An Alien Abduction


She awoke in a dark gray room. The lighting was dim, almost dark. She looked around herself slowly. Her head was throbbing, feeling like her skull was going to be split in two. Every tiny movement of her neck sent shooting paints through her entire head.
She pulled herself up slowly, looking around at her surroundings. She was in an all gray room, quite small, with bars across the front like a prison cell. Was she in prison? She didn’t remember going to prison…
The floor beneath her felt like concrete, and it was cold under her palms. She looked down at herself, she was wearing an outfit she recognized. Why couldn’t she remember how she got here? She could barely remember what happened before…
She was wearing a pair of blue jeans, and a pink t-shirt. This wasn’t an outfit she would’ve work to work, so she hadn’t been going to work…had she been going to school?
She was in college, working on her bachelors degree in math education. What day of the week was it? Was it Monday? Why couldn’t she remember anything.
She stood slowly, pushing herself up from the concrete. She walked around this tiny room slowly. It was deadly silent, as if she was the only living thing around. Shouldn’t there be some sort of normal sound around?
She walked to the front of this cell slowly, pressing herself against the bars to try and see something. “Hello?” she called out, “Is…is anyone there?”
There was no response. No sound at all except the echo of her voice reverberating off the cell gray walls outside the cell bars. What in the world was going on?
She turned around to look at her cell. There was nothing in here, not even a bed. Was it that she wasn’t going to be here long? Wasn’t there usually a toilet and a bed in a prison cell? How long were they planning to keep her? What the fuck did she do wrong? Had she been…kidnapped…was this not prison at all?
She turned around herself quickly, looking for anything that might answer her questions. Where was she? Why couldn’t she remember anything? What brought her here? Where was here? What was going on?
There was a sudden noise, like a loud bang. She jumped a mile. What was that? She had been so used to the silence. She could hear footsteps, and her heart began to beat faster in her chest. She didn’t know what to expect anymore, she was so confused.
She would’ve been surprised by anything that walked in front of her cells. A police officer, a masked man who’d kidnapped her, she didn’t know what to expect. What it was though…it wasn’t…human.
This creature was really tall, maybe seven feet tall and it’s skin was as dark gray as the walls of the cell. At first it might look like a human in poor lighting, maybe a dark skinned person but it wasn’t right. The color wasn’t black it was gray. This creature was muscular, but it had a chest that was entirely flat…no nipples. It had a bald head, and distorted facial features that were abnormally large for it’s face. The eyes were a bright blue that just didn’t make any sense. The creature was entirely naked, and it had male anatomy.
She stood a moment in stunned silence, but when it took a step towards the cell she remembered herself and she screamed. The creature didn’t seem at all phased by her reaction to it.
The creature was coming towards her, coming into the cell. She didn’t know what to do, she felt as though she needed to run away but she didn’t know where to go. She was trapped. She desperately tried to get as far away from this creature as she could but it grabbed her.
She was being dragged out of the cell, and she was still trying to fight. She wouldn’t just go down without a fight. She had to figure out what was going on. She struggled against this creature, but it pulled her along as if she weighed nothing. Admittedly, for this creature she probably didn’t. She was just over five foot tall, and weighed maybe 120.
She tried to look at the place around her as she was being lead down hallways. She could see more of these creatures walking past her. They all looked exactly the same. None of them wore clothing. They all had those eyes. She was beginning to think none of this was real…this had to be a really bad dream. She realized she’d stopped fighting, and was just looking at everything around her.
If these weren’t humans were they…aliens? Had she been abducted…this was so cliché. That didn’t really happy to people. What the hell was going on? There had to be a logical explanation…
She was pulled into a room, and she didn’t even realize it until the door had shut behind them. The creature carried her forward, and she was gawking at all the other creatures in the room. There were so many of them. They were all staring at her. They were talking to each other…but they certainly weren’t speaking English. Was that even a real language? It didn’t sound human either, their voices were so deep and dark sounding.
She was suddenly released, and the creature who had brought her here took a step away from her. She stared around the room in silence, all these creatures seemed to be looking at her as if she was very interesting to them.
What happened now? She’d bothered to read what people who were abducted by aliens said…she had no idea what to expect.
