Affair with an Older Man Ch. 03


This is my personal story which started when I decided to enter my Labrador puppy into Championship shows and my encounter with an older, charismatic mentor, Cliff. He is 46. I am 25 this year and graduated from college 3 years back. I was a contracted model when I was in college and upon graduation with a Bsc in Math, I set up a small education centre where I specialize in teaching the subject to high school students. It has been my job since.

If you have yet to read the first part of the story, please do, I promise you will not regret it. If you are looking for a sexy story that is to the point, do read my Part 2 which detailed one of our romps in his car. This story here is longer and it details the romantic start of our relationship, however there is no sex.


Today was the National Dog Show and it was going to be an exciting competition. It was the determining match if Passion, Cliff’s dog was able to become the overall champion of the year. Cliff mentored my dog’s shows and Passion was the father of the Labrador puppy he had sold me.

As for me, all I could focus on was Joy running in the ring with her handler. My heart was palpitating. I wanted to win so badly. The last two shows Joy had not performed well enough and this was already the last show of the year. “Give me the moment, baby,” I prayed silently. If we could win, this would be the best Christmas gift I would have this year.

My boyfriend was with me today so I suspected that was the reason why Cliff kept his distance. He kept conversations with me to a bare minimum, and even if he told me anything, it was purely dog-show related. He chose to surround himself with his two dog handlers, strategising and overseeing his three show dogs. One of them showing that day was Joy’s sibling. As I watched him hustle, sometimes frowning over something that bothered him, my heart fluttered. I could not help admiring him for his hardworking nature and this level of perseverance.

There was once I quizzed him why he bothered to trudge on when the dog shows were just his hobby.

“You already have a successful business,” I pointed out.

“Well, if there isn’t someone like me with this love to breed outstanding Labradors, you wouldn’t have Joy right? I want people to have the choice, you know when they buy puppies, they can go to a responsible breeder that cares for his dogs’ health, lineage, temperament, structure. There is more than money in life, Elisa.”

Cliff’s eyes were always brimming with passion when he spoke of his dogs. I got jealous at times like that. When we were getting nasty in his bed or the backseat of his car, he never looked at me that way. It was simply pure izmit escort lust which he ended with an orgasm and then a smoke.

Such thoughts were damaging. I was careless with my heart, damn me. I did intend on having some reckless fun with him and then moving on… but now…

My boyfriend squeezed my palm in an assuring manner. I think he caught my brows furrowing as I gazed intently at the Labradors lining up. Joy was in the middle. The handlers were all doing their best to position their dogs in the most flattering manner. The judge paced up and down, thinking hard. My shoulders twitched and I drew in a sharp breath. Then we watched as the judge strode towards my handler and extended his hand towards him.

“Yes!” My boyfriend and I both shouted in unison. I let out a sigh of relief and smiled broadly. Joy had won Champion in the junior group. Cliff came towards us and congratulated me.

I was over the moon but I could not help feeling a tinge of disappointment. I had expected Cliff to show more happiness than simply a smile. After all those Sunday afternoons we spent training hard with our dogs and then our secret romps afterwards, I thought I would mean a little more to him than a word of congratulations.

The thoughts did not have time to permeate. I was ushered onto the stage to take a photo with Joy and the judge. I was back to brimming with pride and happiness again while holding onto the coveted trophy.

This intense happiness persisted till the dog show came to an end at 8pm. Cliff’s dogs won well in the local show but did not perform well in the international one. He would be having dinner with his dog handlers before sending them off to the airport for them to return to their individual countries.

I went over to Cliff and asked cheerily, “I am coming along right?”

“Coming along for?” He asked, raising his eyebrows.

“The dinner with you and your handlers,” I replied.

“Oh. No. I will see you next time.” Then he turned his back and walked off to mingle with his dog show friends.

My face fell. Did he actually rebuff me? His emotionless reply repeated several times in my head. I felt so embarrassed and hurt that when I left the venue with Joy and my boyfriend, I felt that I was actually fleeing. No. He said no to me. So what was it when he was shoving all of himself in me? When he was licking and sucking on my tits? When he cum over my face?

Was I just someone convenient to satisfy his lust while he moved on with his life? The dog shows had always meant a lot to him, so why was he excluding me from the dinner with his handlers and him? Was I such a bother?

When I got home, instead of changing into izmit escort bayan my sleeping wear, I just threw myself onto my bed and wept. I hated myself for shedding these tears. Did I not finally get what I wanted? Joy was a junior champion today. Did I think that I deserve more? How foolish I am. Cliff was just a mentor and he had already helped Joy to win, what more do I want?

