An Irish Experiment Ch. 08


We got the bus back to Charlie’s place and chilled out for a while. We giggled and chatted the whole way, feeling like teenagers in love rather than the colleagues who had become intense fuck buddies in the few, short days previous. She kept bumping against me, making her breasts press against my arm and she touched my thigh, close to my bulge. I saw men checking her out and I noticed a few women look at me too. I didn’t think I was looking that good but I guess all the fucking was like a gym for us and the hormones and endorphins were having an effect. By the time we got back to her place, we were close to tearing the clothes off each other. There was nobody home when we got there and for some unknown reason, we didn’t actually fuck each other’s brains out there and then. Charlie made us cups of tea and we watched some TV. We sat side by side on the couch, sipping our drinks. I could feel my flaccid cock getting semi-hard around her and I really got the impression she wanted to have sex. I was still wearing my track pants and hoodie and she was wearing her leggings and a hoody too. Charlie had her legs crossed at the knee and bounced her grounded foot. This caused her breasts to jiggle slightly under her clothes. I could tell she was antsy and squirming. She wanted to fuck but we were being responsible and adult. Though I have to say, I could practically smell how wet her pussy was.

“Urgh, it’s too warm in here,” she said as she leaned forward, put her cup down on the coffee table and whipped off her hoody. I couldn’t help but ogle at her growing breasts. She looked at me out of the corner of her eye and smirked.

“Do you think we should talk?” I asked, a real sense of trepidation growing within me.

“What do you want to talk about?” she said, turning her whole body to face me, her smile on full beam. Her breasts were stretching the material of her t-shirt. I couldn’t take my eyes off them and I couldn’t stop thinking about them.

“Well, the changes we’re going through!” I said nodding at her boobs and at my crotch.

“Take it out and we’ll chat!” she said, her voice light and playful. I saw her nipples poking through her t-shirt.

“Take my dick out?!” I said, not really believing her.

“Yeah, flop that bad boy out! I just want to hold it in my hand while it’s soft, you know?”

“It won’t be soft for long if you’re holding it!” I joked in reply.

“Well, if something pops up we’re going to have to deal with that, aren’t we?!” she said as I felt my dick plump up. “Besides, we’ve gotten to know each other-“

“Who, you and my cock?!” I interrupted her. She elbowed me in the ribs.

“Well, now that you say it, yes!” she stuck out her tongue at me, “So! Out with it!” she ordered lunging at my crotch. I pushed her away laughing.

“Ok, ok!” I mock-protested. I eased my hand under the elastic band of the track pants, took hold of my semi-erect cock, pulled it up while pushing the band down. I let go of it and it flopped heavily onto the crotch of my pants. Charlie cooed suggestively as she reached over and took hold of it at the middle of the shaft. She lifted it and squeezed it.

“It’s so heavy, even when it’s soft!” she said, still excited by it. “Do you mind if I suck it?” she looked up at me with big eyes. She asked the question so innocently it took me a second to process what she said. I was getting to like it when she asked!

“Sure!” I answered. I mean, what else was I going to say!

“I don’t want to make you come or anything, I just want to mess around!” she said as she opened her mouth wide open. She engulfed my cockhead and sucked on it hard. She let it ease out of her mouth. “What’s it like having such a big cock, Greg?” Again, she sounded innocent while talking about a sexual subject.

“Well, I mean, it’s ok!” I answered, unsure of where the conversation was going. Charlie slid off the couch and positioned herself between my knees. She took my cock in her hand again and examined it. It was getting harder by the second. She stroked it.

“Awww, it’s getting hard!” she pouted. “I kinda want it to stay soft!”

“Ok, well, hang on, I’ll try to control it!”

“Can you do that?” she asked, sounding surprised.

I said as I closed my eyes and lay my head back. I tried to control my breathing and focus on less sexy things other than my busty boss stroking my cock and asking what it was like being hung.

“Yay, it’s getting soft again!” she said as I lost my erection. First time a woman was happy that I lost my stiffy! “So, what’s it like being so big?”

I tried to recall different experiences growing up with a tail between my legs.

