all in the family part 2


“we should do this more often” she said
” yeah we should i said”
i reached over to the table and turned out the light. i settled down into my bed Katie rolled over and curled up next to me.
the next morning i woke up before her and i went in the kitchen and mad some breakfast. i called my father and he said he had to stay the night again he also said something about my cousin Jessie coming over to stay for two weeks while her parents had something to do. i was pissed cause the house was cold as fuck with out the heat. a half hour later my sister came down in all the blankets she came over to me and undid the blankets and wrapped them around me. she was still naked and i rubbed her body, caressing her ass
“i love your ass” i said to her
“well it can be all yours” she replied and pulled me closer to her. “what do you say we do it again” she said to me
“thats fine” i said to her and i followed her up the stairs to my still warm bed.
she jumped on the bed with all the blankets and laid down on her back. i pulled off my clothes and crawled in. i rolled over onto her back, propping myself up with my elbows, my cock rubbing against her ass crack. i leaned forward and kissed her on the neck. i rolled off her and laid on my back she rolled onto me and sat on my legs, she looked at my cock and stroked it. i reached over to the table and got a condom and gave it to her. she opened it and put it on me., she then moved up to my cock and positioned it , she then slowly squatted down, my cock slowly started to penetrate her pussy. she was so tight and warm. i could feel every inch of the soft wet inside of my sister, i really wanted to fuck her without a condom, and really feel what her pussy felt like
“ohhhh,mmmm…MMMMMmmmmmm, oh god” she moaned
“oh god your so tight and wet” i told her while grabbing her soft breasts, her nipples were hard as rock
when me cock was all inside her, and our bodies crotches connected she leaned forward and put the blankets over us. she started to move up and down. i could feel every ripple of her wet tight teen pussy she moaned and screamed as she rode my cock. she stooped and started panting,
“god I’m tired” she said.
“OK well I’ll do some work” i said. i pulled out of her and got up. i got on my knees and i positioned Katie on her back, boosted up by pillows. i lifted up her legs, they we so smooth and nice, i stroked her legs,and moved down to her ass. i took my fingers and moved then up and down her crack.
“oh that feels nice” she said.
i then put her legs on my shoulders. i looked at her pussy and i noticed her asshole. it was a beautiful pink hole that looked just as good as her pussy. i took my thumb and pressed it up up against her little pink hairless asshole, just the way i saw it done in the porn movies. she moaned. then all of a sudden i penetrated her asshole. it was so warm and much tighter than her pussy.
“uhh god ooooo” she screamed
i took out my thumb and licked it clean it tasted awful but i did it to have her think that Ankara bayan escort i loved it. although i would have liked to stick my cock in there.
” do that again” she said.
“ok let me do something else first” i said
i pulled her closer to me and moved my cock closer to her pussy. i then stuck it in her. she moaned and squirmed . i took my index finger and started to play around with her asshole. pushing on it and running it around the rim of it. i stuck it in a little bit, only until then end of her sphincter, not truly entering her intestine. she loved every minute of it. between the finger in her asshole and my cock in her pussy i made her cum in no time. she told me to keep going, she was in a constant orgasm. after about 15 minutes i felt myself cumming. i picked up the pace a bit, Katie maned louder an louder and she finally came to another orgasm and i came. we stayed into the same position, panting together enjoying the feeling of our bodies connecting. i pulled out and laid down next to her and pulled the blankets over both of us. we laid there hugging for a while. after about a half hour i had an idea.
” roll over onto your stomach” i said to her
“OK” she said a bit confused
she rolled over onto her stomach, her beautiful ass sticking up at me. i took my hands and started to spread her ass cheeks. i saw her little asshole, i bent forward and stuck out my tongue and started to lick it.
” oh woooooooooooow” she moaned a bit surprised that i did that ” that feels great” she added
i worked my tongue around the outside then i thrust it in. she let out a squeal. then i took my two fingers and started to play with her pussy. she started to buck up and down. between her squeals i heard “fuck me there”. i stopped for a minute to let her catch her breathe
“oh god fuck me there please” she yelled
“where in the ass” i asked
“yes YES” she screamed..
i wanted to do this without hurting her so i went into her room and grabbed some lotions and Vaseline., when i returned into my room she was already on her hands and knees,a large stack of pillows under her stomach. i could tell she was shivering from the cold. i got on my knees behind her and took some blanket and rapped her up in them but i left her ass , her head and me exposed. i took a large glob of Vaseline and put it on my cock, i the spread her ass cheeks and applied a glob on there. i stuck my finger in there to make sure some went in the hole.
“are you gonna use a condom?” she asked
“no” i said ” i want to really feel your insides and not worry about getting you pregnant”
i worked the Vaseline onto my whole cock and then i positioned it by her asshole. i slowly started to push in. my head was starting to penetrate when she started to get second thoughts
“no wait stop” she said “it’s hurting”
“I’m sorry I’m sorry” i said i didn’t want to hurt my sister. “do you want me to pull out” i asked
” no keep going” she commanded. i slowly started to push my cock in a little more. i pushed until my cock Escort bayan Ankara head was devoured by her asshole.. i started again and i finally reached her intestines. they were so soft and warm. i could feel every inch of her clammy slimy wet ass. she was so tight i thought i was gonna rip her in half. throughout this she was moaning and screaming but telling me not to stop. Finlay when about half my cock was in her, her asshole finally took it with out any reluctance. all my cock instantly shot up in her. my pelvis slapped her ass cheeks. her body went ridged and i heard a loud squeal of pain.
“I’m so sorry baby” i said to her
“no ow no it’s fine i wasn’t expecting that” she said.
i leaned forward and stroked her hair and and her face and slowly started to move my cock in and out of her. i could feel the ripples in her intestines rolling past my cock head. after a Little bit of slow moving i picked up the pace, and in about 5 minutes i blew my load into her warm hot intestines
“oh god MMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm” she moaned ” i have never felt you cum inside me” she said loving every bit of my juice.

