Alone in the Bundu


Alone in the Bundu

Boy Scout Officers discovered ‘forest nymphs’ in a clearing in the bundu.

Category: Group Sex

Tags: Creampie; Cunnilingus; Fellatio; Forest fairies; Group sex; Lesbian sex; Older man, younger woman; Swapping partners, Swinging

I would like to thank kenjisato for making this story much more readable and enjoyable than what I could have mastered on my own. I am sure that the effort was much larger than what he volunteered for. All errors that remain are entirely my fault.

All characters involved in sexual activities, whether actual, fantasy or implied, are 18 or older.

Background (If you have read ‘Nude in the Bundu’, then you can skip the text up to the break ‘****’ below):

Liz and Marlene thought they would be alone on the three-day Magoebaskloof hiking (backpacking) trail to explore their lesbian feelings for each other. They were surprised by Frans, just when Liz finally deflowered Marlene with a dildo in a secluded clearing along the trail. The trail winds mostly through the Magoebaskloof sub-tropical rainforest in the northern parts of South Africa.

Frans joined them and had sex with the pair a number of times along the trail. But he was driven on day three to return to his beloved, Dorothy, leaving Liz and Marlene alone at the end of the trail with a lot of daylight to spare…

Bundu: A word used in South Africa and Zimbabwe to describe a faraway wilderness.


Liz and Marlene returned to Liz’s car as the roar of Frans’s Toyota Corolla faded in the distance. Liz looked at the jumble on the back seat. Proud on top of the pile was a black strap-on dildo, the one Marlene nicknamed ‘the black monster’ because she was too scared to take it into her virgin pussy, during their overnight stay at the start of the trail. Liz blushed when she realized that all the people who walked passed her car must have seen it.

Liz was in no hurry to get back home because her boyfriend, Jacob, was out of town and would only be back the next day. Well, if Liz was honest with herself, she had dumped Jacob so she and Marlene could try out some lesbian action, using the excuse that he cheated on her while he was on an out-of-town training course some three months ago. She didn’t take his word that he didn’t cheat, but over the past three days she realized that there wasn’t real evidence, only rumors that were spread by a jealous colleague. She recognized that she was being hypocritical, because she had now cheated herself. She looked at the midday sun high up in the sky, and she smiled when an idea formed in her mind. She looked at Marlene. “We have time to spare and our lunch spot isn’t too far back.” Her gaze returned to the strap-on.

Marlene recognized the glimmer in Liz’s eyes and followed her gaze into the car. Her heart raced as she recognized the ‘black monster’, it was no longer as intimidating as when she first saw it–when she was still a virgin.

Marlene’s hesitation gave Liz some hope. “It would be a total waste of a good opportunity if we don’t try it out…”


“Your turn to strap it on.” Liz’s heart was still racing from her own orgasm as she released the straps and pulled the strap-on slowly out of her vagina.

Marlene still hadn’t gotten her breathing under control, and her legs were weak following her own climax. “That was good, and to think that I initially thought that it would be too big for me.” Marlene waited to regain her composure before she stepped into the straps and inserted the shaft, still wet from Liz’s juices, into her throbbing vagina. She looked at Liz. “But I think a real dick is still the best.”

Liz helped her to fasten the straps. “What do you want to do…? Missionary…? Maybe doggy…? Or what about cowgirl?” She pulled the rear string tight which slipped into Marlene’s bum crack.

“Aaaahhhh.” Marlene jerked when the stub pulled deep into her vagina and the pressure of the string on her anus caused her rosebud to contract. She readjusted the shield until the short nub caressed her clitoris.

When done, Liz squirted lube onto her hand and rubbed it over the tip of the black monster. She took another squirt, tossed the bottle towards their clothes and lubed her vagina.

A glint appeared in Marlene’s eyes as she took Liz’s shoulders and pushed her slowly backwards. Liz gave a step back, but Marlene just kept on pushing her. Liz gave another step back and another. Then she felt how her firm bums bumped onto a tree trunk.

“Standing…” Marlene pushed Liz’s shoulders until her torso leaned back against the skew tree trunk. The trunk splayed Liz’s legs and soon her torso was draped over the leaning tree. Marlene nudged Liz’s arms to reach back. Liz got the message, lifted her arms and got hold of a sturdy branch, stretching her body open.

