ACCIDENTS WILL HAPPENIt seems no matter how much she tries to avoid them, my lovely voluptuous blond wife, Dot, is accident prone. She keeps having accidental falls or body collisions with people. If it’s not in our bathroom, it’s at the supermarket. She’s also had a fall at a furniture store.These accidents started occurring not long after we were married 12 years ago.CHAPTER 1: THE EARLY DAYS: AT THE UNIVERSITYDot was the dream I never thought I could even get a date with, much less end up marrying. She was very popular with the guys on our college campus, but she said she liked my innocence and optimistic outlook on life. I always looked for the good in people, not the negative. She and I became an item around campus. I soon became her steady boyfriend. She however, still dated other guys. She called them her part time boyfriends.”James, my heart belongs to you, so you don’t have to worry about me being giving it to other fellows when I date them. You’re my soul mate. You’re special to me.”Her words meant so much to me. She also told me she had a weakness for the strong brawny type of men. I on the other hand was a bantam lightweight and short.She adored guys on the football teams and other sports teams, including the local pro teams. Her weakness was accepting dates with them. She asked for my understanding. She told me how much it meant to be seen with these men and quench her thirst to be near them physically. She admitted after a while, she tired of their crude, macho shallowness and efforts to treat her as a sex object. That’s why she said it was important for me to be her steady boyfriend, and them her part timers. She also said it was important for her to be able to count on me and my professed love to her. For that reason, she preferred I didn’t date other girls. She wanted to be my full time steady girl. She let me know that she wouldn’t tolerate me having part time girlfriends.”Darling if you had part timers, then you’d be treating me like I was a sex object, just like the jerks I uncontrollably get a yearning to be with from time to time. You love me don’t you? You wouldn’t treat me like something to be used for a moment’s pleasure would you? And then tossed away like a empty soda can.”I quickly let her know that I could never treat her like that. I let her know she meant far too much to me for that to occur. I knelt and promised my faithfulness to her.She and I dated about once or twice every two weeks. The other time, her part timers took up most of her free time. She had many, many dates. She was a very popular girl on campus. There were whispers of many who called her indecent names. I knew that others were probably jealous of her lovely looks and being able to date all the top men on campus. She was always going to some frat party or another. I later learn she had an open invitation to all the fraternity parties on campus as well as at a neighbouring college five miles away. Our campus is large. There are over 25,000 students in attendance and over 15 frat houses. The other college has over 15,000 students and I believe 6 frat house. Because of the lateness of many of these parties, she often slept over afterwards.Many times when we would be seen together, people would look at us and whisper. It did my ego good, knowing they were probably envious of us.The subject of sex finally came up between Dot and I after we had a steamy petting session one night, on a rare date when she had a free evening from her part time boyfriends . This was a year after we were going steady.I awkwardly asked her to share and express our love sexually. She kissed me and let me know that she wanted me to come to our wedding bed a virgin – which I was, except for the affairs I had with my hands.I expressed my hunger for her and my desire to possess her. She let me know that I sounded like I saw her only as a sex object and not as the woman I loved. She made me think. I apologized, but told her it would be so nice for us to feel good together.”In due time darling. I do love you very much, but I’m so afraid that if I give myself to you, you’ll tire of me and leave me. That’d break my heart.”I assured her I wouldn’t do so, or fall out of love with her. I verbally expressed my love for her in so many different ways, continually trying to counter every objection she had to us broadening our sexual experience. I was becoming rather frustrated. My poor prick was beyond aching. It was burning for release. You see, the short skirt Dot wore was up literally up to her waist so that the skimpy panties she wore were very visible in the moonlit car. She’d given up on trying to pull the hem down as we sat there talking. This luscious sight did little to cool my sexual adore for her.However, the unexpected happened. Somewhere in our talk the topic of her having sex with her part timers crept in.”So that’s it? Just because I’ve occasionally been too weak to resist the sexual advances of my part time boyfriends, you think you should sex me too?”`I-It’d be n-nice.’ I meekly replied.”You don’t know how angry that makes me! I thought you respected me more than that? Take me home right now!”The moment was destroyed. I begged for her forgiveness. I apologized profusely.”Okay, I accept your apology. But we must agree that you won’t pressure me for sex and will wait until our wedding night to have full sex.”`Full sex?’ I asked quizzically.”Well darling, I was waiting until the time was right to let you know that I too wanted to have sex with you, but .. Well it’s not quite what you had in mind.”I implored her to be open with me. She seemed shy of telling me. I finally teased it out of her.”James sweetie, I-I want you to . er, well love me between my legs with your tongue. I-I guess what I’m trying to say is that I want you to suck my pussy. There I’ve said it.”I was speechless and caught off guard. There was a moment of silence.She explained that she always had the idea that the man that truly loved her would do this for her and masturbate himself until he could exercise his conjugal rights after marriage. She however admitted that she would still date part timers as well as sex them.”That’s okay. Maybe it’s just a fantasy. I guess I expect too much and have too higher standards for my dream husband. Okay, let’s go home since I can see you don’t seem interested.”