After School Suprise


After School SupriseOkay so it was my senior year in high school and i wanted to ride the bus one last time. i got on the bus and got my back seat like normal and rode home. When i got home i saw that my mom’s car was in the drive way. When i got inside she was no where to be found so i wondered up stairs. Every step i took i kept hearing moans from her room up stairs. I looked at her door and it was cracked. I looked in the room to find my mom on her bed with her legs spread rubbing her wet and juicy pussy. I was getting so hard right now i rubbed my dick through my jeans. Then pinbahis yeni giriş she stuck a finger in and started going faster and faster. Her hips thrust as she was about to cum. Then she let out a big moan. When she looked at the door she saw me looking in. I just froze standing there then she motioned me into the room. I walked over and she told me to sit down on the bed. I kept looking at her hot naked body. I never growing up thought about my mom but she did have some great looking tits. She asked if i had a good day at school and i said yeah. Then she asked pinbahis giriş if I enjoyed the show she put on i still had my hard on. She started to rub my arms and my abs. Then she rubbed my dick through the jeans. She said take them off now big boy. I got up and unzipped my pants and she ripped them down my hard on was right in her face. She started licking the head and started stroking the shaft. I started tweaking her hard nipples with my right hand and rubbing her pussy with my left. Then she Laid on her back and said fuck me with your huge cock. I teased her pinbahis güvenilirmi clit with the head then enter her juicy pussy. I started slow then she demanded me to pound her pussy hard. Then the juices started flowing out i looked at her and said im going to cum. Cum in my pussy she responded. She looked at me and said i am still a anal virgin stick it in my ass. I pulled her legs above her head and i licked her asshole. I then stuck a finger in her tight ass. I could tell she just wanted me just to start fucking her so i did. I inserted the head and she moaned and groaned. Then i got the whole thing in there and started fucking her hard. She moaned and moaned for and hour. Then We got cleaned up before dad got home it is still are little secret.Thanks For Reading if you like this please comment i got plenty more memories after that.

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