A Woodland Walk

Big Tits



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It was a warm summer’s day and I was taking an enjoyable morning stroll through a wood near to where I now lived. Having recently bought a house on the edge of the nearby small market town, I had begun to explore the surrounding area, and so, handycam in hand, I took pics or video of anything interesting that I came across.

Rounding a bend in the path I could hear a brook or something similar nearby and then I saw a faint trail off to my right which, because of a few stunted bushes, I would have missed it if I hadn’t been trying to locate the water. I followed the trail, which curved back until I was facing the direction I had just come from.

After a few paces, it turned left and descended a short, but steep, bank then it turned left again so that once again I was facing my original direction of travel.

I stopped to get my breath back and heard a low moan. The noise from the flowing water was louder here, but I was certain I had heard a moan and sure enough, I heard it again. I moved along the trail and came to a little grassy opening.

I was at the base of a rocky outcrop. There were some fallen rocks at the other side of the opening and some bushes screening it from the brook, it was a secluded little arena, which held a big surprise.

There was a boy lying on a small blanket, leaning back against a small rucksack. His trousers and underpants were beside him and his shirt was open. He moaned again as the girl kneeling over his legs caressed his stiff cock and then bent her head to suck his erection.

I still had my small handycam in my hand so it was the work of a moment to begin videoing the action before me.

I stood very still as the girl masturbated and sucked the lucky lad. I expected him to climax, but she stopped before that happened. She stood, undid her shorts, and dropped them on the floor quickly followed by her knickers.

She was a very shapely girl and my cock began to react in appreciation of her figure, especially the lovely rounded globes of her bottom. When I was finally able to view her breasts, I knew that if I was careful I was soon going to be in paradise.

“Now I’m going to fuck you.” She said; “If you try to touch me I shall hit you. You just lie there and I’ll get on top of your cock and fuck you.”

She knelt astride him and began to guide his cock to her pussy. I moved to get a better angle and of course stood on a twig, which made a loud cracking noise causing the girl to turn and stare at me. Hastily she tried to cover herself before realizing what a futile gesture that was.

She stood up as I walked to the blanket, handed the boy his underpants, and told him to get dressed.

As I took a long look at her, I said:

“You really are gorgeous. How old are you?”

“I was sixteen last week and I want to get dressed now”

“And him?”

“He’s thirteen, I want to get dressed.”

“Not yet, is he your boyfriend?”

“No, he’s my brother.”

“How often have you fucked him?”

“I never have, we’ve played around a few times at home, but this is the first time we’ve done anything like this.”

“So who has been fucking you?”

“No one, I’ve wanted to see how it felt and this seemed like a good time, but you spoilt it. Now let me get dressed.”

“The day isn’t over yet. How did you get here?”

“On our bikes, they’re behind some bushes near the path.”

Do you have to be home for lunch?”


“No we don’t Suzy; we’ve got our sandwiches with us.”

“So, you’re Suzy and you tell lies, what’s your name son?”

“I’m Brian, and she only said yes because she’s afraid of you.”

“I’m Mark. Don’t be afraid of me, I’m certainly not going to hurt either of you, in fact I’m going to help Suzy discover what being fucked feels like.”

“Suzy, if you do what I ask, I promise you that your parents will never see the pictures I took of you and Brian. However, if you will not, then I also promise that they will see them and so will some of your neighbours. What do you say to that?”

“You’re nasty, but I have to do it. Don’t touch Brian, please.”

“I don’t intend to. Let’s get started.”

I put the handycam in my daysack and put it and my shirt on a rock. Taking hold of Suzy, I unfastened her ‘bra which was all she was wearing. She stood still as I reached around her to fondle her breasts, which were very nicely round and full and then rubbed my thumbs against her nipples, which immediately began to harden.

Turning her round to face me, I told her to undo my belt and remove my shorts and then my underpants. Suzy knelt to do as instructed, and uttered a soft “Ohh” as her eyes widened when she saw what she’d uncovered. When she’d done, I placed my clothes with my other things and then told her to do to me what I’d seen her do to Brian.

She knelt to take hold of my semi stiff cock and I was sure she’d had a lot of practice with Brian because she had my erection up to full strength in a very short time.

“Suck me.”

She did so with very little hesitation and over half my length entered her hot, wet, mouth before she gagged a little, paused and then very slowly moved her head backwards and forwards. Each time she moved forwards she took me a little further in until she had all she could get into her mouth.

I held her head and slowly fucked her mouth until my semen begin to boil, at which point I pulled away from her and told her to stand.

“Now it’s my turn to use my mouth on you Suzy.”

“Brian, stop masturbating and put the blanket on that flat rock.”

“Suzy, go and lie on the blanket with your legs over this end and then open them wide.”

“I don’t want to do this.”

I walked towards my clothes.

“I told you what would happen if you refuse. Your parents will get these pictures in two days’ time.”

“There is only mum. Dad died two years ago, but please don’t tell mum about this.”

“Then get on that rock now, and if you say that again, I will leave.”

As I retrieved my handycam she went to lie on the rock, legs wide apart so that both Brian and I could inspect her sex. I took some pictures and then told her to stroke her pussy and pull her labia lips open to reveal the pink, moist flesh within, as I filmed her.