`N-No, that’s n-not it. I-I have never done that before. I-I do it for y-you .. e-except I-I don’t know how.” I replied stammering.”You sweet thing. You’re so cute. C’mon here. On your knees. I’ll teach you to love me that way.” She said kissing me on my forehead and then leaning back and pulling her skirt well above her waist and quickly pushing her panties off. Soon, I was staring into her moonlight illuminated cunt. The warm musk scented odour arising was so intoxicating. With a few cryptic words of guidance I was licking and lapping her moist soft warm hairy pussy meat. Soon she had my head pressed tightly to her vulva opening. My face was covered with her warm wet juicy sex. It was quite a delightful joyous feeling to be this way with her. As I worked my tongue as deep as I could, all the while sucking up mouthful after mouthful of her bountiful pussy nectar, I discovered this was really nice. When she was shuddering and moaning with the joyful pleasure of orgasm, I felt so proud I was causing it. Later afterwards, she urged me to free my aching prick and jerk it off for her. She giggled and mentioned something about my prick being the smallest she’d ever seen. Wanting a release so bad, my mind and actions were focused on getting off. I didn’t need much urging. I came just after a few strokes. She encouraged me on. We had a wonderfully juicy kiss after I got off.As I was driving her back to her dorm, I felt so more in love. I knew we were so much closer than before. Closer than close.We saw each other more often after that night. More frequently than during the first year of us being steadies. She however still dated her part time steadies. Between dates she’d have me love her with my mouth. About three months later, she called me to pick her up from a frat party at the neighbouring college five miles away.She met me out front. It was Three AM.She French kissed me passionately after getting in the car. Her kiss had a strange slightly sour and creamy, but yet flavourful taste.”I thoroughly enjoyed myself dear. All the fellows were gentlemen, even though I was too weak to resist them when they had me feel their big hard dicks.”`Y-You m-mean you s-sexed t-the whole frat house?'”Yes, there were only 15 guys , but they were so cute and so hard up.” Her statement almost made me lose control of the car as I turned on the road back to the university.About half way there she had me pull over onto a wooded side road. My heart leaped and was full of anticipation. I thought maybe she was going to let me share what 15 other lucky frat brothers had enjoyed earlier.”James darling, it would mean so much to me and our relationship if you’d love my pussy with your mouth now.”`Y-you m-mean w-with it f-full .'”Yes, full of their cum. It would show me you’re not insecure about your manhood and that you do really love me.”I countered with several reasons why maybe I shouldn’t and she did the same why I should.”Well let’s go. You’re obviously not the man you claim you were. I was wrong about you and your high ideals. It won’t be the first time I was wrong about a man. Let’s go. Take me back to the dorm. It’s apparent you’re going to let a little cum from a few dicks spoil what we have. If your love is so shallow just because I let the guys pull a train on me, it means your love wasn’t that deep to start with.”I pleaded and tried to reason with her that me not giving her head shouldn’t terminate our relationship. She dug in. “You either head your tongue in my pussy or we head down the highway and never see each other again.”I gave in. I shared her delight from being at the frat house. I tasted her jism coated cunt. The smell was somewhere between gamy, and a strong pungent musk scent. The taste was very creamy and gooey. There was a slight after taste, but all in all the taste was rather palatable, even if a little slimy. I had saved our relationship and proved to her my true love, as well as that I wasn’t insecure about my manhood. She was so loving and grateful for my actions and promised her love to me. She let me know I was the man she wanted to marry. I was so elated. It was worth the aftertaste.From that night on our love pattern had shifted to me sucking her juicy gooey pussy after her dates when she’d been fucked, which was at least three to five times a week.”Remember darling, you have my heart even if I give my pussy to others.” Her words stuck in my mind as she reminded me that she wanted me to remain a virgin until we married, which we’d planned right after graduation.”Darling you’re only one who’s sucking my pussy after I’ve been sexed. I just wanted you to know that and to let you know that’s very special to me.”There were many rumours being whispered around campus about Dot and how she put out so easily. However, I was glad to know that I never heard a rumour about anyone else sucking her cunt after she’d been sexed. I felt good about her being true to me in that regard.CHAPTER 2: WE GOT MARRIEDAfter getting married, I was finally able to slip my prick into her hot smouldering cunt. It was so juicy and warm. I couldn’t stay hard for more than a few seconds. I was finally enjoying what hundreds of her part timer boyfriends had previously experienced before. Through practice and getting use to her, I’ve gotten up to two minutes.. Her cunt seems to always be hot and juicy. Me performing oral sex to satisfy her is always part of our love making. I couldn’t satisfy her otherwise.Well now that it`s 12 years after leaving the University. We have six k**s and live in a nice neighbourhood. I have a good job and the pay is decent. We are a happy family . However, I’m always worried about my wife falling down or bumping into someone physically and having an accident. Not only does she bruise herself each time, but she often ends up pregnant. You see whenever she falls or bumps into someone, it’s always been a man and somehow the man’s penis gets exposed. So when she falls down or bumps into these men, their cocks get trapped in her hot juicy cunt and the unfortunate man can’t hold back long enough before extricating himself from my wife’s sex. As a result, he releases his sperm in her. It’s so uncanny, but it has always happened when she’s off the pill and we have been trying to make a baby.I can attest to the juicy slippery wetness of her cunt and understand why it wouldn’t take much to penetrate her, but the circumstances are what throws for a loop.The first time happened when the plumber was over to do güvenilir bahis siteleri