“Well, I got bullied about it in school. I went to an all-boys school, so I was made fun of in the changing rooms. The rumour went around that I was big so a lot of older boys beat me up. But then the women in the girl’s school heard about it so I got invited to parties,” I drifted off to the memory of a party where I was cornered by older girls and esmer gaziantep escort ordered to take it out. “One time, a group of about four or five girls, wait, it was definitely five, told me they heard I was big and they told me to take it out. I wasn’t sure but they said if I didn’t they’d throw me out of the party. I wanted to impress them so I took it out then they told me to get hard. So, there I am, wanking in front of these five women who were all older than me. You can understand why I was a bit reluctant to do it in front of you on Friday,” I stopped talking, giving myself a breather.

“I can imagine!” Charlie said sympathetically. “But I can totally understand where these women are coming from! What else happened with your big cock. And I want you to stay soft, ok?”

“Why?! I really want to get hard, it’s bloody difficult staying soft when you’re doing that and talking about my dick!”

“I want you to control it!” she explained, “So you can get hard and soft whenever you want. Or whenever you’re told!” I didn’t fully follow what she meant but I went along with it. “So, tell me something else about growing up with your cock being so huge!”

“I wasn’t always this big, you know?” I protested.

“Yeah, but you were always bigger than normal?”

“I prefer bigger than average, but yeah!”

“Ok, so go on, tell me!”

“Well, one of the girls that watched me wank-“

“Did you come?”


“Did you shoot your load when you were wanking it in front of those women?” she clarified.

“I’m getting to that!” I said, exasperated.

“Ok, ok!” she said, stroking my soft shaft in her cool hands. I felt her lick at my cockhead. “But don’t get hard!”

“Fine!” I huffed. “So anyway, one of the women who was watching me wank said she wanted to see me come! She was the shortest one and a bit on the chubby side but she had this ineffable sexiness to her. So, she grabbed me by the cock and dragged me to the bathroom. Now, you can imagine six people-“

“I thought you said it was five?” Charlie interrupted.

“Eh, I was there too! Five plus me is…?” I answered cheekily. She lifted my shaft and licked the underside. It was so pleasurable I felt my dick get harder just from that action alone.

“Naughty boy! Continue!”

“So, there I am, in this bathroom, stroking my cock as these five women all stare at me. Now I hadn’t even had a handjob or a blowjob before this. I had felt boobs but that was it. But then the thought hit me. They were there to see me. They were looking at me, talking about how big my cock was. I had a modicum of control here! I asked Claudine, the sexy chubby one to take off her top. I chose her because, like I said, she had this air about her. I didn’t think she’d say no and besides, she was the one who had grabbed me. Hey, that means she was the first woman to ever touch my dick! I just thought of that! My throat was dry as fuck and they have to have known how nervous I was asking that question but she did it! She took off her top to reveal this black bra that was clearly too small for her boobs. The girls cheered and one of the ones sitting on the edge of the bath grabbed them and shook them.”

At that point, I felt Charlie reach into my track pants and pull out my heavy balls.

“They feel so full! How do you keep producing so much?!” she seemed to be talking to herself so I continued with my story.

“Another girl leaned over and actually licked the tops of Claudine’s boobs, I couldn’t believe it! There was a real fucking…” I didn’t know how to describe it, “thick atmosphere. Then one of the other girls asked if she could touch it. I knew her before the party and she always seemed timid to me but with everything else going on, I thought what the hell and let her stroke my dick. As soon as she put her hand on it she let out this squeal and all the women started laughing. I was getting a bit bolder so I told her to put it in her mouth and I actually saw her open her mouth and move her head towards it. Her name was Jenny, by the way, lovely woman. But Claudine said I was hers and she was going to make me come. She turned me towards her and she sat on the toilet, seat down of course and started stroking it. She used two hands and pointed me right at her face.”

“Mmmm, I like where this is going!” Charlie said, her voice perky. “Careful though! You’re getting hard!” she said as she licked the side of my shaft.

“Ok, hang on!” I said, concentrating on my breathing, making my dick fully flaccid again.

“Oh, good boy! She said enthusiastically as she noticed my cock softening.

“So, this blonde woman,” I continued, “really slim, leaned over and without saying anything, licked my balls! As soon as that happened, I came, all over Claudine’s face! I fired my first few loads onto her face and then she pointed my dick down so I came onto her tits. All the women burst out laughing and cheering. Claudine was gaziantep esmer escort actually the one who cheered the loudest. The woman sitting beside her, the one who had licked my balls licked the cum off her tits.” I could feel myself getting hard at the memory.