Finally satisfied with the amount of video I had of that arousing action, I told Brian to hold the camera as I placed my head between her thighs and began to fondle her bottom and tease her little anal ring as I gently licked her labia.

She twitched and uttered a grunt; I licked again, pressing harder, with both my mouth and the finger on her sphincter. I was rewarded with a little moan and the slight opening of her labial lips. My next lick opened her pussy enough for me to get my tongue into her inner lips and then I was able to really lick and suck into her. When my tongue reached her clitoris, she shrieked and went into violent action.

Suzy’s legs wrapped around my head and her heels pressed against my back as her bottom came off the blanket. She grabbed my head and pulled me hard against her sex as she shuddered, and then, moaning and gasping, she came.

I parted her legs and moved back and then, taking the camera from Brian, I took some more pictures and told Brian to feel and suck his sister’s pussy. He happily did as I said and soon she was pulling Brian’s face harder against her now dripping sex.

I climbed up and fondled her breasts before straddling her and offering my cock for her to suck, which she did until she orgasmed again.

Brian got free from her grasp and I moved off her so that she could regain some composure.

“I think we’ll take a rest now and have some sandwiches. Then Suzy will find out what it is like to be fucked.”

It was cool down here so I told them to put a top on and did so myself before putting the blanket back on the ground for all three of us to sit on.
I keep a roll of loo paper in my sack in case of any emergencies so I tore off some sheets and gave them to Suzy and Brian so that they could mop up the juices dripping from both their bodies.

“What did you think to that Suzy, did you enjoy it?”

“I never felt anything like that before. It was amazing”

“Will you want to do it again do you think.”

“Oh yes please, I’d love to have that feeling again.”

When she had finished her food and drink I told Brian to video everything that happened, I asked her to lie back and then placed my hand on her fluff-covered vulva. Using my fingers to tease her still moist sex lips apart I gently rubbed the flesh inside her pussy until she began to sigh and opened her legs wider so that I had easier access to her sex.

Removing my hand, I pushed her top up to uncover her breasts and then, putting my fingers back inside her sex, I moved one up to her clitoris as I sucked a nipple. Suzy exploded into action. Her bottom came off the blanket as she clutched my head and tried to force a breast down my throat.

She gasped, she moaned, she jerked and then she swore as then she climaxed and juice flooded out of her sex. I kept doing what I was doing and she began sobbing that she wanted me to fuck her.

“Please Mark fuck me, I’ll let you do it whenever you want if you do it now.”

I stopped sucking and asked her if she really meant what she’d just said.”

“Honest, I’ll let you fuck me anytime you want.”

It took about twenty seconds to get my shorts of and a further ten seconds to lodge the head of my erection inside her sex opening and then began the slow process of entering her vaginal passage. God she was so tight, I could hardly get the head of my cock into her vaginal tunnel. I thought about stopping because I didn’t want to hurt her, but then I had an idea.

“Brian, bring my day sack please; he did as asked and I retrieved my little first aid kit from a side pocket and took out a small tin of Vasaline. I used the Vasaline to coat the entrance to her vagina and then applied a little to my cock.

Brian tidied my stuff away and one he was back in position I gently entered Suzy’s love channel until she winced and gave a short cry of pain.

I stopped for a moment until she knew that there was to be no further pain and then I showed Suzy what it was like to be tenderly fucked. I had the full length of my cock inside her when she climaxed and almost put a permanent crease in my pride and joy.

When I pulled out of her body, she was keen to see the blood on my cock and even keener to wipe it off with some of the loo roll.

I told her I hadn’t climaxed because there was no way I would cum inside her and therefore I was treated to a wonderful hand job. When I did finally cum it covered her breasts and took a lot of loo paper to clean off. She was impressed though.

We dressed as Suzy told Brian that under no circumstances must he ever tell anyone about today.

Of course he promised not to tell, especially as she told him that they could now have real sex with each other: occasionally.

Suzy was anxious to go home as they were now going to be home later than they had promised to be.

I suggested that they didn’t get very close to their mum until they had both washed their hands and faces when they got home because she would certainly smell the aroma of sex on them. I also told them to say that the chain had come off Brian’s bike as they came through the wood and a man had stopped and used his tools to fix everything. Overall that wasn’t far from the truth.

After telling them where I lived, I told them to be at my house on the coming Wednesday morning and explained how to get into my garden without anyone noticing.

I spent that evening loading the video footage I’d taken of the more interesting and rewarding part of my day’s outing, into my computer and then editing it and burning the result onto a DVD for Suzy and Brian to view on their visit.

On Wednesday morning they sneaked into my backyard through a gate in my garden wall and then in through the back door. Living in the last house of this road was certainly going to pay dividends.

It was unfortunate that the school summer holidays were to end next week, but one can’t have everything they would like. I certainly intended to get as much as possible of what I would like and that started to happen shortly after they arrived.

I led them into my living room and showed Brian how to work the TV, DVD player and the games console. Once he saw all the games he could play, I knew he’d Ankara escort leave Suzy and me to our own devices.