some work in one of our baths. Dot forgot he was there. The floor was damp. She was wearing only a robe. He’d just finished taking a leak and was about to zip up when she opened the door. She slipped on the damp floor. He tried to catch her. They both fell and got entangled. She said she was horrified at how quick it all happened and how the man’s penis slipped into her so easily as they collided. She said that by the time they were able to uncouple themselves and come to their senses, the totally embarrassed plumber had released a large quantity of his seed in her womb.I know her cunt was always juicy and well lubricated, so I could easily see where such a thing could occur.Luckily neither were seriously hurt. Dot sustained some bruises. She showed them to me when I came home from work that evening. They were in the form of reddish hand prints on her shapely rear and her size 38 breasts where the plumber had tried to catch her and separate the two of them.I consoled her and she told me not to worry. She said she was sure she was already pregnant from me and that the plumber’s sperm wouldn’t have a chance to impregnate her.”After all honey, we made love two weeks ago, when I was most fertile then. Remember?”I assured her I didn’t forget. Dot had determined her most fertile time of the month and had me abstain from sex, or jerking off, until then. She was even juicier during this fertile period. We’d done this for three months previously and she hadn’t got pregnant. We both had been through physical exams, so we both knew we were physically able to produce k**s.A month after the accident with the plumber, Dot missed her period. We celebrated. We both never thought anymore about the plumber until our first born arrived. From the baby’s facial resemblance, there was no doubt the biological father was the plumber.Dot was briefly heartbroken. She apologized as well as consoled me that our first born wasn’t mine. However, she quickly got over her sadness and became the doting loving mother. I at first raised the issue of putting the baby up for adoption, but I knew by her silence and the way she held, cuddled and breast fed him that I indeed was going to be his daddy. Dot persuaded me to invite the plumber over to see our new son. I abhorred the idea, but she was insistent. I caved in. It was so awkward for both of us to have the real father present. Dot took it real well. I was embarrassed the whole time, especially when my wife asked that I take a picture of her, my son and the plumber.The plumber promised any future work for free and that he would frequently come by to check on things, sort of as “preventive maintenance” in his words, as well as to see “my son”.I should’ve said no, but free plumbing repairs is not something to give up lightly, even for a little embarrassment and awkwardness.About two years later she had another accidental fall. This time it was at the supermarket. It was in the produce section. Again there was water on the floor. She started to slip. The produce manager saw her and ran over to give her a hand. As he arrived, she reached out for his hand, missed it and grabbed his the top of his trousers at the juncture of the belt buckle and zipper. Her pull brought almost her full weight upon this area resulting in the man’s pants being ripped and underwear pulled down. After his genitals were exposed, he too slipped. Like the plumber, he toppled precariously and ended up sexually joined with my wife. As before, before they could untangle themselves, the poor man’s sperm had been released into her again unprotected and naked cunt. Occasionally, my wife gets the urge to wear no panties. Unfortunately, this was one of those times.She told me she was so glad that there were no witnesses to this scene. Again, neither were hurt. My wife had the same type handprint bruises on her as before. My wife said the produce manager was able to secure his torn pants with his belt and hide the rip by wearing a work apron. She offered to pay for the damage, but he refused. He offered to write up a store accident report for her fall, but she said she was just too embarrassed. She said they both were highly embarrassed.Again this was during a period when we were trying to have another c***d. Again she alleviated my worrying that the produce manager had impregnated her. I felt better. After all her most fertile period was two weeks ago and I had shot my month’s worth of pent up jism into her several times. I too thought there was nothing to worry about and soon forgot about the incident and warned my wife to please try and be more careful.Nine months later, she had twins. Again, time I saw them for the first time, I knew we were both wrong again. The produce manager had a fraternal pair of twins he didn’t know about.Again, Dot looked at me with her big blue sad eyes and apologized. She appeared devastated. However, after handing me one and then the other, she got cheerful. She started breast feeding them both. Her face brightened. I brought up the issue of adoption. Again as with the birth of our first born, she ignored me, not once but three times. Only when I talked about the room decorations for the twins did she acknowledge I was still there. I knew this meant we had two more c***dren in our growing family.As with the plumber, Dot felt the produce manager should know about the c***dren.”It’s bound to come out, so we might as well let him know so his feelings won’t be hurt.” I argued against this. As I was doing so, the door bell rang.”Honey, I was so sure you would want what I wanted, I went ahead and invited him. I’m sure that’s him now. If you want me to send him away I will. However, I already let him know he was the biological father.” My wife said with watery eyes.I was even more upset now, but knew that it was probably too late to do anything except as she desired. As with the plumber, there was awkwardness and embarrassment. Again, I took a photo of my wife and the produce manager and “our new son and daughter”.The produce manager did seem like a nice chap and was also embarrassed. This made me feel better about things somewhat. After all, what was done was done. However, I felt even better about him when he promised us free produce items every week.He was even nice enough to deliver the fresh fruits and vegetables to our home. I suspected he did so to catch a glimpse of the twins doing the deliveries. I had to admit, we got the highest quality items too.Life returned to normal around the house. She went back on the pill as we coped with our growing family. I was a bit sad that we had three k**s and none were mine biologically, however, with me being the eternal optimist, I quickly got into the role of being the loving dutiful father. Both the plumber and the produce manager were frequent visitors to our house, usually when I was at work. However, Dot always filled me in on their visits.”Honey, you know since they both are really like part time daddies, doesn’t that also mean they’re like part time husbands, especially since they are the real fathers, and, you know, do things for us and the k**s?” My wife asked me one evening after the k**s were in bed and we sat watching TV news.