I never used to understand it when someone would say “you’re like an addiction.” I didn’t get how a person was like a drug — something that felt so good, but was so very, very bad. How you could crave someone, ache for their touch, and want to cry when you are denied.

I get it now.

I want you, in terrible, indescribable, impossible ways. I want you to do things to me that I wouldn’t let anyone else do. I want to touch and explore all your secret places, lay claim to them with my hands, my mouth, my tongue…

I like to think about you thinking about me; stroking yourself under your desk at work until you can’t take it anymore, then running to the men’s room to jerk me out from under your skin, leaning against the wall, your mouth open and your eyes closed as you cum into the john. I love imagining you in that crisp grey suit you wear, all business and strength, unable to stop yourself from touching your own cock because you’re imagining me riding it.

Sometimes, I’m the same way — seeing you in my head, I have to touch myself, mersin escort too. My wetness soaks through my panties, through my tight black slacks, until I’m sure the men I walk past can smell my arousal, if only subconsciously. It’s never enough to touch myself through my pants…I have to slip a hand into my panties, use my fingertips to stroke my clit until I come, right there in my office.

Let me tell you one of my favorite fantasies…

You’re in the bedroom, and I’ve come to find you. I want you too much to just let it go, but you won’t take me. It’s wrong, you whisper, we can’t. I want you, I whisper back, and it’s too much for you. But no, I can’t just have you — you’re going to make me work for it. You bind my wrists in front of me, then leash them to the bedpost. I have enough slack to kneel on the corner of the bed, but I can’t go anywhere. In my hands, you place a heavy glass dildo. Over my eyes, you tie a black sash. Show me, you murmur in my ear. Let me see how much you want my cock, and maybe, if you can prove it to me, escort mersin I’ll let you have it.

I spread my knees so you can see how wet I already am, almost dripping on the bedspread, just from your touch. I nestle the head of the glass between my pussy lips and start to spread my honey all over. I like to rub the hard, cold glass over my clit, pushing myself against my toy, my hips thrusting as my pleasure starts to rise. The sound of a zipper catches my attention as you free your cock from your slacks, and I can hear the quiet sound of your hand rubbing up and down its length. I know I’m turning you on, and that makes me even hotter.

I need more than the glass can give, but you’re not ready to let me have it. I want to be filled, so I push my toy deep into my own pussy, fucking myself slowly, rising up on my knees and lowering myself onto the shining, dripping dildo over and over again. I press my wrist against my clit, trying to get as much sensation as possible, but you don’t want me coming just yet.

You pull the blindfold off mersin escort bayan of my face, letting me see the arousal in your eyes and in your body. I can’t take my eyes off your cock, and my lips part slightly at the sight of it. You lean in, just close enough so I can lick the precum off the tip, and the feel of my hot tongue distracts you so that you lean just a little closer. Seizing my opportunity, I wrap my lips around the head and suck you all the way into my mouth, swallowing you as deep as I can. I swirl my tongue deftly around your shaft as you slowly pull yourself away. I can tell you can’t stand to make me stop — you love the hot, wet suction of my mouth, the sight of my lips stretched around your shaft, the slight whimpers of pleasure I voice as I work your cock with all my skill…but you don’t want me taking control, so you back up until I can’t reach you anymore.

Instead, you grasp your shaft yourself and start pumping away, watching me ride my toy with abandonment. We urge each other on with moans and cries as we bring ourselves to the inevitable conclusion. You cum first, your jism spraying across my breasts, goading to me to my own uncontrollable orgasm. I shudder and cry out, my whole body tensing as the pleasure rips through me, leaving me gasping and frozen.

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