Marlene slowly guided the tip of ‘The Black Monster’ towards Liz’s taut vagina. Being seven inches taller than Liz’s five’s foot three, she had to bend her legs slightly. When she was sure that gaziantep eskort the tip was safely in, she drove into Liz with a force that made Liz grunt. It sent a shock into her core. Marlene pulled out and rammed the shaft hard into Liz again. “I can get used to this.” She pulled out and drove back again, surprised that she could actually feel the monster’s nub stimulating her clitoris.

Liz purred softly. “I wonder how this will feel with a real dick.” In her mind, it was Jacob’s dick which rammed into her while having reconciliation sex.


The birdsong went quiet and some birds fluttered away. Marlene froze, and Liz stopped breathing.

They heard voices, indistinct male voices which grew clearer over the water’s rippling as it rushed over the nearby rapid.

“You must see this nice secluded clearing. It will be the perfect spot for an afternoon snack. Lovely mountain pool.”

Marlene was still petrified in shock, while Liz desperately scanned around for a place to hide. They could already hear footsteps approaching.

“Well, well, well, what do we have here!?” It was a forty-something man with short black hair and a grey lining who spoke. He was slightly overweight, a fact his short, five-foot-six physique couldn’t hide.

A younger man in his late twenties, with wavy, shoulder-length brown hair followed the elder man’s gaze and saw Liz and Marlene. “I think we stumbled upon the elusive forest nymphs.” His six-foot-two height hid his muscled body and he looked deceivingly slender.

Liz finally managed to push Marlene off her, trying to cover her vulva and breasts while she shuffled towards their clothes. “I.. I thought we were alone on the trail.”

The elder man stepped in front of her and blocked her path, ignoring her explanation. He looked towards the younger man. “Isn’t there a legend about these nymphs?” He slowly started to unbutton his shirt.

Marlene got some sense back and slipped around the tree in an attempt to hide from the men, and nervously fumbled with the straps in while nervously trying to unbuckle the black monster.

The younger man looked at the elder man and smiled. “Yeah, it is in the name… they’re nymphomaniacs.”

The older man tossed his shirt on the ground, and sat on Liz’s and Marlene’s clothes to untie his boots. “And always naked, so they can screw whenever they wanted to.” He thought for a moment before he continued. “And that is why they are so elusive, even rarer to catch them in the act.”

The younger man continued. “They prefer men though.” He winked in the elder man’s direction before he continued. “Like me.”

The elder man focused on the removal of his second boot and missed the gesture. When the boot slipped off his foot, he tossed it aside. “And they like it deep and rough.” He looked at the younger man. “You must try it!”

Marlene, who nervously listened to the dialogue between the men, stiffened when strong hands took hold of her hips.

“Here, let me help you.” Soon she felt the first strap being released.

She blushed, unsure if she was more embarrassed than relieved about the help when another strap was released.

The elder man tossed his socks in the direction of his boots and stood up. “Hi, I’m ‘Arthur’… Like in ‘King Arthur’.” Liz couldn’t miss his wedding band on his finger while he unbuckled his belt. He let his khaki trousers slip to the ground. She bit her lip, as she realised that Arthur was a cheating husband.

Liz looked down to his boxers, tented by his stiff penis. Her heart was racing, she could sense what Arthur wanted. Her mind was torn between wanting it, and not wanting it. A drop of lube, mixed with her own arousal juice trickled down her thigh. Without thinking, she responded. “I’m Liz.” A jolt raced through her heart when she realized that ‘Arthur’ might not be the man’s real name.

Arthur slipped his stiff member through the slit in the boxers. “And this is ‘Excalibur’, my trusted sword.”

Liz looked at his circumcised member, poking proudly through the slit. It wasn’t as long or thick as Jacob’s or even Frans’s, but the mushroom head was bigger than the shaft. It was the first circumcised dick she had seen. Her curiosity overwhelmed her reluctance, and she stepped closer, dropped onto her knees and gripped her hands around Excalibur.

The younger man next introduced himself. “Lance–“

Arthur interrupted, Lance mid-sentence, “My trusted knight… Lancelot.”

The way Arthur boasted was meant to project that he was the dominant person in their relationship. Lance looked at him and grinned.

Liz, who noticed Lance’s grin and earlier wink, couldn’t help to wonder if Lance was also secretly screwing Arthur’s wife, like in the legend.

Lance took hold of the shaft sticking out in front of Marlene and helped her out of the straps of the black monster. He looked at the smallish size of the stub that was pulled out of Marlene, and chuckled before tossing the black eskort gaziantep monster towards the pile of clothes and turned Marlene around. His denims were already opened and hanging high up on his muscled thighs. His cock was straining his briefs. He pushed Marlene down onto her knees.