`I guess you could say something like that, but it doesn’t make much sense. Why do you ask?’ I asked with a puzzled look.”W-Well dear, I was thinking that makes me their part time wife, a-and, if it’s my responsibility to have sex with you because I’m your wife, doesn’t that mean the same thing for them?”I couldn’t believe what my wife was saying. However, out of the past the concept of her part time boyfriends came back like a thunderbolt. `I think you’re stretching things a bit Dot.’ I replied.”It just seems like they’re being cheated, you know, by not having sex like we do since we’re man and wife.”I applauded her for being sensitive to the situation, but I assured her that she had no reason to feel guilty that she was cheating them or that they were being deprived of something that was rightfully theirs.”I do feel guilty. I don’t care what you say. I’m feeling like I’m just not doing the right thing honey.”`The right thing?’ I replied brashly. My patience was being stretched on this matter. Couldn’t she see I’d been humiliated enough by her accidents and the fact that the men knew the c***dren were theirs. I lost it. I blurted out what I was thinking.”You’re jealous, mean and you blame me for those accidents. And here I thought you were a man secure with your manhood. The one who always looked for the good in others. You’re not the man I married! Y-You’re just a sham!” Dot yelled as she ran from the room crying.Her words and logic hit me in the face like a wet towel. I sat and thought. I went to the bedroom where she was on the bed crying. I held her and we talked. I conceded that she was partly correct and she said she understood how I might be somewhat humiliated by the results of her unfortunate accidents. “But darling, I love you. My heart will always be yours. No one can ever take that away from you”. She said to me sweetly as she kissed me passionately. She then told me that she felt bad about me not being feeling secure or trusting her enough to share her pussy with the plumber and the produce manager. “I’ll still be your full time loving wife, just like I was your full time steady in college.” I was worried she was going in that direction with this discussion.We talked some more. I wasn’t able to alleviate her of her guilt or to satisfy her that I was secure in my manhood or that I trusted her to have sex with our k**s’ real fathers. Knowing she wanted to do something about this situation, I considered some options. Finally, we compromised.I agreed that she could ask the two men if they wanted her to function as a part time wife that is for conjugal purposes. If they said yes, I was to go along with the program. If not, then my wife’s guilt would be relieved and she would say nothing more about the matter.We made really passionate love that night. I was really tired out the next morning as I headed out to work. But it was a very pleasant tiredness mixed with a fearful anxiety. What would I do if the two men wanted my wife as their part time wife for sex?It was a busy day at work. I was glad. It helped keep my mind off what was happening at home. A half hour before leaving work, Dot called. “Honey, both of them agreed that they did feel cheated and feel much better about things now, especially since I have your permission to give them some when they want me.” I was silent as I let her words sink in. She went on to tell me that they both had been there at the same time when she asked them the big question. They had a threesome. `I-I see.’ Was all I could say as I stammered and fumbled with my words. `I-I’ll be home a-after s-stopping by t-the hardware store.'”Honey please come home first. I want to share their love with you, you know like we did at the university. I’d love for us to do that, please? That way I’ll know that you support sharing me and are not insecure about your manhood or your role as a loving husband..”I arrived home. Dot was in the bedroom. Her mom had the k**s in the backyard playing. My wife greeted me with a wet juicy kiss. Her breath had a musk type smell. I knew she’d been performing oral sex. After a few loving pleasantries, she guided my head between her statuesque legs. There were cum stains on her inner thighs and her hairy syrupy wet slick crotch reeked of an even stronger odour than the faint odour that lingered in the room as I walked in. There had been heavy sex performed here. It had been a long time, but I was familiar with it all. I busied myself proving that I was secure in my husbandly role and manhood to the woman I loved and that I trusted and supported her having sex with other men. Like riding a bicycle after being away from it after a while, I got use to the taste and flavour of multiple doses of mixed semen and her tasty pussy nectar. I could tell by the way Dot clamped her legs around my head and pressed my head tightly to her that she was enjoying this much more than my normal pussy eating. In a strange way I was pleased for her and at being able to give her the pleasure she needed.After I got her off twice, we hugged and she guided my smaller hard-on between her freshly mouth douched cunt. She was very juicy, warm and looser than normal. I knew now I’d have to get accustomed to her sex being this way. I lasted a little longer than my normal two minutes in her but it was good knowing I’d truly satisfied my beautiful full time wife. She revealed to the two men that they couldn’t lick her pussy after she’d been fucked. That was reserved for her full time husband-me. Obviously she considered this was a perk befitting the full time husband. She said both agreed that they wouldn’t infringe on my territory. They would be satisfied to fuck and fill her with their jism.