An Office Affair


It is another Monday in the information technology department. Nathan spent most of the morning droning away on a new project. It was not difficult to build but it was very boring. By 1:00 PM the monotony is making his mind numb. He realizes he has been staring into nowhere and jerks his vision back into focus. As his vision clears, he is pleasantly surprised at the view. His co-worker, Anna, is in front of him only a desk away and leaning forward to get something out of a low drawer in her desk. Nathan often wonders if she is purposely trying to grab his attention. Today is no exception. She is wearing a gray pencil skirt and a button-up white blouse. The blouse is thin and, even with a white bra, Nathan can gather the basic details of her undergarments.She leans forward more. Whatever she is searching for is eluding her. With the top three buttons of her blouse unbuttoned, a gap starts to form between her chest and the blouse. Nathan forces himself to look away. It is not that he is too polite to look down her shirt, but that he needs to scan the room to see if anyone else has noticed he is staring; they have not.He gives into temptation and looks back at Anna, she is still searching. He has always found her beautiful. She continues her search and leans down further, bending almost ninety degrees in front of him. Nathan can trace her neckline down to her exposed chest. At best, the view is PG-13, but Nathan’s imagination is exceptionally vivid, and he lets his mind wander.Enjoying the view, Nathan wishes she had chosen no bra and imagines the view if her breasts were unrestrained and pressing against her thin blouse. Just as he starts imagining how her nipples would look pressing out against the fabric, he notices Anna; she is looking at him.Nathan jerks his head away as if to suggest he has not meant to stare. As he does, he can feel the heat of embarrassment on his face. Anna closes the drawer but does not stand up completely straight. She does not attempt to interrupt the view. She simply smiles.Nathan realizes he is not being rebuked and brings his vision back to Anna. He steels himself to give an apology. He and Anna are close work friends, and he does not want to jeopardize that.Nathan begins, saying, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to…”, but he loses his words.Anna smiles appreciatively, and replies, “It is nice to see someone enjoying the view.”There is confusion on Nathan’s face, and it must have been obvious because Anna went on, “I wish my husband felt the same.”Nathan cannot help but laugh, and share, “I know the feeling.”Anna raises an eyebrow and asks, “You have a husband?”The remark is meant to be comedic.Anna glances at her watch İstanbul Escort and gives Nathan another flirtatious smile before hurrying off to whatever destination calls her. Nathan is left in a peculiar state. His mind is split between the vision he has been building in his mind and the unexpected way she had responded. He cannot help but wonder what kind of idiot would take her for granted.After a moment he laughs to himself and thinks, “Probably the same kind of idiot who would take me for granted.”As the afternoon continues, Nathan hopes he will have the chance to continue the conversation, but that is not to be. Whatever Anna is doing, it takes the rest of the day. He does not see her before he leaves to go home. That evening, the conversation occupies his thoughts, and he enjoys it. It has been a long time since he has felt like this.Unlike Monday, Tuesday morning is not an average morning. Nathan comes in early as usual, but today his thoughts are occupied, and he is not getting much done in the way of work. Anna has been in his thoughts since yesterday and he looks forward to her returning to her desk. The conversation from Monday, no matter how brief, sparked something in his mind.He has often thought of how enticing Anna is but has always cut those thoughts short. She is married. He is married. That had always been the end of it. But now, he lets his mind wander into new territories. He wants to talk to her. It is not that he intends to seduce her. He does not know what it was but, whatever it is, it is new and brings back feelings.Nathan is pleasantly surprised when Anna shows up earlier than usual. They are the only ones in the office. Nathan’s heart speeds up knowing that if they were meant to continue the conversation, now was the right time. Nathan watches as Anna makes her way to her desk and sets down the backpack she always brings with her.“Hey, about yesterday…” Nathan says as he starts to apologize.Anna smiles and cuts him off by interjecting, “I really did not mind. It has been a while since someone looked at me like that…” She pauses and shakes her head before continuing, “Well at least someone that I don’t mind looking at me that way.”Nathan opens his mouth to respond but is left speechless as he processes her statement. His lack of words causes Anna to realize exactly what she has just revealed. She opens her mouth to change the statement, but the words have been said. Instead of speaking she simply smiles bashfully.“Sorry, I don’t mean to make things awkward,” is all she could think to say.Nathan smiles. “That hardly makes things awkward. I am just glad you do not think I am a creep.”He İstanbul Escort Bayan pauses and looks down at his desk then states, “Your husband is an idiot.”