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Big Tits

I’m standing before a plate glass window over looking center city at night, the streets have an orange glow from the street lights, the cars with their yellow lights going here and there. It’s so beautiful from 20 floors above the city. I hope someone sees me standing here in a short tight baby blue satin mini skirt, white floral crop top and 4″ white open toe heels.

I feel so sexy, so vulnerable.

“Open your legs a little wider.” He says from behind me.

I spread my legs just a bit, my feet about two feet apart. The slits on my skirt reveal my bare tan thighs.

“Very hot. Put your hands on the window, it really is a rush looking down.”

I do as he says and now I’m partially bent forward looking down at Broad St below. I feel so hot with my ass sticking out for him to see. It’s so intimidating to be so high with only an inch of glass separating me from falling.

I was at Harry’s, an old friend. He called me shortly after Blake had left. He said he wanted to see me. He wanted me to spend the week with him at his apartment.

Of course I said yes!! I missed Harry, he was my very first in many ways. Sexually, emotionally and socially. I had never gone out in public until Harry took me out. I never felt anything for any man until he taught me to be myself. And sexually, well he was my first.

He’s not quite six feet tall yet he’s stocky, thick chested with big arms and he’s rock solid. He has a strong square jaw, sharp features and soft brown eyes. He’s no Blake but he’s Harry, romantic and sweet.

And pretty imaginative when it comes to playing.

He walks up behind me and pulls me back so I’m standing straight up again. I feel his muscular body against my back. He nuzzles my neck sending chills down my spine, I get goosebumps.

His strong arms wrap around me, holding me tight to him. He places kiss after kiss on my neck my shoulder causing my clitty to tingle and I know I wet my panties.

His strong hands run down my waist, over my hips and stop on my bare thighs. I feel him move away from holding me but he’s still standing there.

“Did you do as I asked?” He whispers in my ear.

I nod, I had inserted a butt plug before ısparta escort I came out of the bedroom.

“Mmmm, does it feel good?”

“I’d rather you inside me.” I softly beg.

“Soon…” his big hand is on my ass, squeezing one cheek. He’s gently biting my shoulder, kissing my soft skin. I try to press back against him but he keeps me away easily.

His other hand is on my ass now, as he continues to nibble at my shoulder. He lifts my skirt, spreads my ass cheeks and pushes against the butt plug. I grind back.

He tugs at the end of it, my boypussy holds it firmly in place. He pulls harder and I feel my sphincter spread, releasing a little then he pushes it back in place.

“Ahhhhh…” I moan.

He does it again and again teasing me. By now my panties are soaked. I want him so bad.

He stops playing with my ass and sticks his hand between my legs running it over my semi erect clitty.

“Mmm, your a wet little girl.”

“I want you.” I purr.

“Soon sweetie.” Then he stops and turns me around. He drops to his knees and takes one of my legs up over his shoulder then the other so I’m straddling his head on his shoulders. His face is buried in my panties sucking my clitty through the satin fabric. My back arches, my arms against the window. He manages to slide my panties to the side and then he has me in his mouth, his tongue all over my clitty.

“AHHHHH!” I scream!

His goatee feels so good against my naked skin down there with his warm wet mouth engulfing my very small now fully erect penis. I’m not going to last at all. I feel my body tense, my little ball sack tightens and then…whoosh!! A flood of euphoria washes over me as I let go!

My legs clamp his head, my hands grip him tightly as I cum over and over. I’m almost spent and still I’m in his mouth and he’s moaning.

At last I finish and I slowly release him. As he lets me down my knees go weak and he catches me in his strong arms and holds me for a nice long time. I like being in his arms, my head resting on his chest.

“I’d like you to put on what I bought for you, okay.”

I look up into his eyes. Before I can respond he leans kars escort down and kisses me deeply. I can taste my cum as our tongues dance in each other’s mouth.

When our kiss ends I don’t need to respond, I just walk back to the bedroom. It’s in a black gift bag with white tissue paper. It’s lingerie, a light pink lace and sheer camisole and matching lace thong and a pair of soft pink five inch sandals.

I cleaned myself up, then dressed. The cami I slid up over my head and spaghetti straps lay on my narrow shoulders. The rest is off the shoulder, the hem is just at my waist and lacey.

I slip into the thong adjusting the butt plug then sit down to put on the super high heels. The plug pushes in causing me to take a deep breath in pleasure. The heels have a soft pink ties that go around my ankles. When tied they make pretty bows in front.

I check myself in the mirror and smile, I can’t wait for Harry to see me.

I walk down the tiled hall back into the main room. Harry is standing at the end of the couch, naked. His cock is hard standing straight out as he rubs himself up and down.

I walk seductively toward him, it’s easy in these heels and then crawl down the couch, licking my full lips I open wide and take him in my mouth. I slowly begin my way down his shaft until my nose is buried in his trimmed pubic hairs. I feel the fat head of his meat down my throat. Then I manage to lick his balls with his entire cock in my mouth.

I’m in heaven!!

He puts a hand in the back of my head and begins to fuck my mouth slowly at first. I feel every inch slide over my tongue, my lips.

He starts to pick up the pace so I accommodate him by opening my mouth wider so he’s sliding right down my throat.

He suddenly stops, “stay in that position.” He says pulling his saliva soaked cock from my mouth. He moves around the couch so he’s behind me, his hands all over my smooth legs and ass.

He moves my thong and grasping the tip of the butt plug pulls it out with little trouble. I immediately feel the head of his cock at my hole pushing in spreading my boypussy with ease.

Harry is gentle as he inches his way in slow and purposeful. I gasp kastamonu escort as he pushes deep inside me, my hands gripping the couch’s arm rest.

“Ohhhhhh…!” I moan.

He’s deep in me stopping every now and then to ask if I’m okay. And I am oh so okay!!

He stops when he has completely filled me stopping at my prostate. My whole body shudders, my back arches as my eyes roll. If he could only stay right there forever!

I feel my clitty begin to drip in my panties again.

Then Harry retreats slow but not far. His strokes are short as he keeps his shaft deep inside me. He fucks me like this for a long time, driving deep then stopping, I’m having a hard time catching my breath.

Then he slams me hard and pulls almost all the way out.

I gasp again as he pushes in again deep then nearly out. He’s working himself into a rhythm.

“I’m taking you out later…” He pants.

My head is on the couch as he fucks my boypussy harder now. My mouth is wide open. I’m enjoying every minute of this. I’m not thinking of anything but his giant cock splitting me open.

“Your gonna look cute and sexy…” he tells me.

I’m squeezing his cock whenever I can but my body is reacting now to this intrusion, like I’m having organisms without cumming. It’s such a high.

“You’re gonna let yourself get picked up…”

I am going to explode again!!

“Then he and I will fuck your brains out!” He’s grunting harder now, his pace is so fast he’s lifting me off the couch. I can feel his body tensing. I’m going to get what I’ve wanted for so long.

He slows now, we’re both panting hard! Thrust after thrust I feel his warm cum filling me squirt after big squirt from his cockhead.

I cream my own panties and nearly collapse with him holding me in place on his pole.

He’s deep in me and I feel his juices. How can his fat cock and all that cum have enough room?

Then he begins to pulls out, his dick glides out easily now and then it’s over. I feel empty except for his cum which begins to ooze from my pussy down my thigh.

Harry pulls be back and then we lay together on the couch. I’m small enough for to practically move me wherever he wants. He’s spooning me, his flaccid member on my back still dripping his seed.

“I’m serious Adrian, let’s go out. Look hot for me okay baby?”

“Mmhmm.” Is pretty much all I can muster at that particular moment. Then I drift off for a cat nap.

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