AN AFFAIR WITH PANTIESJade’s grandparents, Kevin and Gloria, are her mother’s parents. They live in the country near the town where she will attend college and they invite her to live with them. The affair with Jade’s panties begins only a week after she moves in. Jade watches quietly through the slightly open bedroom door as Kevin slides her panties from yesterday along his erection. She moves slightly for a better view. Gloria has one foot resting on the mattress, and a hand under her skirt as she watches him. “Are you thinking of Sadie? I am. Jade’s mom was so good in bed.” Gloria’s moans betray any platonic images Jade might have had moments before. “Her pussy…” he begins, but stops as he begins to gush over the panties. The initial shock wanes as Jade sneaks away from the bedroom door towards the kitchen. “Mom, now me. What else?” she puzzles along the hallway. –“Cats and Dogs,” Jade mumbles to herself as the unexpected downpour drenches her while walking across the university campus. The rain stops just as she reaches her car and the steam begins to rise from the black asphalt. A swipe of the hand does little to squeeze much of the wetness from her blouse. It does seem to firm up a nipple.The Friday afternoon traffic is miserable as usual until she turns on the rural farm road. “Six more miles,” she says as she changes the station on the radio and then clicks it off. “Gotta get the CD player fixed some day.” The tires make a funny noise as they cross the cattle guard just off the road. The cloud of dust obscures the world behind the old pickup truck as she bounces along the rutted drive to the house.”You should have waited to get home before taking a shower!””Tell the weatherman that. Hi grandpa.” Jade wraps an arm around him and lets a foot hover in the air as she kisses him. Her damp blouse presses tight against his khaki work shirt and the soft mounds of her breasts please him. “Careful, you’ll make an old man embarrass himself.” Her simple kiss that begins on the cheek continues on his lips. His tongue touches hers. “You old letch.” She giggles softly. “I am going to take a shower, you better not let grandma catch you watching,” she teases in a throaty sensual tone.Her hips flip from side to side with each step to the porch. She glances back and he is watching. She pulls the hem of her skirt up her long slim legs just a little and smiles before letting it go. There is a small bulge in his pants and his tongue rests against his lower lip. A small amount of drool glistens below his lip.The sounds of his work boots against the hardwood floor are much louder than the soft pats of her bare feet on the tile floor of the bathroom. The only other sound is the loud pounding of her heart as she leans with her back against the wall remembering the other day when she caught him in his bedroom holding her panties over his erection. Her hips slip slightly down and her knees continue to spread as her fingers explore in the growing space between her thighs. She knows he is staring at her clothes piled in the slightly open door. She can hear his breathing and she imagines she hears his zipper and then the clinking of his belt buckle coming undone.Her hips stop their slide along the velvet texture of the tile on the wall and a second finger joins the first in the growing wetness of her tunnel. The new moan filters though the wall and a grunt returns. She pictures her strokes matching his and soon her pleasures match his. She looks down and her panties no longer lie on top of the pile of onwin giriş clothes.Jade stands in the center of the bathroom and watches herself as she pats the towel against her small firm breasts. “Whoo, nice tits,” she coos. The towel dangles in one hand as the fingers of the other twist at a nipple until it hardens. The fingers strum the nipple and the towel falls to the floor. The hand slides across her labia and pulls the clit from the hood. “Ah-h,” she starts. The interruption comes too quickly.”Dinners ready Jade!””Be right there grandma!”She slips on her short cutoff jeans and halter-top and then walks barefoot into the dinning room. “Big test tomorrow, gotta eat though.” She glances at Kevin. “Also need to do some laundry.” She smirks and then puts a bite of mashed potatoes in her mouth. “Did you enjoy your shower?” he asks with a devilish grin remaining on his face. His fork idly stirs the melting butter in the mashed potatoes. The bottle makes a small farting sound as he squeezes ketchup on his meatloaf.”Very pleasurable,” she sighs. “I need to get more panties. Does anyone have a favorite color?”Long after dinner, she passes their bedroom and glances at his naked hips slamming between Gloria’s legs reaching for the ceiling. The sounds of “fuck