A creature walked towards Ankara escort her, another one, and she jumped slightly. She realized there was no use in running, however, because she was surrounded. She didn’t bother moving, but it came and stood right beside her.
She looked up into it’s bright blue eyes and she could hear her heart pounding so loud. It put out a hand suddenly, and it touched her face. She gasped, moving away from it. It turned to speak to the others and they all responded. What were they saying about her?
Another walked up behind her and ran it’s hand through her long brown hair. She spun away from it, but the other creature was behind her. It picked up one of her arms, bending it as if to see what her arm was for. The first creature pointed towards her chest, saying something to the others.
Suddenly they were pulling her shirt off. She gasped, trying to fight them off. Did they want her to be naked like them? Did they not know what a female looked like? They were all male. They were all naked. That was the first time she’d realized all their penises were massive…much larger than any human man that she’d ever seen.
The seemed confused by her bra, but they seemed to agree to cut it off, and her large breasts bounced out in front of them. They began to poke them, and squeeze them, and discuss them, and she wanted to cry.
The next offense was her pants, they didn’t want those on either. She couldn’t even fight it. They cut those off too and they ripped her underwear from her, leaving her exposed. They seemed to discuss her now naked body, pointed and touching and poking and grabbing.
A creature grabbed her arm suddenly, and dragged her away from the group. She cried out, but she couldn’t fight it. They were moving her across the room, and she could see a table and she tried to stop them. She knew that people abducted by aliens were always talking about getting probed…that would be on a table right?
The creatures lifted her onto a table, and despite her many protests they’d tied her wrists down, and then they tied her legs. She realized they’d tied her legs apart, spreading them open so her exposed pussy was right there for them to examine. She thrashed against the bindings but it was no use…she was completely vulnerable.
The creatures all moved around examining her. They were poking at her now exposed anatomy, sticking their long gray fingers all over her vagina. She could feel one even beginning to penetrate her, and she cried out in protest.
Everything was a big discussion, as if they were taking notes for future reference. Finally one came forward, and it stood in front of her. The creature placed itself between her legs, and lifted it’s large gray member towards her exposed pussy.
“No!” she cried out. It didn’t matter, they didn’t speak her language obviously. Any creature should be able to tell a cry of protest from another though…right?
The creature pressed it’s massive member against her pussy, and she felt resistance. It was almost like it didn’t know where exactly it should go, but the other creatures were all discussing it. It pushed again, harder, and she could feel the head of the massive dick slowly parting the lips of her vagina.
She was no virgin, admittedly, but that didn’t mean she had sex often. She certainly had never had sex with a man who had a penis this large…or this long. She hadn’t had sex in so long, her pussy was probably really tight.
Still, he pushed on. She could feel his massive penis penetrating her little by little. It was spreading her so wide, and she cried out with pain. He went so deep, pushing himself nearly all the way inside her. She’d never taken something so big before, it had to be at least eight inches long if not longer. The width was massive, three inches around easy.
The creature was inside her now, his entire member and she could feel it still pushing the walls of her vagina as if it wanted more and more space.
They were discussing this so in depth, as if this was more of an experiment than rape. The creature that had penetrated her didn’t even seem as if it was enjoying this any more than the others. She felt so violated, less than human, like an animal.
The created pulled out of her, and with one long thrust he shoved himself back inside her. She gasped. They seemed to agree this was correct, and the creature began to repeat this motion over and over. He was thrusting his entire member inside her, and she could feel herself opening up to him.
It was so wrong, and so disgusting, but her body seemed to respond to it. She could feel her pussy contracting around the creature’s member as it pounded into her mercilessly.
She let out a moan, despite herself. She didn’t want to enjoy this, but her body was betraying her. The creatures seemed to like that, as if it was encouragement that they were doing this correctly.
She felt something hot between her legs, and realized the creature was cumming inside her. It was expelling whatever sort of sperm these creatures made. She could feel the hot liquid filling up her insides and penetrating her womb. She gasped.
Just as suddenly as this whole thing had begun, the creature pulled itself out of her. She could see it’s still erect member dripping wet with white goo…that Ankara escort bayan stuff was inside her.