Neither of us wanted to waste any time so Suzy was perfectly happy to be taken to my bedroom and be stripped. I was already in my bathrobe so the fondling and exploring began almost immediately.

After she’d used that hot mouth to bring my cock to attention I asked her if she knew what 69 meant. She said that she’d heard of it, but never seen it so I soon corrected that situation. I lay on the bed then directed Suzy into the best position for me to investigate, invade and eat her pussy as she recommenced attempting to get my cock down her throat without choking or bringing me off.

She didn’t manage to do that because I forced her to disgorge my cock so that I could accomplish what she wanted me to do. Suzy’s sex was soaking, but I still used spray lube on my cock before entering her. Thankfully she wasn’t sore or suffering any other discomfort after her first encounter with a fully-grown erection.

She told me shortly after we’d finished round one that being thrown onto her back and having her legs pulled wide apart made her want to be fucked even more than she’d ever felt before.

A short rest was in order and so we went to downstairs for a drink and found Brian watching the video I’d made of the activities in the wood. He was masturbating and totally in a world of his own.

We were standing behind the sofa and Suzy’s eyes were riveted to the screen. I must admit that looking at her vagina on a 42inch TV screen was a wonderful sight.

Brian wasn’t paying any attention to us and Suzy showed no signs of moving so I fondled her bottom and then put my hands between her thighs to urge her to open them, which was easy because we hadn’t bothered to put anything on before leaving the bedroom.

Mission accomplished; I pressed gently on her back and she obligingly bent forward. My cock had already stiffened so it was no trouble pressing it against her wet sex. She moved then. She opened her thighs wider and bent further forward until her breasts were pressing on Brian’s head and I could begin to thrust into her vagina.

Brian and Suzy were watching me fucking Suzy on the screen whilst I fucked Suzy as they did so. Brian started to cum and one of my cushions received a coating of semen. I really didn’t mind as the washing machine could sort that out and anyway I was still slamming my cock into Suzy and causing her to grunt and gasp as my groin slapped into her soft rump and my cock hit against her cervix.

I was alternating my grip on her body between holding her hips as I pushed and pulled her along my shaft, or reaching to grasp her breasts. Remembering what she’d said about rough treatment I stopped fucking her, forced her around to the front of the sofa and then manhandled her until she was kneeling on the seat and shoved my cock back into her and fucked hard.

This time I concentrated on holding her breasts tightly and was happy to see her move a hand down to begin rubbing her clitoris until she reached her destination, the orgasm she wanted. I pulled out of her body and she slumped onto the floor and lay there gasping and shaking for some time.

I went into the kitchen to make coffee and then we sat around talking about the video I’d made. Once again I promised that I would never show it to their mother. Suzy had done what I’d asked her to do and I rather think that she was glad she had.

Because she had only see part of it, Suzy wanted to watch the rest. I promised that she could, but I explained that she was going to be too busy to see it today, and then I showed her why.

I took Suzy back upstairs, lay on the bed, and asked Suzy to fuck me. She obliged, but after a while I reached forward and pulled her so that she lay full length on me with my cock buried in her vagina. Reaching round her buttocks I found her anus and pressed a finger against her sphincter.

Suzy didn’t complain so I reached for the spray lube that I had left on the bed, sprayed her anus, and then reapplied my finger to it. I gently ran my finger around her sphincter and occasionally pressed inwards until, at last she relaxed and her sphincter opened a little.

I began to lift my groin upwards as I pressed my finger downwards and soon she began to help me fuck her vagina as my finger delved ever deeper inside her anus. Suzy soon worked out the rhythm needed to have my cock pumping into her and my finger performing a similar activity in her bottom until, at last she gasped and tried to squeeze my cock flat as, with a wail, she climaxed.

After Suzy had washed and dressed she and Brian went home I showered and tidied the house. As Suzy was dressing she’d told me that their mum was a dental hygienist working in one of the two dental surgeries in the town. They were going to meet her in town after she’d finished work and then going to the new shopping precinct. It seemed that fancy ice-cream beakers had been promised.

It didn’t long for me to decide that a little shopping trip of my own was in order. The shopping precinct had only been open just over a month and already the most popular shop in the place was the cafe and ice cream parlour.

I did a little window shopping and bought a few miscellaneous items so that I had to have a bag to carry when I arrived at the cafe. I watched from a convenient bench as my targets entered the cafe and ordered their ice-creams.

Mum was 40ish, black hair, medium height, attractive in a subdued way, dressed in a light summer dress, which covered a very feminine form. In short, if you got into her bed you’d be a happy person, be you male or female.

I hadn’t said anything to Suzy about being there so her eyes widened in real surprise when I stopped at their table.

She was sitting next to Brian and it was to him that I spoke.

“Hello; Brian isn’t it? Is your bike alright?”

Brian was quick on the uptake. “Mum this is Mark; he’s the man who fixed my chain.”

I turned to ‘mum’ sitting opposite Suzy.

“Please forgive my intrusion, I just wanted to be sure that Brian got home without any further problems with his bike, I did notice that a little maintenance would be a good idea, but I didn’t have much in the way of tools with me or I would have done something, especially about his rear brakes.”

