Ambushed Part 1


Ambushed Part 1By the fall of 1976 Elizette and I had been deeply involved for over a year. A petite Brazilian, she had jet black hair the length of her back, flawless bronze skin, large, dark brown eyes, and a lissome, graceful body. At twenty, she was almost insatiably sexual. We would have sex five or six times a week, sometimes three times a day. Everything from long languid afternoons of massage and foreplay to quickies in public places. Once at a baseball game she sat on my lap in a tactically parted wrap around skirt. On another, we fuck like mink, buck naked, on the altar of a Catholic church under renovation.( Another story in and of itself.)We were standing in line on the sharply rising steps of our favorite disreputable Chinese restaurant when I heard an 1xbet yeni giriş alto voice behind me say hello. Turning, I saw the lovely face of the girl who had broken my heart in high school, Jan. I stammered a little, then recovered and introduced the girls to one another. During the ensuing conversation it came out that they were both psychology majors (so much the worse for me)Since Jan was there by herself Elizette invited her to share our table. I barely got a word in edgewise during the meal. Jan was as I had remembered her, a long legged Aryan Goddess with a mane of golden hair, insightful blue eyes, and a voluptuousness that had driven me to a masturbatory frenzy during my frustrating ( and unconsummated) courtship. Elizette saw the way that 1xbet giriş I looked at Jan even though I was trying to be discrete. She reached her hand under the table and slid it into my crotch, stroking, until I was so hard that I couldn’t sit straight for the rest of the meal.I could see that Elizette thought that this was very funny.They took one another’s phone numbers to exchange head shrinker trade material, and were off to what would develop into a real friendship.As we walked to the car Elizette said “I like her. What happened between you two?” I told her that nothing much had happened in spite of my best efforts. She responded “You poor baby, that must have been tough.” As we got in to the car she added “Let me make it better.” She unzipped my jeans 1xbet güvenilirmi and pulled out my still stiff cock, and , cuppng my balls in her delicate hand,proceeded to give me a warp speed blow job. Just after Elizette had started her ministrations I see Jan coming into the parking garage. Seeing me , she comes over to the car, and sees what is happening. Quietly, she gets a lascivious grin on her face, hand to her mouth and mischief in her eyes, and watches us. As Elizette drives her mouth to the base of my eight inches, I blow my jizz down her slender throat as Jan laughs and turns away to her car. Sitting up with one drop of my cum on her lip, Elizette sees Jan walking away and asks “Did she see that?”. and I answered “Yeah, pretty much all of it.” Elizette rubbed the drop into her lips with a middle finger and observed “That’s interesting. Did she enjoy it?” I said ” It appeared to me she did.” and Elizette said “Hmmm. That was for you dear, but you had better be ready to Fuck when we get home.”

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