“Wow, that is so hot!” Charlie said as she put my cock back in her warm wet mouth.

“Yeah, so that was my first sexual experience. I actually hooked up with Jenny a few years after that. She really was lovely! Claudine wiped the remainder of my come off her and we all went back to the party. Well, they did. After that, they kinda just left me. Though I did chat with Jenny for a bit but it was like they’d had their fun with the freak and they didn’t want anything more to do with me after that.” I wished I hadn’t remembered that bit!

“So, tell me other things about having a big cock. Surely other things have happened to you?” she said, her hand was warmer now.

“What would you like to know?” I asked, still not sure what she was driving at.

“Funny things, things that would only happen with a big one,” she said, squeezing it like a tube of toothpaste.

“Ehm, how about the time I knocked over a chair at a girlfriend’s house with my erection?”

“Go on?” she said with cautious optimism.

“Well, that’s pretty much it. We were making out and I got a hard-on in my jeans but then her parents came home so we stood up and I turned around too quickly and was standing too close to a chair and I knocked it over with the bulge my dick was making in my jeans,” I said. “Her mother and father could clearly see what I was packing… Her father told her to stop seeing me after that but she didn’t and I snuck into her house when he wasn’t there. And her mother started dressing differently. Like one time I got there and she was wearing a sweater and jeans then, when she saw me she changed into a wrap dress.”

The memory of that girlfriend’s mom, especially in the wrap dress started to get me hard. I couldn’t control it.

She wasn’t impressed. “I guess you should have been there!”

“Did you fuck her?”

“Who, the girl or her mom?” I asked.


“Eh, both actually!” I said, slightly embarrassed.

“Oh nice, at the same time?”

“No,” I admitted. “The mom was an absolute firecracker though. “Abbey, that’s the girl I was going out with, didn’t really know how to handle someone my size but her mother, Vicki, absolutely did. And she could take most of my size too. It was awesome!”

She was getting interested and stroking me faster and I was getting hard. I kept glancing at her chest as it moved with her strokes. I thought about asking her about her relationship with her breasts but was nervous about it at the same time. As they had been so small she may have been self-conscious about them when she was younger.

“Something better, more exciting!” she demanded.

“I once got strip-searched at an airport because of my suspicious bulge?” I ventured.

“Oh yes! That’s the kind of thing I’m talking about! Tell me about that!” she leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. I could still smell my come on her.

“Well, this was a while ago in my last job, I was sent to a conference in Birmingham, England. I flew out of Dublin no bother but I fell asleep on the plane, even though it’s only like a forty-five-minute flight or whatever. I got a stiffy while on the plane and it didn’t go fully down as I was getting off-,” Charlie snorted at that. I laughed at her laugh. “So, I was walking through security with this” I nodded at my cock in Charlie’s hands, “and one of the security guys asked me to step to one side. They asked me a few questions and said I’d been randomly selected for a security check. I was getting nervous and it just wouldn’t go down! They brought me to this room, little sterile fucking cube of a thing with like a small table and one chair. There were two men in there and a woman. She was older than my mam but had huge boobs.”

“Oh yeah, you love big boobs, don’t you?!” she lifted up my shaft and flicked my balls. I winced hard.

“Yeah, of course, I do!” I said, swallowing the pain. “So, they asked me some questions and said they’d have to frisk me. They frisked me and asked if I had any weapons or drugs on my person. I joked and said only my personality. They didn’t laugh. So anyway, they said they’d have to strip me because they’re not convinced I wasn’t smuggling anything in. They told me to strip so I did. I don’t know if it was good or bad timing but I was going through a phase of going commando and not wearing underwear. So as soon as my shoes and socks and t-shirt were off I took off my jeans to reveal all my glory, so to speak. The two men went bright red and the old woman just laughed. She had this really strong accent and said, I remember her words to this day, she said, “Bloody hell! That thing should be in the zoo!” Thankfully they didn’t stick a finger up my ass, gaziantep esmer escort bayan if they did I might have came! Charlie laughed at that again but the image of me and the older security woman sprang to my mind. “Are you going to tell me anything about you?” I asked.

“Nope,” she said curtly. “And now, donkey boy, I’m going to make you come for me,” she started stroking my cock more intensely. “You’re going to come for me now,” she ordered. “Good boy, good donkey!” she cooed.

