AliciaTen years ago I went to work for a large corporation that had their hands in several different industries. After five years of climbing the corporate ladder in a large city I accepted a position to run a much smaller office in what can best be described as a rural area. At first I hated it and told myself that it was only temporary. I would turn the place around and the big wigs would see fit to bump me up and put me someplace that would make use of my skills and ambition. Funny thing is that after a year or two I really came to love the laid back lifestyle of living in a smaller town. My wife on the other hand hated it and jumped ship leaving me and my daughter to fend for ourselves.The next few years passed and I had managed to turn my small branch into a productive part of the corporation. The numbers may not have been huge but given the area we were in they were certainly commendable. That was all about to change and it all began with an e-mail. The corporate office sent out an alert to inform me that their “Efficiency Guru” would be coming to my branch to, as they put it “make sure that we are running as effectively and efficiently as possible.” which was the corporations way of saying they were looking for branches to shut down. I would probably be OK. I would get transferred somewhere else and probably in a lower position but it was the people that worked for me that I was really concerned about. Between office personnel, salesman and warehouse workers this place employed about 50% of the town. It would literally become a ghost town almost over night. I racked my brain for ideas on how to avoid the chopping block and I suddenly remembered that Charlie had went through this a few months ago.Charlie Hatte was my best friend and the manager of a larger branch in St. Louis. I called him on his cell phone to avoid using the office e-mail system. He knew right away why I was calling and promised to call me back when he was free to talk. It was almost 2 hour before that happened.“Well it’s about damn time Charlie. I’m getting a fucking ulcer over here!”“Sorry buddy but I wanted to wait until I was alone to talk to you.” he sounded like we were spies and he was laying out some secret plot. “I meant to call you yesterday when I found out you were going to be hit but things came up. You know how that goes.”“So you knew this was coming down?” “Yeah, I was up at corporate last week and overheard something about it.”“Last week? Shit Charlie, how about a head’s up? For fuck’s sake I’ve got someone coming in a week to audit my entire operation and you and I both know what that means!”“Hey calm down. The man that is coming is a guy named Taggert. Paul Taggert. The same guy that paid me a visit and the board members listen to him implicitly.”“Well what do I do? I mean I know that your office is way worse than mine. How the hell did you make it through?”“I did the same thing you are doing right now. I asked someone else who had asked someone else and so on.” he wasn’t being exactly straight wit me and it was pissing me off. “I found out what the man likes and arranged for him to have it.” the line went quiet.“Well are you going to tell me or do I have to read it in your fucking diary?”“Calm down! There are four things that Taggert loves more than anything in the world. Exceptional steak, expensive cigars and the oldest fucking Scotch you can lay your hands on.”“You said there are four things. What’s the fourth?” again the line went silent and I could tell that Charlie was reluctant to answer me.“What I am about to tell you stays between you and me, got it? I’m not exactly proud of what I had to do.” again there was silence and when he spoke again it was in a quieter voice. “He prefers the company of younger females. Hookers. Preferably 15 or 16. Listen, that‘s all the help I can offer. Good luck.” The rest of the day and the ride home was a haze. The first three things on Charlie’s list were easy. We had phenomenal local raised beef in the area and I had a source for Scotch so old that was drawing a pension, same for the stogies but a teenage hooker? This wasn’t exactly a prime spot for that. That would take some doing and I was short on time in which to do it.“Daddy?” my daughter’s voice pulled me away from güvenilir bahis my thoughts. “I asked you how you liked your dinner.”“Oh. It’s delicious sweetie.” I flashed a half-hearted smile but slipped back into my plaguing thoughts.“OK. Out with it. Tell me what’s wrong.” she pulled my plate away and gave me a look that was both stern and gentle. I resisted telling her but after 30 minutes of badgering I broke down. I told her all about the e-mail and my conversation with Charlie and about Paul Taggert and when I was done she simply looked at me and asked “So what are you going to do?”“I don’t know. I mean most of those things aren’t an issue but the last….I mean it’s not like I can put out an ad in the local paper. I’d be run out of the very town I’m trying to save.” She was quiet for a few minutes then said something that caught me off guard.“I’ll do it.”“The hell you will! I will NOT have my 15 year old daughter lose her virginity to some fucking pervert let alone for money! No fucking way.”“Well I didn’t want you to find out this way Daddy but I’m not a virgin.” I wasn’t exactly shocked by this revelation. I had found a condom wrapper shoved down into the trash can last year and I guess I had been living in denial ever since. “And second of all it’s not for money. I’m not hooking. I’m doing it to help you and everyone else.” for the fist time in a long time I was suddenly reminded that my little girl was growing up. After her Mother ran off she quickly accepted the role of Woman of the House and had matured vastly in the years since.