The creatures seemed to talk about this, and suddenly another took this first one’s place. She thrashed against her binds again. She didn’t want to be fucked by another of these alien creatures. She had no choice, she was their toy now.
Over and over each creature stood in front of her on the table and thrust it’s over eight inch member into her gaping dripping pussy, and fucked her senseless until it pumped it’s gooey white seed inside her.
On the fourth creature she felt her whole body tense as an orgasm broke over her body. She cried out, and spasmed as wave after wave of pleasure took hold of her. The creatures seemed very interested in this, she wasn’t sure why.
She lost count of how many of these creatures it was that had abused her pussy. There had to be nine of them? It was as if they all blended into one another after a while. There were so many of them, and they all looked exactly the same.
When they had all fucked her and deposited their seed, they untied her and they dragged her aching body back to the cell she’d woken in. She hit the cement floor hard as they tossed her inside. They were gone, and she was alone.
She looked down at herself slowly, her thighs were bruised from their grasping hard as they came inside her. Her legs were covered in white goo, and her pussy was still wide open. She didn’t know what to do with herself now, so she just curled up in a ball on the cement floor.
She didn’t know how long she was alone in her cell, because she had no sense of time in here. It felt like years, but perhaps it had only been hours. When they came for her the next time the cum had all solidified against her thighs. This time she didn’t even fight it, she just let them drag her out of the cell.
She was put back in the same room. She didn’t know if these were the same creatures as the last time, but who could tell? They were all waiting, and she expected them to tie her back against the table.
They lead her forward, and then a creature bent her forward over the table. She gasped, not expecting this at all. Her wrists were bound in front of her. Her legs were bound to the legs of the table. Her large breasts were pushing hard against the cold surface of the table.
She could feel the creature coming up behind her, and she didn’t like this because she wasn’t going to be able to see them penetrate her. It shouldn’t make any difference, but she didn’t like it. She felt the member moving against her thighs. They didn’t have to play around so much now, they knew what they were supposed to do.
The creature pushed itself inside her pussy, and she felt herself opening up for it. It wasn’t as tight as the day before, she’d been all stretched open by the nine different cocks fucking her. It still hurt though, she wasn’t as open as when they’d finished with her.
It thrust inside her this way, and she moaned as the massive member rubbed against her g-spot. She’d always liked to be fucked bent over, it had always made her feel so much more animalistic…she certainly felt like an animal now.
She could feel the creature cumming inside her, filling up her womb with it’s seed. As he pulled out, cum came back out with his large member and it dripped down her legs slowly where she stood.
He backed away from her, offering her to the next creature. There she was standing with her ass up and exposed, covered in cum, pussy spread wide, waiting for another penis to penetrate her. She would have never ever imagined this happening in her wildest dreams…yet here she was.
The creatures were talking against, and she didn’t know what they had left to discuss. Hadn’t they already figured out what they were supposed to be doing?
She couldn’t see what they were doing? What were they discussing? She could feel their hands on her ass, pulling her ass apart and poking and prodding her. She could feel a long finger slide into her pussy and she moaned and pushed against it. What was she doing? She was asking them to hurry up and fuck her? What was she thinking? It was like her most basic animal instincts were taking over…
She could feel another finger probing her, but it was touching her ass. She gasped, trying to squirm away from them. That wasn’t what she wanted. She’d never had her ass fucked before. She really didn’t think being fucked by a nine inch alien cock was the best way to start out.
They were sticking their fingers entirely in her ass now, a few at a time, seemingly spreading it apart as if to see what was inside. She let out a cry of pain, and tried to squirm away from them. They didn’t seem at all concerned.
She felt something against her thighs, and realized another creatures was right behind her. They were all still around playing with her ass.
“Don’t do that,” she said desperately. They couldn’t understand her. “That’s the wrong place.”
She felt it though, the head of this creatures penis pressing against her exposed asshole. She cried out and tried to undo the ties on her wrists. This creature was really going to fuck her ass with her bent over and tied to a table? She wanted to cry.
They were saying something, and she suddenly felt the pressure of this creature’s Escort Ankara massive cock shoving itself into her wet pussy. She sighed, they weren’t going to fuck her ass. They must have realized that wasn’t the right place.
