Age of Exploration – Phase 02


This is a continuation of Age of Exploration Phase 1. As it’s been a while since the first story was posted feel free to review it by accessing this link:



Returning home from an extraordinarily erotic tropical vacation I tried something new, answering ads from men who wanted to be dominated on line. Occasionally I’d find genuine, articulate, good looking men who enjoyed having a Goddess (their term) control how and when they came. I took full advantage of this, and lover completely approved. The Mistress would absolutely insist on abstinence until Her slave was pleading to release. Then Mistress might send a provocative, but tasteful photo, with long blonde hair covering Her face.

The more power they transferred, the more I demanded. I had a wealthy executive pull off the road on a long, congested commute so he could protect very expensive suit pants from being ruined by semen he needed to release. There was another submissive downloading a picture on a long flight when I gave him permission to cum. The slave made his way to the bathroom, donned a condom, returned to his seat, and opened the pics on his laptop. The sub silently stroked his shaft until he shot.

Recently, I received photos from an intelligent, relatively appealing 43 year old man named Thomas…with cuckold leanings. The transfer of power was immediate. Adding a new wrinkle, I mentioned a submissive who’d been in My service for a very long time. When I asked if that troubled him he said he fully expected Me to require more than one slave.

A scenario came to mind. My lover and I had toyed with the idea of Me meeting a sub in a public place. I had multiple offers but was never at ease with the logistics. There’s no way I would go alone and having a “body guard” remain inconspicuous was problematic. But Tom’s clear cuck leanings and his “addiction” to voyeurism offered a unique circumstance.

Our mostly controlled exhibitionists tendencies seemed an excellent fit with this cuckold’s voyeuristic fantasies. I asked if he’d like to meet. Thrilled, he immediately accepted. I chose a very crowded club for the rendezvous and began carefully making plans for the evening. First came My wardrobe. I’d wear a short, very tight, slitted, black dress with a long zipper down the back. High black boots and dark stockings were a must, as was finger armor and arm bracelets. The underwear? A black push up bra and matching thong were the obvious choices.

In the past We/we had rented a room close to the club, and decided to do so again. My lover immediately became My slave as he helped Me dress.

I arrived at the bar a full 45 minutes full hd porno before My toy. Unbelievably nervous and excited, this Mistress needed a drink to settle down.

At 10:45, as ordered, the neatly dressed cuckold walked through the door. Spotting Me, he approached and, with proper deference, gently bowed, and introduced himself as My cuckold/slave. I quickly corrected him by pointing out that My slave stood to My right. He was simply a cuckold. The apology was immediate and sincere. The structure was established. Drinks were on him. I was addressed as Mistress, but given the public venue, subservience was muted.

I love to dance so I brought My slave to the floor and began dancing provocatively, in full view of tom. Performing for this hyper voyeur was exciting for both lover and Myself. After several songs I returned to a packed bar, squeezed between the two obviously aroused men, and drank more wine. The feeling of power was almost dizzying.

Next came a bold move. I would allow thomas to enter into My service this very evening, under very specific conditions. He would be cuffed, could feel the taste of My crop, and might, at some time, be blindfolded. There would be NO guarantee of anyone’s satisfaction other than My own. He bowed. I ordered him to take My pocketbook, and We/we left for the room.

Upon entry I poured Myself a much needed drink, and carefully eyed My subs. They appeared uneasy, but excited. I ordered them to remove all clothing except for their shorts. I told the cuck to put his hands behind his back. My lover snugly cuffed him. The two of them were an interesting contrast. One was tall, lean, taunt, good looking and older. The other was shorter, broad shouldered, fairly well muscled, with a “nice face”.

I picked up My crop and blindfold, positioning Myself ‘tween the two. Moving within inches of My shackled, captive, standing face to face, I commanded My favored slave, “Step behind Me, and unfasten the top of My dress.”

Then turning 180 degrees, offering My back, I demanded the cuckold, “Unzip Me.”

“I am cuffed Mistress.”

“Use your teeth.”, was My terse response.

The struggle began badly at first. Finally, by lifting the zipper with his tongue and pulling down with his teeth there was progress.

I spun around again, bringing Myself within millimeters of his flushed body, and instructed my lover, “Remove My dress…slowly.”

As the undressing began I kept My crop firmly under the cuck’s chin.

“Look Me in the eyes. At my lovely blue eyes only. Clear?”

“Yes Mistress.” he replied meekly.

As the skin tight garment was meticulously inched gangbang porno down My body I placed a blindfold on tom’s forehead. When the dress came to rest at My feet, I relaxed the crop.

“Now, watch carefully thomas to see how a compliant slave is rewarded for a job well done. “My tattoos are in need of some attention.”