me big boy,” and rhythmic moans leave no question they are both enjoying themselves. Jade sits at her desk and the Inorganic Chemistry book does not hold her attention as much as scene from moments before. She takes a sip of beer as she leans back and rests the bottom of a bare foot against the edge of the desk. Her toes wiggle and the pages of the book flip over as her hand slinks along her thigh. The mouth of a beer bottle slips though the labia before she takes her next sip. The bottle lingers shortly in front of her lips, the fragrance waifs upward, and then her lips savor her own taste more than the beer. “Study for the goddamn test tomorrow,” she scolds herself, though the images and taste remain.That night, as the light of the full moon bathes her naked body lying on top of the sheets in the warm night air; she is lulled to sleep to the chorus of moans and groans from the other bedroom.–Grandpa sits alone on the porch steps as Jade closes the car door. “Hi sweetie. How was your test?””Think I aced it. How are you doing? Got any dirty old man kisses for your granddaughter?”He leans on one hand for support as he stands and brushes off the dirt off his khaki work clothes. She rests seductively against him; her hand wanders over the seat of his pants. “Hmmm, someone is all hot and dusty. Did you plow the field just for me?” She kisses him squarely on the mouth. Her tongue drives his lips apart briefly. “Grandma sure is lucky to have a kisser like you.” Her fingers press the seat of his pants between his cheeks. “Wow!” She shouts and gives him a peck on the lips before walking away. She can still hear his strained breathing from the top porch step.The screen door slams shut and she walks down the hall past the empty kitchen to her room. She can smell the string beans as they cook in the bubbling water on the stove. The book bag lands in the center of the bed and a few books spill onto the bedspread. She stands at the window and watches her grandmother kneeling beside a rose bush pulling a few weeds. Gloria’s blouse is unbuttoned enough she can see the tanned breasts dangling freely inside. “Guess they fucked before I got home.”Jade strolls into the bathroom to rinse off, then settles at her desk to study. She hears his onwin yeni giriş work boots clump across the kitchen floor. The steps stop and she hears Gloria. “Your heart is racing. Jade must be home.” The sounds of wet sloppy kisses drift down the hall, followed by steps muffled by the carpet of their bedroom. Jade positions herself so she can watch his head disappear between Gloria’s thighs. The wadded sheets hide most of the activity, but she knows exactly what it might look and feel like.She shoves the spilled books aside and lies on her bed. Her knees spread wider as her feet rest together. The fingers of both hands plow though her wetness. “Daddy, eat my pussy,” she coos in her mind as she remembers James’ tongue lapping at her opening. “I waited so you’d be my first. I made it until I was eighteen.” His tongue is a tie for which is the best part of his body against hers and he knows exactly how to use it. The hot afternoon plus the still simmering pleasures drives her into a restful slumber.Her fingers are still deep inside her as Gloria touches her shoulder. The bed sags slightly as she sits on the edge of the bed. “Jade darling. Dinner is almost ready.””Oops, sorry.” Jade casually removes her fingers and wipes them on the sheet. She glances at her grandma and grins sheepishly.”I do it too. When I was your age, I must have almost worn my fingers off.” Gloria giggles for a moment. “Guess I do still.” She stands and walks towards the door, then glances back. “You remind me of when your grandpa and I first had sex.”Jade’s arms encircle Gloria’s waist and squeeze her tightly. “You’re the best grandma.” The hug lingers and Jade’s hand grazes a breast, and then rests on it. “Grandpa must like these.”Gloria does not discourage Jade’s touch. A soft moan sends a warm rush of air against Jade’s forehead. “I love to be touched.” A few fingers find their way under the fabric of the blouse and the nipple is still very wet. “He loves to suck them … and more.” Her hands cup Jade’s face and she kisses her tenderly. “I’m so glad you are here.”Gloria stirs the sliced steak in the pan as Kevin watches the news. Jade sits at the other end of the loveseat with a book in her lap, she flips the pages without reading them. “What test is next?” he asks as his hand reaches out to touch her hand resting between the two of them. His fingers intertwine with hers and they rub together. “Physics, it won’t be too hard.” She rests her head on the back of the seat and watches his lips move and pretends they are against her mouth. “Hey