“Forget it Alicia. It’s not going to happen. I appreciate the sacrifice but it is not an option.”“Daddy, it’s the only option. You said yourself that you can’t just ask someone off the street.” she hugged me tight and I suddenly became aware of her body. She wasn’t tall, stood about 5 ft. If the bras I constantly found hanging in the laundry room were correct then her breasts had blossomed into a rather healthy 34B which seemed larger on her small frame. Her hair was a deep red and hung midway down her back in loose curls. “Daddy listen, you’ve done everything for me. Given me everything I could ever want. I love it here and I know that you do as well. If they close you down we would have to leave and this town would die. You said so yourself.”“I cannot ask you….”“You didn’t. I’m offering. Besides, it just sex. If he tries anything weird or painful I’ll rip his dick off and shove it up his ass.” that statement made me laugh and thankfully lightened the mood. “Just promise me you’ll consider it?”“I promise that if I cannot think of another solution then I will consider it.” I only made the promise to appease her and because I figured that I would find another way. By the time Wednesday came around and I still hadn’t found another solution it became obvious that I would have to give in to Alicia’s request and I came home from work defeated.“Daddy?” I had went straight to the liquor cabinet and poured a drink. “You OK.”“Hey there pumpkin. What’s for dinner?” I quickly downed the first drink and went in for another.“Lamb chops. Daddy what’s wrong?”“I….I cannot even fathom that I’m about to say this. I’ve tried and tried and tried but I couldn’t come up with anything. Anyone.” she knew what I meant and wrapped her arms around me.“It’ll be OK Daddy. I’ll do it.” I held her tighter. We ate dinner and she did her best to calm my anxiety. If there is one thing my daughter was capable of it was using logic and rational thinking to get her way. I did however lay down some ground rules that I felt would insure her safety before and after the fact.On Friday morning I spent a little extra time at home before going into work. I wouldn’t see Alicia again until later that night when I wouldn’t be able to be in Father Mode. I knew nothing would be the same after that, at least not for a while. *************************************************************My dinner with Paul Taggert went extremely well. He didn’t come off as the pig that I imagined. In fact he was quite pleasant to the point that I thought that maybe Charlie was fucking with me. I drove him to his hotel and we had a drink of the Scotch I brought along which he really seemed to enjoy. Thankfully he decided to save the cigar bahis firmaları for later as I cannot stand the smell. I wasn’t going to bring up the subject of a hooker unless he did and I tarted to think that he wouldn’t. I was wrong.“So. What say we get some entertainment for the evening? A little company.” he sneered.“Oh sure. I’ve made arrangements. Just let me make a call.” I fished out my phone and dialed Alicia’s number. When I had made the reservation for Taggert I reserved the room next door where my daughter got herself ready and awaited my call. “It’ll just be a few minutes.” sure enough five minutes later there was a knock at the door and when I opened it my jaw dropped. My little girl stood there and I couldn’t help but check her out. I had given her money to buy an outfit for the night but had no idea what she had chosen.She wore white platform heels/boots that came up to her knees and made her appear taller. Black fishnet stockings encased her smooth thighs and filled the space between her boots and the bottom of an extremely short plaid skirt. The white button up top was tied in a manner to reveal her flat stomach and at the same time accentuate her young tits. In one hand she carried a small purse and in the other was a teddy bear. My heart melted when she smiled at me and for a brief moment I forgot that she was my daughter.“Hi there. Someone here looking for a little company tonight?”“Hell yeah!” Taggert yelled from the somewhere behind me. “Get yourself on in here little lady.” she ran a finger along my cheek as she strutted her way into the room. “Well now, what’s your name sweetheart?” Taggert asked but I could tell that he didn’t give a fuck about her name, his eyes were already drinking in her body.“Kitty. Nice to meet you.” she held out her hand and Taggert kissed it. While his attention was on her she shot me a look and mouthed the words “It’s OK”.“OK. I’m going to take off and let the two of you get to know each other.” I moved towards the door but Taggert quickly blocked my way.“Whoa now, just where do you think you’re going?” he was talking to me but looking at her.“Home. I’m going home.”“No, no, no. It doesn’t work that way. You have to partake, I mean look at this little slut.” I wanted to punch him.“Sir I appreciate the offer but I can’t. I have a girlfriend.” I lied. “One that I love, one that I could never cheat on.”“Listen here.” he moved close to me. “I’m not going to have this come back and cause some scandal because someone like you decided to run their fucking mouth about this. One way to ensure that is if you’re in as deep as I am. You understand?” I was speechless as I tried to find a way out of this. “Listen, I’ve been married for 25 yeas as of last week and I understand young love. But you have to do something. So you sit right down there and let her suck your dick.” he moved over to her guided her and began to slid his hands along her stomach. “You like sucking cock Kitty?” his hands were feeling her young tits though her top.