All About Me


I was pissed. And worse, I was horny, horny as hell!! I wanted to get laid. No, actually I wanted to suck his dick and swallow his cum. That’s where my head was at. I wanted to give head, wrap my lips around his hard cock and suck the life out of it.

Tonight was supposed to be the night for endless debauchery. Lots of degrading porn. We would fuck and suck each other with no holes barred. He would get pegged with a big fat 8″ strapon. The evening finale would end with his prick up my ass and then ass-to-mouth with me giving him the blowjob of all blowjobs and him unloading his cum in my mouth. I would savor his semen for a minute or two and then we would snowball it back and forth until we both had swallowed our fill.

The dream ended when the phone rang and he told me that he had to work late and we would have to postpone our evening of wickedness. My first thought was that he’d be fucking his assistant instead of me but I pictured her face and knew that that wouldn’t be happening. My disappointment turned to frustration and then, finally, anger. I wanted sex. I needed sex. But I wanted it my way.

I was already dressed up for my husband. A little black dress made from a material that was totally see-thru when you were close to it. I had no panties on and my snatch was baby smooth. I prided myself on my large labia, which became even larger when I was excited. My clit went along with my lips and was always very prominent, even more so when I was hot. My 34DD’s were fronted by large nipples with areolas about 3″ in diameter. To emphasize my nipples I used some Benetint to give them a nice color and make them more visible. Some thigh-highs and dark eye makeup and I was ready for a fucking good time.

I was totally focused on getting some satisfaction for myself. It wasn’t revenge. I was being totally selfish. It was all about me. I heard some the women at the gym talking about an adult bookstore that had booths in the back where guys could get blowjobs. My husband and I had watched some “gloryhole” porn so I wasn’t totally unfamiliar although I had never been to one. This place was about 35 minutes away, far enough so I wouldn’t see anybody I knew. At least that’s what I was hoping for.

I grabbed a short black motorcycle jacket to cover myself up. It worked perfectly with my all black outfit. With car keys in hand I locked the house up. I left my husband a note that said I was going out with the girls. What he didn’t know is the “girls” were my pair of 34DD’s. I put my cellphone on mute so I wouldn’t hear it ring. My favorite dance music station was playing on the radio taking me back to the disco era, a fun time that made me think of a lot of good memories, especially the parties I went to that were always sexually charged,

It seemed that the ride was much shorter than I thought it would be. My mind was going a mile a minute on its own, just thinking about the excitement the night had in store for me.! Couldn’t stop thinking about which I liked more: sucking a big hard cock or swallowing cum. The thought of doing both made me wet. When I moved in my seat I could hear the squish of my wet cunt. I pulled into the parking lot and there it was, “Great Expectations.” The sign was purple neon. The windows resembled the windows I’d seen in the red-light district in Amsterdam, where the women would literally hang out of the windows exposing valleys of inviting cleavage to the men walking by. It looked more like a nightclub that an adult bookstore.

I got out of my car and walked to the door. I was very nervous. As I put my hand on the door handle, I knew that this was the moment of truth. I opened the door and my whole demeanor changed. No longer nervous, I was ready for any and all comers, pun intended! There was a beautiful girl behind the counter, probably late 20’s, dressed appropriately for her job, meaning she looked like a slut: big hair, big tits, tight top with a miniskirt and stiletto heels.

“Welcome to Great Expectations. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask,” my hostess said, in a phone sex voice.

I looked polatlı escort around and I saw a wall of dildos, vibrators, and butt plugs, a glass case with the more expensive items, like glass and chrome toys. There was a big display of strapons with realistic silicon cocks in all lengths. In another area, the walls were covered with porn dvd’s. There was so much pink showing, it was blinding. There was a door towards the back that had a sign on it that said “Private Lounge.”

“I’ve heard that you have a place where a customer could watch movies. Where would that be?” I asked.

“Oh, that would be in our Private Lounge, but you need tokens to watch the movies.

They’re $5 each, with a minimum purchase of ten, each good for 15 minutes.”

Hmm, that’s good for two and a half hours. I think that would be more than enough time.

“I’ll take $50 worth, please.” I gave her a $50 bill and she handed me 10 brass tokens and a keycard. No credit cards for this outing.

“Thank you. The keycard is just for tonight. If you want to buy a membership I can give you all the information. Just go through the door in the back.” While I buying the tokens, two men came in and went right to the Private Lounge, using a keycard to open the door.

