Accidental Pick Up


Flying to Phoenix for the first time and almost deaf had me worried. It was my first experience with an e-ticket. I am widowed and trying to do new things. On the shuttle, a young lady helped me open my app and find my ticket. She then sat next to me inside so when they called for boarding, she would tell me. I am old and retired military. They called for military and she told me to go. I did and I sat next to the emergency exit door for the leg room. No one sat next to me so I had 3 seats after boarding. I found my helper wedged between a couple of large guys after we were in the air. I invited her to sit with me because I had room and was further forward for debarking after landing. She accepted my offer. I thought it was odd when she sat next to me instead of by the window, leaving an empty between us. After a while, she figured out I was just trying to be nice and get her into a better seat. She moved over and took a nap. We talked a little and I told her I was visiting a friend in Phoenix and we would go to the casino some. She said she did that too and was visiting her grandfather.

After a week there I was ready to fly back to Wichita. As I was waiting near my boarding gate, my helper showed up and sat next to me again. Now I’m probably older than her grandfather so I was just happy she sat by me. We sat next to each other again on the trip back and recounted our week in Phoenix. On the shuttle to the parking lot, she got off where I did. Then she görükle escort pulled her suitcase along beside me until we got to my car. She asked if I would give her a lift and I said, sure. We got in and she gave me directions to her apartment. Then she asked if I’d like to come in for a snack. I did.

In her apartment, she said she would be right back and went into her bedroom. In just a few minutes, she came out wearing a robe. She sat next to me and asked if I was shy or what? I didn’t know what to say. She said I really enjoy older men because they are so respectful. Do you really want a snack or will I do? She then opened the robe to offer herself to me. I looked for several seconds and then I started on her breast. As I started down over her ample stomach, she pulled me up and said let’s go in here. In the bedroom, I undressed and started eating her shaved pussy. Then I stood up thinking we would fuck but she sat up and pushed me back. She got up and led me to the shower. She washed me and lingered with her hands on my ass and holding my dick. She asked if I was willing to do new things; I said I’d try.

She ran her soapy finger into my ass and I encouraged her to do more. She took a dildo off the shelf and lubed it up. It slid in with no problem. She said you’ve done this before? I said my wife liked to do that and more. Then my friend said, would you be willing to have a real dick in your ass. I was so excited then I thought I might bursa merkez escort cum. We got out of the shower and she called out to no one but then a guy walked into the bedroom with a fat 7 inch dick in his hand and a tube of lube in his other. This was fantasy come true for me. I presented my ass by getting on the bed on my knees. He didn’t just fuck me; he started eating my ass first and then he slid the head in and out several times before sliding most of it in. Then he fucked for a while and then very slowly he eased the rest of it in till he was pressing my ass cheeks flat. I moaned with pleasure. He made a couple of full plunges and was moaning and said, Babe, this is the hottest ass I’ve ever been in. Then he really started fucking hard, moaning loud and blasting me with hot cum. I could hear the sloppy sounds it was making now.

She said, go clean up. I started to get up but she said, not you. I heard the shower running and then I felt her eating my ass. WTF, this dumpy looking, kindhearted young lady was a nasty bitch in bed. Then the shower stopped and Ted didn’t even dry off. He got in bed with a full hard on and positioned himself under my face. I couldn’t resist. I started sucking his dick. She said, Ted is a marvel. He takes three shots before he goes flaccid. I didn’t know if I could suck him long enough to get the 2nd load but I wanted it. Then she got in bed and started helping me suck his dick. bursa escort bayan She was much better than me and easily deep throated him. To my surprise, he started moaning and throbbing on one of my turns and bang, he wasn’t kidding. He was warning me but I stayed. His cum was thick and quite a bit for a novice like me. I managed to get it and had to back off to swallow but I didn’t spill a drop and I did go back for some late cum.

Then she asked, what I wanted to do. I said, fuck every hole here. I did that by fucking his mouth and he loved it all the way in. then I fucked her pussy; it was sloppy wet. She must have had her own climax a time or two. Then I fucked her ass without lube cause her pussy juice was enough. then I fucked his ass while she sucked his dick and when I was about to cum she laid her head on his stomach and said cum in my mouth you old fucker. I pulled out and shoved it in her mouth and unloaded. It was my biggest cum in 6 years. I couldn’t believe how long it lasted. As I collapsed on the bed I was completely spent. About 10 minutes later, I felt his dick sliding into my ass again and she started sucking my dick. I couldn’t believe it, I was hard again. He got his 3rd nut and went to the shower again. She got on top of me and fucked me up and down and rubbing her pelvic bone on mine and soaking me with her juice. As that juice flowed around my balls, over the tender upper legs and into my ass crack, I unloaded again. I was loud enough for her to know and she stopped fucking and just laid on me with it still in. She kissed my neck and said, we really enjoy picking up old me for this. Hope you enjoyed it. However, I need a ride back to the airport parking lot. My car is still there. Ted has to go home to his wife now.

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