This creature’s cock felt bigger than the others, perhaps wider. She moaned, pushing her body back against his massive cock. Every thrust let waves of pleasure wash over her body. She wanted it harder…no wait…what was she thinking?
She didn’t get to enjoy it long, because the creature pulled his cock out of her throbbing pussy and without any warning she felt it shove all nine inches into her virgin asshole. She screamed out in pain. It felt like the creature had just ripped her open.
The creatures all seemed very pleased with this. They were all speaking quickly, and pointing. She felt tears forming in her eyes.
The creature pulled itself back out slowly, and then quickly thrust back into her tight ass. She felt pain with every inch of her body. It was excruciating. This went on for what felt like ages as the creatures mercilessly fucked her tight asshole. It was a relief when she felt the hot cum flowing into her body again. It was over at least.
When the creature pulled itself out of her, she could feel it’s hot cum running down from her gaping asshole over her pussy. She exhaled, waiting for the next assault. It wasn’t long before she felt another penis shoving its way inside her gaping asshole. This assault continued from creature to creature. She wasn’t sure what they were doing this for? Where they getting pleasure from it?
The sixth creature was busy using her asshole when she realized another was untying her. What was going on? Did they think she wouldn’t try to run? She wouldn’t really make it far anyway…right?
The sixth creature’s massive member was still inside her, but they picked her up from the table. She felt them forcing her to kneel and then she saw one of the creatures was laying on the floor waiting.
No, they weren’t thinking about putting two of those massive things inside her…she’d never take it. They were though. She could see the creature on the floor position itself beneath her and slowly his member was shoved up into her waiting pussy.
She could feel the two cocks rubbing against each other between her ass and her pussy, and she moaned with pleasure. All the pain from her ass was forgotten, it was almost welcome now. They both started to thrust into her hard, and she cried out as waves of pleasure ran through her body.
The other creatures were walking around discussing this. She could see them now, watch them seemingly taking notes. What sort of experiment were they doing on her? Why was she enjoying being their lab rat so much.
The creature that was fucking her ass was holding her upright, and another creature came to stand in front of her. She could see his member right in front of her face, and she gasped. He wasn’t thinking she could put that in her mouth was he?
She was so overwhelmed with the feelings from being fucked by two dicks at once. She didn’t have the energy to fight when a third dick was shoved into her mouth. It was so massive, her jaw barely stretched big enough to take him. Her mouth certainly wasn’t big enough, but she felt him inching further down her throat.
She wasn’t sure how she didn’t gag, but somehow she didn’t. She could feel him thrusting his cock inside her mouth, and the absolute animalism of it was too much. She felt an orgasm running through her body. She couldn’t even believe she had three monster cocks inside her of pumping away feverishly as if she was nothing more than an object for their pleasure.
One after another they finished with her, and they moved on to another creature. She orgasmed three times. Every creature would fill her with his seed, and he would leave her dripping and begging for more.
When they finished with her, again, they dumped her cum covered body back into her empty cell. She laid on the floor covered in cum and exhausted. She didn’t know how it was so much work, when she did hardly anything, but she’d never been so exhausted in her life.
She could hear footsteps again. How could they be coming back for her so soon…hadn’t they had enough?
She could see a figure emerging from the darkness but this time…it was human. It was a human man, and he too was naked. She didn’t know what to do, she wasn’t expecting a human at all. She should, but she didn’t.
“Who are you?” she demanded.
“That isn’t important,” he told her. She was surprised, she didn’t know why, but usually her questions went unanswered.
“What is important is your purpose here,” he told her.
“What’s that?”
“These creatures are nearly extinct. Their species is almost entirely gone, they have no more females. They want to mate with humans and create a hybrid. If their experiment with you succeeds, they will take hundreds more women from Earth and impregnate them too.”
“Impregnate?” she gasped. That was what they were trying to do? They were breeding her?
“Wait…why are you here?”
He didn’t answer her, he walked away. She wanted to shout after him to come back. Why wasn’t he in a cage too? How did he get here? Where was here? What was going on?
She looked down at her cum covered body and sighed. How could they hope to breed her…was that even possible? This was far from over then. And if she did get pregnant…it was only going to get worse.

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