Turning to Suzy I said:

“Hello young lady, that looks like a very tasty dish, I think I may try some.

Turning back to mum I began to say that I would leave them in peace, when she said:

“Please, if you’re about to have an ice cream why don’t you join us? I would like to thank you for helping my children.”

The waiter came and I ordered the same dish that Suzy had before her.

“Mum, I’ve told you before, stop calling me a child.” This was a side of Suzy I hadn’t seen.

“You will not call me a child again mum; will you?

“No Suzy, I won’t, I promise.”

“Welcome to my world, Mark, do you have children?

“I’m not married, and I don’t think I’m brave enough to cope with children, I’ll bet you’re actually very happy with the way yours’ are turning out.”

We chatted. Her name was Wendy; I found her very easy to talk to and ‘discovered’ that she was a dental hygienist. At the end of our chat she knew that I’d made my mark in the world of computer games and had sold up before I burnt out, and was now having a necessary break from work.

I was given the name of the dental practice she worked in and I promised to be there in the morning to register. I had the name and location of her Doctor’s practice and an invitation for dinner tomorrow.

I let slip that I would be spending the afternoon at home deciding which, of all the computer equipment I had, should be offered on Freecycle as it was taking up too much space. Then I had ‘brain wave’. Would Brian and Suzy have any use for any of the stuff?

Would they? They most certainly would. Mum was badgered until she agreed and told me how grateful they would all be because she couldn’t afford to buy such equipment.

I registered at the dental practice and submitted to a hygienist’s attentions. Unfortunately the attention was confined to the area of my mouth, but her breasts were temptingly close to my face as she worked.

Suzy and Brian arrived after lunch. Brian was invited to investigate the stuff I didn’t want to keep and I was invited to investigate Suzy. Once my investigation had been completed she was invited to sit on my erection. At this point in time we were as nature intended us to be, naked.

I sat on a chair, she straddled me and allowed me to lodge my cock head into her sex then she lowered her body down the shaft until I was firmly embedded inside her.

Suzy at astride me and allowed my hands to carry out another intimate inspection of her soft parts, but once my mouth joined the party she began to lose her self-control and started to try and choke me by thrusting a breast into my mouth whilst simultaneously rotating her hips.

I was lucky, she orgasmed just before I did. I quickly lifted her off me and then turned her round, bent her over the dining table and spread her bottom cheeks in order to gain access to her anus and then plugged her anus with my cockhead. All this being carried out speedily and unceremoniously.

As soon as I was securely attached to her body, I came. I squirted my semen straight into her rear tunnel and held tightly onto her breasts as she pushed backwards and impaled herself onto my erection until I had emptied all my semen into her. By the time I was finished she had half my cock inside her rear and although it must have made her eyes water, she didn’t seem inclined to have it removed.

Having finally escaped from her clutches, we showered and dressed as Brian kindly made coffee.

“What did you think of mum?”

“I like her; she is easy to talk to and has a nice sense of humour.”

“I have never seen her as bright and cheerful as she was yesterday afternoon and she doesn’t laugh as much as she did yesterday. I think she likes you very much. I know it is a bit early to be certain, but I think there is a good chance that she might actually want to be involved with a man again.”

“If you had the chance would you go to bed with her?”

“That is not the sort of question you ought to ask about your mum.”

“Oh do get real Mark. You’re fucking her teenage daughter, so please don’t get all uptight about what’s right or wrong.”

She was right and I apologised immediately.

“It is a little premature to think about that happening, we’ll just have to wait and see. Would you be jealous if I did get into bed with her?”

“Not if I was still having you, I won’t mind sharing.”

Suzy smiled and told me that she knew something that could shorten the wait, and she had a plan:

“Mum is lovely, she really does do all she can to provide for us and make sure were safe and happy, but she has a bit of a problem with me in some situations because she is so submissive when I get into my domineering mode.”

“I’ve only done it twice to her, but we both know that if we get into a confrontation, I can overcome her will.”

“I don’t like the thought of you trying to force your mum into anything.”

“I don’t think I would be able to do that, but I can be very persuasive. I will let her know that as she find’s you desirable, Brian and I want her to give you her full attention and make sure that you are aware of her attractions.”

“For a sixteen, you really are formidable.”

“It’s all for my benefit, If you two get it together, married or not, I will find it easier to have you a lot more than if you don’t.”

I dropped them off at their house, with all the kit that Brian had chosen and promised him that I would come round and connect it up and show him how to load and run games. He wanted to know about internet access, but I told him that we needed to discuss that with his mum.

That evening I arrived for a normal family dinner and once it was over I insisted on doing my fair of the clearing away, but happily I was not allowed to get involved with the washing up. Wendy and I drank a dessert wine I had brought and obtained permission to pour a little for Suzy, Brian had a fruit juice.

We chatted; I was pumped for my life story, which suited me. Brian and Suzy went to bed without fuss and Wendy commented that this was a rare event so she was certain they were making sure we had time to be alone together.

“Do you mean that they think we’re about jump into Ankara escort bayan each other’s arms just because we’ve enjoyed a meal and conversation?”