I told her that I would decide after my experience. I turned, went to the door and used the keycard to open it. Once inside, it was a whole different feeling. The floor was covered with a burgundy carpet. The walls were dark brown. As I entered I noticed a door to my left that had a keycard slot. The door was marked “Employees Only.” Facing me was a long hallway with eight doors on the left side. There were little red and green plastic flags like at the doctor’s office. It was obvious that a red flag meant occupied. Two red flags were up, the rest were green. I chose the second door with a green flag. I put the green flag down and put the red flag up.

Inside there was red lighting, a chair, and some pillows on the floor. On the right was a flat screen TV with a coin device under it. On the back wall was a hole about 3 feet from the floor. The other wall just had a coat hook on it. I took a token and put it in the slot under the TV. The screen came to life with a message on it: “Welcome to Great Expectations. The TV is a touchscreen so when channels come on, just touch whatever your taste is in adult entertainment.”

The next screen appeared with a checkerboard of pornographic offerings. Maybe because of the girl behind the counter I was in a girl-girl mood so I pressed the button that showed two girls. Within seconds, a very X-rated movie came on with two big-chested women with their tongues down each other’s throats. I took off my leather jacket and hung it on the hook. I thought to myself, ‘let the games begin!’ I knew how it worked. I stuck my finger through the hole in the wall. Ten seconds later a good-sized penis appeared, half erect waiting for me.

It was about 6″ long, semi-flaccid. There was no pubic hair on it, but a ring of short trimmed hair at its base, framing it at the hole in the wall. My moment of truth had arrived. I put the pillows on the floor and knelt so that my mouth and the stranger’s cock were at even heights. First, I took a deep breath and then, with my nose almost touching, I inhaled the aroma of the object of my attention. I was relieved by the manly nature of the smell I perceived. It had a non-offensive locker-room fragrance. Perfectly acceptable. In fact, the aroma became intoxicating!

I leaned forward and put my lips around the head. I’m pretty sure he was circumcised, which was OK by me. I wasn’t accustomed to anything else. I kissed the head but couldn’t really taste anything. I plunged down on it and took it almost all the way into my mouth, at least ¾ of it. I lingered on it so I could allow all my taste buds to explore the hard but soft man meat that was going to give me what I wanted.

I knew that my gentleman friend couldn’t thrust so it was up to me take his cock in and out of my mouth. I could have easily grabbed his cock pursaklar escort and gave him a half-handjob and a half-blowjob. I put my hands on the wall and worked only with my mouth. The more I did it, the more I was able to take into my throat. I was all the way down to the base. I couldn’t breathe thru my mouth so I started to breathe through my nose. It worked. Deepthroat was something I had never done before but, in a matter of minutes, I had mastered it. I was very proud of myself. With my new talent, I increased the speed at which I bobbed up and down on this super-hard cock.

There was a knock on the wall which meant that I was about to receive a load of cum. How big a load remained to be seen, or should I say swallowed. I only knew that I wanted it and I was ready. My “friend” became rigid and the first pulse of semen hit the back of my mouth. After that it felt like rapid fire. In only several seconds my mouth was full. His product was delicious! He pulled back and left me with a mouthful of body temperature cum. I swirled it around and then swallowed it. I was there in this dark confined space, on my knees, with no one to witness my efforts. I was a little crest-fallen but still thrilled at what I had just done. Wow, deepthroat! That’s a talent I never expected to learn.

I don’t know if news travels fast at a gloryhole but there was another cock sticking through the hole. This one was going to be a challenge. It was big and it was black and with a foreskin! I had second thoughts for a moment and then I thought, “in for a penny, in for a pound.” I was there to do what I said I was going to do, suck cock and swallow cum. I can’t say that I was never curious about black men and their reputation for larger than average genitalia although, up until this moment, I had never been confronted by such a large piece of equipment. There aren’t enough right adjectives to describe what I was looking at.

I became historical at that moment (not hysterical!) I thought of the Declaration of Independence. “All men are created equal.” It was my responsibility to further that thought.

By this time, I had taken off virtually all of my clothes. When I saw that big black cock, my first reaction was to play with my nipples and rub my clit. I was excited but I wanted to elevate my feelings. I played with myself just as I would do at home to heighten my state of mind. A minute later, I took hold of this very large one-eyed beast, slid the foreskin back and had my lips on the tip. It was at least 9″ long and semi-hard. My first uncircumcised cock. It was so thick that I think it hung down because of its own weight. It might get hard but I don’t think it would stick up like a smaller cock.