“MMMM I love it. Nothing like having a nice, juicy, hard cock in my mouth.” hearing her voice speaking these dirty words and seeing how her body reacted to his touch caused my cock to swell.“And I bet you give great head. Just by looking at you I can tell you are a good little cock sucker.” he slid one hand underneath her short skirt. “And that pussy is already wet just thinking about wrapping your lips around a couple of hard dicks.” he guided her towards me. “I want you to start on my friend here. I want to watch you suck him off then the two of us can have some real fun.”To my daughter’s credit she took this in stride and leaned in, her hands resting on my thighs and giving me a great down the shirt view. My cock began to swell even more despite constantly reminding myself that this was my 15 year old daughter. She leaned in close so only I could hear when she whispered “It’s OK Daddy. Just close your eyes and pretend its someone else.” I felt her working on getting my pants open then her hand reaching in and pulling my now fully hard cock free. She gasped then moaned “MMMM well now, aren’t you a big boy.”I intended to do as Alicia suggested and just close my eyes but the sound of her voice and the feel of her warm breath on the canlı bahis siteleri tip of my cock prevented me from imagining someone else. My eyes snapped open as her tongue twirled around the head. I noticed that her eyes were locked into mine and when she realized I was watching her she smiled and dramatically opened her red painted lips and slide my entire length deep into that talented mouth. My body tensed as she began to softly bob up and down my shaft and I began to wonder just how she learned to do this so well. How many cock had found their way into my daughter’s mouth?“Ohhhh fucking shit that is so fucking good!” I exclaimed. It wasn’t something I intended to say, more like a reactionary response but I meant every damn word and she smiled at the compliment.“Hot damn look at that little slut go! Fuck yeah baby, suck that fucking cock!” Taggert cheered. “Come on man, fuck her mouth! Get her ready for me.”I placed my hands on her head and stood up, allowing me to work myself in and out of her mouth deeper and with more force. I told myself that I was doing this for Taggert. He obviously wanted a show and I had convinced myself that that was why I was doing this. The harsh reality was that I had somehow managed to block him out completely. I was pumping my cock into my daughter’s throat because it felt amazing and the nastier it got the more Alicia seemed to enjoy it. Her hands cupped my balls and messaged them. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer if she kept this up. She pulled away from me and grabbed my shaft, slapping the head against her tongue.“MMMM you close baby? You going blow your load for me? MMMM give it to me baby, feed me your cum?” she pleaded. At some point her shirt had become undone and I caught site of those young tits encased in black lace before she took me back into her mouth.“Holy shit look at that little slut go!” Taggert continued to cheer her on. I cautioned a quick glance over and found that he had his own cock out and was slowly stroking it as he watched her bob on my cock. I looked back to my daughter and she was focusing her gaze up at me. It pushed me over the edge. I moaned and pushed myself into her throat as I began to explode. My body literally shook as I pumped spurt after spurt into her mouth.“Don’t swallow! Don’t swallow it, show it to me when he’s done then swallow.” Taggeret instructed and when my orgasm had finally faded she withdrew from me and opened her mouth wide as if to show off her prize. We both stared at the huge creamy mass in her mouth. “Damn that’s a big fucking load. Go ahead baby, swallow it.” I watched as she gulped down my seed then looked up at the both of us and smiled.“MMMM yummy.” she winked at me.“Alright enough of this shit. I want a crack at this little whore.” he moved towards my kneeling daughter. my gut reaction was to punch him in the throat but a look from Alicia stopped me. I pulled my pants back up and made my way out of the room just as she began to suck his cock.I drove home in a complete daze. My wind constantly wondered back and forth from the amazing blow job I had just received to thoughts about what was going on at that exact moment and if Alicia was OK. I had made sure that she had condoms in her purse with explicit instructions that they were to be used but I had also included a can of pepper spray. Just in case.When I got home I mindlessly wondered about the house and I found myself in Alicia’s room. My mind reverted back to the site and feel of her working my cock in her mouth and I started to get hard again. I felt a ping of anger building up inside me, partially because Taggert was no doubt pounding into her by now but mostly because I wasn’t. I laid on her bed and jerked off into a pair of panties.I waited around in the living room for her to get home and around midnight I saw the headlights of a car pull into the drive. I watched her walk from the cab and as soon as she entered the front door I wrapped my arms around her.“Baby. I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have let you go through with this.”“Daddy. It’s OK. I’m OK. Really. I’m fine.” I stood back and took in a good long look at here. Her hair was a little disheveled and she smelled of sex but otherwise she seemed completely normal. “I just want to take a shower and we can talk in the morning. OK?”“Of course.”“Nite Daddy.” she kissed my cheek and flashed that same smile that she did back at the hotel.“Nite baby.” I watched her ass as she bounded up the stairs. I jerked of yet again and finally went to bed.

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