just then the phone rang i jumped of the bed and answered it. it was my aunt calling to say that she was in the driveway with my cousin Jessie.
“ok aunt Jill I’ll be out in a second” i said to her
“oh shit Katie get in the shower Jessie is here!”

Katie instantly got up and ran to the bathroom and i got dressed and went to meet them at the door

“holy shit ti was tough getting in here” my aunt said “there is so much snow”
Jessie got out of the car. she was my age brown hair large breasts and she had a great ass.i walked over and grabbed her bags and went into the house both of them followed me

“Jesus Christ it is cold in here” my aunt Jill remarked
“yeah it is” Jessie added
“well the furnace broke” i said to them, i noticed Jessie was looking at me in a weird way i had no shirt on, and i guess I’m a muscular build, I’d often work out at school.
“well I’ve got to go, i hope you kids can fend for yourselves” she said and she walked out the door.

that night Katie bunked up with Jessie and i ended up passing out on the couch downstairs, we had a little party and drank and smoked a lot. at about 2 in the morning i heard someone coming down the stairs, it was Jessie, she was drunk and high and she stumbled over to me.the TV was still on and it gave off a lot of light. enough light to see that Jessie was naked, and horny she laid down on top of me and and started talking to me
“Katie told me what you two did last night” she said in a very sexy voice “and i want some too” she added and she got up and slowly walked up the stairs swinging her hips.

i got up and turned off the TV and followed her up to my room. Katie was in there waiting. Jessie was on birth control, and she brought some night after pills with her. only god knows why. a very dim light was on by my nightstand.
Jessie turned around and started to make out with me she undid my pants Bayan escort Ankara and grabbed my hard cock. she laid down on my bed. i followed her.

she got up one her hands and knees, waving her ass in front of my face. Katie went up and propped herself against the headboard, legs open and Jessie proceeded to eat her out. i wasted no time, i went behind Jessie and positioned my cock by her pussy. i slowly put it in her. i could feel all of her juices squeezing around my cock, pussy was a lot warmer without a condom. i started to pump back and forth my pelvis slapping her ass cheeks.

i could hear Katie and Jessie both moaning, then Katie started to moan louder and louder and so did Jessie. and they both went into an orgasm. i heard the screams from both girls and i suddenly blew. i started to slow down.

“i want you to fuck my ass like you did Katie” i heard Jessie say
“of course but first i want my way with my sister” i replied

i pulled out of Jessie and went over to Katie and moved her over to my desk that i had in my room. i slowly bent her over it and plunged into her pussy. she was so warm and juicy from being eating out by Jessie. i started to fuck her faster and faster i felt i was going to fuck her silly. she started to moan louder and louder until she finally came. juices from her pussy squeezed their way through her plugged up hole.

i pulled myself out of her and went over to Jessie. i laid down next to her. she grabbed my cock and began to suck on it. after it was hard again she stopped

“please please fuck me in the ass” she said “I’ve never done it and i want to really badly”

“OK i will” i replied.

i positioned her doggy style and i grabbed the Vaseline. i put a glob on my cock and rubbed it around and i put a glob on her asshole and started to rub it in i stick my middle finger in her ass and started to play around in it. i then inserted my index finger.

“oooooooooooooo” she moaned.

i pulled my finger out and wiped them one the side of the bed. i knelt up straight and positioned my cock by her asshole. i slowly started to push my way into her virgin asshole. i felt her wriggle beneath me.

“oooooooOOOOOOOOOOOO GOD oooooooooo” she moaned.

her asshole was even tighter than Katie’s. she started to tense up which mad her even more tighter.

“you have to relax” i said to her

she looked at me and nodded she was biting her lip i could tell she was in a little bit of pain. i started to push in again. her asshole finally gave way.

OOOOOOOOOO” Jessie moaned.

i started to move back and forth inside her. Katie got underneath her and returned the favor by eating Jessie out. i started to pick up the pace, for about fifteen minutes the only things that were heard was the slapping of bodies and the moans of pleasure. Jessie started to eat out Katie. it was an all out orgy, finally Jessie started to come followed by Katie and me. we all let out a loud moan and then fell back one each other, a tangled mess of sex, lube and juices. i pulled the blanket over us and turned out the light. we all grabbed ahold of each other and went to sleep. it was the beginning of the greatest week of my life.

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