`I wish you hadn’t told them I-I was g-going to d-do this for you afterwards.’ I said in an irritated tone.”I’m sorry if I did anything wrong.” She said sensing my mood. “The topic came about when I mentioned that I’d plan on sharing the good time with you when you came home. One of them said you were probably going to eat me out. I didn’t say you were, but I did ask them both, if you were did they mind. They both said no, if that’s what you’re worried about honey. In fact they both seemed happy you were going to eat their jism. They had big smiles on their faces.”I tried to explain to Dot how embarrassing it was for them to know I did that. “You worry too much darling. Besides, they’re just like family. It’ll be a family secret. Anyway, they both seem to think it was right for you to do that. I didn’t detect any sort of disrespect in their voices.”I was speechless at her reply.At dinner she was absolutely radiant, loving and relaxed. My mother-in-law joined us for dinner and stayed overnight. After the k**s were put to bed, we three watched the late news.”James I’ve always thought a lot of you, but I know now for sure that you’re the right husband for Dot. You’re the loving and understanding man she’s always needed. A man who has accepted other men’s c***dren as your own and also continue to share your wife with these same men. And as if that wasn’t good enough to show your you love her, you aren’t too humble to kneel and suck up after the men. I’m proud to have you as my son-in-law.” My mother-in-law’s words, even though well meaning, slapped me across the face like an oak log. My face was red and flush. I wondered now if it was on a billboard somewhere that I sucked my wife’s cum filled cunt.”He’s the greatest, mom. I just love him so.” My wife leaned over and kissed me as she spoke. “Just like I told you, he’s always been secure with his manhood even back in our college days. He knows how to use his tongue and is good at it. He knew back then that my heart would always be his exclusively, no matter how many men he shared my pussy with.” She continued.”That must why you two are so close and loving. Many couples just don’t have what it takes to keep the spark in their marriage.” “You’re right mother. I know James loves me, that’s why I didn’t care how many guys I had sex with at the university, he was the only one I’d let suck my pussy out after I got fucked.”My eyes opened like an owl. Did my wife know what she was saying sounded like?”You really made a good catch Dot. It’s hard finding a good sucker.” My face was again contorted as I rose up stiff in the easy chair as I looked at my mother-in-law not believing my ears.”She meant pussy sucker dear, nothing more.” My wife interjected as she lovingly squeezed my hand, seeing my face reflect my misinterpretation of what her mother was implying.The conversation drifted back to the news after that, but before we three turned in for the night, Dot’s mother volunteered to come over and keep the k**s occupied when their real fathers came over to spend some time with my wife. “And I’ll also watch them when you want to be alone and suck their daddies’ cum from Dot’s snatch too.”Dot hugged me as we walked to bed. She chuckled at her mom’s wording. I was still uptight, but Dot consoled me and helped me overlook what was said. I complained about her telling her mom many intimate details about us. Dot apologized, for what it was worth, and ask for my forgiveness. As she wrapped me in her arms I knew I couldn’t hold anything against her, for I too thought I’d made a great catch too.CHAPTER 3: MORE ACCIDENTSMy wife had been accident free for two complete years. As we started to think about trying to have another c***d, I cautioned her against the possibility of her having another fall or slip and winding up pregnant by some stranger. Again confident that it wouldn’t happen again, we started making plans to have our own c***d.I wanted my wife to cut the plumber and the produce manager off until she was pregnant. She thought that was too cruel. They said the same. So in order to keep everybody happy, it was agreed that they would wear two condoms. I insisted on this since both the plumber and the produce manager had rather large cocks, according to my wife, so I wanted to be sure that if one condom burst, the other would hold. Reluctantly they agreed.However, while I was worried about bursting condoms, fate was again declaring war on us.Dot had been out looking at furniture, again on an occasion where she was panty-less. She bumped into a salesman as they both were coming around a corner. His suit pants were held up by suspenders, the body collision caused the suspender latches to open. The man’s pants fell to the floor just as he and my wife got entangled and fell onto a nearby mattress. Unfortunately he was wearing boxer shorts that fell with his trousers. As has happened before, they were briefly coupled, but by the time they extricated themselves, the damage had been done. She said it happened so quick that the man’s large long penis found its way into her always slippery wet vagina. Since they fell of the mattress, bruising was less, but my wife did sustain handprint marks on her lush tits from where the salesman tried to catch a hold of something to stop his fall.When she called me at work, I scolded her about being careful and watching where she walked.Even though I’d again released a month’s worth of my pent up cum into her doing her most fertile period just two weeks before, I was afraid of her coming up pregnant with a salesman’s baby. I couldn’t get over how it was that other men’s cocks seem to home in on my wife’s luscious cunt, in some of the oddest situations.Sure enough, a month later, my wife announced she was pregnant again. I diplomatically, I thought so anyway, brought up the idea of an abortion. Everyone, including the plumber and the produce manger, not to mention Dot’s mother, came down on me like a ton of bricks. Even Dot had the minister come by and talk to me.After he left, I felt truly selfish and guilt ridden about what I’d was thinking. I apologized to everyone. They all accepted. As Dot became swollen, she looked ever so radiant as a woman with c***d. As with previous pregnancies, she always liked for me to kiss her tummy whenever we kissed and always in the morning when we awoke and at night before we went to bed.Dot continued to have twice weekly sex with the plumber and the produce manager until sometime in the seventh month. Dot told me that the doctor prohibited her from having sexual penetration as well as sucking cocks. The doctor however approved of me tonguing her to orgasm.”Darling, I feel sorry for them having to suffer until I’m well again.” She was referring to the plumber and the produce manager.I assured her that they would survive and not to worry about them.”I hear you, but it just doesn’t seem fair. They’re so accustomed to getting off over here at house twice a week. Er, honey, since you’ve already tasted their stuff, w-would you mind doing them . You know, sucking them off for me, you know take my place until after I deliver.”I gave my wife an incredulous look as I stood their bewildered.