She started stroking me faster and faster.

“Come for me!” she ordered. Charlie spat on my shaft for lubricant. “Come for me, shoot your load you big-cocked cunt! I opened my eyes and looked down. Her hand was a blur. I was super hard now and could feel my orgasm building. It ramped up really quickly and I just had time to blurt out a warning before I shot my load.

“I’m coming!” I croaked as the first blob of semen jetted out of my come slit and landed with a splat on Charlie’s cheek. The next glob was much bigger and it landed on her forehead and streaked down her nose onto her other cheek. More and more ropes of come shot out of my cock and streaked across her face, hair, and chest, staining her clothes. Charlie was smiling like the proverbial creamy cat.

“Quick, take my photo!” she said, placing her chin down by the base of my cock, lining her cum streaked face against my softening cock. I grabbed my phone and did as I was told. She slapped my cock against her face and sucked the remaining drop of come from the tip of my dick.

But just then the sound of keys in the front door told us Milly was back home from work.

I looked at Charlie, not sure what to do. Charlie’s face lit up but she didn’t move, she just stayed kneeling in front of me, my cock in her hand and my come on her face. I went to sit up but Charlie put up her hand. I froze. She didn’t even have to touch me to make me do what she wanted. We heard the front door closing and the sound of a few clacks of high heels before Charlie shouted out to her flatmate.

“We’re in here!” she said, my cum dripping from her smiling face to her already stained clothes.

“Oh, hi guys!” Milly said from the hall. She padded in and burst out laughing. The two of us looked up at her and smiled broadly. “Been having fun without me?” she rested against the doorjamb and crossed her arms under her huge breasts, pushing them up higher on her chest. The smirk on her face told us she wasn’t annoyed. She eased off her shoes and stepped lightly into the room. She took off her coat in a graceful swoop and placed it on the back of a kitchen chair.

“Greg was just sharing some of his stories that happened because of his huge cock!” Charlie said, turning to look at Milly.

“It looks like that’s not the only thing he was sharing!” the busty German said as she joined Charlie, kneeling in front of me. She took Charlie’s face gently in her hands, they were so close Milly’s enormous breasts were pushing into Charlie’s chest. Milly stuck out her tongue and slowly licked the come from Charlie’s face. I sat there, entranced, as I heard Charlie’s breathing get deeper and more intense. She was getting turned on by this and she wasn’t the only one. My cock, which had only recently become flaccid, was now getting hard again. Once she had most of the come from her face Milly kissed Charlie. Gently at first then more forceful as their hands ran over each other’s body. Charlie let go of my cock and it slapped on my stomach as she cupped one of Milly’s huge breasts. It was only then they started stripping each other, eagerly pulling the other one’s tops off. They kissed again and I watched, stroking my rapidly hardening shaft as their breasts mashed against each other. Charlie moved her hand from Milly’s huge tit and down to her skirt, reaching under it. Fuck! I couldn’t see anything! As Charlie was trying to finger Milly’s pussy Milly leaned down and kissed Charlie’s neck and then further again to suck and lick her tits. I continued stroking when Milly gasped. I guess Charlie had found her target. Milly leaned upwards and now it was Charlie’s turn to lick and suck breasts. It was still astounding to me. One of Milly’s breasts was close to the size of Charlie’s head. Milly ran her hands through Charlie’s hair as she clasped her face to her breasts. I wanted to be involved, in one of the women or sucking their tits anything.

I reached out and touched Milly’s breast. She looked at me and smiled, her eyes half-closed in pleasure. She took one hand from the back of Charlie’s head and stroked my cock in time with my own. Wordlessly I had joined their world. Milly continued to stroke me and I reached out to Charlie, cupping her breast. She didn’t stop sucking and licking but she did let out a small moan. The different breasts in each hand and the sight of the two women in front of me was amazing. Milly took one of Charlie’s hands off her breast and guided it to my cock. Both women had a hand on me and I had a hand on both women. If I had died then, I would’ve died a happy man. It must’ve taken Charlie a moment to realise she was stroking me as she looked over at me and smiled, her mouth still latched on to Milly’s massive mammary. She took Milly’s nipple from her mouth, a smacking noise as she parted.

“Oh, I nearly forgot! We went to the doctor today and she gave us this… thing?” Charlie said.

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