Marlene tried to resist, but Lance was too strong. She grabbed his hips for support while she went down on her knees. She looked in Liz’s direction for guidance, only to see how she eagerly sucked Arthur’s dick. ‘What the fuck’, she thought, ‘what happens in the bundu…’ She pulled his briefs down and closed her lips over the cock which sprung to its freedom in front of her eyes.

“Suck it, bitch.” Lance grabbed the back of her head and rammed his dick into her throat.

Marlene gagged and grabbed the base to prevent it from going deep into her throat again. She started to work his member, pulling his foreskin back to expose his darkened mushroom head. Her tongue darted forward and played on the ridge on the bottom of his dick when it was deep in her mouth, and swirled around his glans when she drew back.

Satisfied with the ministrations, Lance pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it aside. His member twitched in Marlene’s mouth. Supporting himself against the tree, he worked his cross-over shoes off his feet and kicked them aside.

Arthur’s cock twitched and strained in Liz’s mouth as he approached his climax. “You’re a good whore, where do you want it?” He held Liz’s head steady, pulled back and pushed his member deep into her mouth again.

He didn’t wait for an answer and pulled his dick out of Liz’s mouth and feverishly worked it, aiming it at Liz’s boobs. “Aaaahhhh.” He plastered strings of his juice over Liz’s nipples and breasts. When done, he pushed his dick back in Liz’s mouth. “Clean up, you bitch.”

Lance was also getting close, he steadied Marlene’s head with his hands and started to work his member in and out of her mouth. “Ohhh fuuuck!” He exploded deep into Marlene’s mouth.

Marlene bucked away and pulled her lips off Lance’s cock, but not before a second eruption filled her mouth. A third eruption plastered her eye and nose and a fourth went into her hair.

She started to cough, as some sperm ended up in her trachea, before she could swallow. Sperm ended up on her hand and chin, and a blob was expelled through the nose and ended up on her upper lip.

Lance helped Marlene to her feet, and nudged her towards Liz. “Go and clean her up.” He helped his denim, briefs and socks off, and continued to work his dick to get it ready for round two.

Arthur, who had already stepped out of his boxers, also stroked life back into his cock, while watching how Marlene cleaned her hand and leaned in to clean Liz’s breasts. “No, let Liz cleans clean you first.” He started to slowly walk around the pair, like a farmer inspecting livestock at an auction.

Liz looked at Marlene. There was a string of sperm in her hair and another on her eye and nose. There was a blob on her upper lip, a smeared splatter on her chin and a blob on her tit that must have dripped from her face. Liz started to work the string out of Marlene’s hair with her fingers, but only managed to spread it out, leaving Marlene’s hair a stringy mess.

Marlene leaned forward to allow Liz to clean her face. When done, she got upright while Liz cleaned her breast, sucking her nipple for good measure when she was done.

“Now her.” Arthur’s commanding voice cut Liz’s ministrations short.

Marlene leaned forward and started to swirl her tongue around Liz’s nipple with the most plastered semen.

Marlene’s pert, bobbing B-cup breasts caught Arthur’s attention, setting off thoughts of massaging them. He rounded Liz and took another good look at them, as he got a side view.

Marlene started with the second breast as Arthur rounded her. Her wet nether lips called out to him and he slipped two of his fingers into her. Marlene jerked at the unexpected intrusion and squeezed her buttocks together involuntarily and Liz’s nipple slipped from her mouth.

Marlene’s sex juice, mixed with lube, squeezed onto Arthur’s fingers. Satisfied that she was wet and ready for him, he guided his dick into her. “That’s good enough.” He slipped his hands around Marlene’s chest to cup her breasts and took her hard nipples between his fingers. He pushed her shoulders further down to get himself deeper into her tight, warm pussy. Slowly, he forced Marlene onto her knees.

Lance didn’t wait to follow Arthur’s example, and aimed his dick to towards Liz’s pussy.

Liz wanted something else. “No, against the tree, like when you walked in on us.” She pushed Lance back and walked towards the tree and leaned her back against it. She pulled her nether lips apart, opening up her vagina as an invitation for Lance’s cock. “I’m ready, fuck me hard.”

Lance didn’t wait and guided his stiff member into Liz, and drove forcefully into her. Her D-cup boobs gaziantep bayan eskort swayed under the onslaught and he cupped them. They were still slippery with remnants of Arthur’s jizz. He pulled back and drove hard in again. Her nipples slipped under his palm.

