. He had overslept.

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