After Hours Alicia Ch. 03


Alicia arrived at Peter’s parents’ house. She turned the truck off and cried for a moment. She loved Peter and couldn’t imagine being with anyone else.

He had always been there for her and was such a nice guy. She felt unnoticed by everyone in high school and college, but Peter made her feel like she was special. He actually noticed her. She knew that she had to go through with the gangbang tonight.

She wanted to keep her word to her father, but the thought of having sex with several different men turned her on. She had to make it seem like this was something she had to do in order to save her father’s bar. If she told Peter she wanted to fuck eleven guys tonight, he would surely dump her.

The thought of Peter dumping her just popped into her head. “What if he dumps me?” she sobbed. She thought about it for a moment and realized that she couldn’t blame him if he wanted to end their relationship. Tonight was going to be the most difficult experience in her life since her mother walked out.

She got out of the truck, stepped on to the porch, and rang the doorbell. Peter answered and gave her a hug and a kiss.

“Baby! My parent’s aren’t home. Let’s go to my room.”

Before she could say anything, he took her by the hand and led her up the stairs and to his room. Peter was an average looking kid. He was the same age as Alicia. He was around 5’8″, scrawny, wore thick glasses with a messy mop of brown hair on his head. He liked to wear gaming shirts, just like Alicia.

Alicia, by her own account is a very average looking girl to most people. She’s short, around 5’3″, but she has a nice figure. She’s not rail thin, nor is she considered overweight. The one feature that got everyone’s attention was her breasts. They were a beautiful, bouncy pair of double D’s that were hard to hide. She gave up trying to hide the fact that she was well endowed after high school. She didn’t want the negative attention from her classmates. They would think she was a slut. “After tonight, I guess I will be a slut,” she thought. Her pale white skin complimented her raven black hair, which covered part of her face.

The couple sat on Peter’s messy bed. He was never really good about making his bed in the morning and would lay on it for long hours every day playing video games. Peter’s good mood went away the moment he saw that Alicia was upset. She began to sob and Peter quickly put his arm around her and held her close.

“What’s the matter, babe?”

Alicia kept crying.

Uneasy, Peter asked, “Does this have something to do with your text?”

Again, no answer.

Peter had thought that the text suadiye escort was a bad omen for an uncomfortable conversation that he didn’t want to have. He thought that she was going to dump him. In the back of his head he thought that she was too good for him anyway. When the two started dating, he felt like the luckiest guy on earth – and still does.

Finally, the sobbing stopped and Alicia spoke, “Peter…I…have something to tell you.”

“What is it?” he asked with a concerned expression, waiting for her to say that she wanted to break up with him.

“I have to do something terrible tonight…”

This was not what he expected. She didn’t break up with him, but this had him even more confused.

“What do you mean something ‘terrible’?”

This was it. Alicia did not want to tell Peter this. He wouldn’t understand. He would think that she is a slut, dump her, and shame her for what she was about to say. Regardless, she had to say it. She had to be honest with Peter. She couldn’t go through with the show tonight behind his back without him knowing. She loved him too much to keep this from him.

“My daddy’s bar is about to go out of business. He does these things every Friday night to make extra money for the bar and…I have to help out tonight.”

“That doesn’t sound terrible, baby. You’re being a good daughter. Don’t worry about that.”

She began sobbing again. She didn’t want to say it. She took a deep breath, wiped the tears out of her eyes, and finished talking.

“Peter, the things my daddy does to make extra money for the bar is what’s terrible. He…has women come in and…entertain the bar customers.”

“Like a hostess?”

“No…not quite. These women, they…have…they have…sex with the customers.”

Peter went silent. Alicia, feeling that she had ruined their relationship, finished what was she was saying. She figured giving him the details wouldn’t hurt anything if he was going to dump her anyway.

“Baby, I have to have sex with my daddy’s customers tonight. I…have to be gangbanged.”

Frightened, she kept talking…

“I have to have sex with eleven different guys tonight. They all pay an entry fee and my daddy and I split the money.”

Peter didn’t say a word. He didn’t know what to think. His loving girlfriend just told him that she had to do something unbelievable. She had to be gangbanged by a bar full of horny men. They had given their virginities to each other and have not been with anyone else.

Anger quickly replaced the confusion. Upset, he started raising his voice, “How could you!? How could you agree to yakacık escort something like this!? I…I love you. I thought you loved me!”