As soon as Lance was in her, she reached back again to get hold of her stabilizing branch. Liz felt her back move over the bark of the tree, adding to the wonderful sensations administered on her slippery breasts and inside her vagina.

Lance pinched her slippery nipples and drove in hard again. The waves that washed through her breasts under his hands spurred him on, driving deeper into her, picking up speed with every stroke. He leaned forward and started to kiss her hungrily.

Marlene was still on her knees and Arthur was doing her doggy-style. His elbows were clamping her hips to ensure that he could drive hard and deep into her, while simultaneously, he could get a good grip on her pert breasts and hard nipples. After a few forceful thrusts, he started to get into a steady rhythm. He knew the coupling would last because of his recent ejaculation.

Liz was on her heavenly cloud again. It sure was better with a real dick inside her and his fingers were playing with her nipples. Lance could thrust much harder into her, which caused her to shift higher up the tree’s trunk. She was barely standing on her toes and she imagined herself hanging in free air. All she needed was his lips on hers, his tongue inside her mouth, so she reached for his head and pulled him closer.

Marlene felt her orgasm coming close and dropped onto her elbows, pushing her pussy back into Arthur. Arthur slipped his one hand back to work Marlene’s clit while his other hand gathered her hair and pulled her head towards him. Marlene’s back arched even more, pushing her pussy even further out. This was too much for her and she grabbed Arthur’s hand to work her clit even harder and faster, while the first convulsions of her orgasm ripped through her body. The contractions of her vaginal muscles pulled Arthur over the edge with her, and she felt how he filled her up until his jizz started to seep down her thigh.

Marlene was shocked, how dare Arthur cum inside her without her permission, if she was in her fertile window, she could have been impregnated. “I’m not on the pill…” She felt somewhat hypocritical because she actually loved the way his cock twitched inside her while spewing his juice inside her.

Arthur chuckled. “That is what makes fucking an old man so much fun. He can inseminate you without the risk… I had a vasectomy. So don’t worry as there are no swimmers in my jizz.” Semen continued to stream out of her pussy and down her leg as he unplugged her.

Liz also felt her orgasm building up and broke the kiss. She braced herself to meet every thrust, but managed to say a single syllable every time Lance pulled out. “I’m… on… birth… con… trol.” She wanted to add that he could fill her up, but Lance got the message and silenced her with a kiss. He drove with new enthusiasm into her, thrusting harder and faster, which finally lifted her toes clear off the ground.

Liz gave a deep growl into Lance’s mouth when the first flash of her orgasm ripped through her. She could feel his dick tuck inside her as he, too, succumbed to the pleasure of their coupling, by blasting a virile load of baby batter into her. The vibrations of Liz’s moan into his mouth, worked their way down to his manhood as he pulled back for another drive, and another eruption.

He broke their kiss and arched backward, as he drove deep and hard into Liz. “Aaarghh.” The force of his drive shifted Liz another inch up the trunk, and her nipples slipped free from his ministrations.

Liz could feel semen trickling down her butt crack when Lance pulled back, and a blob running down when he again drove hard into her.

Lance’s thrusts stopped, but his cock continued to twitch inside her, as he delivered his last packages of jizz inside her. He bent forward and whispered into Liz’s ear. “You’re a better fuck than Guinevere.” He looked in Arthur’s direction, before he continued even softer. “He thinks I’m gay.” He took Liz’s lips with his and kissed her softly, while he allowed her to slip down the trunk again.

Liz smiled, as her earlier thoughts were confirmed. Lance was fucking Arthur’s wife. She started to slip down the trunk, over Lance’s jizz which had leaked from her and smeared her well-rounded buttocks, until she got back onto her feet.

The thought of her plans to reconcile with Jacob crossed her mind. She looked down at her leaking pussy which felt bruised after Lance’s onslaught. Luckily, her pussy would have a day’s rest before Jacob’s return. She pushed a finger into her vagina and worked a glob onto her hand. After she licked it off, she looked at Marlene who was now also standing wide-legged, so gravity could assist clearing the jizz from her pussy. “We better clean up.”

She stepped over to the pool until she was knee deep into the refreshing pool water, and started to douche her pussy, working the sperm out of her with her finger. Marlene soon joined her. When done, they went in fully to wash off all remnants of the men’s sperm from their faces, boobs and hair. They could feel how their nipples went rock-hard in the cold water of the mountain pool.

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