`I-I can’t believe w-what you’re asking?’ I muttered.”I know it’s a lot sweetie, but since they’re so much larger than you, that means they get harder . It’d only be for a few weeks. If you’re concerned about them telling anyone, we can swear them to secrecy.” She offered.I questioned why she couldn’t bring them to the point of climax and have them pull out of her mouth, or she could just spit it out.”No darling, a proper blow job should be to completion and swallowed. I see you’re still insecure of your manliness. Well I can see I was fooled again by you. And here I am carrying your c***d..”I assured her I was not insecure, but she persisted. She turned her back to me and folded her arms. I knew then that she was serious about this matter. We talked and argued. We argued. We talked.Dot’s mother heard us. She became an arbitrator.”James, I’ll do my best to take care of them off on Tuesdays, if you’ll give them head on Thursdays.” Her mom offered.”See honey, mom is willing to take on half the load, then you’ll only have to suck half as much.”I gave them both an incredible look of disbelief.”James what’s the problem? You suck their creamy cum out of your wife’s pussy now. What’s the difference if you suck it straight from their cocks? Oh! I know what it is. You’re one of those guys who’s afraid he’ll get hooked on licking dicks if he tries it a few times. I know the type Dot. Got a short dick, insecure in his manhood, lacks confidence, is a mama’s boy. I understand James. We don’t want to be the cause of you becoming a cocksucker permanently. I bet if you just had a big dick in his mouth 10 seconds, less much doing it for a few weeks, you’d be a hopeless fag, probably give up pussy sucking all together.”`H-How c-can y-you say s-say that. I-I would not!'”Then prove it to me and your wife that you’re not an insecure with your masculinity. Demonstrate that you can suck dicks and return to being the husband we hold in high esteem !” My mom-in-law said boldly.”Honey, mother does have a point. If you don’t, it would cause us to wonder about you.” My wife interjected with a look of worry on her face.`W-What! I-I-I `m no faggot!. I-I `m not insecure. Y-You two know that. I-I-I .Oh what’s the use! I’ll show y’all I’m no fag! I’ll suck `em and prove I’m every bit the man I was before.'”I’m so proud of you darling. I knew you wouldn’t let me down.” My wife said as she hugged and kissed me.My mother-in-law praised my decision but warned that she’d be monitoring my efforts.As we kissed, it dawned on me that I’d never sucked a dick before. When I told my wife, she said not to worry. She had a black dildo in her room and gave me pointers using it. It was so anatomically realistic.CHAPTER 4: OUR FOURTH c***dI waited in the delivery room full of anxiety and fear. I was hoping I was wrong about the foreboding feeling I was having. The moment of truth came. I think could see it in the nurse’s face as she showed me back to my wife and our new baby girl. As I open the blanket to take a peek, again I knew fate had won. This was the furniture salesman’s daughter.The routine was very familiar. My wife expressed remorse but soon became the doting mother after having me hold the baby. I knew there was nothing to say or do but support my wife and prepare for what was to follow.A week after she was home, I met the furniture salesman. Again I took what has almost become the obligatory portrait of my wife, the furniture salesman, and our new daughter.I resisted him gaining part time husband status, but this time, it was put to a vote. My wife set up the scheme. Since I was the full time husband, I had two votes. Each of the existing part time husbands,- the plumber and the produce manager- each had one vote. Her mom had one vote also. My wife was to be the tie breaker, if required.The furniture salesman pleaded his case and said he felt obligated to provide us with a huge discount on any of our furniture needs and promised to pay for the new baby’s furniture. I almost voted for him on that accord, but on principle I voted against him. The plumber and the produce manager voted for his acceptance. Her mom abstained, saying we five should work this out. My wife broke the tie. A split second later, I had three part time husbands to compete with for my wife’s attention. She called them my “husbands-in-law”.My wife consoled me. We now had two boys and two girls in our family. I told her that I was willing to give up trying for another c***d. I told her that since our current c***dren were all black, – OH THAT’S RIGHT! I FORGOT TO MENTION TO YOU READERS THAT ALL MY HUSBANDS-IN-LAW WERE BLACK – being white he or she would probably have a tough time anyway with his older siblings.”I hadn’t thought of it that way. But you do have a point darling.” Spoke Dot as she kissed me and agreed that it was ok with her for us to not try to have another c***d.CHAPTER 4: A YEAR LATER SHE WANTS TO HAVE ANOTHER BABY”James, you said between you and me. He wants a son. He and I would have a baby, not you and I. I think it’s only fair we put it to a group vote among the other husbands-in-laws.” My wife spoke to me of the furniture salesman’s desire to have a son to go along with the daughter she’d had for him (our fourth c***d) – accidentally.The furniture salesman pleaded his case and I mine before the panel, which consisted of my wife, the three part time husbands and Dot’s mother. bahis firmaları I was outvoted four to one, including the vote of my mom-in-law. Dot didn’t vote since there was no tie vote to break.This time, to ensure my wife only got pregnant from