Wendy blushed. “Not necessarily that. It is just that they’ve both missed having a father around and because I haven’t shown any inclination to do anything about that they may think that this evening is a turning point. I’m sorry about that.”

“Nothing to apologise for, I’m flattered that they feel that way about my presence. I must say that I really have enjoyed them and I find talking with you pleasurable. I don’t make friends easily and having moved into the town very recently you’re the only people I’ve had the good fortune to get to know.”

“I don’t want to outstay my welcome so I’ll thank you for your hospitality and tell Brian that I will come and set the computer and games console up whenever you say.”

At the front door I received a thank you for giving the computer etc. This was accompanied with a kiss on my cheek.

Early the next morning Suzy turned up on my back doorstep and when I opened the door she rushed inside, shut the door and hugged me.

“You’ve got her hooked, she was masturbating last night, she hardly ever does it but that’s two nights running she’s done that. My bed is right up against the wall between our rooms and I can hear when she cums.”

She began unzipping my trousers and then delved into them to grasp my already stiffening cock. She didn’t say anything for another 15 minutes until she’d swallowed my semen and stood up to kiss me and give me a taste of me.

“I can open her bedroom door without her hearing it if she’s panting and moaning like she did last night, and all I can say is that you’ll have a lovely time ploughing her garden. I’ll ask you again now that you’ve spent some time with her: Would you go to bed with her if she shows you that she’s interested?”

“If I got the chance I’d fuck your mum in or out of bed. I’d do to her what I’ve done with you, but that wouldn’t stop me from fucking you, and I’ll be truly honest and tell you that I’d love to have both of you.”

“Do you think you could arrange that?”

“Not on my own, I’d need you to help with that, but it is something of a pipe dream and certainly couldn’t be rushed, I doubt your mum is going to throw off her clothes at the first sexual offer.”

I was aroused at the thought of having both of them, but I made do with the bird in the hand for the time being and fucked her without bothering to taking her clothes off first.

A couple of days later I sorted the computer and games set-up out for Brian and Wendy asked me if it was possible to have internet access. She used the business computer so knew most of what she needed. I said I’d sort it for her as they now had a Wi-Fi installed; all they needed was an ISP and an email address.

I organised everything and because I knew that Wendy didn’t have much spare money for this sort of thing, I arranged the account in my name and address.

Just to prove it worked I sent an email to their address, thus giving them my email address.
I received a reply after a few minutes. It read: ‘Dinner will be served in thirty minutes’.

It was a marvellous Sunday meal. Roast chicken with all the trimmings. Once again I received a kiss on the cheek on my departure and this time Wendy stood much closer and the kiss was longer and much closer to my mouth. Obviously Suzy had been having a chat with her mother. It was time to start clearing the decks.

I turned my face so that she was kissing my lips and, because I had moved my hand to hold the back of her head, she couldn’t back away. She didn’t try to and considering that one of her legs was between mine she couldn’t fail to notice what sort of response that brought.

I removed my hand from her head and allowed her to step back.

“Oh, wow, er… Mark I….”

“No need to say anything Wendy, let’s sleep on it. Goodnight and thank you once again for a wonderful evening,”

The following day was the first day of the autumn term, Suzy came straight from school. Once inside I was allowed fuck her dressed in her school uniform. I did it twice, once on the table and once over the sofa back. It is surprising just how arousing seeing lovely rounded breasts, bursting out of a rapidly opened uniformed blouse, can be.

Suzy told me, between the panting and gasping, of the events of yesterday evening after I’d returned home.

Suzy heard her mum enter her bedroom and softly ask if she was awake. Intrigued, Suzy admitted that she was so her mum came and sat on her bed. She said that she’d been thinking about what Suzy had said earlier that day and asked just how Suzy knew that she had any feelings about me.

Suzy was honest. She told her: “I heard you masturbating and that was the second night in a row. I sneaked a look into your room, you were making so much noise you never heard me.”

Wendy was upset by this revelation. She said that Suzy had no business invading her privacy in that way.

“Mum you were invading my privacy with your sexual antics. I’m old enough to realize exactly what you were doing and it wasn’t hard to guess about whom you were fantasising. I know, because I do the same.”

“You masturbate about Mark?”

“Yes mum I do; I keep telling you that I am no longer a child, and seeing you getting off over him turned me on, so I ended up doing the same thing.”

“Which was it; were you turned on about Mark or seeing me masturbate?”

“To be honest I wasn’t really turned on until I saw you with your legs open, pushing that vibrator into your vagina. That did it for me, I almost joined you.”

“Suzy, that’s incest!”

“So what mum, I meant it. Don’t you dare get all prim and proper with me, not after I saw what you were doing to yourself.”

“Mum, I wanted to join you and do it for you, and now my pussy is wet so I think that as you caused it, you ought to do something about it.”

“I admit that I am now so frustrated and aroused. Mark kissed me as he was leaving and I was so close to him that I could feel what could only have been an erection. If he’d held me for another second I’d have dragged him onto the sofa and raped him.”

“If you had, I’d have been down there with you because I do intend to be part of his life. It looks like we’re going to have to share him.”