“And you?” Anna asks, “Your wife is the same kind of idiot if she has no interest.”Nathan takes a deep breath and explains, “It’s sad that some people stop trying to make things interesting and then …”Anna finishes the phrase, “… and then complain about things not being interesting?”It is less of a question and more of an affirmation.Nathan shakes his head in agreement and says, “Yes.”For a moment, the two share a smile at the stupidity of their spouses. Still smiling, Anna sits down at her desk facing Nathan. There is a strange feeling in the air and they both feel it. It is not awkward; it is something else.Anna begins typing on her computer but not for long. Nathan notices the look on Anna’s face. It is one of frustration.“God I really miss being wanted,” Anna spits out with a distinct disdain in her voice.She shakes her head and then continues, “We used to be so passionate together but now….” She pauses. “Now it’s like I am alone.”“Are you talking about your husband? Or my wife?” James asks letting her know he understands.It is Nathan’s turn to shake his head as he continues “Sex without passion is so…” he searches for the words, “empty.”“I know!” Anna agrees and then continues the thought saying, “there is just something amazing about a partner who needs you.”Nathan opens his mouth to agree but does not get the words out before Anna continues, “I know this is probably more than you want to know, but you can just tell.”She takes in a needy breath before thinking out loud, “A man is never harder… thicker than when he needs you.”Anna pauses but then continues, “You can see the need in his eyes as he moves inside you.” Nathan notices Anna’s hands pull away from the keyboard and slip below her desktop. He can tell they are between her tights. He desperately wants to know what they are doing. Anna again realizes she had said more than she should have. Her hands jerk upward and come to rest on the desk again.“Sorry.” A visibly frustrated Anna explains, “I blame it on hormones; I am ovulating and gods… that is when I need it the most.”As soon as the words leave Anna’s mouth her face turns red. The intent was to justify her thoughts, but she ended up revealing even more. James swallows hard. He knows exactly what she was talking about; that need is starting to build inside him now.“I don’t mind at all,” Nathan says to reassure her and then sympathizes saying, “I know what you mean. There is something erotic as hell when you can see the desire in Escort İstanbul a woman’s eyes. Just knowing she needs to feel you inside her… gods I miss that.”Nathan takes a chance and risks being too forward and he lets his right hand leave the desk and move to his center. His cock is hard and growing more so. He tries not to be obvious in his movements. He wraps his fingers around his shaft. His lust was getting the better of him.A wicked look on Anna’s face snaps Nathan from his trance; he is staring again.“How hard are you right now?” Anna asks devilishly.Lust has consumed Nathan; he has no reservations about his answer, “Harder than I have been in a long time.”“What are you thinking about?” Anna continues to prod.Nathan knows she can see his thoughts on his face and chuckles nervously before responding, “Are you sure you want to know?”Anna’s smile provides an answer.After taking a deep breath Nathan tells her, “When a woman ovulates, it feels amazing. Her cum is thicker than usual and it feels…” Nathan squeezes his shaft, “perfect.”Nathan takes a deep breath and starts to finish his thought, “It seems unfortunate we can’t….”He cuts himself off realizing his statement is asking Anna if she will let him take her. He had not meant to be quite that forward.“Sorry,” Nathan says worrying he has pushed things too far, “I have my own hormones.”Anna does not acknowledge the apology. Instead, she lets her hands return to her center and press against her swollen clit. She takes in a breath and enjoys the sensation.“Fuck it,” she says aloud as she decides to act on her impulse.Nathan is caught off guard. Anna stands up from her chair and glances around the office. It is still empty. She walks over to Nathan and holds out her hand.“Come on,” she offers.Nathan has no words but gets up from his desk. As he does, his hardness creates a bulge in his pants; he makes no effort to hide it. Anna notices and her smile grows even more devious.The two look over the office. Nathan glances at the clock; they have thirty minutes before anyone else will be in the office.“Where do you want to go?” Anna asks.The question confirms to Nathan that he can take her; he just needs to decide where. His mind is torn. He would like to sit in his chair and feel her body straddle him. He wants to bend her over his desk and fuck her hard from behind. He wants to lay her on the carpet in his boss’s office. The ideas continued to flood his mind.Anna waits a few moments. She can see the thoughts racing through his mind. Not wanting to waste any time she reaches up with her right hand and grabs Nathan’s tie. She pulls him close and kisses him. She knows very well that this will only add to the many thoughts that are paralyzing him.Anna breaks the kiss and lets her hand fall from his tie to his hand. She turns and leads him into the back office. After entering she walks directly to the desk at the front of the room and clears the front of it. She then turns to face Nathan.

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