the furniture salesman, I and my husbands-in-law were relegated to condoms until my wife was officially pregnant. However, she clearly let me know that she expected me to provide uninterrupted tongue douching of her jism filled pussy.I warned the furniture salesman of my wife’s accident prone nature. He thanked me but said he’d risk it. What risk was he talking about? Either way I’d end up responsible for the baby.My wife went off the pill. The funny thing is that she didn’t have the salesman save up his cum until her fertile time of the month came around. They screwed whenever. I inquired about this departure from the methodology she and I had used.”Darling, please don’t take this the wrong way, but he’s always shoots a lot of thick cum every time we make love. You suck his stuff out of me. You ought to know he always shoots quite a load doesn’t he?”I had to admit he did.”Well honey, that’s the difference between you and he. You had to save yours up for a month to do what he does all the time. Therefore I really don’t think it’s necessarily to have him wait until my most fertile time of the month as with you. The slightest chance of me getting pregnant will be sufficient for his virile wads.”`Oh, I see.’ I replied. `But I noticed he didn’t have sex at all with you at all last week when you were at your most fertile time.'”I know darling. He doesn’t like doing me when I’m on my period. It was nice because it sort of gave my pussy a rest from all y’all including your sweet tongue dear. He said that he’d take his chances getting me impregnated other than doing that time of the month.”My curiosity satisfied, I chuckled at the salesman for missing my wife’s most fertile time. She reasoned that even though messy, her pussy was just like a fertile field full of fertilizer waiting for me to plant my seed in her doing her menstrual period. It was a little messy on the bed clothes but what she told me made sense, even though I was never a farmer. However, I thought it didn’t matter. I was confident she wouldn’t get pregnant by him and that the furniture salesman would fall victim to her accident prone nature the same as I repeatedly had.CHAPTER 5: SURPRISE! NO ACCIDENTTo my utter surprise, my wife was pregnant within three months after going off the pill. Amazingly, she didn’t have an accident either.Everyone was jubilant except me. The furniture salesman was smug and proud.My wife was in her sixth month as we sat one evening watching TV. She reminded me of how I helped her out with her previous pregnancy and that she expected the same this time.`Dot, I caved in and did as you wanted for the plumber and the produce manager, but I won’t suck their dicks or that of the furniture salesman this time while you’re in the 7th through 9th months of pregnancy. No way!'”What’s the matter honey, feeling insecure about your manhood again?” My wife replied in a non-chalant manner as she read a magazine.`Stop that Dot!’ I said emphatically. `How many times do I have to prove to you and your mother that I’m not insecure about my masculinity? How many cocks do I have to suck to prove it?’ I shouted.”You’re getting upset aren’t you dear? If you weren’t insecure you wouldn’t get so emotional.” She replied calmly.`Dot, I-I didn’t mean to yell . I-it’s just that I-I feel so down trodden at times. It seems that fate has worked against me at every turn in our marriage. It seems that nothing has worked out the way I planned it.”I understand darling. That has happened to both of us. That’s the way life is sometimes. However, we are both very much in love with each other and have four wonderful c***dren. You’re a wonderful father for them also. I couldn’t ask for a more loving and devoted father and husband. You still love me don’t you?”`Of course I do sweetheart. It’s just that it’s trying at times to not only cope with not being the biological father, but having the real fathers around, as well as them having sex with you all the time. The worst part is knowing they do it better for you than I-I ever could.'”Just think of them as being good at putting cum in me, but nobody can do a better job than you at getting it out. Honey it’s so sexy to sit on your face and feel their big cum globs get sucked out and slide from the back of my pussy in your upturn mouth as I ride your face. That really lets me know you’re so macho and secure in your manhood. I just love it knowing you’re eating their fuck juices from my pussy and knowing that you’re only interested in pleasing me because of your love for me and not worrying about something silly as what society calls manly pride. Your husbands-in-law are the insecure ones in that regard. You’re not. Remember dear, it takes more of a man to clean up a mess than to make it. And you really know how to clean up my pussy after others have made their mess in it. I love you for what you do for me dear.”At that moment, my wife shuddered.”The baby is kicking darling. Here feel it.” Dot said gleefully as she placed my hand over her distended tight skin abdomen. The tiny but strong tremors were quite evident.”I love you so much darling. You can handle me having other men’s babies and raising them as our own. It takes a very special man to do that.” My wife said before placing a juicy kiss on my mouth as she held my hand on her belly.The unexpected sensuous kiss calmed me and reminded just how much I loved this woman.”Darling, don’t you worry. I’m not going to press you further about taking care of our husband-in-laws throbbing cocks while I’m unavailable. I guess mother will have to carry the whole load. And this time she has three big stiff ones to handle versus two before. I’m sure she’ll understand your reasons. You’re special to her too. She thinks highly of you . But you know that anyway.”`Dot I know your game. You’re trying to make me feel guilty aren’t you?’ I replied smiling.”No honey, just laying out the facts. The fellows will really miss you sucking their dicks. They actually think you suck better than me or mother. They really respect you getting on your knees and being a surrogate pussy mouth for their hard-ons. They have nothing but respect for you darling. I can’t tell you how many times they’ve all said they wished they loved a woman enough to do what you do for me. In fact, they talked about asking you to suck them off when it’s my time of the month, but I told them you probably wouldn’t accommodate them. They all changed their minds, but they still might want you to do it for them when I’m not pregnant.”