“What makes you think that Mark or I would accept that proposition?”

“Mark will because I’ve seen the way he looks at me and I think you will because you want him as much as I do and until or unless he chooses just one of us he’ll be a very busy, tired and probably a very happy man.”

“But for the here and now mum there is only one thing for it. Stand by for incest mum because that’s what’s going to happen.”

Suzy told her mum to stand up so that she could push the bed covers off herself and then removed her pyjamas.

Wendy wasn’t at all happy about what was happening, but she didn’t struggle when her daughter removed her nightdress and felt her breasts. She didn’t struggle when her daughter sucked a nipple and she didn’t struggle as her daughter pressed her against the bed so that she had to sit on it. Nor did she struggle when she was pushed backwards until she was laying on her back with her daughter’s head between her thighs.

“Mum you are in need of a gardener down here, please get this bush trimmed.”

Wendy had her sex sucked and licked by another woman for the first time in her life and she loved every precious moment of her introduction to Sapphic love, even though it was incestual.

Suzy was also fully aroused by her activities and was desperately trying to make her mum climax when she remembered what I’d done to her and, making sure that her fingers were well coated with Wendy’s sex juice; she rubbed her tongue hard across Wendy’s clitoris as she pressed the wet finger against her sphincter.

Wendy’s bottom lifted up from the bed and Suzy’s finger went into her anus. It didn’t go deep, but it went in deep enough to cause the result that Suzy was wanting. Wendy climaxed and grabbed Suzy’s head to pull her face hard against her pussy. She kept her there until her shuddering and gasping ceased.

As soon as she was able, Suzy scrambled on to the bed and demanded that her mum do to her daughter what her daughter had just done to her mum. It was done. Brian found them in the morning, still asleep, still in a tight embrace and still nude. The lad had learned a lot. He got a camera and took photos.

He had sent me an email telling me about the scene and that he’d taken pictures of it. He would deliver to me if I wanted them. I didn’t tell Suzy that I already knew that they’d discovered each other’s needs. Hearing all the details of the event however, had an effect on me, which I passed on to a surprised but happy Suzy.

Brian turned up with the camera and I loaded the pictures into my computer.

I loaded the result on to flash drive, plugged it into the TV, and viewed them on my 42-inch screen. WOW I wanted to be in that bedroom with both of them, and soon.

Suzy gasped as each picture was displayed, and there was no reaction as her skirt was lifted and as she hadn’t put her knickers back on after our previous coupling it wasn’t difficult to get my cock back into her vagina and fuck her from behind.

As I fucked her she asked which of the two I found most arousing, her or her mother.

I was honest and admitted that I didn’t know. I also admitted that I did rather want to fuck her mother before I could make a fair judgement and even then I doubted if I’d be able to choose.

“To be honest Suzy I want to have you both and if that means together then so be it. Would you really consider sharing me?”

“I told you that mum knows she has to be willing to share if you say you want her as well as me.”

I was very close to cumming so I pulled out of her vagina and repeated my habit of pushing the head of my cock into her anus and erupting into her as I clutched her breasts. She had replaced her ‘bra and blouse earlier so her blouse was a creased mess when she eventually allowed me to remove my body part from her body.

I rang Wendy’s mobile and asked her where she was. She was at work waiting for her last patient. I told her to begin to feel unwell and prepare her colleagues at the practice for her possible non-appearance in the morning. I would come to pick all three of them up at 7pm and take them out for a meal. She should collect any overnight things she thought she would need because she was not going home afterwards, but coming to my place instead”


“Because I have an urgent need to have extremely passionate sex with you tonight, and as there is no way I’ll let you out of the house tomorrow it would be a good idea if you played the illness gambit now.”

“You seem very sure that I’ll go along with this.”

“I’m not, but I have no other way of speedily conveying my desire to have you this evening.”

“I have to go, patient just arrived.”

“What did she say?”

“Well she didn’t say no. Her patient arrived before she could say more. Now I have to wait.”

“Now we have to wait.”

“Can you both go home get changed and I’ll pick you and Wendy up at 7pm. I’m taking all of you to a restaurant out of town. I want Wendy to know that both of you understand what is about to happen, but she has to agree, this evening.”

“If she agrees then I’ll take you and Brian home after the meal. Can you get yourselves ready for school tomorrow?”

“Of course we can, but what If she doesn’t agree?”

“Then you and I can play on our own.”

She agreed.

I locked the door and then picked up her overnight case. Taking her hand I led her upstairs to my bedroom.

Wendy immediately removed her dress as she said: “I do not want that to be ruined.”

I was allowed to remove what little clothing she was still wearing, and then, as I undressed, she entered the en-suite for a quick shower.

It wasn’t as quick as she’d intended because I joined her in the cubicle and made a nuisance of myself

I allowed her to leave the cubicle relatively intact and when I’d finished I joined her in the bed.

We investigated each other to find out what actions caused which responses and then we embraced, kissed and fondled each other until, finally, we could no longer hold back and Wendy made it very clear to me that she wanted me in where I wanted to be.

She grasped my starting handle, pulled me to the starting Escort Ankara gate, and whispered: “Stop fucking me about and concentrate on just fucking me, please.”