Immediately understanding, My lover asked, “Thank you Mistress May I worship your tattoos?”

“Yes, you may take a moment and kiss them.”

I then moved the crop to the head of My kneeling sub, directing him exactly where and how to kiss My ink. The cuckold was now free to fully view the entire scene. His Mistress, barely covered, so excruciatingly close, was now steering the willing lips and tongue of Her adoring slave.

Beginning at My calf and gently working his way up My thigh, lover did expertly what he’d done many times before. A flower, partially hidden by My g string, was what he longed for and I told him to lick all of it, but keep My panties dry. In order to accomplish that, he had to lower one side of My undies just enough for his tongue to lovingly caress the rose. A firm smack of leather on his tight ass told him it was time to stop.

I bid him, “Rise and stand behind Me.”

Moving directly in front of thomas, I gave lover a series of instructions. “Begin removing My bra. Undue the clasp. Now gently, carefully begin slipping the straps from My shoulders.”

Brushing against tom, I gave a sudden, stinging crop shot to his rear. He reacted by lurching towards Me, his stiff dick, for an instant, reaching My panties. I struck him again, with similar results.

“You’re lack of control has sorely disappointed Me thomas! I’ll give you one more chance.”

I struck him a third time. He desperately tried to keep from contact, but could not. With My straps falling, I raised My arms, and placed the blindfold strategically over tom’s eyes.

The placement was indeed strategic. It allowed My toy the slightest window of sight. Just had to tilt back his head and look out from the very bottom of the prop. Having tried this Myself, I knew the images he’d be straining to see would, in a dimly lit room, appear mostly as sexy, sensual silhouettes. While, We/we enjoyed exhibitionism, an option of limiting thomas’ view via blindfold, like having him handcuffed, added to the comfort level.

I then told the favored slave, “Remove the rest of My clothing.”

From that point on, it was totally about My satisfaction. First, I grabbed My slave’s rock hard penis and rubbed it against My swollen clitoris. I was soaking wet. Next, reclining on the bed, I turned to My vibrating egg, genç porno and began to lightly use it’s tip to further stimulate My clit.

Lover watched, stroking himself.

When the time was right I beckoned. I knew he’d comply with every increasingly urgent command.

“Put your head between My legs. Put your lips on Mine. Now use just the tip of your tongue. Tease Me. Now kiss deep inside Me.”

I grabbed My vibrator and he knew just what to do. Using his powerful tongue, he applied internal pressure, pushing My clitoris towards a frenzied egg.

“Damn it! Oh Shit! Shit!”

I simply exploded, literally writhing as he alternately licked, and probed an area so sensitive that I continued cumming what seemed forever. Still sensitive I took his engorged cock and rubbed Myself before allowing full penetration. I called for him to release and he began throbbing inside Me.

Laying there spent, but still enjoying the afterglow I eyed the cuckold. his head was tilted way back and his boxers were stained and damp from pre cum. he seemed in considerable distress. I rose from the bed, moving toward him. With each step his Domme became less an erotic shadowy figure and more his voyeur’s wet dream come true.

Feigning interest soon to be outrage over his peeking I began by demanding, “Why are you standing in such an awkward fashion? Is there a spasm in your neck? Wait. You’ve found a way to peep at your Mistress’ fully naked body and orgasm!”

Begging forgiveness tom replied, “No Mistress. I couldn’t really see anything. It was dark.”

“But you can see well enough now can’t you.” Can’t you! And I’ll bet you like what you see.”

“Yes Mistress.” came a pathetic reply.

“Drop your boxers tom.”

He did.

A quick flick of My crop under the head of his dick startled him. I scolded him for staining his underwear, and showing insolence at our first meeting.

I alternated directing the crop between his cock and balls, sometimes quickly and firmly, other times more gently.

“It’s understood I’m disappointed in you thomas.”

“Yes My Lady.”

“I’ll give you one more opportunity to redeem your evening.”

“Anything Mistress.”

“I’m going to run this crop, this firm bit of leather, along the underside of your penis. There will be no climax until I permit it. Understood?”


I began running the leather up and down his pulsating cock. Unable to wait another second, he erupted, shooting milky cum all over his shorts, groaning loudly, and falling to his knees.

I stood over My sweaty, sticky conquest, and scolded, “I wasn’t finished with you yet! Be sure to clean this mess up.”

I then called to My favored slave, “Bring Me a robe, prepare a shower, remove the blindfold and cuffs from the cuckold. he should take his leave now.”

Thanks to some Domme role playing, My voyeuristic/exhibitionist needs had been met, in absolutely spectacular fashion.

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