`T-They w-will?'”Yes. So you know they are counting on fucking your face starting next month.”My wife let me know that the furniture salesman had been told of my cock-sucking role by the other two husbands-in-laws. She let me know that he was as excited at being sucked off by me as they were.”Honey can’t you tell they adore you sucking their dicks? Have they ever shown any disrespect? I bet not. Sure they might say something like “suck my dick sissy” or “Swallow my jism faggot.” But that’s just macho talk saying they enjoy what you’re doing for them. They don’t have any other way to say they appreciate you blowing their big dicks. And I bet they only say things like that when they’re about to shoot off. Am I right?”`H-How did you know? T-They told you didn’t they?'”They may have mentioned something about it.But honey, not once did they talk about you in a disrespectful manner. I know you don’t believe it, but the three of you have built a strong bond. And it would be so unfair of you to not treat the newest member of the group as you have the other part time husbands. You know, including him in the bonding that you’ve done with the others.”I pondered what my wife said. For I did sense their was some sort of strange bond being built up among the first two husbands-in-laws and myself. I guess it’s hard not to have some kind of bond after having sucked the guys’ big black cocks for two months. And yes, there did seem to be a better rapport between the three of us as a result of my oral efforts. I could see logic in what my wife was saying.”And honey, believe me, I can tell you the guys don’t just let anybody suck their dicks and swallow their jism.””She’s right James. None of `em would let a prissy fag suck their fine tools. But a fine husband like you, who’s devoted to his wife, and wants to share her experiences, and doesn’t mind sharing her, they’d let you mouth their big rods. They hold you in high esteem dear.” Interjected Dot’s mom as she walked in the room picking up on the conversation.We three talked well into the night. Finally the two women convinced me that I should again become a “pussy mouth” for a couple of months. Three reasons for doing so were: 1: It would be unfair to the furniture salesman if I didn’t treat him the same as I’d done my other husbands-in-laws; 2: It would build a rapport with the furniture salesman and maintain the excellent rapport I had with the first two part time husbands; 3: It would erase any lingering doubts of my wife and mom-in-law that I was afraid of becoming gay if I occasionally sucked dicks. Therefore to finally put the last matter to rest, I boldly let them know I’d suck dicks on demand whenever the men had an urge for me to swing on their rigid rods.”James that’s so macho and courageous. Like I said, my daughter made a good catch. You’re a fine husband to my dear girl. She couldn’t have done better.””Mother is so right darling. You’re the best thing that could happen to a girl. I’m so lucky to have you as my husband.” My wife added as I notice the sparkle in both women’s eyes. I could sense that I had managed to place myself in even higher esteem with them by my bold initiative.CHAPTER 6: ONE BIG HAPPY familyThe furniture salesman got his wish. Dot had a healthy 6 pound son for him and us.To my surprise, my three husbands-in-law used me far more that I thought they would while my wife was in her last trimester of pregnancy. Even with my mom-in-law helping out, it seems the three black men required far more sexual attention than she or I had anticipated. It seemed like my mouth was constantly filled with stiff black meat and it seemed like I was swallowing pints of hot thick creamy spunk every week.Even with my wife back in operation, the fellows still had a healthy appetite that kept all three of us – i.e., me, my wife and her mom – busy taking their dicks and their copious loads of spewing sperm.To make matters worse, the brother of the produce manager came into the picture. The produce manager sent his brother to fill in for him a couple of times while the produce manager was away on business. I objected, but was over ruled by the other husbands-in-law and my wife’s mom. However, the brother wanted to become a part of our odd circle after his brother, the produce manager resumed his regular visits.Again I objected, and to my utter surprise, so did my wife.”James I agree with you. I agreed with him filling in. But the only way he can stay is to become a husband like the rest of you. Otherwise, I’d be committing adultery and cheating on y’all. I can’t do that. So For him to be a husband, he has to be either married to me like you darling, or get me pregnant. Since I’m already married to you James honey, the only other option is for him to want me to have his c***d to add to our family.”I was flabbergasted at her statement. However, the produce manager’s brother readily agreed that he’d like to “knock her up”. I was so speechless that I had to sit down while the others voted me in another husband-in-law.A year later, we had our sixth c***d, another girl.Again while in her 7th through 9th months, my mom-in-law and I had to contend with providing sexual relief for four horny men versus three as before. As before, it was a very “filling” job for me.Oh well, the produce manager’s brother is a butcher, so we get the best cuts of meats for free.All in all, I guess I can’t really complain too much. I don’t get to have straight intercourse with my wife as much as my four husbands-in-laws. Besides having stretched her cunt too much for her to get any significant pleasure from my so small member, they keep her busy and satisfied with their much bigger tools, and well filled with their thick cum. I on the other hand am busy proving I’m the better man by cleaning up the mess they constantly make in her hot bushy juicy pussy.Beside fulfilling my own sexual needs by pulling myself off occasionally, my mom-in-law has found joy in performing sixty-nine with me after she’s been fucked by my black husband-in-laws and friends of theirs.However, we have some real nice furniture. We get the best produce every week. I love grilling those tender T-bones steaks and other cuts we get all the time, and I never have to worry about plumbing repairs.THE END

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