stud, can you set the table?” Gloria’s words from behind them break the tension.He stands and Jade catches the sight of his hand slide inside his pants to casually straighten the erection. “Sure dear.”Kevin kisses his wife’s neck, his hand caresses her hip, and he moans quietly in her ear, “God, I know what I want.” She sighs, “Hmm. Hope it’s me.” He sucks her earlobe between his lips and rolls the tender skin between them. “You’re so tasty,” he whispers. “And you are a horny old man.” She laughs and moves the pan to the counter. She turns and pulls him close. “I still love you though.”They all sit at the table and eat. The table jerks, and the tablecloth moves. Jade is sure Gloria is stroking his lower leg with her foot. Gloria blows him a kiss. “Just wait,” she teases.The warm air blows though Jade’s bedroom window as she rocks her hips and her crotch grinds over her hand. “Let me fuck you daddy,” she groans with a hard thrust. “You can be next grandpa,” with onwin güvenilirmi the next thrust. “And you too grandma,” with the one just before she moans, “ah-h, ah-h-h.” Her ass crack tightens and her toes curl as her orgasm peaks. She falls asleep face down in her pillow.Jade’s morning shower last a few minutes longer than normal and the water begins to run cold before she turns the faucet off. She wraps the towel around her and tucks the corner into the top of just below her armpit. She wipes at her hair with another towel and tosses it on the clothes hamper.She stands by the bed and shakes to tempt the dress down over her naked body. A pile of clean panties lies on the foot of her bed as she enjoys the feel of not wearing any today. “Will they all be there this afternoon,” she wonders. She wiggles her feet into the sandals and picks up her book bag.”Hi grandma,” she says as she takes a muffin from her. “Hi grandpa,” she says after a kiss with a tease of her tongue. “Woo wee,” she giggles as she pushes the screen door open.Before she removes the key from the ignition, she watches the younger woman kiss the older man and thinks of her grandpa. The man strokes the hair long black hair, his hand slips along her small of her back, and massages her left hip, all the while their lips remain together. While Jade pictures her grandpa kissing her the same way, she senses a growing wetness between her legs. Without her panties, it spreads to the top of her thighs and she dabs at it with a fingertip. It is more than a little moisture and she wipes with her hand over her skirt.The distraction of the observed kiss, the need of her grandpa’s kiss, his touch, maybe even her grandma’s touch, all make it hard to listen to the lecture. All Jade can hear is blah, blah. She keeps glancing at her watch and back at the blank page of paper in her notebook. The time moves like a mountain.”Hi handsome,” she calls as the swings her hip against the door shoving it shut.”Kate is ill. Grandma will be back later. Guess we’re on our own for awhile.””What will-l-l we do?”Jade grinds her hip against his crotch and feels his erection grow. His hand caresses her hip and she can feel the hem of her skirt pulled higher. “Hmmm, she moans as his fingers first touch the bare skin. She replaces her hip against his crotch with her hand. “My-y my. You filthy old man, just what do you expect to do with his canon?” Her fingers wrap around it over the fabric and she presses her lips against his. “Does grandma let you suck her pussy? Would you like to do that to me?” Her hot labored breath surrounds his tongue as it explores her mouth. She feels her knees weaken; the book bag falls to the ground. “Inside, soon,” she begs.They lie in bed, their clothes s**ttered across the room. His head bobs up and down as his tongue plows though her furrow sopping up the moisture as fast as it forms. Her knees are in the air, her feet on his shoulders. “I knew you were good … just not how good,” Jade drawls slowly between gasps. “Did you enjoy my mom this much?” The laps continue without pause. “Was it fun to watch daddy fuck grandma? I bet you jacked off while you watched. Did you suck daddy while he sucked grandma?” Still there is no pause. “Yeah old man, right THERE!” she screams as he bites down on her clit. She thrusts her crotch hard against his mouth as a huge wave rolls across her body. “Ah-h, ah-h-h,” she groans and her toes.The mattress sags slightly as Gloria sits. Her hand strokes his bottom and caresses his balls. “If you didn’t take her, I would not have been able to wait much longer.” Her fingers wrap around his erection and a finger rubs over the swollen head. She brings him to completion as Jade’s orgasm begins to wane. “Now brother, let me taste my granddaughter.”

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