Alicia had become more upset after hearing Peter’s reaction to her situation.

“I’m sorry! I’m so sorry, Peter! I didn’t want this to hap-“

Peter cut her off, “Bullshit! You agreed to it! We had plans, Alicia! We were going to move into together, get married, have kids…”

Now Alicia cut him off, “We still can! This doesn’t change anything, Peter! I’m sorry! It’s something I have to do! My father’s business is at stake!”

Peter gave her ultimatum. “It’s him or me, Alicia! If you go through with this tonight, I…I don’t think we can see each other more.”

Alicia felt like she had just been punched in the chest. Her sobbing stopped. She sniffled and fell silent.

Then she spoke. “I’m sorry, Peter”, she said, before walking out.

As she walked down the stairs she could hear Peter crying.

Ten minutes later…

When she got home, she threw her book bag on the floor and collapsed on the couch. This had to be the second worst day of her life. She laid there, contemplating everything that had happened today. She found out that her father might be going out of business, he couldn’t afford her tuition anymore, they might lose their home, was hit on by the sleaziest guy in school, she agreed to have sex with strangers, and she might have been dumped by the only boy she had ever loved. How could this day get any worse? Before she could answer that question in her head, she got up and went into the kitchen. She pulled out a small bucket of cookie dough ice cream, grabbed a spoon, and sat down down at the computer.

Alicia had looked at porn before, but this time was different. She logged on to her “go-to” site for free porn videos, clicked the search bar, and typed “gangbang.” Instead of calling Peter or thinking about their relationship, she shut her brain off from everything and everyone around her. As horrible as these events have been, she had to prepare herself for what was coming later – the gangbang. She was going to be the centerpiece of a gangbang being held at her father’s bar. She was going to have sex with eleven different men. Alicia had no idea about gangbangs and wanted to learn as much as she could, so she could be as mentally prepared as possible for tonight.

She skimmed past the scenes where women were having sex with three or four guys and settled on videos where they were having sex with a dozen or more men. One gangbang started off with all the guys lining up, waiting their turn to get a blowjob from the şerifali escort girl. Another, the girl was sucking three or four cocks at once, giving hand jobs to anyone who wasn’t in her mouth. This all seemed rather strange to Alicia, but the idea was starting to turn her on. How would she start the gangbang? Would she even get to choose how she starts it? Her father had been doing this kind of thing before, so maybe there was a tradition she didn’t know about? Either way, it couldn’t hurt to be prepared and have options.

What started off as educational browsing soon turned into a moment of self pleasure. After the third video, she found that her hand was cupping one of her large breasts under her shirt. She removed her hand and snapped back into reality.

“What am I doing?” she thought to herself. An hour ago she left Peter’s house after breaking his heart because she agreed to do have sex with a bar full of strangers. Now she’s online touching herself to gangbang porn. None of it seemed to make any sense, but the entire day didn’t seem to make any sense. It was as if the entire day was created to make her crazy.

She didn’t want to break Peter’s heart. She loved him. She wants nothing more than to have a future with him. Her heart was saying, “Think of Peter.” Her brain was saying, “Think of the consequences of your actions.” Her body was telling her, “Fuck all that. Have fun tonight!”

Her body was getting the best of her. Alicia put her hand under her shirt again and put her other hand down her shorts.

Later that night…

It was an hour before she had to be back at the bar. Alicia was completely naked, sitting in front of the computer in the living room, with her legs wide open, feet resting on both sides of the desk. She had never cum like that before. She looked at the clock and realized she could get ready. With traffic, it would take a half hour to get to the bar, so she only had a half hour to get ready.

Alicia ran into the bathroom down the hall and took a shower. She wanted to be as clean as possible for everyone tonight. Even though this was not something she would normally do, she didn’t want the men to be repulsed by her either. After her shower, she shaved her legs, under arms, and her pussy. She kept the landing strip that she had become accustomed to. Peter loved it like that.

After the shower, she got dressed. She put on the same outfit she had on earlier. That was what her father suggested she wear. “I don’t have anything ‘sexy’ anyway,” she thought. She owned a thong or two to wear with dresses or tight pants, but nothing that would be considered “slutty.”

she put on her make-up, touched up her hair, and left the house. She turned the truck on and started to drive toward the Hole in the Wall, her father’s bar. Alicia surprised herself, she hadn’t thought of Peter since leaving his house. “What have I become?” she thought.

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