It was time to get down to work. It had a nice smell to it. My new talent was going to be put to the test. I took the head past my lips and opened my mouth and throat as much as I could. With my hands against the wall, I took this fine specimen of manhood into my mouth. What flashed quickly through my head was the thought of taking this giant black penis in my cunt or in my ass, thinking about it, neither of which I would do quickly. But I would definitely like to be analized by this behemoth. That would be a job that required time, concentration, and patience, but, in the end, would be worth it.

The fact that I was at a gloryhole was all about my satisfaction. I knew that by doing what I was doing I was going to make a bunch of guys happy but it wasn’t about them. I wanted what I wasn’t getting at home, to suck cock and swallow cum. I looked at the formidable piece of meat sticking out of the hole in the wall. I let it into my mouth, opening my mouth as wide as I could. I certainly didn’t want to offend by biting or scraping my teeth on the unbelievable prick. Slowly, I took it in my mouth and went down on it millimeters at a time. It was gigantic and I was determined to take it all. I didn’t want to gag on it. I wanted to take it like Heather Brooke does in porn movies. The whole thing.

I leaned into my target, taking it into my rus escort mouth slowly but continuously. I wasn’t going to stop until my nose was in his pubic hair. It was big. I was salivating enough to create lube in my throat. It was going in, hitting the back of my throat. At that point, I switched to breathing through my nose and this giant black cock went down my throat. I really didn’t know how long I was going to be able to keep him down my throat. I knew I had to get him off. I kept swallowing and using my tongue on his tool. I went up and down on him just enough to create friction. I was really having a good time but it was time to close the deal.

He knocked on the wall. I drew my head back and started sucking on the top of his very tumescent cock. And then the flood came. I thought my last guy had cum a lot but my new black friend was totally ridiculous, He came in torrents, filling my mouth. I tried to swallow it all but it kept coming. Cum was dripping down my chin. Thank God I had taken my clothes off. I must say that his cum was delicious, but then I liked my first “client” too.

I put some tokens into the video and put on video of a milf giving getting some serious anal. (Hmmm, could be me!) I looked at the hole in the wall and there was another black penis that was shrouded in a foreskin. Not my cup of tea but I had made a commitment to myself and I wasn’t yet satisfied although my jaw was starting to ache. This one was about 7″ long and really stiff. I continued to massage my clit, asking myself which part of the experience was I enjoying most. I concluded that sucking the different cocks was thrilling but swallowing different size loads of cum and the varied taste they offered was the topper.

Again, hands-free, I went down on the firm dark black stick coming through the hole. I took it all the way in, using my new talent. I worked it vigorously. My knees were starting to hurt. I worked hard, taking the very swollen dark black fuckstick in and out of my mouth, from just holding it with just my lips to having it completely down my throat. I was giving it everything I had but my newest friend wasn’t giving it up easily. As much as I didn’t want to, I was getting impatient. I took a hand and started to stroke it at the base, just a little help to get me to my ultimate goal, another mouthful of hot sperm.

It took at least ten more minutes of sucking and stroking when there, finally, was a knock on the wall. It was worth the effort and the wait. I felt his surge and, within seconds, my mouth had as much cum in it as the other two guys combined. This was the piece de resistance, literally the icing on the cake. As the now flaccid penis withdrew, I just leaned back with a mouth loaded with man juice. I swirled it around. Some dripped on my chin. I immediately scooped it up and put it back in my mouth. Cum has an unusual characteristic. It comes out think but turns watery very quickly. I wanted to swallow it while it was still warm and thick, which I did. I was beating my clit furiously. I came off as I swallowed.

I was done for the night. Three wonderful loads from three different cocks. Giving the blowjobs was a lot of fun. I loved every second but my mouth full of cum three times in an hour! That was a blast, pun intended. There was cum in my hair, on my face, and on my tits. I didn’t care. I would wear it proudly. I dressed, probably looking very disheveled. I walked out of the booth and put the green flag up. Door 2 was my new home away from home. I was already thinking about my return visit.

I left the Private Lounge, walking towards the front door. My slutty new girlfriend looked at me with a twinkle in her eyes. She could see I was a mess, but a happy mess.

“Been there. Done that! Did you have a good time? Were your expectations fulfilled? She asked.

“Everything was GREAT!!” I said with a smile that must have been a foot wide. “I’ll be back and soon!”

Back in the car with about a half-hour to relive my experience, cocks and cum flashed through my mind. With one hand on the steering wheel and the other going from my nipples to my cunt, the dance music was blasting. Time went by quickly. I came at least twice. I turned onto my street and saw my husband’s car in the driveway. I was still at a heightened level of excitement. I was ready for at least another mouthful if not two. Was he ready to give it?

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