“I entered her warm, wet, and very willing, body, but there was none of the forceful thrusting and clasping action I had expected from either of us. Instead we made love. At least that’s what I think it was. I do know that I’d never had similar feelings from any sexual encounters in the past.

Wendy eventually gave me the satisfaction of holding a vibrating furnace as she climaxed, and then collapsed in my arms even though I was still firmly embedded in her vagina.

“Ohh that was fantastic, I thought you’d be so rough and demanding but you weren’t.”

“Wendy; Wendy, You’ll be more comfortable if I move.”

“No, leave it there, roll onto your back.”

Once I’d done that, she moved to kneel astride me with her hands holding my wrists and with my erection still firmly in place.

I was now being treated to a close up view of her soft, full breasts, topped by very erect
nipples which she then graciously lowered to my mouth to be licked and sucked until she shivered and began rotating her hips whilst simultaneously thrusting her undercarriage forwards and backwards, thus grinding her pelvic bone against my erection.

After a short demonstration of her riding ability Wendy began to lift herself up my shaft and then drop back down to my groin. Each time she raised herself she went higher until she had just the tip of my cock inside her vagina then she slammed herself down my shaft to get it as deeply inside her as she could.

This time I was the one to climax, and as I couldn’t move, Wendy had the benefit of receiving a forcefully ejaculated load of semen jetted against her cervix. She blinked, sighed and climbed off me.

What happened next surprised me. Wendy grasped my cock and then sucked it into her mouth. There was no way I was going to try to stop her so she enjoyed herself until my cock was a flaccid dollop of flesh.

Over a glass of wine a little later I asked about the wisdom of having me ejaculating inside her vagina and was assured that she was safe for the next week and that she had taken the precaution of getting a supply of birth control pills and also ‘morning after’ pills.

“Wendy, I have a delicate question, but I have to ask you this before I do something that you would find hateful.

“Mark, I’m thirty-eight, I was married to a sex machine, and I seriously doubt you have come up with something new, so ask away.”

What would you say if I told you that one of the things I’d love to do with you is anal sex?”

“I’d say that you don’t go near my back door until I see a condom on that lovely cock, and a supply of lubricant. I learned the painful way and the health protection is not to be ignored.”

“Are you really that keen on anal sex?”

“I much prefer vaginal, over any other, but I do like anal and I’ll tell you now that your bottom really gets my temperature rising. I want to fuck it, but only when you say I may.”

“You may.”

“Just like that?”

“Don’t think you’re the bee’s knees. My husband got there a long time ago. I do find it excites me now, but it took some time for me to be at ease with it. It was bloody painful at first then, suddenly I began to enjoy it. Be warned, I haven’t had anything in there for at least three years so I don’t know how I’ll behave when you do it.”

Now, do I see this night of action beginning or am I going to bed to sleep?”

I laid her on the sofa and spent time eating her pussy and arousing her little clit button. I licked and sucked her breasts as I fondled them, and kissed my way down her tummy to her vulva.

Eventually I stroked between her thighs to be rewarded by the opening of her thighs so that I could press on her clitoral hood and ease it away from her, now swollen, pink bud. I also extracted a promise from her to have her vulva groomed .

Wendy was well aware of what I would do and I didn’t disappoint her . I told her to turn over so that she was lying face down on the sofa. I fondled her buttocks and parted them in order to gain access to her puckered ring. I licked it, She twitched; I licked again and then kept my tongue on it, she twitched and sighed and all resistance melted away, I felt her sphincter relax.

I moved back and eased one leg off the sofa so that her foot was on the floor and I had easy access to her vagina and anus. As I applied my mouth once again to her anus, my finger slid into her vagina and, miraculously, her rear door was open.

Remembering what she’d told me, I asked her to accompany me upstairs because I wanted to have that bottom before the night was out and as she appeared to be in a receptive mood, now seemed like an opportune moment.

Once in the bedroom she didn’t wait to be asked to kneel on the bed, she just did it. As she did this I took spray lube, condoms tissues from my bedside cabinet drawer and turned to the bed and there was paradise. I had a warm, willing woman, kneeling on the edge of my bed with her head down on her crossed forearms and her gorgeously soft round rump up at my groin level . She had also opened her thighs as wide as she could comfortably get them to reveal her open labia within which could be seen the pink, moist, inner flesh.

It also revealed her anus. I inserted a finger into Wendy’s vagina and once I was satisfied that it had a good coating of her juices I removed it and slid it into her anus. There was a slight resistance from the sphincter, but only slight and then I was able to tease the inner passage.

Wendy tensed, then pushed backwards so that my finger was inside her as far as it would go. I thought for a moment and decided to do what she wanted, and finger fucked her anus.

I didn’t know how long she would have let me do this to her, but I did know that it was almost two in the morning and I am not a superman, I was going to need sleep fairly soon.

I removed my finger and quickly washed my hands in the en-suite then returned to feel those wonderful round globes for a few moments before guiding my erection to her anus. I let the head of my cock rest against her rear tunnel for a moment and then lowered it to her vagina and slid into her.