My heart was raging a war with my rational thoughts and my overwhelming emotions of anger, hurt and jealousy. Cliff’s other female handler was an attractive woman and they were spending the whole day talking and smiling at each other. So what was I to him?

I stared into the large wall mirror. My soft, brown eyes had turned red and puffy from all that uncontrollable sobbing. I had always been praised for my beauty. I was fair and had delicate features. For this reason, I had always attracted a lot of attention wherever I went. Anyway, my ordeal that day might even have served me right. Was I so ridiculous to think that all these were not coming my way after all my wrongful actions?

I could not think any further nor did I want to. Flopping back onto my bed, I slept.

3 days later after I did not reply all of Cliff’s calls and messages…

My doorbell rang. I sighed. It was already 10pm. Who could that be? I wondered as I clambered out from my bed. I did not usually go to bed early but these few days after Joy’s dog show and my fell out with him, I was feeling depressed.

I opened the door. It was Cliff. My eyes widened in both shock and surprise.

“Hey Elisa, I thought I would come by… It’s late I know, I just ended work. You haven’t been replying my calls or messages these few days, is there something wrong?”

I wanted to shut the door in his face. I wanted to tell him “nothing was wrong” in that same emotionless manner he did to me 3 days back. I could not. Tears welled up in my eyes and soon they started trickling down my cheeks. I sobbed uncontrollably again.

“Why are you crying? Oh my God… Please if I did something wrong, please tell me. Do not ignore me,” Cliff was panicking. “Please open the gate, Elisa.” He looked distressed.

When I let him in, he wrapped his arms around me. The same muscular arms that pinned me down, hard on his bed each time, but this time, they felt warmer. “Elisa, you have to tell me what is wrong. We have to talk. You cannot always keep things to yourself.”

“You rebuffed me. I asked you if I was going to the dinner after the show that day and you said no.”

“Oh is that it?” He looked relieved.

I burst into tears again, “It’s not just a dinner right? Maybe izmit sınırsız escort I’m just the girl you see after 10pm or on weird Sundays when everybody is out. I’m just yet another…” I trailed off.

I wanted to say fucktoy. But I swallowed the word back. I did not want to push Cliff too far.

“It’s not like that, Elisa. You have misunderstood me. I wanted to focus on thanking Roy and Viviena over dinner and then quickly send them to the airport. It was getting late and I just wanted to get home and sleep,” Cliff explained.

“And why can’t I be there?” I demanded.

“Well, you can be. I just did not know it meant this much to you and you would feel upset, baby. It was just a simple, boring dinner. Didn’t we have much better dinners together?” Then he went on, his expression turning dark. “Also, your boyfriend was there. What do you want me to do?”

“You’re jealous?”

“You’re accusing me of treating you like a fling. Or whatever you are trying to imply,” He was getting angry. “But look, I am the one that is single. You are the one that is attached. What do you expect me to say?”

I wanted badly for him to say that he wanted me – that he wanted every part of me, my body, my heart and my soul. I kept my mouth clamped shut and looked away.

He sighed. I turned and looked at him. Suddenly, he looked older under my dim living room lights. He looked sad.

I did not know what hit me but I grabbed his hands, “I want you to tell me I am more than just sex.” Tears streamed down my cheeks. “It didn’t start out this way, but I don’t know why I feel this way now…”

Cliff was shocked by what I just said. But he reacted quickly, pulled me to his chest tightly and stroked my hair gently, “Don’t cry, you silly girl. You are more than that. You are more than just sex to me.”

I sobbed harder into his chest. His touch felt so reassuring. My mind was in a swirl. Then I gathered all my courage and said in a small voice, “If I leave him, am I still more than that to you?”

“Yes, of course you are, but I don’t want to force you to do anything you are unwilling to. I want you, but I want you to be happy too. You are a very beautiful young lady,” he held onto my hands tightly as I lazed on his chest. His shirt was soaked with my tears.

I wanted to blurt out to Cliff that I love him. That tiny voice in my head told me to keep it in. Don’t ruin it, Elisa.

“I’ll do it. I like being with you,” I bit my lips after my confession.

He smiled. I could smell his cologne mixed with his scent. He had always thrown me off my balance in every sense. His mere presence was comforting.

“I like being with you too, baby. It’s getting late and you have to run your business tomorrow. Go to sleep, I’ll watch you sleep.”

I kissed him on his lips and snuggled under my sheets. My heart felt so much lighter and happier. I fell into a deep sleep with him stroking my hair…

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