Wendy gasped and grunted and then she complained, she actually complained, that I hadn’t done what she had made quite obvious she wanted me to do.

I held her hips and began to fuck her and at the same time I told her that we were about to have a question and answer session. I rammed my cock into her until my groin slapped against her soft rump and asked the first of many important questions.

“What do think your children think about what you’re doing with me?” Schthrp.

“Ow! don’t go so deep.” Schthrup. “I’m not sure about Brian, But Suzy is happy with it.”

Schthrup, schthrup, schthrup.

“So you’ve talked with Suzy about me having sex with you have you? Schthrup.

“Yes I have. She told me that she wanted to do what I was thinking of doing.”

“How did she know that you were thinking of sleeping with me?”

“She heard me masturbating, two nights running and that only happened after I met you.”

“I admitted that after you kissed me I knew that I wanted to sleep with you. She told me that she wanted to have sex with you and if that meant we’d have to share you then that was okay with her.”

I fucked her without speaking for a few minutes happy that I could hear her grunting and moaning.

Schthrup, schthrup, schthrup, schthrup.

“What do you think about that? How do feel about your teenage daughter being fucked by me?”

“I’m not ecstatic about that possibility, but she’s not stupid and we know that you wouldn’t harm her. She’s sixteen, and has a right to use her body as she wishes and as of now I am in no position to argue, I’m a role model for her.”

“What about the sharing?”

“My loving daughter told me that if I wanted to fuck you as badly as she did then I’d be willing to do whatever it took to have that happen. She said that until or unless you choose one of us then you get both of us.”

She also said that she’d do threesomes if it meant getting what she wanted.”

That did my self-control no good at all and I felt the hot lava boil up my cock and shoot into her love tunnel. As it began its journey I reached around her hip and pressed a finger against her clit. That had the desired effect and she climaxed immediately.

We were both tired out so greed to leave the rest of questioned until after breakfast.

We never got breakfast because it was almost lunchtime when we surfaced.

Over lunch I asked Wendy what she thought about threesomes with Suzy, She said that she’d gone so far down this open sex business now that she was rather excited by the thought.

When I raised the question about sex with another female she looked at me for a few moments and then said: “You know don’t you? You know that Suzy and I had sex with each other. How do you know that? Did she tell you?”

I went to my safe, took the flash drive out, and inserted it into my TV. I watched her very closely and was pleased to see her expression change from one of shock to one of what I can only describe as lust. Wendy fancied her daughter’s body, mind you ,so did I so I had no complaints to make if she had the occasional session with her.

“How did you get those pictures?”

“I’ll give you one guess.”

“My thirteen yrs. old son took pictures of Suzy and me having sex and gave them to you?”

“No, he didn’t. What he did was to take those pictures the next morning. As you could see you weren’t having sex, you were asleep, but it was obvious that you had been indulging.”

“Why did he do that.?

“He wants a dad. I’m manna from heaven to him and when he saw you two in that state he reckoned that it was possible that I could use those pictures to blackmail you into doing everything you could to keep them from being used by keeping me around.”

“Would you have done that?”

“No, they were being kept for my own titillation, but I knew I’d show them to you if we did become involved and we are most certainly involved.”

“Here’s a statement for you. I will fuck both of you whenever I can, it will be up to the both of you if that means both of you at the same time. Remember one thing, Brian will not always be thirteen and I wouldn’t blame if he decided that it was time for him to join in with whatever was happening.”

“I took Wendy upstairs and asked her to roll the condom down my cock and then spray it with lubricant. Having complied she climbed onto the bed and knelt as she had before, but this time she had to wait until I’d applied a little Vasaline to her anus before she felt my cock being forced down the tunnel and past the inner sphincter to get into her rectum.

Then the fun began.

Wendy ended up being stretched full length on the bed, her soft rump speared by my erection as I lay on top of her humping vigorously into her anal canal. I had ceased reaching around her body to maul her breasts as she’d complained that her nipples were engorged and sore.

The Vasaline smears had been renewed several times and I had also sprayed into her anus so her inner tissue was not suffering any drag sores, but it was a tight fit inside that lovely bottom, and that kept me rigid. I could have fucked the both of my two conquests and would certainly have done so had the younger of the two been present.

We had been in the same position for about twenty minutes without moving anything because Wendy just wanted enjoy the feeling of having me inside her.

My mobile rang. It was Suzy asking if she could come. I reckoned that we had fifteen to twenty minutes before she arrived so we could shower and dress before she arrived so I said she could and about thirty seconds later the doorbell rang. The minx had been at the front gate when she rang.

I threw a bathrobe on, went down to let her in, and had to laugh at her big grin when she saw me in my bathrobe.

“You weren’t er…”

“You know full well we were.”

“If mum is in the shower now, do you fancy a quickie? I have hardly been able to concentrate at school because I kept thinking about what you two were enjoying?”

“Wendy and I have asked and answered a great many questions and now we both know where we stand so I’ll tell you that she has no problem in sharing and, my little sex kitten, she is quite relaxed about threesomes but I must also tell you that you will have to be prepared to perform for her.”

“So from now on we are a group. Now go and say hello to your mum and do not get my bedding wet.”

The End.

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